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Malawi disown Bushiri


Shepherd Bushiri

The Malawian government has disowned South African-based Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, saying it will not shield any of its citizens, who deliberately come in conflict with laws of other countries.

Malawian Home Affairs Minister Grace

Malawi’s Minister of Home Affairs, Grace Chiumia said it has nothing to do with Prophet Bushiri, who is a Malawian national, further describing his behaviour as unfortunate.

In an interview with ZNBC news, Ms. Chiumia has since called on other Malawians to seek stipulated legal requirements before entering other countries


    • Is that what hunger can make nations and people do? As far as I know no one from GRZ solicited Malawi’s response on the issue of Bushiri and yet a whole cabinet minister goes to utter statements that just show how similarly intolerant to Zambia the country is!

      When will such politicians as Grace Chiumia and indeed the current whole lot in Zambia be confined to the past and forgotten? …

  1. What has he done to be shielded?

    Or maybe what the Minister was trying to say is that “Malawi has nothing to do with Bushiri’s utterances”. If so I don’t think Malawi should bother so much. Bushiri is based in RSA and doesn’t need Malawi to assist him in his international relationships.

    • @Pretty. For your own information,Bushiri is in South Africa on work permit he has not renounced his Malawian citizenship and as such he remains accountable to his country. The government of South Africa has also taken keen interest with regards to Bushiri’s conduct in their country and if he is found violating the law as prescribed under his permit as a foreign national they will revoke his permit. Imagin yourself living in a foreign country and you start engaging yourself in attacking another country and for that matter threatening a senoir government official. Let us not just post comments blindly,use your brain to think before displaying your ignorance.

  2. Is this news? Bushiri is not yet in conflict with any Zambian law. Expressing his opinion does not amount to breaking any law. It is called freedom of expression.

    • @ Milimo . So it is crime in US for some one to express opinions? I dont know which US govt you are talking about because President Donald Trump is being hit left, right and centre and so far I have not heard that anybody has been brought before any court in US for expressing their opinion.

    • Mwakale – Are you trying to say that Bushiri can say similar stuff against the US and be allowed entry into the US? Be assured, such nonsense cannot be tolerated by the US under freedom of expression nonsense.

  3. Prophet’s residential is heavenly. He hails from the five folds ministry and Kingdom of God can never be embarrassed. #GodWillFixIt.

  4. If was the Editor for lusakatimes, i would not have allowed this as a news item…..its nonsense!!!

  5. What wrong has he done that people could speak so much about him.He has branches in Zambia, what are the congregants saying? Let us draw a line between freedom of expression and insults or else some one will be charged for treason.

  6. This story is poorly written. How has Malawi disowned Bushiri. Its not explained anywhere in the story despite the headline screaming Bushiri has been disowned. What is to disown? Things like “further describing his behaviour as unfortunate” say nothing. What behaviour is unfortunate? Ba LT and your fellow Internet Media Its your job as reporters to make issues clear not to confuse the reader.

  7. It ok,that’s the other reason Bushri didn’t stick around in Malawi with his millions coz that country has nothing to offer,not even to it’s own pipo


  9. Let him take away his “money” and we will remain with our Emerald mines! Why did he come to Zambia in the first place? We don’t need your money Mr. False Prophet! By the way Zambians worship the true God and don’t submit to human beings like you, so you cant determine the direction of our country except God. You people in Malawi are dying of hunger, why cant you pray to your god father, Angel to stop the draught in Malawi? We prayed to God here in Zambia and He answered our prayers and the results are there for the world to see. Leave Zambia alone please, please.

  10. Doris Liya’s boy friend his mother is Zambian . Bushiri’s mother is Zambian so why should Dorica’s boyfriend given different treatment despite being involved in scum and other related issues of BEATING MADAM SOFT BUMS.

  11. The man has a mine meaning that he is a meaningful invester who pays tax and employs people. Better off having a false prophet who helps with the economy than the so called men of God whom i even doubt who brain wash and milk poor souls out of their hard earned cash in the pretext of tyth and offerings. Cheating innocent souls that its through offerings that their misery will end meanwhile their pockets are becoming fat everyday. Brainwashing people including Lungu that they need to live in comfort as men of God.

  12. I like Bushiri. Why do I say so. This young man at a very young age has managed to dupe the unsuspecting South African poor of their hard earned Rands, which he cleverly invested in businesses. Now the young prophet also gets gems from Zambia and sells them in Saudi Arabia. This is a very clever investor indeed. This young prophet is already looking in the future. His eyes are set on the Presidency of Malawi. Mark my words. Such an aggressive mind will stop at nothing except being president of Malawi in the very near future. The young prophet false or not has all the wealth one can only dream of. He’s got his own private jet not bought by taxpayers dollars but his own dollars squeezed from the poor South African. He’s an example of the good story of from Rugs to Riches. I can now only…

  13. whether false or true prophet he has a mind to do business; in Zambia we need answers to Zam-Malawi maize gate scandal; we need HH released and not waste our time on Bushiri who has not done harm to our country

  14. If someone doesn’t respond to an issue you claim they are not working and when they do you say they are demeaning their office..why do people act so intelligent on national issues when they fail to even manage their home..

  15. Survival is based on the ability to see something where everybody is seeing nothing. The biggest problem I have with most Zambians is that they are allergic to riches. They are very much comfortable in poverty so much so that whoever tries to make it in life is viewed suspiciously. Iam very sure that if Bushiri was a poor man of God no one was going to mind him but because he has made it whether by hook or crook,he has made alot of people develop high blood pressure. Zambians should learn to appreciate wealth that is the only way they will come out of their poverty mentality and make it in life. Learn something from the rich and apply it in your case and you will say bye bye to poverty.

  16. Leave Prophet Bushiri alone. If he really prophesied bloodshed it will take place, just like other prophecies that come to pass,whether you revoke the mine license or not. If he didn’t as he himself and other ECG officials say, then it wont happen. So don’t develop high blood pressure, or include the maize issue.

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