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Maimane was going to undermine the integrity of the Zambian Judiciary, Zambia tells South Africa

Headlines Maimane was going to undermine the integrity of the Zambian Judiciary, Zambia...

Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba (r) with NCC acting CEO, Mr. Francis Mwape
Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba (r)

The Zambia High Commission to South Africa has informed South Africa’s foreign Ministry known as Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO, that Opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Mmusi Maimane presence at the Zambian courts was going to undermine integrity of the Zambian Judiciary.

In a statement released to the media by Naomi Nyawali, First Secretary Press Public Relations Zambia High Commission to South Africa, the Zambia embassy said that they told the South Africa Government during a meeting that hat the matters regarding Mr. Hichilema were in court and it was imperative that the due process of the law was respected without undue pressure or interference.

Below is the full statement


PRETORIA- Friday 26th May 2017 The Zambia High Commission to South Africa has informed the Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) that Opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Mmusi Maimane was turned away from Zambia as his presence was going to undermine the sanctity, integrity and independence of the Judiciary.

During the meeting between DIRCO officials and His Excellency Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba, Zambia stated that the matters regarding Mr. Hichilema were in court and it was imperative that the due process of the law was respected without undue pressure or interference.

Government was concerned with Mr. Maimane’s and the DA’s media statements prior to his visit to Zambia that stated that his party would pressure the Courts of the Law to release Zambia’s opposition leader, Mr. Hakainde Hichilema who is currently undergoing a treason trial.

Mr. Maimane alleged that Mr. Hichilema was facing trumped up charges and therefore he would mobilize fellow regional opposition sister parties and leaders to pressure the Zambian courts to release Mr. Hichilema.

The Zambian High Commission had earlier advised Mr. Maimane to reschedule his visit until this and other concerns were resolved but clearly turned down such an advice.

And the High Commission has informed DIRCO that Zambian authorities advised Mr. Maimane to return to Johannesburg upon landing at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (KKIA) at 17:40hrs. Zambia as a sovereign state, can determine persons to allow entry into the country.

Zambia continues to have mutual and admirable diplomatic relations and cooperations with South Africa based on the historical, economic and social ties between the two countries. And His Excellency Mr. Mwamba said that this is demonstrated by factors as: Zambia was South Africa’s top ten trading partner and the volume of movement of people, goods and services between the two states was one of the highest in the region.

This is also demonstrated by South African Airways that takes about 35 flights a week to Zambia, besides other carriers. Zambia’s democratic credentials and processes remain admirable in Africa and the respect for the rule of the law is at the heart of its democratic growth.


    • So our Courts are so gullible that Maimane was going to influence them ???? Mwamba this is a major insult to the learned Judges and exposure of our court system Internationally….. when people say our Judiciary is easily influenced you refuse …right here is the proof in case you doubted.

    • The courts are already influenced and controlled by the Commander in Chief of corruption and Jemasoni Consumpltion

    • This is good for upnd, pf is opening up more war fronts, ask any general, that is a sign of an enemy going down, remember the Germans in the second world War?

    • Moshota, Thanks for agreeing with the statement I made above. After all you just finished you PhD and you can analyse issues like me but I am the only Analyser!

    • Lacks honesty and integrity! The whole statement is hollow and make no mistake a very obnoxious can of nasty human flesh boring worms has been opened between Zambia and South Africa by the PF. An apple does not fall far from its tree. You have done it this time PF! Talk about one shooting their own foot lol. Zambia needs SA but SA doesn’t need Zambia! Look at all the Zambians in SA for economic refuge – what are they gonna do? SA is fragile.

    • Mushota is just a complete jerk from start to finish, that’s it. He/She waffles crap about PhD’s and all that she/He is renowned for. Am outta here!!

    • Well done Zambia. Maimwene, whatever his name is, is a trouble maker. He clearly said that he is going to Zambia to make noise. I wonder if any foreigner can say that i am going to America to castigate Donald Trump and his government and still manage to enter the USA. This is good riddance

    • We all know the Zambian police and Zambian judiciary have no thread of integrity left in them.
      It’s is absurd to suggest these two institutions have any integrity at all.

    • Zambian Judiciary has NO INTEGRITY. So how was aimane going to undermine integrity which is NOT there?

      The judiciary is being used to fix ruling party’s political enemies.

      Remember how the judiciary was used by FTJ to fix Mactribouy just becoz he had an affair with Vera Chiluba.
      Remember how the judiciary was used by FTJ to fix Dean Mungomba.
      Remember how the judiciary was used by FTJ to fix KK. He spent 6 months under house arrest & was forced to retire from politics.

      Both got infected with drug resistant TB & died within a year of being released.

      FREE HH!!!

  1. Zambia is now in the jungle group of Venezuela, congo Dr, central African Republic, Burundi, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Togo, backward countries. Being schooled on rule of law by new nations in terms democracy like South Africa.

    • @Divide & Rule,
      You forgot one more, Somalia.
      And Lungu himself resembles a Somali, the face, long jutting front teeth and jungle leadership.

    • How would i forget Africa’s eyesore, Somalia resembles. unwiped diarrhea arse, that’s why i didn’t want to look at it.

  2. Well said Mr Mwamba. Zambia is a sovereign state and determines who can go in without any question. Now for this Maimane who has a hidden agenda to destabilize our peace it is a good job that he was turned away at the airport otherwise he should be turned away in South Africa by port officers. Great great job Eagle one to protect our independence of the Judiciary.

    • @Himitwe Hiabola! Even when you utter such words are you not feeling ashamed, unless you are not normal. The explanation given by Mwamba is total nonsense and i’m sure the South Africans are wondering whether there is a government in Zambia.

    • There’s no peace in Zambia. That’s why PF are not letting in foreigners like Maimane. That’s why PF are not letting UPND to hold public meetings. That’s why HH is in jail. There’s an undeclared war in Zambia.

  3. What about when the late Julius Nyerere came to Zambia to give Kaunda support and was even allowed to visit the then incarcerated former president? Mr. Mwamba remember that you are talking to nations with learned people.

    • Kk was former head of state and he was convicted while hh is just a tribal leader who is only a suspect.

    • A Tribal leader with well over 40% of the electorate voting for him … and this is after teargassing UPND rallies, killing some supporters, stoning Helicopters, denying permits to hold rallies, arrestings their members on tramped up charges, strategically banning campaigning in Lusaka, using GRZ assets to campaign. “Ba Oval HEAD” Kwena be specific which head u are using to utter

    • @HH OVAL HEAD you were either too young to know the Zero option events or you are a full! KK is like Don King, 100 cases in his life and never convicted! Just like HH.

    • That’s so laughable, especially when Mumbwe Phiri stated that PF controls Simusamba and they could have locked Maimane up in Zambia for a long time for commenting on the treason case. So if Simusamba is the PF Magistrate how is the judiciary independent???

  4. HH is a suspect and he can be visited by anyone. Why the fuss? During the treason trial of Obasanjo , he was visited by Lawyer Cochrane , defence attorney in the OJ case . There was no fuss about it.
    PF is just very sensitive… What can Maimane do to the Zambian judiciary? Unless you don’t know our justice system, you can be worried…. We have stellar magistrates and judges who cannot be swayed by anyone.

    • also remember that the late Nyerere did not castigate the zambian MMD govt before flying to lusaka. you cant cheat us, baba, we know these things

    • PF know how wrong what they are doing is. That’s why they want to intimidate and shut up all critics. This spiral will not end until PF self-combusts.

  5. What more are we arging about? You can’t argue just for the sake of it. If Maimane cares he should go and build a school in Ndundumwezi eg or Namwala or just a cattle dip. That’s where the need is. Judiciary is functional. Actually HH MIGHT be aquitted. I think more likely than not just my opinion.

    • Why don’t you build the cattle dip in Dundumwezi yourself? What is so difficult about one individual, even a Maimane, attending a court hearing? We all know that the treason case is going nowhere because it should not have been brought up in the first place. This treason case is just a smokescreen after Lungu failed to kill HH using his PF militia at night on 10 April.

  6. This kama Lungu and his henchmen under the guise of being humble, which he isn’t but snake in the grass, he often dupes most Zambians as a humble prayerful Eddie. The man is an evil rat who is raping the country while everyone is ndwii!!

  7. My Money should keep his money in SA. He has failed to deal with corrupt ANC.What advice can he give to Zambia. He was going to pollute the already polluted political landscape.My Money should learn manners and follow the rightful procedure of interfering in other countries business affairs.Let SA tell him not to snoop his nose in Zambia’s affairs.

    • By storming the SAA airplane like he did to HH’s home, Lungu just shot himself in the foot. I hope that the next time he goes for his medical tourism in Joburg, the doctors will remember this and finish him off instead.

  8. Ignore that DA lunatic. Meanwhile advise him to travel to kabwe next time he plans to visit, that is where he will find his friend, says Magistrate Simusamba

  9. as Pilato has said in his fb posting,if you are in authority and you find yourself defending every action or decision you make then there is something wrong..the only time I ever saw government defend itself so vigorously was UNIP towards the end,though it was done through the spokes person and KK himself…I don’t know if its a strategy or ECL is not in control

  10. If Mmaimane had cared to check Zambian social media, he would have known that it is an indisputable AND irrefutable fact (with Pictorial evidence) that HH, whom the DA party is supporting, has been colluding with his masters who have also publicly through their very own paid emissaries made statements clearly linking ties with him. That oversight on Mmaimane’s part has exposed him and IF he is wise must cause him to tender his apologies or else remain an enemy of progress and a useful ediot of racists.

  11. Its most likely he would be turned away in Most Sub-Saharan East Africa and Nigeria

    To be specific He is not wanted in Tanzania Kenya Zimbabwe Namibia Lesotho Botswana Angola Congo Nigeria Ghana Ethiopia and many AFRICAN UNION countries

    If he was turned away in Zambia He can even so in Tanzania and Namibia including Nigeria

    His rants on fellow Africans and Zuma has demeaned the African Continent and Zambia was going to set a bad precedent

    On the other hand Malema would be accepted by many Africans

    • Mere speculation without evidence. Don’t extrapolate Lungu’s madness to other African countries.

  12. To simply say Many think he has eroded the African Freedom day and most Africans and head of state donot like him and his ways especially as seen in his acts towards Zuma and ANC in South African parliament

    That is why it will be difficult for him to rule South African He failed to read the way Politics and African Union Influenced South Africa independence especially Sub Sahara and East Africa

    Simply put and honestly many heads of states and nations donot like the my money DA and his type of politics in South African parliament At appears the head of states have made their positions on My money and his dangerous politics in South africa

    • You can say whatever you want but Maimane has grown the DA to the extent of running 3 big cities (Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town). ANC are shaking in their boots. But still Maimane and Zuma now agree on one thing – that Lungu is an angry African dictator.

  13. A month ago the opposition in RSA in their quest to impeach Jacob Zuma disrupted Parliament and in reaction the government sent in armed police and barred them from Parliament. Surprising no opposition party from neighboring countries went there to express their solidarity.

    • Did the police also steal their phones and cars and defecated on their beds like Lungu did to HH?

  14. Ifisushi namapwelekete mu PF yafulisha. So kwikalako apatali ukutina ukununka nuunu ngabafukula ba pf.

  15. Boers want to use Mymoney to regain their country. And if by misfortune his party wins that will be the start of apartheid chapter two. Mymoney will just be shunted out and a white man will take over.

  16. Ifisushi namapwelekete mu pf fyafulisha. No fresh air. Twalomba mwe Lesa twafweni . Fifunyenipo, fipyangeni ngefisoso.

  17. Well done Ambassador Mwamba ! Was Just listening to SABC….. U hv articulated issues very well. How can à foreigner have the audacity to say he was coming to Zambia to pressure courts and govt to release a suspect in prison ? It is an insult to us the pipo of Zambia.

  18. By the why isn’t Mymoney fighting for the release of that student has been detained without trial for protesting against high tuition fees.

  19. Justice delayed is justice denied. HH case(s) should be heard asap for his own sake as a person who needs to have his human rights accorded and respected and secondly for the sake of transparency of the Judicial system as well.
    However, Mr Mosimane should not have traveled to Zambia especially after being advised not to and reasons given to him. He should have consulted a lawyer preferably a Zambian one to interpret and confirm what he was told. But because he wanted cheap political mileage, he got more than what he bargained for.

  20. I support the spirit of South Africams they are true friends. Atrue friend is one who tells you what you are doing is wrong. Zambians are in deep sleep when they wake up they will in arms of a growm up Idi Amin. Its a shame that we have lost our democracy after death of Sata.Never again to be ruledmby new comer in politics.Lungu was not even there when we fought for democracy just to come and tate us in reverse to colonial a
    eror.I have never seen such police brutality in my life in Zambia.Wake up Zambia

  21. Mr Mwambas reason for deporting MUsa is childish and laughable.This government has fear of the unkmowm. They deport men of God politicians etc God gives men chance to rule but they spoil their chances of good leadership because of too much power.Wheres christianity when you dine while your enemy is imcacerated God is watching all this.Those tears of those family members.Remember Pharoah with children of Israel

  22. When the late Sata came to power he wanted to sort out the corrupt judiciary but was blocked at all anglse and Lungu was justice minister and Mr Chikopa had to go back after a year. South Africa democracy is thriving and they are able to investigate even the president because they have strong institutions and theres separation of power but Zambia has gone Zimbambwe way its shamefull.People can not even demonstrate.Our police remind me of Aprtheid error in RSA. God hear our prayers and save our nation

  23. He who pays the piper calls the shots.
    President Lungu’s observation is spot on and we Zambians and Africans must be weary.
    Mmusi Maimane has handlers who provides for him through his white white. This new brigades are mercenaries, plunderers and extortionist who don’t care about others of their countries for that matter.
    Just as an example is how he participated in a very crude and hostile crude and hostile take over from his black sister Lindwe Mazibuko.

    • Uli chisushi chamuntu to think like you do. Eponapela boi. Wait until South Africans take matters in their own hands and begin to harass many Zambians living in South Africa as economic refugees then you will wake up even this big headed PF stooge Mwamba will not be there to help defend anyone let alone himself. So when you comment please look at the big picture. Lungu has failed Zambia.

  24. How on earth can Maimane just fly in and come and undermine the integrity of our judiciary. Is our Judiciary that weak? Thinking is a very rare commodity in Zambia of late. You can even tell from the comments on this blogg that there is a serious issue when it comes to using our medulla oblangata in the brain.

  25. Why worry about this boy who wants to flex his tiny political muscles in Zambia.Does he control his thugs in South Africa when they chase and beat up foreigners or he puts his tail between his legs

  26. Superb response Your Excellency Mwamba. You are clearly representing the interests of Zambians (I dont mean Zambian donkeys).

  27. You Tonkeys, there is a limit beyond which you dont sacrifice your sovereignty. It does not matter what your differences are but when a foreigner does what the Cape donkey Maimane is trying to do to your country you.must take a stand to defend it. Its like in a home, you quarrel as family but when an invader comes you close ranks to fight him off.

  28. Lungu is an embarrassment and this is embarrassing. The whole world now thinks we a jungle country with docile people. How on earth can vote for these pathetic failures (PF)

  29. For a chap who was the last to see Chiluba alive & is alleged to have poisoned him with a Polonium 210, these are the most stupidous evil remarks, whether borne of malice or naïveté, or both. And being in SA, Mwamba had better be very careful with the hornets’ nest he had stirred up, he could return to Zambia on the same plane that brought Maimane, cold as cargo lying supinely in a box called a coffin! Mark my word.

  30. South Africans please teach these PF AIDS/HIV infested rats a big lesson when they sneak into your country for their incurable ailments. Make sure they don’t make it out of the country. They have started a war so fight with equal might of what you are receiving. PF id1ots are dogs who only think of today.

  31. HH is a problem. He wants to use foreigners to be president. That man does not think. When people do not want you they do not want. People in Zambia speak thru the ballot. Shame on this HH.

  32. Whatever Lungu touches it turns into dust. The illegitimate Lungu Regime mishandled this Mmusi Maimane Issue. The heavily armed Policemen should not have boarded the Air Link Plane to harrass Maimane and other Passengers on that Plane. As it turns out this action is illegal becoz the Apron is International space. The DA Leader should have been allowed to disembark the Plane and then the Dept of Immigration would have denied him on Zambian Soil. Lungu should have allowed Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Dept of Immigration to professionally handle the matter. PF Cadres and ZPS should have stayed out of this Diplomatic issue. Now Zuma is forced to confront Angry Dictator Lungu and retaliate the Diplomatic Gaffe. This is further tarnishing the image and reputation of Zambia. Lungu should stop…

  33. This Mymoney should have gone to Uganda to rescue Dr Besige. There he was not going to be sent back but instead they were going to put him in
    Nakivubo prison and set s.ex
    .starved female and male prisoners on him. After that they were going to put him in a mince mmachine pack him in boxes and send the boxes to South Africa.

  34. I quote “Zambia as a sovereign state, can determine persons to allow entry into the country”end of quote.

  35. This is true! This guy was supposed to go to Pretoria and lobby for the people who are being killed daily in South Africa from countries which helped liberate him! Hazaluza Hagain!

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