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President Lungu expresses concern with succession disputes

Headlines President Lungu expresses concern with succession disputes

President Edgar Lungu is saddened by the increasing number of succession disputes in some chiefdom.

The President has since requested the House of Chiefs to look into the matter and draft guidelines to regulate the institution of chieftaincy.

President Lungu says there is need to foster stability in chiefdoms because they serve as a foundation of the country’s peace.

He says one of the ways of minimizing succession disputes is for chiefs to prepare indisputable family tress which must be submitted to the Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs.

President Lungu has since appealed to the House of Chiefs to take interest in finding a lasting solution to succession disputes.

The Head of State was speaking when he addressed the first meeting of the fifth session of the House of Chiefs at Cabinet Office in Lusaka.

President Lungu has explained that following the constitutional amendments, it is no longer within Government’s jurisdiction to issue any statutory instrument to recognize or not to recognize a chief.

Meanwhile, President Edgar Lungu said traditional leaders have a huge role to play in ending child marriages.


    • It is a source of worry for sure.

      For example look at HH who is behind bars, automatically his vice GBM should have taken over but he is no where to be seen.

      Most chiefs have become political.

    • Why not? This is why you are lost and don’t know your history…folly of the highest order…I suppose you would rather have Bishops and Priests preaching to you from the ruthless King Jame’s bible.

    • Like successions in PF, ending up too far in charging others with treason.
      Chiefs are copying from those taking over from unfortunate deaths of Zambian presidents.

    • Guys, please help my niece with special paper 1 homework:

      – HH is to Cattle &
      – GBM is to mealie-meal.
      as Lungu is to …….?

    • But why are they chiefs and not kings?Before the whites intruded in our societies,we called them kings(imfumu)because each grouping of people were a nation.tumbuka nation,lozi nation,zulu nation. however, abakuwa seeing this,they had to legitimize their fake nation called northern rhodesia(now zambia,also a fake nation) by subjugating and relegating these kings into chiefs.they did this also because they couldnt stomach the idea that a black person in africa can have a title of importance as their very own kings in europe.so they said we have kings or queens while you illiterates and retarded people have chiefs. this doesnt surprise me, its the nature of the uncivilized white beast.what surprises me is YOU!!! why do you give into such foolishness and call our kings chiefs?imwe you took on…

    • Of most concern now is the stolen presidency, don’t worry about chiefs.
      Don’t be so obnoxious, you hypocrite!

    • Now how does the issue of ending child marriages come in??????? Is that the most important duty of a chief according to ECL?

  1. It is a source of worry for sure.

    For example look at HH who is behind bars, automatically his vice GBM should have taken over but he is no where to be seen.

    Most chiefs have become political.

  2. How can an illegal president give advice to people on succession dispute when he has refused to follow the rule of law to determine whether his election was legal? People are following in his footsteps by practising autocratic ways to gain leadership and prevent others from succeeding them. Please learn to practice what you preach lungu. You have persecuted HH over an election and have locked him up because you cannot stand been succeeded. Bad example you are

  3. Yet this Lazy Bum Edgar sees nothing with the Dull Davis Mwila SG endorsing him now in 2017 for 2021…really laughable!!


    Home Headlines
    President Lungu expresses concern with succession disputes
    May 29, 201709 views

    Chiefs are saddened by the increasing number of months since the petition was filed which lead to disputes in the country.

    The Chiefs has since requested the Head of State to look into the matter and draft guidelines to regulate the institution of Presidency.

    The Chiefs says there is need to foster stability in the countrys democracy, good governance and rule of law because they serve as a foundation of the country’s peace.

    • Which chiefs,chiefs from one province? Tell them there’s no petition in any Zambian courts. The only petition will be in 2021 when HH will go with 55preliminary issues and will insist to have them heard before the main petition because he has the right to be heard.

  5. I for one do not see any illegality in the republican Presidency because people voted for PF and ECL and I am happy to say that I’m one of those in majority who voted for PF and ECL. Some people that I discussed my vote with also disclosed to say it was voting uniformly, starting with a Councillor, Council Chairperson/Mayoral, MP and Presidency. Others said that since, some of the parties were in association with PF, they voted their own candidates from Councillorship, Mayoral, Parliamentary but the Presidency was for PF and ECL. Even Independents, except for two, I.e. Mwembeshi and Nangoma who campaigned for UPND had their voters vote for PF and ECL. It is in this background that I am convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that PF and ECL beat other political contenders beyond my doubt.

  6. Just on the hearing of Petition, UPND were in a forefront to tell electroplates that PF has failed to give the people of Zambia, a single article of the new constitution which they had promised in 90 days. They did not even study the contents in the new constitution but only wanted to gain political mileage. Yes, what the PF did was to have the new constitution effected, despite it being disadvantaging their members like Mwaliteta who may not have a Grate 12 qualification. Now, it is the same constitution that provided time to hear a Presidential Petition and they were timed-out. So which petition are we talking about other than the one that was time-barred. The person that is occupying presidency illegally, I think is HH because there has never been subsequent conversions after he was…

  7. PF is fine tuning the constitution , whatever that means.. All that can said that the amended constitution is defective and was enacted for expediency.
    A law that is ambiguous is no law but a tool of deceit to promote patronage.

  8. this presidency leaves much to be desired, why focus on minutia? There has to be a complete separation of govt and chiefdoms, people should follow their traditions as it relates to this and not from a president. people are suffering and he is most interested in succession issues

  9. One family can’t rule forever. There is no way wisdom can only rotate in one family for ever and ever. No ways!

    With the ever rising economic value of land, chiefs have rushed to serve themselves, in complete neglect of the role of the chieftaincy. The consequence of which is an upswing in intra- and inter- chiefdom wrangles.

    It is plain wrong to have land administered in a bi-polar mode; by the state, on one hand and chiefs, on the other. This arrangement often gives rise to tension between the two sides as exemplified by the Sata-Sosala feud which lingered on until the MCS death.

    About time the role of chiefs was aligned with the realities of contemporary Zambia. A MERE ceremonial role should suffice.

  10. Remove chiefs from payroll ,allow them to lead a simple and amicable life. Nowdays, chieftainship is a source of income from BOMA…a major mistake made by our president and his followers.
    Money is a sourcenof problems..from churches to simple organisations…we see disputes when not shared well.

    • True, chiefs are frequenting Lusaka instead of dealing with disputes among their subjects. Some have even stopped having their own farms. Some are full time politicians abandoning chiefdoms to come and find good space in courts to follow long cases. What is happening to your subjects you have left?

  11. According to Zambian politicians, a Dictator is …

    A President who asks parliament to study the draft constitution before he assents.

    Then the lawmakers walked out instead of heeding the call and the pleading President was labelled a dictator!


  12. Do you believe him? This is another ploy to enact regulation, to victimise Chiefs who do not recognize him, so they can lose their tiles.

  13. I think we should make it republican democratic. Let any tribe member run for the title and be appointed after winning enough votes. The monarchy style does not suit us.

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