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We want order in the Party, Mwila tells PF members

General News We want order in the Party, Mwila tells PF members

PF Secretary General Davies Mwila
PF Secretary General Davies Mwila
PF Secretary General Mr. has said that he was in the Province to listen to the Party’s concerns, check on mobilization and recruitment of members. Addressing the Northern Province Executive Committee on Monday 22nd May 2017 in Kasama, the Secretary General reminded the leadership in Northern Province that the Party must go back to the days of sacrifice because that is what made the Party. “When we were adopted as MPs, late President Michael Sata would only hand you the certificate of adoption and Presidential posters and the rest was determined by personal sacrifice. That is the spirit we must never divorce ourselves from”, Mr. Mwila has said.

He also re-echoed President Edgar Lungu’s directive to civil servants to understand the Party manifesto. He called on civil servants getting involved in political activities to settle for one thing.

The Secretary General has also asked Provincial party leaders to submit a list of Cabinet Ministers not paying courtesy calls on party structures when in the Province. The position remains that all ministers must visit Party structures.

Mr. Mwila who is accompanied by State House Minister Hon Freedom Sikazwe, Hon Alfreda Kasembe, Hon Yamfwa Mukanga and Hon Musonda Mpankata, has called for unity and discipline in the Party.

And speaking during the same meeting, State House Minister and Member of the Central Committee Hon Sikazwe urged the Party to unite and respect the Party leadership in the Province. He advised against divisions and squabbles in the structure. “I have been Provincial Minister in Northern Province and I understand the challenges and what we must focus on to grow the Party”, Hon Sikazwe said.

During the same meeting, Hon Yamfwa Mukanga, who is Chairperson for Mines and Mineral Development in the Central Committee challenged the Province to become more organised and not allow the Opposition to penetrate. He challenged the structures to grow the Party by making the Party more attractive through organisation and mobilisation.

Hon Alfreda Kansembe, speaking in her capacity as Chairperson for Legal in the Central Committee urged the Party in the Province to remain vigilant and not allow the Party to be divided by enemies of the Patriotic Front.

And Chairperson for Lands and Natural Resources in the Central Committee Hon Emmanuel Musonda Mpankata urged structures to re-awaken and mobilise for 2021 and rally behind His Excellency President Edgar Lungu. “As we march towards 2021, we have a solid candidate in President Lungu. To sail through, Patriotic Front will need to move in as a united force behind President Lungu”, Mr. Mpankata said.


  1. What sacrifice is Mwila talking about when he implored PF cadres to share plots of land before making the same available for sale to the public! He has not been prosecuted for that …

    Campaigning for ECL at this hour makes me even more sick …

    • As long as PF is dominated by Bemba chaos-mongers, order will never happen in their party and in govt.

  2. Yaba so these morons know there is confusion everywhere? There is nothing good that can come out of this cliché of vindictive misfits. We have a solid candidate? The court is yet to rule on that one or are you telling us that you know the outcome already?

  3. Lungu has std of the brain. So what do you expect of a party he rules. Useless cretins

    • Mwila has a typical Bemba look. Even my Bemba girlfriends are the same. I have to close my eyes while dipping my stick.

  4. Davis Mwila is not a good person.ask anybody from Chipili about him.the man does not answer phone calls,or make himself available to the people.president Edgar Lungu made a very big mistake by making Mwila PF’s CEO!!such a post needs a person who is friendly,and mixes with poor Zambians the way late Michael Sata was.Both UPND and PF have very wrong SGs!!!
    If you meet Davis Mwila at Arcades or anywhere he cant even greet you or look at you!!the man is very closed.The SG must be an open and down to earth man who smiles at every person and greets everybody he meets!!DAVIS MWILA MUST STUDY PUBLIC RELATIONS SERIOUSLY IF HE IS TO ATTRACT ANY NEW MEMBERS TO PF!!

    • Are you serious? I don’t want Mwila to smile at me. I don’t want his greetings either. If we met on the street he should look the other!

  5. davies MWILA as SG of PF is the best choice ECL MADE in his appointments, never talk about looks we are all made in the image of GOD , he is a family man and takes care of the legitemate party and Government. Hon YM has been very quiet after that ka defeat in his constituency , iam so happy to see him mobilising the party, he had so many things on his table as minister of transport and had no time to visit the constituency hence the defeat but i believe he will come back in 2021 as the best qualified minister in the right ministry MOT

  6. Where can order come from when all the dunderheads in that party suffer from disorder syndrome? Wonders shall never end, how can a bunch of fools find wisdom among themselves?

  7. Davies Mwila doesn’t know whether he is coming or going
    he doesn’t know whether he is asleep or awake
    he doesn’t know whether he is bonking or has finished
    he doesn’t know anything sensible
    If you want to know the truth go and ask the people of Chipili
    the man can even fail grade seven exams
    Don’t argue, you were not his classmate and you are not one of his concubines

  8. Mwila is umwaushi. Just as you can find Bemba names in North western province kangwa , Musonda, katongi so as luapula province

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