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No US visa free travel for Zambia

General News No US visa free travel for Zambia

US President Donald Trump
US President Donald Trump

The Zambian Embassy in Washington D.C has refuted online media reports suggesting that United States President, Donald Trump has signed an executive order to allow all Zambian nationals travel to the United States without visas.

Zambia’s Charge´ D’affaires to the USA Joseph Chilaizya says the Department of State in Washington DC has not communicated such information the Zambian Embassy.

Mr. Chilaizya stated that Zambians around the world seeking to come to the USA should contact the American Embassy in their respective countries for visa applications.

He says following the online reports, Zambians around the world have been contacting the Embassy in Washington D.C. to clarify this misleading report.

Mr. Chilaizya has since advised Zambians to be cautious with these online reports, as many are fake news.
This is according to a statement issued by First Secretary (Press and Public Relations) Embassy of the Republic of Zambia Cosmas Chileshe.


  1. Poor Zambians hahaha! There’s no escape for you. You’ve been receiving refugees from Mozambique, DRC etc., You’ll soon find out what it’s like being a refugee.

    • A country in the class of Venezuela, congo Dr, congo Brazzaville, Somalia, Uganda, Zimbabwe,Syria, Libya, ati free access to USA, you are jokers.

    • Zambians will never have free access with the corruption activities in the country under Chakolwa Wagwa Kadansa Kamwendo Lungu and his entire pfools regime…lol

    • No escape, continue kissing dust and pf’s mediocrity because that is what you choose!

      Zambians don’t learn…come election time, they will forget all the suffering and allow tribal matters and the dirty chibuku the PF buys them be the determining factors for their votes.

      I do not feel sorry for any..especially the masses who voted based on wako ni wako madness, let them face the poverty, perhaps that will compel them to use a bit of their brains next time elections are on.

    • @Pepe, who do you think you can lecture about voting? It is you who should feel sorry for yourself for voting for a serial loser. It is you who vote on tribal lines that’s why your HH will never become president of this beautiful country. Come 2021, we will show you the real Dundumwezi and that will be the end of HH’s political carrier.

    • Dr. Erection (aka Mushota). I thought you were the one support our embarrassing president Lungu who has failed to run the country or even clarify his legitimacy through proper means like the evidence through the court and has now resolved to arrest an innocent man. Why don’t go relocate to Zambia and be led by the team of embarrassments

    • If you are Zambian, you’re unpatriotic. You’re probably currently sweeping subway stations or driving taxis. Shame on you.

    • Anybody who believed this news in the first place is an I.diot. Gain some brains Zambians. This is why fake prophets are taking advantage of you!

    • @Mushota, dirty Zambians? Are you including their President Comrade Chagwa Lungu, the dear brother leader?

  2. Let’s it true, you still got to be careful. USA got more homeless people than Zed by ratio and there’s nothing for free here. Zedians just chillax for now.

  3. What’s the point anyway? I would rather invest in a small business instead of spending K15000 worth money on airfares to a “not so guaranteed” dreamland. Home is home & like Nawa said, hustle here & enjoy yo vacation in USA.

  4. Pwahahahahahahaahh…..

    It’s all wishful thinking. When a patient is very sick, s/he starts to hallucinate.

    If Zambia was in West Africa, Zambians would have been in the migrant boats crossing the Mediterranean Sea.

    Just stay in Zambia & endure the suffering caused by MMD & PF rotten chipante-pante economic policies.

    You’ve already been auctioned to IMF, Chinese, Eurobond & World Bank.

  5. Amos defines functional government as people reporting for work in the morning, going for lunch at noon and knocking off at 17:00 hrs. On Aljazeera TV.

  6. Who cares. USA not an attractive place to stay or visit, what with Africans being natural prey of racist-driven cops. Not to mention snow storms and hurricanes.

    By contrast, Zambia is pure Heaven. The sun shines on our land all year, and the climate is gorgeous too. Down here – to borrow Dolly Parton’s line – one is only poor if only they choose to be.

    Say all you like, or argue amongst ourselves until hell freezes, and curse if it suits you, but nothing compares to the calamities that routinely before that gods-forsaken land called USA. Add to that the misfortune of giving power to a Trump!


    • Meanwhile shopping malls are full of South African goods. No manufacturing industry in Zambia. UNZA lecturers have not been paid for months. HIV/AIDS drugs is imported from the USA, UK, Brazil and India ati Zambia is HEAVEN

  7. Chala so 78% of this paradise choose to be poor….. congratulations your insight. You are full of it

  8. Because 78% of the population hasn’t traveled.

    And the 22% who travel have convinced the 78% about how cursed Zambia is.

    So let’s preach the truth to the suffering masses so that we all start to count our blessings together.

  9. You think Trump can do such a thing to a country that has become a banana republic under visionless Lungu?

  10. for you young ladies,you are better off in zambia than in the western world. who says, they don’t want you to go there because you are dirty? some african ladies are there for PINK MEN to ejaculate into their mouths and you call that love.

  11. When you are out of Zambia, you would think that Armageddon is about to start and that Zambia has collapsed.
    You might even think that there will be an uprising soon.
    When you are home that is when you come to realize why HH wins elections on facebook, twitter, instagram, whatsup and messenger. Most of the bloggers on these channels write very sensational force stories.

    The truth Ladies and Gentlemen is that Zambia is in one piece. Forget about the stories that you are reading on social media, It is fake news from fake people.
    Long live Zambia, Long live Edgar Chagwa Lungu- ALA NA MU 2021, CHAKWE LUNGU. FULU STOPU.

  12. Zambia still charges visas to visitors, so why can’t Zambians pay for USA visas?
    Trump is busy governing his country – PF is busy killing and destroying its own – SHAME

  13. Zambia the real Africa, Zambia as worse than other African Nations. Poverty Jarabos and money hungry politicians

  14. I love my Zambia I can not want to live anywhere else .

    Only cowards have left Zambia and chosen not to come back

  15. Sorry to say this but foolish people blame others for their laziness. Whether you go out there or not it is laziness which will define your life. Zambia is a place flowing with milk and honey for hard workers.

  16. Life is how you make it ,you have gat your brain and power within yourself,you can call zambia poor but there are dudes who are very rich with lots of affluence in zambia,if you can make it Zambia you can make it everywhere,why are there poor people in so called well to do countries.Use your brain wherever you are make more cash and help your community,it all starts with you Cox you have to be the change you want to see not blaming the system every time just because your only source of soup didn’t work out.Time is running,throw caution to the wind and change the world around you not exaggerating problems everytime with excuses and blames.BE the solution to the communities’ problem not becoming a problem.

  17. Guys why running out your own country like people from north, east, west Africa are doing busy going to Europe and other western countries and to our Europe southern Africa. it was yesterday on BBC News and CNN News was complaining that being an African in America it’s not easy no matter how rich you are how popular you are. lets build our rich minerals country Africa is beautiful.

  18. Guys why running out your own country like people from north, east, west Africa are doing busy going to Europe and other western countries and to our Europe southern Africa. it was yesterday on BBC News and CNN News basketball star was complaining that being an African in America it’s not easy no matter how rich you are how popular you are. lets build our rich minerals country Africa is beautiful.

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