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Slap Dee to collaborate with South African artiste Busisiwa

Headlines Slap Dee to collaborate with South African artiste Busisiwa

Slap Dee and Busisiwa

Slap Dee is in Nairobi ,Kenya working with Coke Studio Africa 2017.  He will be collaborating with South African artiste Busisiwa .

Coke Studio is a platform that showcases the best music from all corners of Africa to the rest of the world.

The Coke Studio project was established in 2007, originally founded in Brazil. Since then, the concept has expanded to Pakistan, India and into the Middle East, with the African version originating in 2013. Slap Dee will be the second Zambian artist to appear on the platform , the first being Cleo Ice Queen.

Slap dee


Slap Dee




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  1. Slap Dee shalya po chi gelo ichiena..so uko undeteleko ka number ka Busisiwe..ndefwaya akembe bwino..ati slender or big mama..nkamutwala ka Mwiluzi Lodge obvious ifi level fyali cheaper

  2. Slap Dee putting zambia on the map !!!!!!! big up ,do your thing . show them the talent we have in Zambia.

    • Nakasamba! Zambia is already on the map….first as northen rhodesia and now as zambia….but i know, you are struggling with language….lol…having a good day….just thought of picking a fight…are you up for it

    • Lmao,you are funny. Made me laugh early in the morning. There many better artists than Slap d in Zed. Just coz you are his fan doesn’t make him as you protral him to be.

  3. Slap Dee we love your new album.
    why are you Zambians full of hate ???? The guy is doing big things congratulate him!!!

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