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Court grants GBM a two-month adjournment after producing a medical report showing he is unwell

General News Court grants GBM a two-month adjournment after producing a medical report showing...

GBM arriving at court in Luanshya
FILE: GBM arriving at court in Luanshya
THE Lusaka Magistrates Court has heard that United Party for National Development (UPND) vice-president Geoffrey Mwamba is undergoing medical surgery abroad and it will take six to eight weeks.

When the matter came up for trial in the case Mwamba is charged with proposing violence against President Lungu, his lawyer, Zevyanji Sinkala, asked the court to grant his client an adjournment of two months as he was receiving medical treatment abroad.

However, the State, through Zalila Sakala, told the court that the accused was absent together with his two sureties.

In response, Mr Sinkala insisted that his client is unwell.

“Your honour, we are asking for an adjournment due to the fact that the accused person in this matter is unwell and will soon be undergoing an operation. We are equally desirous to have the matter take off,” Mr Sinkala said.

It was at this point that the State, through Mr Sakala, demanded that the defence avails the court with proper documentation to prove that indeed Mwamba is unwell and receiving treatment.

“We have heard your position, however, there is no proof to show that the accused person is unwell. Without proof, it is very difficult to accept the two-month adjournment,” Mr Sakala said.

Mwamba’s lawyer then asked the court to stand down the matter for five minutes, saying the medical report was in place but needed to get it from his colleague, who was at the High Court.

After the medical report was tabled before court, Lusaka magistrate Tandose Chabala adjourned the matter to June 30, 2017 for trial.

“I have taken into account the submissions by both parties. I have seen the medical report and it shows that it was issued on April 19, 2017, and that the accused person is unwell,” she said.

And according to a medical report, issued at CFB Medical Centre, the hospital says Mwamba attended orthopaedic clinic with complaints of painful knee joint and sometimes locking.

The hospital further said Mwamba did have injury on his left knee joint in 2013 and was diagnosed with medial meniscal tear in a South African hospital and was advised to undergo surgery.

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  1. GBM has escaped the drug net. I doubt if you will see him again. He is now seeking political asylum in South Africa. He will take a low profile for the next 2 months until HH’s case is cleared in the court. When HH is released and out talking again, the panther, (GBM) will appear from the shadows of darkness to come and join his friend HH. Right now the situation is like each one for himself and God for us all. Who new that GBM had such a condition during the campaign period. He looked very fit, fat as he is and very out going. We say “Safety” – “kuisunga wemwine”

    • He must return to PF – he is a lost son and feels that UPND is not for him.

      The surgery story is a hoax.

    • So, what’s was the PF bandits fuss all about when they have been visionless all along?

      Let GBM recover without PF poking around here, he’s human & gets sick like Lungu.

      By the way PF bandits, where is the PF health ministers report to the regrettable 980 deaths of patients within [email protected]?

      PF bandits chased away South Africa’s DA president~Maimane from Zambia but how will the sickling PF members feel if they are also chased by SA when wanting to visiting Millpark & Morning~Dale hospitals?

      Inchipepula echikulya!
      The Skeleton Key

    • GBM is getting lap band surgery to reduce the size of his stomach in an effort for him to lose weight. When he comes back he will be thinner but also the side effect of this surgery is uncontrolled far.ting. Watch out!

  2. Hahahahahahahahaha Kikikikikikikikikikiki. Wantekunya Hamoono because GBM knows better. Sefute kuli sunga we mwine no kulikenkenta.

    • Te aba ba GBM – it was ka Edgar this, ka Edgar that, today the man is hiding behind a feigned ailment. It is always good to always stand on solid ground with your mouth.

  3. @Skeleton Do not sit to believe that Maine was sent by the South African Government. Maine is infact a thorn in the flesh of the South African government. There is nothing to be afraid of my guy.

  4. the court has admitted that GBM is unwell… Whatever you say the court will change its decision. Whether you like GBM or not, The court has decides.. If you not happy , go and appeal on behalf of the state.
    In the first place you have no locus standi… So your concern or comment on this block is invalid. The beauty of law is that even the whole world hate you , when you appear before the bench, learned magistrates and judges don’t not go for the world’s emotions but justice even if they are paid by the government…

  5. The so called Maine should not be excited over this issue, where was he when KK and Zambia paid a heavy price for liberating South Africa from the Boers, which hasn’t paid any dividends to Zambia at all? Where was he when Nelson Mandela and others were suffering alone at Robin Island maximum Prison? The chap doesn’t even know that if Zambia had to burn all imports from South Africa, many south Africans would be jobless. South Africa is also facing serious challenges and our leaders, men and women from various unions including the mother body ZCTU, have never dared to meddle in the South African politics because they are fully aware that South Africa just like Zambia are sovereign states.

  6. Yes yes yes kaponyas.

    To day we have world bank, IMF, EU and individual European states and Japan to petition again.

    We are telling them that any money given to lungu will be used to brutalise citizens democratic rights.

    Emails signed and will be sent out at spam speed and bulk…….the fight continues.
    Let the kaponyas continue gloating about jailing HH.

    We are busy letting the world know what lungu is doing…..let’s see if Zambia can survive on taxing citizens and price hikes alone.

    Western funds must not be used by lungu and PF to further erode democracy , brutalise and jail citizens….

  7. Zambia must not burn because 1 loser hh cant be president. Unless you dont have relatives here you are free to start the fire. Tell everyone including Korea to fire their deadly missile on zambia so that it vanishes faster. And thats when you and hh will start ruling zambia.

    • No oval head…..
      Zambia must not burn because of one mans insecurities, how can you claim to be a democracy when the opposition are not allowed to meet supporters, opposition leaders are not allowed to greet well wishes in public places???? Wtf……the opposition is not even allowed to travel freely without PF police harassment

    • Which opposition. Ipnd is not the only opposition in zambia. The rest opposition parties are still offering checks and balances which are good for democracy and development of zambia. If you think democracy means breaking the law with impunity then your brain is warped. No wonder your party is now being lead by ifilema. Infact hh should be hakalema and gbm hichilema if we go by their body sizes.

  8. Streichsbier said Zambia were worthy winners and wished them well in the remaining games.

    “We played a good first half then we lost the rhythm in the second half but we managed to score deep into the game which was good but again we failed to contain the Zambians in extra time. I didn’t have enough players to match Zambia’s system of play,” he said.

  9. Bushe likufi bayama balwala? Anyway wishing him quick recovery. Afterall he’s one of us and anyone of us can fall sick without notice.

  10. Get better soon. We need a vibrant opposition in the country. My advice is that come back a better man to advise your followers wisely not to say things that can land them into problems like you are faced with due to a loose mouth.

  11. Gbm too much scared..

    LUNGU PLZ send shushushus to verify the fake Indian hospital…

    He better come back with 1leg in a wheel chair….or lock the mazdumbo up..

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