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Lulu Haangala-Wood named UNAIDS Zambia Goodwill ambasador

Headlines Lulu Haangala-Wood named UNAIDS Zambia Goodwill ambasador

Lulu Haangala-Wood (left) United Nations Programme on HIV:AIDS (Unaids Zambia) Country Director Dr. Medhin Tsehaiu(Right)
Photo by Kwitu Photography

Lulu Haangala-Wood was yesterday (31st May) named UNAIDS Zambia Goodwill Ambassador and will serve for a 2 year period. The announcement was made by Dr Medhin Tsehaiu, UNAIDS Country Director at a special event which took place at Protea Hotel in Lusaka, Zambia yesterday.

She said the following on her official facebook page :

“Today i was officially announced as the First Ever UNAIDS Zambia Goodwill Ambassador!

It’s truly humbling to be entrusted with this new role. As a Zambian woman in this position I have the privilege of standing in between the two worlds: the people of my country and the knowledge and experience that will be shared with me by an organization that has more than 20 years’ experience in the fight against AIDS.

I want to be a bridge and I will do the best I can to bring these two worlds together: because ending AIDS is an effort that can only succeed if we are all on board.

Those who know me know very well that hard times don’t scare me too much, though this time more than ever before I feel the weight of responsibility. I am humble and recognize that there is much I need to learn to become an effective advocate, but I’m extremely happy to have such a strong team on my side from UNAIDS, Ministry of Health Zambia and Zambia National AIDS Council. I’m sure that we will work well together and achieve a lot in the next two years especially bringing forward the Fast Track initiative to end AIDS by 2030 through the 90-90-90 strategy.”

In her new role, Mrs Wood will work on the 90-90-90 strategy and the Fast Track initiative to end AIDS by 2030. She is expected to raise awareness on HIV testing, access to all prevention services, to adhere to treatment if they are HIV positive (especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding).

Lulu Haangala-Wood is a media and communications consultant, TV personality, local government-certified Master of Ceremonies and Mandela Washington Fellow (2014). She has been brand Ambassador for companies and organisations such as;  Pizza Hut Zambia, Samsung Zambia,US Embassy Zambia Youth Ambassador. Mrs Wood is the founder of the #WeKeepMoving Foundation that inspires the youth to build meaningful lives and careers. In December 2014 Lulu become partners with Dagon Holding Media.

Lulu Haangala-Wood (left) United Nations Programme on HIV:AIDS (Unaids Zambia) Country Director Dr. Medhin Tsehaiu(centre), Mr Chibamba of Zambia National AIDS Council (right) Photo by Kwitu Photography

Photo by Kwitu Photography

Photo by Kwitu Photography

Photo by Kwitu Photography



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  1. Today i was officially announced as the First Ever UNAIDS Zambia Goodwill Ambassador!……

    Talk about self narcissism, egotistical and self obsession.



    • Look who’s talking. The one with PhD in attention seeking and self obsession. Why ‘self narcissism’? Isn’t narcissism ‘self’ by definition? A little self praise is not a terrible thing or obsession.

    • Congrats Lulu. Your service to humanity here, as has been elsewhere, shines. Continue the legacy, continue to brighten the corner where you are.

    • Who is this Haangalo-Wood and what will she do in this Goodwill position. Please explain. posing for pictures is not enough. I agree with Mushota!

    • Mushota, they only give this role to people who are HIV positive.

      Thank you for disclosing. Please tell your fake husband Nick to start using three condoms. Your viral load is very high.

  2. Terrible reporting. Nothing in the report about who or what Lulu is all about and her claim to fame. Is she a muso, artiste, artist. Who is she?

    • No Susan we are not jealous. Great news. However, in earnest, a lot of us don’t know who she and in what capacity she has been bestowed with such a great honour. It is a legitimate question.

  3. Mushota is as usual jealousy just because of the first name. Whether you like it or not Mushota she has bypassed you. She does not have to exalt herself like you always do. God has exalted her and she is on the limelight. Unlike you who has to force people to recognise who you are.

    • @ ninla…You also, have you ever found any company that has a Bemba chap as CEO or finance controller survive looting?..You are wasting time, some people are born with ill-manners genetically.

  4. Congratulations! This article though doesn’t tell us, who she is, what she does, why was she appointed, qualifications, who were they other peoples considered for this post and why they lost e.t.c??

    Or Does she only qualifies because of her second name [Wood], Unlike our own Mushota…. Or is this because this Wood guy works for UN…??? VERY QUESTIONABLE APPOINTMENT INDEED!

    I think, the boxer Esther Phiri would have been the best candidate…

    • Lulu is a musician and beauty contest something winner at UNI. I am not sure if anyone advises her on her dress code – how do you let someone wear a winter coat indoors?
      Even in Iceland where is it very cold, they would feel offended if you did that.
      It is not surprising though because Africans do very crazy and really annoying things out of ignorance. Even Museveni, Lungu, Silver Kir (of South Sudan) are often seen wearing big hats indoors during UN General assembly sessions – a sign of very bad manners but they don’t know it!!

  5. very questionable.anyway we don’t which UN.Anyway,congratulation if she was appointed on merit but her speech sounds that it was not on merit maybe it’s because of wood something.lol

  6. Ambassador FIMO -FIMO. How was she appointed, what method did they use to appoint her?? I agree with LOMBE above**. Maybe that’s the qualification she has…

    Anyway, congratulations! But next time do inform the masses how one gets given such a position.

  7. Congrats Lulu! But learn to take off your winter coat when you are in doors – it is very inappropriate!

    • Iwe congratulations ya chani futi? Anyway, I agree with your thoughts on her dressing. But remember you can’t get the Zambian-ness out of her [putting on a juzi] in October. I hear the Wood guy, she is married to is a crack-head, and bangs Zambian UN ladies like crazy. So, she is luck he has *decided* to settle down with her.


  8. Sometimes I laugh and then I get sad. Lulu is now an Envoy like Maiko Zulu and Sister D were for UNICEF. If UNAIDS valued this appointment why didn’t they write the article themselves to Lusaka Times. Lulu herself had to write praising herself. Anyway, congratulations Lulu but …….

    • @Ulubunda:
      Ala iwe naiwe – that is a sign that you are cracking up or getting mad! Only a mad person or someone about to go mad would have such swing moods of laughing and crying at the same time. Go and see a psychiatrist.

  9. Zambian are such haters, no wonder we never progress. It’s sad to see the direction we are taking. Congrats to this young lady, make us proud.

  10. Mushota just like to be noticed but you can not be awarded becoz you just like screaming on face book go to school you are wasting your time pausing mu kasote. You are still young go and study Napapata.

  11. Bloggers at LT. Mushota is a non existent person. The editor for Lusaka Times is the one who writes under the name “Mushota”.
    I have come to this conclusion because;
    1. Mushota is normally the first one to respond to new articles put forward by LT. When does s/he sleep?
    2. You can sometimes see Mushota’s twisted logic in some articles done by LT.

  12. Ladies, whilst you were busy twerking for ciders and bundles at Raphsody’s, akanenu is now a goodwill ambassador !

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