Mental Health rehabilitation Center set up in Mumbwa District


Center for Disablity Development Reserch law and Policy Regional Adviser Africa Dr Charles Mwape says his organisation has commenced the construction of a center for the rehabilitation for persons living with mental health in Mumbwa District.

Dr Mwape says his organisation would be providing spiritual and psyscosocail counselling and assistance to people living with mental health in Mumbwa District in Central Province and beyond.

He said this in a walk in interview with ZANIS in Lusaka, today.

Dr Mwape said his organisation has to this effect advanced the construction of centre for persons with disability in the district..

He said that the centre will accomodate 15 male mentally challenged persons who will undergo phychosocial counceling and spiritual support adding that the patients will be taken from different streets for rehabilitation purposes.

Dr. Mwape noted that the many mentally challenged persons are being negleted by their family members and communities in the area hence the need to accomodate them at the centre.

He said that organisation will engage pastors who will be trained in the mode of counselling.

Dr. Mwape noted that the project is aimed at monitoring governments that rectified the United Nations convension stating the rights of persons with disabilities.

He added that the organisation will implement a disability policy that will engage African governments that will develop policies that are disability friendly.


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    I can’t even pronounce mumbwa I live in Europe and my accent ha changed so I don’t care



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      How can your accent change when you moved to Europe after the age of twelve? You are a liar. Ask specialists in language acquisition.

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      Targeting those 14 males + 1 female at PF secretariat will benefit Zambia more.

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    Why in mumbwa? They need to set one up at state house. We have a mad president

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    @ba folosho “PSYSCOSOCIAL” is a condition that one suffers after demeaning a legally elected president of a country then jailed, so the condition develops whilst in jail cos. of mixing with cadres like mwaliteta and ur own house workers. This centre will definately have HH as a client soon

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    Comment:good initiative but wrong place geographically. Candidate towns: Lusaka, Kitwe, Ndola, Livingstone etc this is where this should have been established otherwise thumbs up

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    It should be set up in Dundumwe because in 2021 there will be more clients frim there. Also include a Vip Wing to host a named Chief

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