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Paramount Chief Chitimukulu praises PF Government’s drive to develop Northern Province

Rural News Paramount Chief Chitimukulu praises PF Government's drive to develop Northern...

Paramount Chief Chitimukulu and Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda
Paramount Chief Chitimukulu has praised the Patriotic Front PF for it is doing in Northern Province in terms of developing the region. This came to light when PF party SG Davies Mwila paid a courtesy call on him at him.

The Mwinelubemba revealed that on his last tour of Northern Province, His Excellency President Edgar Lungu attended to a number of developmental challenges they had raised with him and the Province can look forward to having its own University, and other projects such as the Nseluka-Kayambi road, a modern hospital and Bus Stop, among others.

The Mwinelubemba said his Chiefdom is ready to work with Government in realizing the much-needed development in the Province. “We have established the Lubemba Investment Centre to identify projects at the grassroot and this is where we also need Government partnership. By working together, we can address poverty among our people”, the Paramount Chief said.

And Mr. Mwila thanked Chief Chitimukulu for being a father to all Zambians and for his continued guidance in uniting the nation. He said together with his entourage, he was in the Province with his entourage as an emmissary of President Lungu to check how the Party was doing in the Province, including the challenges they were facing in terms of mobilization. The Secretary General also said it was President Lungu’s interest to understand how the Party structures in the Province were fairing in terms of advancing the development agenda.


    • Leviticus 19:32 ESV

      “You shall stand up before the gray head and honor the face of an old man, and you shall fear your God: I am the Lord.

      Exodus 20:12English Standard Version (ESV)

      12 “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you.

    • HH and other Southern Province Chiefs risked their own lives and reputation from the Cobra to stand by this man. And what do they get in return; a slap in the face! He is talking about them (Southern Chiefs) having burnt the “bridge”. What the hell is that even supposed to mean?

      When GBM was in prison, the Chiefs from the North visited him and stood by him. Why cant the Southern Chiefs call HH their son? This man is such a tribalist and very divisive. Yes, I have said it. When the Tonga Chiefs were being insulted by Mumbi Phiri, Chama, Kambwili, etc., he was mute. No wonder the Muchinga Province Chiefs dont want to be under his rule. The cobra was right to block him.

    • First of all~LT can you please correct your grammatical errors in this shocking article. Need a lift with an editor who is outstandingly professional in linguistics? If its affirmative then plead for one from Skeleton Key 206.
      Now to chief chitimukulu who seems to know how to ensnare the visionless PF of Lungu with brown envelopes. The chameleonic chief was yesterday revealing the misconduct of the Con~Court judges who failed HH et al during the presidential petition. But today seems like some brown envelopes swapped hands.
      It is very disgusting to the fact that PF bandits of visionless Edgar DON’T KNOW the DIFFERENCE between a political party & a party in power of governance. Bandit Davis Mwila is PF & NOT govt.
      Learn about specifics of issues & not just yapping day in & out by PF…

    • The Post Newspaper gave this man so much space to publish his scatter-brain articles even when PF’s Sata persecuted him. Today he has gotten what he always wanted & can afford to castigate the people who stood by him.

      Up to now, he has NOT given any support to Mmembe & wife as they go through the doldrums with PF’s lungu. This man is a SNAKE. He views UPND as tonga tribalists even though they stood by him when Sata persecuted him & isolated him in a small mud hut.

      Anyway I never expected much from him, I’ve personally never held him in high regard.

    • ..bandits.
      Where do you expect the country to go if its been led by economic visionless monkeys & rats who dwell on one directional & regionalism development?
      Clearly this is a good case of a failed state where those enthroned with power corruptly abuse it. By the way, how much is mealie meal today in those Northern areas of brown enveloped chitimukulu?
      The Skeleton Key

    • Most of those from the other camp who came out in support of the Chitimukulu when he was in problems were doing it for political mileage and not genuine sincerity. This is not a man who boot-licks – to think that you can count on his support and act silly just because you were on his side when he was in problems — you are very mistaken.

    • Father to bembas not all Zambians afterall he is talking about northern province development what is this mwila smoking.

  1. The best reasons to respect authority spring from love—our love for Jehovah, for our fellow man, and even for ourselves. Because we love Jehovah above all else, we want to make his heart rejoice. (Read Proverbs 27:11; Mark 12:29, 30.) We know that his sovereignty, his right to rule the universe, has been challenged on earth ever since the rebellion in Eden and that the majority of mankind have sided with Satan and rejected Jehovah’s rule. We are thrilled to take the opposite stand. When we read the majestic words of Revelation 4:11, they strike a chord in our heart. How clear it is to us that Jehovah is the rightful Ruler of the universe! We embrace Jehovah’s sovereignty, accepting his rule in our day-to-day life.

  2. He is a useless chief. Fond of spending nights writing support for lungu.how much are yo bemba subjects paying for mealie meal and electricity.so they even call this guy at paramount.wats paramont about this chap chitimukulu.

  3. If it were Tonga chiefs saying this about HH they would be labeled tribalists but it’s OK for this chief to even create lubemba investment centre. Who is the chairman of this centre if I may ask? The answer is well known, this chief is comprised and has raised his stakes by publishing articles that seem to praise the party in government and castigates his fellow chiefs. He has forgotten how he was brutalised and by Sata and kept in a hut for months on end? What has changed now? HH is your son as well, tomorrow he will be your President and what then?

  4. Ladies and gentlemen, we seem to be in a hurry to make comments without first fully understanding the articles we comment on. Or at least we are prejudice driven and we are bent on concealing the truth. Any one who fully read and understood the yesterday article from the Mwine lubemba would not comment completely out of tune and with solecism like the author himself put it. I see a balanced? and non tribal articulated story, but of course one that tried sincerely to put things were they belong. In no line did the author insult the southern chiefs. Ironically even those who punctuate their every word with their degrees could not take time to read between lines, but cruised straight into slap dash responses. Stop the war, and be the reliable eyes and ears to society. Or you better as well…

    • @7 Spy mashra: Its because some of us connect all articles, including the ones two years ago. Hypocrisy is very easy to pick up. The man is biased to the core, or was he just pretending all along? He looks down on other Chiefs, especially the ones in the South. He is full of hypocrisy and contradictions. In fact, he is decisive. The only respect I have for him is that he is an old man, nothing more.

      I dont care about his beautifully written articles. All I see is a serpent between lines.

  5. Mr intelligent , I will try take a few shots backwards into previous years to see if I can find anything to the contrary. Thanks for sharing your views

    • @9: Thats ok, you can start from this article:
      The illusive role of the Chitimukulu as the chief executive of the Bemba people and tribe
      May 20, 2016
      extract…”…, in the life of a genuine Bemba (umu Bemba inkonko), reckless daring is held to be royal courage; prudent delay is the excuse of a coward; moderation is the disguise of unmanly weakness; the lover of violence is always to be trusted…..”.

      “It is therefore the responsibility of Bemba chiefs to instill into the hearts and minds of our youngsters to uphold Bemba values and be ever ready to stand on guard for Bemba ‘’sovereignty’’ which is sacrosanct. They must never allow the Bemba transcendent revolutionary militancy to be quenched.”
      Search on google using the title..

  6. The problem with most members of UPND and Tongas is they can not handle the truth. In our most candid moments most of us would have to acknowledge the accuracy of that statement. What most UPND members want is not truth, but validation. They want reinforcements for their thinking, right or wrong. They seek out the people and the information that support the conclusions they have already reached, factual or otherwise. The only things they want to hear are things that make them feel good, that give them comfort about who or where they are, right now.

  7. This stupidity and naivety by the likes of skeleton ,maloza & NEZ of the defunct UPND camp should come to an end, so to you even if there is development in chitimukulu’s land ,the chief should not talk about it simply because its done by the PF. the paramount chief has done nothing wrong but is just stating what is happening in his land. jealous will kill you. no wander we will keep bringing you down come 2021

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