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Australia based Zambian rapper ,Sampa The Great, collaborates with British Pop star Estelle

Headlines Australia based Zambian rapper ,Sampa The Great, collaborates with British Pop star...

Estelle(left) Rahki (center) and Sampa the Great(right)
Photo by ©Phillippe Levy

Sampa The Great collaborated with Red bull Sound Select to produce a 3 song E.P ,HERoes Act 2 , that features Grammy award winning UK hit maker Estelle and Los Angeles-based producer Rahki (has worked with the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott).

“At a point in time when i didn’t want to continue creating music and was basically at the brink of giving up before i could even really start. I went through a period of finding inspiration. I was able to express this in form of a 3 track EP. HERoes Act is now here. Thanks to Estelle ,Rahki and Red Bull Sound Select ” She said on social media

“Everybody’s Hero” , was produced by producer Rahki and features Estelle. The song is meant to pick you up when you are feeling down and to help you remember how much you contribute to the world every single day.

When asked about the uplifting message of the song, Sampa addressed that self-love is a process: “You can’t be everyones hero, you can’t please everyone. Stand up to your truth in purity and love and wear your gifts and talents on your back. Nurture them to become the hero you truly are.”

Estelle (left) Sampa The Great (right)


Sampa The Great and Estelle discuss music and identity in Paris interview

Born in Zambia and raised in Botswana, Sampa The Great found a love for hip-hop at an early age, carrying it with her as she travelled and studied. Her upbringing and life experience inform her lyrics, which cover political and societal imbalances in a meaningful way, tackling heavy themes with a light touch.


Listen to the E.P on SoundCloud

Interact with her on social media:

Facebook: Sampa the Great

Twitter: sampa_the_great

Instagram: sampa_the_great




  1. So the only kind of music zambians can do is rapping?Wish her the best in life; PF release HH

  2. Born in Zambia, raised in Botswana, living in Australia. Does that make you talented? Am I nitpicking?


  4. Zambians you just have issues within yourselves that’s why the world believe Victoria Falls is a product of South Africa. Shame that demon of hate you carry and support the stride made by your own…..

  5. This little Girl Sampa is simply brilliant! Just take time and listen to her other songs on you tube. I am impressed I must say! I think those giving Negative review here really are either jealous or they cannot just appreciate the genre of Soulful Rap…. period! Great Music just got to know of her 🙂

  6. No influence at all the best example is Larry Malumo. I have been in Australia for more than 10 years but never listened to his music. Not on radio or tv or even in music outlets.Meanwhile, he claims to be a musician. She will join Larry Malumo

  7. She is not original but talent epo ili tepanono. She’s got a unique voice and all she needs is a creative producer who can start a new revolution. Go Samoa go!

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