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Robbers grab two safes containing more than K100,000 from Chinese nationals

General News Robbers grab two safes containing more than K100,000 from Chinese nationals

ARMED robbers in Kitwe have grabbed two safes containing more than K100,000 from Chinese nationals.

The Chinese were carrying two safes containing K40,000 and US$7,000 when they were ambushed at Camco Equipment situated on the Kitwe-Chingola Road near Copperhill Mall on Sunday evening.

Copperbelt Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga said Liu Ji Shi, reported that he and four of his colleagues were attacked by six armed criminals who threatened to shoot them if they resisted the alarm.

Ms Katanga said one of the complainants lost an extra K7,000 which was taken from his pocket.

She said investigations had been launched.

This is the third armed robbery reported in Kitwe in three weeks. Previous attacks involved K120,000 snatched from Mama Africa employees in a daring daylight robbery and K74,000 taken from a Sri Lankan man near Chisokone trading centre.

No arrests have been made in any of the cases.


  1. We don’t have security companies that can carry money in special trucks designed for this purpose? Carrying $7000 in your pocket is first of all illegal, and a temptation for anyone to think of robbing you.

  2. Why politics being brought into everything. Pipo like you @2are one of the reasons why zambia is not progressing.
    Think of zambia not your petty party politics. Just grow up or dont bother posting.

  3. So called investors going to pay their workers cash in hand …real investors pay at the bank …no wonder the thieves are targeting them they simply ask their friends what day they are paid. ZRA please go and follow where this money was going to!!

  4. No tax is being paid on this cash being carried in pockets. don’t we have security companies that transport money? no sympathy for them.

  5. Chinese and Indians they keeping huge amount of money in homes that’s why there no money in circulation. Let them start keeping money in the Bank to avoid risk there life.

  6. That huge sum of money was carried at their own risk….! Ba Police, Please educate your popular Chinese investors on Local safety measures.., otherwise there was contributory negligence on their part….

  7. Zambians are getting back the money that’s being stolen by white collar criminals from China and India. This is Zambian money. The Chinese are equally stealing money meant for Zambians except theirs is legalized stealing.

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