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PF has a candidate for 2021 – Kampyongo

Headlines PF has a candidate for 2021 - Kampyongo

Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo
Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo

Patriotic Front National Chairperson for Youth and Security and Minister of Home Affairs Hon Stephen Kampyongo has backed PF Secretary General Hon Davies Mwila’s statement that President Edgar Lungu was the Party’s candidate for 2021. He has further dismissed assertions by Roan MP Hon Chishimba Kambwili that the position to rally behind President Lungu is creating political shortcuts. ” Those with an insatiable appetite for power should take a chill pill and ensure they are in good standing with the Party. We are not short-circuiting democracy when we assert that there is the unwritten rule that an incumbent should not be challenged, we are raising a position not just peculiar to Zambia but other advanced democracies such as the USA”, said Hon Kampyongo.

Speaking in his capacity as National Chairperson for Youth and Security in the Central Committee, Hon Kampyongo has observed that while he was reluctant to respond to senior members who are in the habit of casting aspersions on the Party when they very well knew established party channels, he had to do so to correct the wrong messages being sent out by some. He has taken a swipe at senior members of the Party driving anti-PF propaganda and distortions, warning that such schemes would not go unchallenged. “Senior members of the Party understand established channels of communication but a handful have elected to play to the gallery as darlings of hostile media whose authenticity and credibility is difficult to prove. Let me warn them that the Party will not entertain the pain they got us through when they rallied behind Guy Scott. We want a disciplined Party and the national youth wing of the PF shall do everything to protect the Party from political vultures and scavengers within and outside,” he has warned.

” The Secretary General did not say that the General Conference will not be held. PF is the most democratic party in the Zambia to the extent that despite having a position on who the Presidential candidate was, other members in good standing with the Party can file in their applications if they so desire. Those with Presidential ambitions are welcome to throw in their applications at the General Conference in 2020 but the Party already has a Candidate in His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu. Those with an insatiable appetite for power should tame their hunger and anger. The General Conference will go ahead in 2020 as announced by the Secretary General and all Central Committee positions will be open to elections and those in good standing with the Party can apply to contest. However, as a mark of confidence, the Party structures have resolved to rally behind President Lungu as our candidate and I speak for PF Youth structures countrywide”, Hon Kampyongo has said.

Hon Kampyongo has also said that President Lungu has proved that he can unite the Party going by the way he managed the transition following late President Michael Sata’s untimely death. “The Party has taken great lessons from the transition we went through after late President Michael Sata died in Office. We experienced the most painful period, politically as a Party. And as a learning political organization, we have taken great lessons in ensuring that the same vultures who sought our blood in 2014 do not do so in 2020 going into 2021,” he said.

Hon Kampyongo has said the Party was focused on delivering on its promises as demanded for by Zambians. He has said that it was a mark of confidence for the Party to rally behind President Lungu. ” On that premise, we’ll take President Lungu back to the people as our candidate because he would have proved himself as a faithful and loyal servant of the masses. Zambians want President Lungu to deliver and that is why the Party is rallying behind him. He is on course driving a robust development agenda and there is no substitution.

Issued by:

Sunday Chanda
Director for Media
Patriotic Front Headquarters


  1. I hope it’s pres Lungu.

    Anything else the country will protest.

    We don’t one anyone to lead zambia unless its president Lungu.

    This is a warning



    • That is no longer news, the world loves EL and will support him beyond 2021.

      Tell us about how HH is doing in jail and what plans has he got after imprisonment, if at all he will come out?

      Tell us how vision-less and headless the UPND have become, how it is being swallowed up by PF the way MMD was swallowed up.

    • Get to work naimwe, this is too early to be wasting tax payers money talking about elections.

    • The Zambian constitution does not allow Lungu to stand in 2021…… PF might just start now looking for a credible candidate.

    • The way things work in Zambia when Lungu dies soon, which he will anyway, HH might take over the helm of PF and Kambwili a senior PF member will be sidelined, watch this space. No one knows what is going on anyway. The country is a failed State.

    • James 4:13-17 (NKJV)

      Do Not Boast About Tomorrow
      13 Come now, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will[a] go to such and such a city, spend a year there, buy and sell, and make a profit”; 14 whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away. 15 Instead you ought to say, “If the Lord wills, we shall live and do this or that.” 16 But now you boast in your arrogance. All such boasting is evil.

    • “Those with an insatiable appetite for power should tame their hunger and anger”, JUST LIKE DRUNKEN ECL MUST DO FORTHWITH. OR someone will needs to drive 9 rounds copper through his head nd chest ECL by 2019. Zambia cannot have such midiocrity for the next decade. And this youngman, Kampongo, politics truely confuses even the slightly educated beings like Kampyongo. But what can we expect from Katondo boys. This chap suffered greatly when he was at UNZA, selling dollar illegally at Katondo while his friends where in NELT having IQ development lectures. He only survived by dubbing assignements and his transcripts has lots of Bs and C+s.

    • Stop quoting bible verses you backward African. This is real life and not the white man’s tricks. Take those quotes to church and leave them there not on LT.

    • Constitution barrs LUNGU from standing. Only an elected VEEP running mate, NOT a DEFENCE MINISTER (who was appointed) can go for a 3rd term if the incumbent President dies after serving 3 years.

      Anyway lungu is the dullest lawyer who can’t even interpret the constitution & thinks a traffic offence can be treason.

    • The name KAPYONGO is a very bad name. It sounds awful why don’t people castigated such names before they even examine what the bloke says. That’s a horrible name to say the least.

    • It’s worse that the name is KAMPYONGO. What were the namers thinking. They must have been naughty.

  2. Mbuyas are regrouping……..to colonise easterners ….. The President says the colonialist what to take over…… He actually means the my MBUYAS…
    Let me give you the names of Great MBUYAS I love them very much….
    1. Frank Bwalya …..
    2. Mumbi Phiri
    3. Kapyongo
    4. Davies Chama/Mwila
    5. Amos Chanda
    6. Sunday Chanda
    7. Kennedy Kamba
    8.Nkandu Luo
    9 Kapambwe Mulenga
    10. Anthony Mumba
    11. Mr Sikazwe (MP for Mpulungu)
    12. Mulozo sichone
    13. Nicholas Chilangwa

    assisted by the to be appointed Chief Justice Sunday Nkonde deputized by Lewis Mosho
    New Attorney General to be Fube Bwalya
    This is the new cabinet for the GREAT LEADER under the colonial regime.

    • Rob you are mentally unstable. What is this got to do with the correct decision to have president Lungu be the presidential candidate in 2021

      I have PhD from Glasgow university.



    • Look who’s talking about mental stability. Thanks for reminding us that you just completed your PhD. That is a punch-line that will stay with us for the rest of our lives. We thank you so much.

  3. Breaking Dream: In a James Bond style, a hard core assassin disguised as a catholic Bishop enters State House and causes havoc at state house.

    • @ Zaza. You have made me laugh with my ribs almost cracking. You’re good at dramatizing situations. I hope your breaking dream is true.

  4. Interviewer; Mr gbm why did you run away when your mate got imprisoned.

    Gbm; as a running mate why should i stay when my mate is behind bars. Thats why I ran away to show hh and the entire upnd that am doing the job i was chosen for.

    Interviewer; but we hear you went for a knee treatment rather surgery in india is it true.

    Gbm; Absolutely true. The reason is i want to make one leg shorter so that i become handicapped and start jerking as i walk. I want people to be calling me ichilema. That way i will easily scoop the party presidency.

  5. Mushota , you are a liar. There is no Glasgow university.. There is University of Glasgow… Osa lota….I am checking with University of Glasgow for recent PHD holders….
    The MBUYAs are grouping under The GREAT LEADER…….

  6. Every time Chishimba Kambwili talks PF shakes..is he a threat? CK said the PF was pro poor and he wants it that way. If he wants to challenge ECL let him do so unless the chances for Edgar are slim. Had Sata been around would there have been this kind of power increment? abnormal income taxes? fuel increases? increased patient mortality? C’mon let us be realistic. CK is not advocating taking over the PF presidency but trying to bring it back on its course. Look at the reasoning of a person even if you hate him. there is a lot of sense in what he says. Kampyongo you are being unfair to CK and PF. You are talking about youths as though they are bonded to you.There are youths that like him too. The show has just started!!!!!!!

  7. DOKOTA MUSHOTA TO BE APPOINTED ACCOUNTANT GENERAL…… OR SECRETARY OF TREASURY…. my proposal to the GREAT LEADER……………………………………… hahahahahahahaaaaaaaa
    HH oval head to be appointed Inspector General of Police by the GREAT LEADER……
    Munone to be appointed security guard at STATE HOUSE of GREAT LEADER…. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Sonta, Zambians want to see work in your new jobs rather than blogging…..
    In chibolya where I stay bring sewer lines ……

  8. Bembas, Bembas,,,, Congo behaviours,,,,, sebane u ikute? Insoni buntu…. When you hear anyone supported ECL, most are Bembas……
    If Zambia was to split and each province was to rule itself, The worst affected province shall be Luapula, Muchinga and Northern provnces…. Aba Bemba ba bu nangani…. Pa kamwa chamber……
    The Bembas talk a lot , eat a lot and beg a lot…. Most blind beggars are Bembas…. Only crime statistics are Bembas…..

  9. If you want to insult , use Bembas as it is the only language that is full of insult… Go to Copperbelt or listen to Bemba politicians ……

  10. Chishimba Kambwili is childish!!!i used to support him but he is no longer my darling because of his connections to Fred M’membe!!a normal PF member cannot give interviews to the Mast because the owner is evil who hates PF with a passion!!
    So yes,Kampyongo is correct.let PF stick to a more mature person in ECL in 2021.but he must control our economy which is very bad as we speak.we dont have money and things are getting worse!!let ECL ask RB how he managed to improve the economy and kept a lot of money in local hands.currently money is just with few senior PF members and chinese while the rest of us are suffering.WE LOVE ECL,BUT WE WONT EAT OUR LOVE FOR HIM!!THINGS HAVE TO IMPROVE NOW!!

  11. Continue…
    CK DOESNT KNOW THAT MINUS PF,HE IS NOTHING!!LET CK FORM HIS POLITICAL PARTY IF HE IS MAN ENOUGH.indeed nobody would want PF to go through what they went through after Mr.Sata is death.Guy Scott enjoyed that confusion because he wanted HH to win in 2015.
    NOW CK IS WISHING PF THAT HELL SIMPLY BECAUSE HE WAS FIRED FROM CABINET?speek kills ba CK,chill and if you are wise enough,wait for 2026 or else you will finish yourself like Miles Sampa ba CK!!
    MANY ZAMBIANS LOVE YOU BECAUSE OF PF!!!ONCE YOU ARE EXPELLED FROM PF BA CK,IT WILL TAKE YOU 10 OR 20YRS SUFFERING OR RANTING IN OPPOSITION!!!stop listening to losers such as Mwenya Musenge who cant even win PF a seat in its stronghold Copperbelt!!

  12. Njimbu, njala yaku nyokola… you are coming to your senses…. Now you have seen that money is with few senior PF officials…… You stated that there is no poverty in Zambia… Do you think ECL has no money? ECL splashed money during the campaign. Didn’t ECL give you some?
    My advice is ask money from Dr Mushota in UK, your fellow cadre?
    Don’t support ECL because he is your tribeman or because you hate HH… Support someone on principles based on GOD and prudent policies….

  13. Mushota don’t be boasting about your phd..by the way it’s in which field? Glasgow university indeed

  14. Can’t we for once stop politicking and concentrate on delivering campaign promises to the people?

    • This is the issue with PF they just want to be there and stay there. Why are they going on about 2021 hardly a year after stealing an election? They are behaving like Mushota who has just completed a PhD. Can’t they deliver to the people then wait to be judged. Who tells them that the dynamics will be the same in 2021. No foresight within the party and certainly no foresight for the country.

  15. Kampyongo says “national youth wing of the PF shall do everything to protect the Party from political vultures and scavengers within and outside”. What he means is that pf thugs will man handle anyone who goes against their interest. Zambia has really sank very low. A minister of home affairs advocating violence. Such a shame.

    • Twanya politics of intolerance synonymous with the Kaunda erratic are back.The ‘by air’ people are also back. Soon we will start queuing for sugar because RSA will impose sunctions. The whites will come back to rule and we will be buying from a small window. We brought this onto ourselves. We can’t look after our affairs. We are a cursed race.Lelo Chagwa . Lelo Chagwa!

  16. Ba PF….u really shaking….when ever CK sneezes!!! Which PF youth are u talking? Why can’t you admit CK’s seemingly resonating popularity is giving you headaches in comparison to shrinking populacy of ECL….

  17. Mushota might have a PhD from Glas University gow in his/her dreams. Mushota is a waste of space and Oxygen. Might even be Chishimba Kambwili or Mumbi Phiri. Sic!

  18. @amandapalmer:never link me to any “njala”
    Am very fine in life and never get a ngwee from any PF leader!!!

  19. For them to earn a living, it is expected that vuvuzelas will now bore us with talk of who will be candidate in 2021 at the expense wisely utilising the taxpayers money wasted on them in form of salaries. There is no guarantee than anyone of us will be alive in 2021. Stop this nonsense and get to work!

  20. NJIMBU,

  21. When a vuvuzela CK falls from grace they have to be demonized. Who would not want Mumbi Phiri to be demonized if she was found on the other side. Such people are the enemies of the masses who will not think if the are entrusted with power. Today’s civilised world does not need such elements. CK can you now want to close ZWD , POST, MAST using CIA or FBI or are you happy for people to express themselves? Kambwili ni CIA or FBI yanyoko?

  22. Illegal president Lungu is the most stupid person with stupid ideas and presiding over a stupid people.

  23. Wow ,2021 is still far off lets drop this unhealthy pre occupation with elections and politics. This is efffing stupid and that’s how Zambia has been left far behind by her peers South Korea & Singapore.

  24. we are raising a position not just peculiar to Zambia but other advanced democracies such as the USA”, said Hon Kampyongo. other advanced democracies? when people from these other advanced democracies tell them you are going about your democracy the wrong way,they say we are a sovereign country dont tell us what do but are quick to refer to these same advanced democracies when it suits them…HYPOCRITES OF THE WORST ORDER…

  25. ECL the only candidate for 2021. If GBM thinks he will be president of UPND one day he is just dreaming. Tongas can not allow him. He has understood that they are using him to get votes from Bemba speaking people.

  26. The wise thing to do for now is to keep quiet. What will happen to people championing the EL candidature when the court rules otherwise? Ask those of us who supported Chiluba’s third term bid how foolish we felt when the man u-turned and announced that he would not go for a third term after it became clear that most Zambians opposed the his bid. MMD never recovered from the failed third term bid. For you young one lest you did not know, FDD, Heritage Party, Zambia Republican Partey ny late BY Mwila and to a large extent UPND were born out of Chiluba’s bid for a thrid term. We have been through this route. Concentrate on delivering on the campaign promises. This issue is capable of dividing the party. Let us go for a convention and let PF members go and decide who can win them elections…

  27. Problem with PF is that there is no order. anyone wakes up and becomes a spokes person. Very irritating

  28. Is PF ever going to stop Campaigning & Politicking?

    The best campaign strategy there is now is delivering on the Campaign promises and not who is going to be President kwandani uko! Elections are not even a year old away and there are some years coming upfront but we are concentrating on 2021 while the ball on your feet.

    It makes me wonder if there is someone adequately advising people there because this song of 2021 and Presidency has about 1,460 songs (days) to play before it plays!

    I have no political alignment but I advise PF to reduce on this campaigning and politics higgledy-piggledy and start delivering as they STOP wasting our precious time..

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