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Zambia advises South Africa’s Opposition leader to reschedule his visit to meet HH

Headlines Zambia advises South Africa's Opposition leader to reschedule his visit to meet...

Zambia's High Commissioner to South Africa, Mr Emmanuel Mwamba
Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa, Mr Emmanuel Mwamba
Government has advised the leader of the South African opposition party, the Democratic Alliance(DA), Mr. Mmusi Maimane to reschedule his travel arrangements to Zambia until such a time that the Court would allow him to visit and meet his counterpart,Mr. Hakainde Hichilema.

Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa, His Excellency Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba disclosed that he had received official communication and request from Mr. Mmusi Maimane to visit United Party for National Development(UPND) incarcerated leader, Mr. Hakainde Hichilema.

Mr. Maimane intends to travel to Zambia but has been advised by the High Commission to do so after the Court clears and grants him authority to see Mr.Hichilema.

“We have received official communication from the leader of the opposition party, the Democratic Alliance(DA), Mr. Mmusi Maimane. He has informed us that he intends to travel to Zambia. He also informed us that he would use the opportunity to visit Mr. Hakainde Hichilema who is remanded in Prison” he said.

However Mr. Mwamba informed Mr. Maimane that a court order or directive was in place that restricted persons that should see Mr. Hichilema.

He stated that the Court directed the family to provide such a list to the Zambia Correctional Service.

“We have seen the list provided by the family to the authorities. This Order also affects other people including members of his party, that would like to see Mr. Hichilema. It is therefore prudent that an amendment or variation to the Court Order was obtained for the list to include Mr. Maimane”.

Mr. Mwamba thanked Mr. Maimane for the interest he had shown in Zambia’s Democracy and the rule of law. He also thanked him for his solidarity efforts to meet his opposition counterpart from Zambia.

“The restrictions on whom should see Mr. Hichilema arose from the Court Order and Directives. We have therefore, for purposes of Mr Maimane wishing to see Mr. Hichilema, advised that when authority has been sought or obtained through the Court, Mr. Maimane could travel to Zambia”


    • I like Mwamba

      We dont need B class meeting B class

      HH is deservedly in Jail, no question about it.

      He is facing charges which are worse the Terrorist acts.

      Anyone that thinks he needs sympathy is delusional and should leave Zambia NOW

      I have a PhD and I tend to think that little extra to some of these things



    • HH the attention seeker.
      In prison you have no liberty, this opposition guy from SA must concentrate on distributing wealth to all south africans and leave us alone.
      Keep HH behind bars, peace is everywhere

    • How I wish I could configure whose postings I could view on LT, I would block Mushota,NEZ and Munone. although they are rightly entitled to their own opinions, I feel their views are outrightly divisive, tribal and not in the best intentions of this country.

    • If mwamba is addressed as ‘his excellence’ just here apa pa South Africa, what about the high commissioner in UK, ambassador in USA, ambassador to the UN etc… And Those others in the foregin service with more important tasks than dancing with Zuma???

    • Judge Simusamba has adjourned HH’s treason case ruling to Friday “because he’s watching the Zambia vs. Iran football match”. He briefly came out of his chambers at half-time to announce the adjournment.

      When we tell you that the Zambian Judiciary is rotten to the core, you refuse.

    • What kind of a judge would defer ruling just because his laptop couldn’t come on, has this pf lawyer never heard of back up, he doesn’t have external disks, i mean any competent person doesn’t just put info on one device but back it up with hard copies, and soft copies on other devices, and case your simple Chinese laptop crush.

    • I am amazed. All these f00lish actions are confirming the fears and concerns expressed in Bishop Telesphore Mpundu’s letter.


    • Dictatorship is upon us and tribal hate is live in Zambia what is maintaining peace is pretence which will only last for a while.

    • They let the ANC youth league rogues in. They let the ZANU PF rogues in but they won’t allow anyone who fights for democracy in!! They sent bus loads of paramilitary to Choma on Monday to quell any peaceful protest.
      Be afraid. We are no longer a democracy!

    • They let the unruly ANC youth league in. They let the ZANU PF youth league in – people that terrorize anyone who does not vote for their party. They send a bus full of police/army people to Choma on Monday to quell any peaceful protests that may take place. They want to shut the opposition up. We are no longer a democracy. Be Afraid!


  1. Emmanuel Mwamba is not only the Zambian Envoy to South Africa but a key Election Rigger of the 2016 Election. There is no way the Lungu govt would authorize the DA Leader to see HH in Jail. Mwamba talks of Rule of Law in Zambia when his boss Lungu is an illegitimate President. Concourt never declared Lungu the Winner of the Election and duly elected as required by Law. Mwamba was appointed Envoy by illegitimate Lungu and therefore he is also an illegitimate Envoy.

    • iwe ka fake mwansa ,,,, You don’t need Concourt to declare a winner. ECZ declared results show that majority of Zambians elected Lungu as President and was sworn in as HE. Now u can go to Hell or Hang . Choice is yours.

    • Do you have proof? have you forgotten about world class rigger VJ who is on your camp?
      Look, HH has been loosing for 5 times, is it rigging all those times? Ask GBM, he knows HH lost thats why he has gone into hiding.
      Anyways, keep dreaming while EL rules you and me – PF tolerates divergent views, its your right to oppose even your own name.

      Keep HH behind bars, thats the wish of all Zambians.

  2. iwee concourt does not declare a winner,the only body mandate to declare a winner in an election is the ECZ Kwasila.
    why ba UPND still crying about election petition? very dull [email protected] Mushota congrats for the Phd

  3. No wonder Zuma described Lungu as an Angry Dictator President who throws his opponents in Jail for refusing to recognize him as a President. Why should HH recognize a Vote Thief as a Legitimate President?Lungu should Release HH from Jail unconditionally and allow the Petition Hearing in Court. Emmanuel Mwamba will be exposed as one of the Election Riggers if the Petition is heard in Court.

  4. In which country can one go and visit a treason accused? Why is this agent of apartheid so interested in pleasing his masters over the Zambia case? KK was visited by Nyerere because he is a world acclaimed statesman and former head of state. Which foreigner visited Shamwana, Musakanya, Gen. Tembo, Rupiah Banda? You mean these people did not have foreign friends.

  5. mwansa or whatever you call yourself , you must be insane. there is no law in zambia which mandates the court to declare the winner of the election. as far as any learned zambian is concerned, the only body mandated to declare the winner is no other than the ECZ whether wrong or right.

    • At your level of thinking mr chuunda chaitwa, no one can debate with you. it is impossible. You are so terrifically ignorant that I would not be surprised if you said you were never born but just happened. You are an accident to humanity.

    • An extract from the constitution of Zambia
      (6) The Constitutional Court may, after hearing an election
      (a) declare the election of the presidential candidate valid;
      (b) nullify the election of the presidential candidate; or
      (c) disqualify the presidential candidate from being a candidate
      in the second ballot.
      (7) A decision of the Constitutional Court made in accordance
      with clause (6) is final.

  6. You arrest him on ‘false’ charges. Then you restrict visitors to his cell??? Zambia, what a country has it become!!

  7. @Spaka like lilo;the known dictator in Zambia today is actually HH who has been “cuundu chaitwa” upnd leader for more than 11 yrs minus being elected at any convention!!the yamuyayaya today in Zambia is HH and not Edgar Lungu.
    Read again what Emmanuel Mwamba is saying.its HH’s family(upnd) who have given the prison’s authority names of people to visit him and not every jim&jack.HH fears for his life,hence restricting who should visit him-simple!!so this as nothing to do with president Edgar Lungu!!!that DA empty tin-Mmusi Maimane from SA who will never be South African president in his life is free to visit Zambia and HH in jail once allowed by HH’s family.Hence,do not politicise everything in life.

  8. Democrat Alliance aka DA has been Losing elections to The ANC always because it’s a Racist Party owned by whites after realising this that’s when they have put a black Person as their Leader. So UPND and DA have a lot in common they are all Losers even UPND must try to change the Leader because HH is a complete Political Failure mind you Zambia has got rules and regulations to know who is coming in the country because this DA is a sister a Political Party of UPND they help them even with campaign funds that’s why they are concerned about HH being arrested

  9. The concourt has the mandate to declare the winner when there is a petition. Surely some PHD can not say HH is deservedly in Jail .It shows shallowness of the one’s understanding of the law. The matters of HH before the court are allegations which must be proven to be true. The law requires someone to be in custody when he suspected of capital crimes such as treason , murder and aggravated robbery. The adage ” innocent till proven guilty” is the principle of natural justice.
    It is more prudent to await for the conclusion of the matter than be hysterical because of your patronage of certain individual and bigotry of other people you don’t like.
    May we grow in grace and seek GOD’s face .

    • Rob I am not shallow, you keep saying that.

      He hasnt been found guilty I get that, but the chances of him escaping these allegation are next to mute.

      These are facts



    • Stop using big words, its not good for your health at your age Rob.

      Whats important is HH is behind bars, peace is everywhere in Zambia, we are united as one.

      He broke the law, thats why he is behind bars, in that sense he deserves that.
      Let the courts decide, otherwise even tonight he needs to go back to jail after court hearing.

  10. ’Despite the court’s ruling, Mr. Hichilema and Mr. Mwamba have initiated two new actions on the same matter, same facts but before two separate courts. They have initiated another cause of action in the High Court contending that the Constitutional Court did not afford them reasonable time in which to hear their petition. (Daily Nation 9th September 2016).

    Was it the Constitutional Court that did not afford them reasonable time or the contents of the Constitution itself? In fact, I always hear lawyers themselves saying, ‘’ignorance of law is no defence,’’ and how can it be a defence today? There are themselves to blame and the greatest problem in Africa is that we tend to swallow anything from the white man and hence these same lawyers were just nodding their heads to ‘’14 days’’ like…

  11. Zambians are confused people supporting injustice of PF on HH ..they fear the world would see our disfunction lungu ..HH is only accused and he has the right to be visited in jail. That’s why nyerere visited kaunda in prison because he was waiting the court process .Why should it be different now .Sad Zambians are so IGNORANT ON MATTER OF LAW. WHAT A USELESS DOCILE FEAR PEOPLE WHO CAN DO NOTHING TO DICTATOR LUNGU…

    • @ JAY JAY

  12. Mwiya nkole what your basis in law for HH to remain in jail? Even a pardoned defiler like General Kanene has the law fairly applied to deserve a jail time.
    When there is no case against HH, whether you like him not , the law requires that he be set free. If HH is irritating to you and deserve either to be in jail or die when there is no case against him , then you are evil and need to repent before GOD . For GOD say love your enemy and do not wish them evil.
    Don’t worship Lungu or HH. These are mortal being who just like vapour in the presence of GOD….
    My best advice is that you must put your trust in GOD not man.

    • Rob cool down, you will explode your fairly sized brains.

      HH is in court, wait for the courts to determine. When you look at the video and the language he has been using against head of state coupled with violence during his rally, you can clearly see that he has a case to answer.
      Zambians are happy he is behind bars, not because they hate him NO, we love each other as Zambians but he deserves to be behind bars for now until court decides. This has prevented more deaths, injuries and violence. Zambia is drawing happiness in the fact that peace is there now.
      Zambia is wishing HH is put behind bars at least 21yrs, but thats just a wish, we need to respect the law and ruling by courts

    • Rob listen to Munone and learn something for heaven’s sake.

      I am beginning to dislike you.



    • Best analysis so far. Even if you hate HH so much, does he deserve death for refusing to recognize lungu?

      Search your hearts, eliminate evil thoughts. HH is a human being too, a father & a husband, before being a politician. lungu won’t be president for life. Will you continue worshiping him after he leaves office? Or you’ll find a new “small” god to worship?

  13. Even Zuma knows that the one in Zambia is a desport who throws his opponents in jail on trumped up charges. We have seen how Zuma has been abused even in parliament by the opposition but we have never heard of him abusing state machinery to malign and shush his opponents. Allow him to visit HH as these are true democrats and not the police state that you misfits have subjected us to. They will chase you from SA if you are not careful Mwamba.

  14. PF Bloggers never seems to get it. As per Constitution (thanks to Chipasha for the extraction above) Lungu was not declared by Concourt Winner of the Election and duly elected President. Therefore Lungu is an illegitimate President and the Petition is alive awaiting a Hearing. That is why Lungu has jailed HH on Trumped Up Treason Charges to keep him in Jail to force him to withdraw the Petition from Court and compel him to recognize him as a Legitimate President. HH will not recognize illegality and wants the Petition heard in Court and that Court to declare the Winner duly elected President. Lungu doesnt want the Petition heard in Court becoz he knows he stole the Election Victory from HH and he will be convicted of Electoral Fraud and possibly land in Jail.

    • Frankly it matters less, you can say this is not my mother but that doesnt change facts.
      HH mus remains behind bars, he has brought in politics of division and insults.

    • He didn’t steal from HH I believe he stole from the Zambians a re-run. I just don’t know who would have won the second round. One thing I am certain of none of them got 50+1%. All these elections we havent had one candidate achieve 50+1 in a long time since multi party politics. Suddenly the constitution is changed and Voila!! one Chagwa somehow gets 50+1%

  15. All this PF dunderheads who worship Lungu like a God, how foolish of you to be praising someone who locks up his friend on silly charges what happens when real treason case comes up like soldiers taking over and kicking out Lungu. Even a child can see that there is no treason to talk about here that why the cadre magistrate keeps adjourning the case because it will be thrown out by the high court. Lungu is going to account for all the bad acts and thrown in jail too

  16. Your Lungu was not declared winner of the August 2016 election by ConCourt as per constitution of Zambia.
    An extract from the constitution of Zambia
    (6) The Constitutional Court may, after hearing an election
    (a) declare the election of the presidential candidate valid;
    (b) nullify the election of the presidential candidate; or
    (c) disqualify the presidential candidate from being a candidate
    in the second ballot.
    (7) A decision of the Constitutional Court made in accordance
    with clause (6) is final.
    Ruling of Judges A.M.Sitali, M.S.Mulenga and P. Mulonda
    Our Position, therefore, is that the petition stood dismissed for want of prosecution when the time limited for its hearing lapsed and therefore, failed by the reason of that technicality. This is because the…

    • Do you understand simple English! The CONCOURT MAY….! Only when there is a petition ruling can the CONCOURT declare a president. When the petition expires after 14 days, the CONCOURT has no business declaring anybody a president. That role is and will remain the preserve of the ECZ.
      Please stop suffering from fatigue of reasoning due to political bias.

    • At some point PF will need to stop digging this sinking hole they are already in. I’m not the only one watching; the IMF is watching too. At this rate, you can kiss the economic Aid you are counting on GOODBYE. Just watch this space, no aid will come as long as the persecution continues. And before you say we don’t need the aid just ask mutati who is managing a quickly collapsing economy

  17. Petitioners failed to persecution their case with fourteen days of its being filed. That being the case, ther is no petition to be heard before this court as at today: Shameful judges, sale out and defrauders bought out. Even judges don´t read the Constitution. Listen to what the judges said…. continued

  18. Mushota. my good advice is that you must understand that law is substantively decided by court after litigants have produced admissible evidence . The emotions we may display don’t not count in law. Sometimes What is moral may not amount to breach in law. The case of treason requires compellable evidences not traffic offences. There must be heavy conspiracy that is very overt or covert in nature for a reasonable man to conclude so.
    Frankly, in this case , I don’t see those facts in law and evidence. This is purely a moot case not a real law case. The danger of the case going to the HIGH COURT is that the state may simply enter a nolle.
    I am looking for a precedence from this case . Lawyers have case law a source of authority for the arguments in court.
    Wait and see….

  19. Justice Chibomba gave a dissentment conquering with the dissenting judgment by Judge Munalula which totally agrees to. First he admits that she/he had little time to read the judgment because it was handed to him 08:00 in the morning on the day of judgment together with Justice Munalula. She says as a result she had very little time to put down his thoughts in an elaborated manner: Therefore she just agreed on the decision of the majority relating to the conduct of the counsel for attacking and using abusive language against the court not the petition. She agrees the constitution spipulating 14 day within which a Presidential Petition should be heard. The time frame does not take into account the fact that the matter must be prepared and set down for trial. continued…………….

  20. Lungu is holding HH in Jail on a Ransom and he will be set free if he meets 2 conditions: 1. HH should withdraw his Election Petition from the Court. 2. HH should publicly recognize Lungu as a Legitimate President. It follows therefore that HH has not committed Treason but he is being held in Jail on a Ransom by Lungu. Lungu,Mumbi Phiri and the PF Leadership have repeated these preconditions for HH’s release from Jail.

  21. Musonda this far from truth. the allegation are wild. The matter is before the court and the court will decide fairly…. Mumbi Phiri is just a politician who talks anyhow and anywhere. Just ignore…. or pray for him

  22. After the petition is filed, the respondents must have time to answer and the petitioners must have to reply. This system which is founded on the adversarial system has proved impossible to achieve going by the expereince the judges have had in this matter as a greater part of the 14 days was taken up in setting down the petition for trial thereby leaving the court with only one day for the wearing of witnesses. So witnesses were not called – Petition still on until it is heard. No evidence was heard from both parties because the time frame given in Article 101 (5) is not workable or practical: Recommendation from Judge Chomba- it needs to be looked on in order adequate time is given fair hearing which is connected to the fundamental Human Right – The right to Heard upon which our…

    • It took Mazoka 4 years to get a verdict of his petition. Upnd supporters did you expect the petition to go on for 4years under the new constitution? 4 YEARS without a president? So how long did you want the case to be heard?

  23. Then caughts Articke 267 and 271 requiring court interpretation taking in account the Bill of rights and principles and values of the constitution enunciated in Articles 8 and 9 of the constitution. Justice then says she still stand that is her position, “the right to be heard is fundamental and is one of the cardinal principles upon our justice system is founded. Continued……

  24. This Mwamba will one day pay for his evils;Why put restrictions on who to visit HH; KK was visited by Nyerere; this is why I tell you that Lungu is not a Christian

  25. Conclusion Justice Munalula: Article 118 (e) Justixe shall be administered without undue regard to procedural teachnicalities. She continues the primatry purpose of Article 101 (5) is to hear a petition and make one of the pronouncements set in Article 101 (6) based on solid finding of both fact and law.

  26. Zambia s PF too scared for other people to visit HH as the truth will come out ! THIS IS A TRUE DICTATORSHIP – WATCH THE NEXT ELECTIONS WE WONT BE ALLOWED TO VOTE FREELY !

  27. Mwamba is lying through his teeth. There is nothing like a court order to restrict visitors to HH. These thugs in our public offices must be kicked out for taking this country to dangerous situations. Lungu ni tsilu just like all his ministers!

  28. Worse than dictatorship Zambia has now become. Mr Hichilema is merely an accused person who has never been found guilty of the alleged crimes by any competent court of law. He has full Constitutional rights as any other free Zambian. So why is his rights to association and be visited by his sympathisers being taken away? Even if he was convicted he would still enjoy the rights to be visited in jail.

    This is worse than the Apartheid regime because even convicted Mandela was granted visitation rights by his sympathisers. Crazy indeed!

  29. Matthew 25:35-36;40

    35 For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, 36 I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’

    40 “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

    Mr. Mmusi Maimane,

    Thank you!

    for holding us accountable to what we preach,

  30. The dogs are afraid of the truth that can be revealed, yet the truth is already in the international press. Ati His Excellency, this title has suffered shame and embarassment of the highest kind.

  31. yap yap yap yap meanwhile the u20 have made us proud with a superb comeback! you had 14 days..you blew it

  32. God is watching and we pray that judgment comes soon on those creating tension and oppressing others for the sake of gold. we are tired of these games!!!!

  33. Zambia a finished country. You don’t need a court consent to visit somebody remanded. Loads of rubbish again

  34. Aka [email protected] don´t read the constitution iwe ECZ declares a winner if only the election is not petitioned.
    Have you not heard about this iwe Ka Pillar whatever they call you
    (6) The Constitutional Court may, after hearing an election
    (a) declare the election of the presidential candidate valid;
    (b) nullify the election of the presidential candidate; or
    (c) disqualify the presidential candidate from being a candidate
    in the second ballot.
    (7) A decision of the Constitutional Court made in accordance
    with clause (6) is final.

  35. I fear for our country. Following what is happening now clearly shows that we are about to see a disaster in Zambia and we ourselves are to blame. All the advice and comments that has been ignored indicate that the country is now under dictatorship. Something must be done right now.

  36. Let the UONDonkeys continue eating salted dry grass until 2021. Similarly let HH remain in correction until 2021.
    Meantime just ignore the donkeys, they are comfortable with HH locked away peacefully.



  38. Too much hurt and ignorance from our commentators, how sad! This is your Zambia and no one will take it away from you. Safe guard the peace of this country. I know we all love each other, its a pity we’re undergoing through this defining moment. We need elders from all provinces with clear conscious like the Litunga, Chief Monze, Chief Mpezeni, chief Mwine Lubemba..etc! I pray we stop this evil spirit of being inclined with tribalism language. Love you all and be awake!

  39. It is quit obvious that the DA political Party has a rich pool of Legal Minds in South Africa. In that case the DA’s Legal Team must advise the DA to tread cautiously on his exploratory TOUR to Zambia. Even in South Africa no one is allowed to comment on issues that are active in the Courts of Law.

    Should the DA Leader succeeds in persuading his way to Zambia, he should call at the South African Embassy in Lusaka for in depth update on the political, legal and economics dynamics prevailing in Zambia. Our current leaders in Zambia area also endowed with fine pragmatic talents. In this case it would be a grand opportunity for the Information Centre at the PF Secretariat to provide the DA with comprehensive data on Zambia.

  40. You who hate HH and UPND so much need to repent. Otherwise you will not enjoy life with such hatred and being used by the devil. Be productive!

  41. It is quit obvious that the DA political Party has a rich pool of Legal Minds in South Africa. In that case the DA’s Legal Team must advise the DA Leader to tread cautiously on his exploratory TOUR to Zambia. Even in South Africa no one is allowed to comment on issues that are active in the Courts of Law.

    Should the DA Leader succeed in persuading his way into Zambia, he should call at the South African Embassy in Lusaka for in depth update on the political and legal dynamics prevailing in Zambia. Our current leaders in Zambia are also richly endowed with fine pragmatic talents. In this case it would be a grand opportunity for the Information Centre at the PF Secretariat to provide the DA with comprehensive authentic data on Zambia situation.

  42. But Mushota and her ERECTIONS also, its sometimes best to just shut the god damn F**K up if one has nothing to say. By the way, this reminds me of President Mandela wanting to come and visit Kaunda when Kafupi incarcerated him and Chiluba realised Mandela would have to go to Mukobeko to see KK and that would be such an embarrassment. They released KK and put him under house arraest thus designating his house as a detention place. When Kafupi realised Mandela is coming for two days and is not booked at Inters, he freaked out realising Mandela would spend a night in technically what’s gazetted as a prison. Madiba’s responce was classic, and quote: “I lived in one for 27 years, one night wont be a problem for me”.

  43. I do not understand why in Zambia and some countries one can not comment on issues before the court. The judge can get educated by such public comments and see the cases from different angles than relying on his limited human brain. There is a lot of wisdom out there in the public

  44. Zambia should be divided. We are fed up of other tribes looking down on other tribes. We are all Zambians but those from the North and East feel superior than others from other areas. There is so much hatred in the country such that we don’t feel for each other and yet we claim to be a Christian nation. Lungu is evil and his pf cadres.

  45. As long as the petition is not heard and judgement made from Con court, Edgar Chagwa Lungu REMAINS an illegitimate president of Zambia. Even a fogged cashed cheque is no better than the cash of crime. Lungu is illegitimate head of state and goes into Zambian records- dictator.

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