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HH should face persecution alone like I did-Wynter Kabimba

Headlines HH should face persecution alone like I did-Wynter Kabimba

Rainbow Party Presidential Candidate Wynter Kabimba
Rainbow Party Presidenti Wynter Kabimba

RAINBOW Party president Wynter Kabimba has dismissed dictatorship claims being peddled by United Party for National Development (UPND) against President Lungu and his government.

Mr Kabimba said he has never seen the kind of politics practiced by UPND in his entire political life where the opposition political party sees everyone with a divergent view as an enemy.

He has since advised the UPND to seek solace from people who helped them in the campaigns in the run-up to the 2016 general elections over the prosecution of party president Hakainde Hichilema.

Mr Kabimba alleged that the UPND has been coercing him to give a favourable comment over the incarceration of Mr Hichilema but he will not do so.

“I wish him well but I want to say that I didn’t cry to anybody when I was being prosecuted. I was facing prosecution alone. Mr Hichilema should call the people that were supporting him during the run-up to the 2016 elections,” he said.

He was speaking yesterday during a 5 FM Radio’s Burning Issue programme where he discussed his party’s plans if elected into office, among other things.


“I actually now know that Mr Kambwili is not a strong person contrary to his looks. Well done President Lungu for firing him from his Cabinet portfolio,” he said.

Mr Kabimba said the treason-accused UPND leader should call on people like the former republican vice-president Guy Scott, former MMD leader Nevers Mumba and Alliance for Development and Democracy president Charles Milupi.

He said he does not belong to the UPND and would, therefore, not want to be involved in the party’s internal problems.

The UPND has cried foul over the arrest of Mr Hichilema and has been trying to marshal local and international support, alleging that Zambia is under a dictatorship.

And Mr Kabimba said former minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Chishimba Kambwili is not the right person to criticize President Lungu because he supported him before he was fired.


Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane has no right to come to Zambia in a bid to lecture Zambians on how to do politics.

Mr Kabimba said as a matter of principle, Mr Kambwili should not turn against President Lungu, adding that it was deceitful on the party of Mr Kambwili to think that he would be in government for a long time.

“I actually now know that Mr Kambwili is not a strong person contrary to his looks. Well done President Lungu for firing him from his Cabinet portfolio,” he said.

Mr Kabimba said Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane has no right to come to Zambia in a bid to lecture Zambians on how to do politics.

Mr Kabimba said Government might have had all the reasons to stop the South African from entering the country because they have the mandate to do so.

Meanwhile, Mr Kabimba said that once his party forms government, it will embark on reviving the health sector.

Mr Kabimba said the shortage of medical personnel in the health sector such as doctors will be prioritised.

He said he is opposed to massive infrastructure of health facilities which end up not having medical staff.


    • Where has this orator come from and why is he being given an audience like Banendette Deka or whatever she’s called. His uae of English language is fine but he’s talking bul.Shi.t. Just because he himself was unceremoniously fired he should not celebrate the sacking of another. Kabimba shut it.

    • HH and UPND do VERY wrong and evil type of politics.
      Surely, how can someone you were calling a hyena with no plan suddenly turn into a dictator?
      Its simple, you thought EL was a weak guy, somebody you can take for a mere ride, you thought you would win against him in presidential elections.

      You now see how you have been proven wrong, HH can have wealthy but who cares, does he feed us? We existed before him and will exist after him so why defend the criminal and start calling Zambia all sorts of names?

      Its every Zambian agenda to make sure that HH doenst rule Zambia at all – we will always de campaign him because he means no good at all.

    • What a jerk !!!!!! Lick my a.r……
      Another “I am PHD holder”, worthless i.d.io.t. No need for further comment, not worth it.

    • This is really silly coming from some with presidential ambition. It is all about himself. He will not stand up for what is right just because he faced persecution alone! What an egoist this midget is!

    • When Sata got sick, Kabimba thought he was automatically the next president. I hate his f00lish pride.

      He’ll support lungu’s 3rd term dictatorship & solicit that he gets appointed Veep running mate as Mama Inonge is too old to stand again.

      Then he thinks after lungu finishes his 3rd term, he’ll then become the next president. Unfortunately such evil plans don’t materialize:-

      1. Lungu himself does NOT qualify for 3rd term. Constitution only allows an elected Veep to go for a 3rd term in the event of the incumbent dying on the seat, NOT a defence minister.
      2. Even if lungu changes the constitution or bribes the rotten judiciary for a 3rd term, he wants to rule Zambia till Mugabe. He now has too many enemies to step down.
      3. Zambians hate Kabimba, because of his pride…

    • CONT’D….

      3. Zambians hate Kabimba, because of his pride. That’s why even Sata rejected him as he started campaigning even telling people that Sata was dying. Sata got wind of it & sidelined him. That’s how we ended up with a visionless drunkard in State House.

      Zambia would be cursed & doomed to have the dullest lawyer as a visionless dictator president & 2nd dullest lawyer as Veep full of pride.

    • Kabimba,, the HIV virus is affected his brain and the Chinese ARVs he is taking are not helping,.. The man needs prayers

    • Meanwhile, Mr Kabimba said that “once his party forms government.” So ba Kabimba thinks that with HH out of the way, it will be easier for him to win elections? Yes Please No thank you! All Winter or Summer has said is nothing but rubbish and nonsense.

    • Listen to the arrogant little man talk nonsense. Which planet has this thing come from? I and millions others in Zambia are behind HH for your information. He can’t be alone. We are fighting the battle together in prayer. Take your arrogance to Shibuyunji where you do not even respect your father.

    • Wynter is a misplaced human being. No wonder the late MCS fired him. Surely he cannot tell the difference between internal affairs and national affairs. PF got rid of you because of your attitude. He can’t even stand for Fred his best friend. Look at how he was treated. Then you say what these are doing is right. How do you arrest a can the arresting officer without a warranty or a thorough investigation and even forced by the court to apologize arrest an innocent man then you say HH’s prosecution is okay. Really something wrong with some human beings. A wrong is a wrong wynter and it will always be a wrong. Maybe you are also a disagreed lawyer that is why you can stand for the truth.

    • Summer, when were you being persecuted? You are truly a dreamer. AS for HH’s support base we are intact. Just worry about your none growing party Mr Oil dealer.

  1. It would appear that it isnt only upnd pressing the case that zambia is being governed in a dictatorial manner.
    Observations by non aligned organizations have expressed the same sentiments as the upnd.

    • Which organisation – woke up from slumber.
      UPND is in this alone, the whole world acepts him as president and only you doenst….so what are you taling about?
      Are you on drugs?

    • What persecution did Winter go through? He was rightly fired by his fellow thugs. When criminals fall out, there is nobody to blame.

    • @Munone, here is what the Catholic Bishops wrote, “Our country is now all, except in designation, a dictatorship and if it is not yet, then we are not far from it. Our political leaders in the ruling party often issue intimidating statements that frighten people and make us fear for the immediate and future”.

    • The same catholic bishops dont believe in marriage, do you also dont believe in marriage?
      We respect their views just as we have respect yours but that does not mean thats a correct position.

    • @2.4 Munone, please get your facts right catholic bishops do believe in marriage and they encourage marriage I was married by one. A catholic priest or bishop takes a vow of celibacy, there is a difference!

  2. Politicians in Zambia need to invest in PR firms. It goes a long way to say the right thing at the right time, not what streamed into your head the night before.

    • Silence
      I dont agree.As much as i acknowledge the importance of PR firms,this is just dullness pure and simple.It is like the Daily Nation ex con who also appears to have very little between the ears.

    • pato – Your friend has noticed that it is Lusaka Times that used the word “persecute” as you can see in the heading. However, the article does not refer to persecute but “prosecute” which is the word that Kabimba used. Apparently, you cannot figure that out.

  3. Failed aspiring dictator has courage to crap in public!!!
    Mr. Kabimba, instead of seeking attention, please explain to the People of Zambia your contribution in the saga of “People Driven Constitution”.

    • You call everyone bad names as long as they dont agree with you.
      You will NEVER rule Zambia with such mentality.

    • @ Munone

      “…You call everyone bad names as long as they dont agree with you….” ???
      Which is “bad names”???
      Let me make you happy you arse l1cking and d1ck sucking little turd.
      As to “rilling”Zambia, 1MBECILE, in a democratic society there are no “rulers”, only leaders. Do you understand that you arse l1cking and d1ck sucking little turd?

  4. Kabimba has never inspired me and will never do. I still remember vividly the sigh of relief from people when he was fired as Justice Minister. In short i would rather even go for Lungu than Kabimba. The man is just too suborn and self centered and i dont think he will go anywhere politically with this kind of behavior he is exhibiting politically. Can someone even advise me if Rainbow Party has an elected councillor, council chairperson or MP yet this is the party that was formed by a person who claims to understand politics.

    • Yombwe, Winter makes sense to you,are you for real… For instance he us saying Pf is persecuting HH, a confirmation of dictatorship by Summer’s own words. And to you it’s okay for the country to take this route or your lack critical thinking….

  5. Wonders never cease! Where has dracula Kabimba resurrected from? And he’s not making sense with his presidential ambitions! Who will ever vote for Rainbow party?

    • I 100% can’t support red lips Kabimba. he is village neighborhood at Shachele near Shunter’s sugar farm. selfish as he is, he can’t make a good President. I wud rather go for Muliokela. he shud forget about winning a single ward.

  6. Mr Kabimba. You are now talking
    You have been quite for long over a issue which is very sensitive. We expected you to contribute a very long time on this important issue of HH

    But you have said it straight to the point. When someone is wrong it’s better to tell them whether they like you or not at least they will learn something

  7. I agree with kabimba. We upnd family should realise that sometimes we become shortsighted

    • njala?? Winter?? This guy is cartel inner circle. He is very good friends with Guy Scott. If you read between the lines, he is revealing something. The dictatorship facade is a plan hatched by upnd and cartel members to discredit ECL/PF. Remember Fred M’membe and hh suddenly became friends after Fred continuously hammerd hh with insults. It seems he doesn’t want to be part of that evil and useless plan.

  8. Did anybody ask kabimba to help HH out of his problems? Kabimba is allways souding bitter and full of hate for other tribes this we know this is th man who got tractors and took them only to shibuyunji only what doese that mean ? Has kabimba ever bean in prison for treason may be I was young but I have checked from kaundaS to chiluba I can’t see kabimba . Kabimba knows once the accused u face prosecution olone we know ur position sir just go back to pf sir they will wellcome u bythe way do u still go to church like u used to wen u wear minister

  9. Kabimba you were just asked to comment on the incarceration of your fellow opposition leader HH,that’s all. A comment only does not make you a member of that party.

  10. Mr Kabimba said he has never seen the kind of politics practiced by UPND in his entire political life where the opposition political party sees everyone with a divergent view as an enemy.

    Mr Kabimba alleged that the UPND has been coercing him to give a favourable comment over the incarceration of Mr Hichilema but he will not do so.


  11. Kabimba is spot on.Most of these comments are coming from upnd supporters who expected kabimba to say what they want to hear.I may not like him too but oh boy how the guy speaks his mind and truth.It hurts most of you but it’s bitterly true.

  12. Kabinda is acting like a Lungu or PF Vuvuzela. He is there to support his Paymasters. Wynter Kabinda welcomes the persecution of HH by his friend Lungu. Kabinda is such an opportunist who thinks people of Zambia are naive to support his visionless Party. He cant even comment on whether or not HH committed Treason. Kabinda just like his friend Lungu, is a Sadist who enjoys seeing HH suffer in Prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Kabinda is jealous of HH’s popularity and he knows that HH won the 2016 Elections which were stolen by his friend Lungu. Kabinda has no Principles and cannot be trusted by voters. Kabinda’s Party will not grow with this opportunistic approach and will always be subservient to its mother body,the PF.

    • ……actually WK correctly stated that he has never seen politics practiced by upnd in his entire political life where by they consider anyone with a divergent view is seen as an enermy. If i was upnd supporter i wouldn’t have commented anything.

    • “…actually WK correctly stated that he has never seen politics practiced by upnd in his entire political life…”

      And what has Mr. Kabimba practiced in his “…entire political life…”???

      D1ck head, eagerly awaiting your clarification about learned (LOL) State Councel (LOL, LOL) “…entire political life…” practice.

  13. Kabamba should learn to keep quite if he has nothing progressive to talk about. What UPND has been subjected to by PF is different to his little known party and they see the perspective of dictatorship in different light.

    • True, but only if he has nothing progressive to say. But this time, he has hit the nail on the head. Anyone who disagrees with UPND is an enemy.

    • and anybody who disagree with PF or ECL does not wish well to Zambia or is “agent” of some “neo-colonialist power”???
      Look in the mirror before posting and you will see the REAL enemy of Zambia

  14. What persecution did this moron suffer? Shut your trap, we are not interested in nincompoops like you. You think you are in the same league with HH? Don’t spoil our day with foolish statements you quack.

  15. No wonder Sata fired Kabimba. The man has no morals. Poverty is forcing him to seek a brown envelope from Lungu.

  16. Kabimba thinks highly of himself, frankly speaking I would not vote for him even he was the last person living. He thinks people have forgotten the arrogance he had when he was in PF. The way he belittled Zambians when they demanded for a constitution, training of malitias in Sudan and the purchase of panga’s. My advise to him is to channel the money he is using for party mobilisation to the needy. At least then it will go to a good cause.

  17. UPNDonkeys are now like headless chickens, they have no idea what they are fighting for. They dont know whether the party’s priorities are the same as the priority of the underfive boy to rejoin his family, or to get the dead “petition” “heard”. Or not to recognise President Lungu which is itself neither here nor there for Zambia which has a President recognised by the international community including No.msa and My Money. No.msa and My Money actually recognise and accept His Excellency Mr Edgar Lungu, otherwise they would not call him a dictator, in this context dictators have to be Presidents don’t they?

  18. I’ve never liked Wynter even when he was town clerk in Kitwe. But what he’s said makes makes a lot of sense. HH has surrounded himself with opportunistic parasites like Nevers Mumba …just read the post of 23 10 13 and you’ll see how much hatred this fallen pastor had for HH. Same goes for Scott and Bwalya Mwamba. Even his support for Mmembe is just a convenient means to get to state house. Also the tribalist tag will never leave HH. He may pretend otherwise but deep inside nothing has changed.

  19. The day when Zambia will be cleansed of UPNDdonkeys is nigh and I can smell it. Zambians will soon wake up and read LT news devoid of donkey reasoning, yaba!

    President Lungu has turned out to be a very strong leader, which is now neing misinterpreted bt various forms of donkeys, including Cape Donkeys and UPNDonkeys, as dictatorship.

    • PFdonkeys with limited knowledge you mean! Lungu is finished he wants then EU to comment on his leadership skills and affirm but zero actions so far. Zambia is small on the global arena, smaller than Nepal so forget feedback kekeke. Kill all you want and eat your kill. Chase all monkeys and eat your kill no word from EUROPE
      Start ethnic cleansing and be like Rwanda no country will stop YOU. No country cares. BUT remember It is YOUR doing
      I am free, I am to be ambassador again

  20. Kabimba is right, actually, very very right. What Guy Lyndon Scott wanted from UPND was a ministerial position. After losing Guy went back to look after his pigs and he is very busy. As for jobless Never Sekwila Mumba he is so bitter that we soon might see him walking the streets of Lusaka with a begging bow.

    The only hope the UPND have is Milupi, who has taken over the Party without anyone complaining. Milupi is a qualified man but very unqualified in the UPND constitution which demands for the head of the party to be a Tonga. Not Toka Leya, Not Ila, Not Lenje, Not Soli, Not Sala like Winter Kabimba but Tonga, Tonga, Tonga.
    Now if that is not tribalism at its worst let me have a name that you and me can use.

  21. I’m smelling something somewhere and keep wondering what carrot has been dangled before Kabimba. It was the same Kabimba who condemned PF and called them more tribal than UPND. He called PF all sorts of names, and now today, because he is praising His Excellency, daily mail even give him the front space. If this country ever gets on fire (God forbid), it will be because of public media. Public media is fueling hate in this country. people only have space if they are praising the powers that be. it hurts to think that these are institutions using our money to run. Shame on you public media

  22. Kabimba is a very insincere man… Please, ask any state advocate at the Ministry of Justice, he or she will tell you that Hon Kabimba is ……… Kindly allow him to exercise his democratic rights but don’t give him the power to rule Zambia.. The Man is very bad….
    He hates HH and support Lungu because he is scared of being persecuted by Lungu… What he may say now that is unfavourable to LUNGU, he know the price he can pay.
    In Zambia , we need men or women who can rise above petty jealous or hate.. Not Kabimba, Nawaki, Tayali,Peter Chanda, CK,Father Bwalya, Kapyongo,Davies Chama,Mumbi Phiri, Kaizer Zulu Paul Moonga.
    We need men like Yaluma,Charles Milupi, and me….
    Forget about LUNGU…. He is a fearful person and surrounds himself with weak men. I had a discussion with him…


  24. Kabimba is a miserable mother fc.king bas.tard!! A stu.pid old ar.sewhore who publicly cried and wished Sata was his father till reality set in when Sata fired him.
    Nobody can work with Kabimba – even the descent Dr Cosmas Musumali and Guy Scott left Kabimba alone which is why he is now bringing Guy Scott into this!
    Professionally, Kabimba is a big FLOP who lost every case in court although Sata honoured him with an SC award out favour to appease his ego. Simply put, Kabimba is a PIG, with a heart full of EVIL!

  25. This chap kabimba is hallucinating. The ARVs he is taking are just too strong for him. Let him join the sinking boat. He thinks he might do a quick one by rejoining Pf and subsequently leading the rotten party.

  26. Cancer, Sugar, High blood pressure, Asthma, a person taking ARVs is better than who is taking medicine for these 4 diseases. And for you who are talking about ARVs some of you don’t even know your status you are just like the commentator in Korea who forgot about his own country as HIV & AIDS is all over the world, remember it either you are effected or affected. As for you UPNDonkeys whether you like it or not Kabimba is right just see how you have received his comments if he had said otherwise you were going to be singing praises for him.

  27. Kabimba is acknowledging that HH is being persecuted. This is a clear admission that there is no case and mere malice. The fact that he feels that he bore persecution alone before does not mean others other than him must bear persecution alone too. This is a myopic way of handling issues.
    Putting it in this context ,Winter is saying that because he suffered previous years and when thing are super fine to him now then other must suffer and he has little to care for those suffering.
    In other words , he is aspiring to be leader in order to think of his own affairs not others who are suffering…. Cheap thinking for sure…

  28. What could have been Winter’s comment if he did not suffer persecution? This is the way Zambians must evaluate those aspiring for leadership.
    Nelson was in Jail for 27 years and became President without an iota of hatred for adversaries.
    I for one could rebuke Winter if he is elected President and jail those you persecuted him…
    Surely this show that Winter is still bitter against those you persecuted him. He is just awaiting for an opportunity to settle scores… No wonder he has a feeling that others are to be persecuted not him hence he has no mercy for those who are being persecuted now….
    To Winter , all thing must be rosy and he has demonstrate that he shall be intolerant to his adversaries to which the charge of treason is a small charge and thinks HH is treated fairly…

  29. To Winter, HH should faced a firing squad if he was the President ….
    GOD’s way not our ways… The Lord pray for those persecute you. Suprisingly Winter’s wife is a SDA member and so is his father . HH is SDA member. Truly prophecy is being fulfilled in our own eyes. Brother shall betray brother and the love shall grow cold….

  30. “He has never seen the kind of politics practised by UPND in his entire political life” says Kabimba.I totally agree with you Kabimba.Never ever have I seen this before in Zambia. These people have totally, totally ,totally lost it. Chishimba Kambwili is bitter over his dismissal and has failed to manage it. Given Lubinda was dismissed and he managed it very well that is why he bounced back. Ba Chishimba seek help from Given before you mess yourself up. We need an opposition that will provide credible advise please keep it up Kabimba,Chipimo and the others . Not HH PLEASE!

  31. The whole world now knows what UPND does behind the scenes. Shame on you. I was just looking at HH so called State house. Yes it has a Tonga touch. I was also looking at Imakando’s house yes it has an American/British touch. Ki Ki Ki.

    • @ Dons:
      Your head must be full of FAECES!
      Firstly, Yes, HH’s mansion has a Tonga touch because he is Tonga – any sensible person would expect that!! What I dont undersyand from you pig is why Imakando’s mansion would have an American/British touch when Imakando is neither American nor British? Are on ARVs? You even don’t know the different between the British and American touches – do you?
      Secondly, what touch is your Kanayama madhouse? You are talking about other people’s mansions when you don’t even have one yourself? You are still living in the same madhouse which your mother is renting and using as a brothel to earn a living to feed you ar.sewhore!!

  32. The PF may have dug out his deals while in government. the man looks comic and a bit mad. capable of reasoning, he is now acting like a zombie

  33. HH is not a member of SDA please, he is a mansonist……why do people want to pretend like they don’t know what this foo1 practices?amandapalmer or what ever you call your self, let winter speak his mind. Already they have formed a group calling itself mau mau to start killing easterner…am married to a tonga girl here, if they starting doing what they have said in the daily nation my ‘former wife’ will be next. And i will tell my other friends with tonga wives to follow suit and then we shall see who wins.

  34. Wynter is not right to say HH should fight alone. Out of principle, when a human being or citizen is persecuted, one needs to defend such a one. There are other people who are also being persecuted and next wynter may just find himself or a relative being persecuted also. Therefore, it is right to support someone or people who are persecuted. As a human being, when you find people fighting, the natural instinct is to try and prevent such an ugly scene. It is also not right for winter to salute the sacking of Kambwili. Looks like it is too personal

  35. Why is Kabimba wanting to pick a fight with everybody in sight! Has he seen something not yet visible to us?

  36. @dons. It is not important what touch a house has as long as it looks nice. Even the American and British touches vary from modern, contemporary, traditional etc. So research before you expose your jealousy and limited knowledge

  37. winter should know that what he’s happening to his friend can also happen to him. He should not think that he’s safe. This is not the time to add salt to the wound but its a time to unite as Zambians to show love to those who are persecuted. People like him will never rule Zambia. When something is not good lets us offer solutions to those issue and not the other way round.

  38. Chilyata @47.1, Firstly I would like to politely ask you not to use bad language. Secondly what I meant was that Imakandos house is better than HH’s house according to my opinion. I thought you would read between the lines. I also leave in peace in my Mad house no pressure. Stay blessed .

  39. NDELOLESHA FYE, I know HH more than you do. I talk to ECL more than you do. You are simply wrong and need to repent. I can tell that we (ME and HH) go to same SDA Church.
    I am working in reconciling ECL and HH for the sake of peace… You are busy insinuating wrong things against a innocent person. God knows better than you.. I know where ECL goes to worship but I cant tell you because you might misinterpret it.

  40. Those you are for peace need to plead for ECL and HH to meet and talk. Their followers will follow their leaders. Some people act in a such strange way thinking that ECL must kill HH for him to rule in peace. They think that the world shall be a better place without HH. This is all wrong and I know ECL knows that human beings owe their existence from GOD and he cannot kill anyone… He is not an evil man.Neither is HH evil

  41. Tell HH that a smooth sea never made a skilled mariner. The ride he is taking should gain him the experience as a politician. Learn what and what not to voice out, what to and what not to do, when to and when not to.

  42. So this arrogant fool is also bitter against HH. Aka akapuba kanshi takaleka ubupuba. Sorry Winter eat your own vomit.

  43. One fact HH cannot fathom is that at the polls Edgar Lungu is more popular than he is- this is fact. Lungu is supported heavily in urban Lusaka and Copperbelt provinces. HH is attempting to use other means to ascend to the presidency and he has single-handedly tarnished the image of Zambia- he knew what he wanted to achieve when he went to Mongu. Maimane has no right to come to Zambia thinking he can make a name for himself- he has failed to fight Zuma and he is a stooge of the “Nazi” party.

  44. Apparently, Zambia’s political arena is full of sick minds; Kabimba’s being one of them.

  45. Thank you Winter for talking sense. This HH thing that can’t accept defeat is getting us no where as a country. I am sure it has come to know that it can’t win in Zambia, therefore, it is ready to destroy the nation at any cost.

  46. There you have it. Another flip-flop so-called leader of a party. You would really have to scrape the bottom of a barrel to try and find even a spec of dust of what Kabimba stands for. No principles, no direction and no leadership acumen. He sees HH’s issue as individual. HH’s matter is one that would compel any leader worth their salt to address even the wider problem of long periods of detention without trial for thousands of people in Zambia. The numerous unnecessary adjournments that come from incompetence, unstructured processes, inadequate facilities and political interference. People need to seriously reflect on the fact that these individuals have merely been charged, not convicted. Yet they spend long periods in incarceration as if judgement has been passed. Kabimba, a…

  47. … so-called lawyer who cannot objectively take issue with injustice, regardless of who it affects.

  48. This wicked diminutive piece of stinking sh.it is still alive ka? Shame on you Kabimba. Please apologise for smearing HH. You were never persecuted in PF, you squarely got what you deserved. Come on you twot, show some guts and apologise!

  49. Did you know that Wynter Kabimba is hated by both the Ruling Party and the Opposition ?

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