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Court adjourns HH treason case as he remains detained

Headlines Court adjourns HH treason case as he remains detained

HH in a police van
HH in a police van

The Lusaka Magistrate has adjourned the matter in which opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema is charged with treason.
The matter will now be heard on June 12th 2017 for judicial issues.
The Court, however, threw out the Defence’s request in which they applied for constitutional matters to be be determined by the Court.
In his ruling, Magistrate David Simusamba ruled that this was the exclusive preserve of the High Court regarding the committal certificate.
The Court has however allowed for the Defence to undertake a judicial review on the validity of the DPP’s committal certificate to determine its validity since it was signed by someone else other than the DPP.
The Magistrate stated that in the past, a certificate signed by another person other than the DPP but signed in his/her name was accepted and the practice was established.
Magistrate Simusamba stated that the subordinate court had no jurisdiction to comment on the validity of the certificate.
He stated that the duty of the Court was to refer to the High Court once instructions were issued by the DPP.
He said that the instructions to refer the matter to the High Court was never questioned.
The matter has since been adjourned and the Defence is at liberty to inquire through a judicial review.
Mr. Hichilema remains in custody.
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    • Until HH runs out of money for paying his lawyers, then they can say they can’t continue representing him for lack of instructions.

  1. We are a sovereign state. Although are members of the UN, we are not obligatory to international rule of law and the rights of our citizenry.

  2. Detaining HH makes him more popular. He is destined to be the next zambian president. What they are doing ti him now is promoting him. Joseph was sentenced and later became the governor of Egypt. Whether people like it or not HH is bound to be the next zambian president not even corruption will stop him.

  3. What has put HH in these problems is his stubborn preference of newcomers to the party. How honestly could you sideline the people that had toiled from Mazokas time for GBM and the monkeys from Sata’s family forest ?! You embrace GBM who flees at nothing at all. GBM made you big headed with tactics from Inter-City, where is he now ? He is sipping pure orange juice from the white beaches of Mauritius while you are being raped by lice and mosquitoes in jail. Where is Maureen , Miles, bashi Nono ? I am sure you now know the Bemba saying ” umulembwe wachipuba upwila muli tumfweko” HH why did you forsake your own ?

  4. Muhau keep on dreaming its allowed.its people who make some one to be president.HH naipwiisha umwine.

  5. These damn lawyers are fixated on preliminary matters at the expense of the movement of the case. With the result that their client keeps spending unnecessarily more time incarcerated.

    This wish-washing is a deja vu: A repeat of time-wasting techniques employed during the Concourt hearing.

    Why can’t these money-sucking leeches get on with the case and secure their client’s freedom as soon as they possibly can.

  6. its very sad having people happy when HH is suffering for nothing prison… its simply shamefull my country men .
    what type of christianity is this where you rejoice on the suffering of innocent person.
    the problem of you people zambia is cowardice you have in the system ..please if you dont have what to say due to fear in you just keep quite. Shame on you zambians for your crookkeness and lies ..GOD will punish you stanist some day. Your lives are miserable under this brutal man but you cant cough shame on you people.

    • Ba Ndalama, check on your language because that is not God’s language. We have total freedom which is God given. Whatever happens, happens for a purpose. It could be HH is being taught a lesson for not doing the right thing when he had all that it takes to make a sound decision.

      Above all, God does not punish any individual or group in our era. He is a God full of mercy and through HIS Grace, we are save, protected and receive salvation.

      Courts are doing what is necessary and if he will not be found guilt then, released. But if…………… katwishi.

  7. Maria who is a sat..must between hh and ecl. We c ecl moving around churches while your hh goes to hidden churches. Ur hh is there to stay. Joseph was chosen by God and hh is chosen by sat..an. Bu president Pataki. Kamo akaleke ubu loshi no kwipaya abantu

  8. HH needs prayers period. You lose nothing by respecting those in authority. If HH ever becomes president, Iam sure he would work well when citizens respect him. Some times God will allow a person you despise to be a leader…accept and move forward. Leadership comes from God weather we like it or not.

  9. Comment: people in Lwanshya cried the time mines were sold…..the big man HH rejoiced?….is now the richest? man in Zambia. Now wait and see?…..how hard it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. the prayers of miners in Lwanshya it as being answered. people from lwanshya knows what am talking about.

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