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Oil exploration in Northern Province to be launched next month

Rural News Oil exploration in Northern Province to be launched next month

Northern Province Minister Brian Mundubile (left) and Kasama DC Kelly Kashiwa (right) on arrival at Kasama sports stadium to officiate at the 52nd independence day
Northern Province Minister Brian Mundubile (left) and Kasama DC Kelly Kashiwa (right) on arrival at Kasama sports stadium to officiate at the 52nd independence day

Northern Province Minister Brian Mundubile says oil exploration project for block 31 in Northern Province will be launched next month.

Provincial Minister Brian Mundubile said Tullow Oil the company engaged to carry out the exploration exercise has since invited President Edgar Lungu to officially launch the project which will run for four years.

ZANIS reports that the provincial minister disclosed the development in an interview adding that the firm has also lined up a number of consultative meetings with different stakeholders in areas where the oil exploration will be conducted.

Mr. Mundubile , who is also Mporokoso Member of Parliament, said Tullow oil is scheduled to carry out intense desk and air studies over a period of six months hence the need for all stakeholders to fully understand the project.

And the provincial minister has revealed that his office will engage Tullow Oil Company to consider introducing specialized courses at trades and skills training schools in the province as part of their social responsibility programmes.

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  1. Oil Exploration is a different ball game all together. Exploration is a gamble for the explorer, not until they ascertain existence of reservoirs with “recoverable” hydrocarbons of “significant” volume. CSR can only be considered after full field appraisal not at this stage. Tullow is a business not a charity.

  2. It’s the same company that discovered oil in Uganda. Wish them luck. Its an expensive and difficult business.

  3. These are experienced people and cannot just wake up to start exploration in a particular area. Mind you exploration is very expensive and no one can just want to throw money down a pit unless there are signatures pointing to the presence of some juice. There are signs of big gas deposits in Malawi and some regions of eastern Tanzania. For your own information, there is a border dispute between Malawi and Tanzania around the same areas, near lake Malawi, or Lake Nyasa as the Taifas call it.

    • Of course we all know that Zambia has various “traces of hydrocarbons”. However, exploration is what will prove whether the “reserves are economically viable” to justify investment in oil recovery.

  4. Sudan, Tanzania and Zambia share the same oil trap. It is highly likely that Zambia has a potential for oil since the two country have drilled appraisal wells and results are positive. Look at block 54 as well.

  5. While the rest of the provinces are producing something southern province is investing in tribalism.


  7. Oil has done more harm than good for African Countries.

    Big Oil companies are in Europe and non of them dudes are drilling for Oil. So I think Dangote is on the right track. Get the crude from where ever and sell the refined product.

  8. That General in the middle is a true example of how fit-looking a Commander will be. Very different from that kama man with a Kwashiokor-like potbelly. Please Edgar take note of such fit looking Generals for swearing as Commander !

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