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Sichone gives Chambeshi water and Sewerage company a two day ultimatum

General News Sichone gives Chambeshi water and Sewerage company a two day ultimatum


 Government has  given Chambeshi water and Sewerage company a two day ultimatum to drill boreholes in Mpika District in Muchinga Province or face the consequences.


Muchinga Province Minister Malozo Sichone says he was giving the utility firm a two day ultimatum to set up the boreholes in an effort to curb the water shortage and help curb the looming typhoid outbreak.


Mr. Sichone told Chambeshi Acting Managing Director, Engineer Luckson Simumba  at the weekend that drilling of boreholes should be done by Wednesday this week or risk suspension.


He said  the water utility firm will be suspended if  it fails to do their job without viable and understandable reasons.


Mr Sichone further warned  the utilitiy firm not to take advantage of the community as it has no other competitor in the area.


And Mr Simumba says his company will work hand in hand with Mpika District Council to ensure that the drilling of boreholes is done.


Meanwhile, Principal Environmental Health Technologist, Paul Muma says typhoid cases as of today have reduced to 138 from 143.


  1. This is a working government.

    Zambia, i mean the whole Zambia is happy with this government except a few foreigners who have lived longer and think they are also Zambians.

    Am sure HH is learning how to govern this country, except he will never use this knowledge anywhere since he is not president material.

    • Stop talking about hh. That guy is no more. He will come out of prison and announce his retirement ftom politics. Meanwhile gbm in trying to take over presidency has realised that he can only achieve it by being called ati hh. So he has gone for a knee surgery so that he can be valled ichilema. Believe me you retard. Gbm is comming to zambia as ichilema che kufi.

    • Typhoid is a sign of working government? You must be a prize winning id!ot. Typhoid means filthy, a sign that people are sh!tting and drinking water polluted by their own sh!t. Grow up you piece of sh!t!

  2. where is NWASCO or the Ministry of Local Government ? Ma warnings a paka? What is meaning of law of the suspension and where does the Provincial Minister derives his authority that he can suspend a Water utility company?
    Or is he ignorant of the law? or he need to seen that he is working?

  3. kikiki a failed government which sees threats as working. If you cannot manage to influence decisions on behalf of zambians and have to resort to ultimatums then it means you have failed to provide effective leaderhsip. These are signs of a dictatorship.

  4. He is just some stupid chap with no guts while his foolishness speaks volumes.Malozo Sichone thinks he is very smart as Minister his time will come and if not careful akapwa nge nsalu that will no longer need any repair/replacement

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