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2021 Debate: PF Provincial Youth Leader warns Tutwa Ngulube against crossing Party lines

Headlines 2021 Debate: PF Provincial Youth Leader warns Tutwa Ngulube against crossing Party...

PF legal counsel Tutwa Ngulube
PF legal counsel Tutwa Ngulube

The Patriotic Front Youth Provincial Chairperson in Central Province Moses Chilando has warned Kabwe Central Member of Parliament Hon Tutwa Ngulube against antagonizing Party structures in the Province. He has further asked Hon Ngulube to desist from issuing disparaging remarks as he does not represent any structure in the ruling Party.

“We find it totally unacceptable that a Junior member of the Party such as Hon Tutwa Ngulube should take to the media to attack the Secretary General of the Party and National Youth Chairperson, who are both members of the Central Committee. It is a lie that he was elected at the General Conference – in what capacity and under which provision of the Party Constitution does he continue to hold that position as Returning Officer? Further we wish to warn Hon Ngulube to stop masquerading as PF legal Counsel because he no longer serves in that position as he rightfully knows. It is unbefitting of lawyers to create distortions as he is doing in the media. The last General Conference only elected President Edgar Lungu as Party President and Hon Tutwa played the role of returning officer which is not a permanent structured position in the Party. That role ended with the election of the Party President and it’s beneath the conduct of Counsel to create wrong impressions in the public space”, said Mr. Chilando.

The Central Province Youth leader has also wondered how Hon Ngulube could question the powers of the Secretary General of the Party who is also Chief Executive Officer of the organization in removing him from his role as Legal Counsel. He said it is common knowledge that services such as legal are engaged by the Party through the Secretary General. “While the MP is speaking the same language as his preferred candidate for the Party Presidency, Article 56 of the Party Constitution is very clear about the powers of the Secretary General and as such we find the behaviour of Hon Tutwa Ngulube unbecoming and totally unacceptable.

It is indiscipline for an ordinary member of the Party such as Hon Ngulube to conduct himself in the manner he has done against Central Committee Members. It borders on gross indiscipline which the Provincial Executive Committee of the Party should not tolerate. We are hereby calling on the Provincial Executive Committee to take interest in this matter and instil discipline”, he has said.

Central Province Youth Chairperson has clarified that the Secretary General and National Youth Chairperson were simply reaffirming what the PF structures have demanded for without exception. “We wish to also make clear that the Secretary General and National Youth Chairperson reaffirmed what has been demanded for by the structures of the Party as the Chief Executive Officer has been touring the Provinces, having done seven out of 10 Provinces so far. We are alive to the matter before the Courts and its common sense that what is before the Courts is the question of Republican President and not Party President. Unless and until the Courts rule otherwise, the Party structures have said that they endorsed President Lungu for the 2020 Party General Conference and as the subsequent Candidate in the 2021 elections”, Mr. Chilando clarified.


    • PF and violence are inseparable…this is what the country has become. Violence, intimidation and all sorts of rubbish. PF cannot debate Their IQ is too low for any meaningful policy and governance debate!

    • That’s the problem with cadres. You can’t just reason with them. Surely, how do you start endorsing someone for an election that is coming after five years? Don’t you have to see their work before endorsing them? This endorsement is being done out of fear and self preservation. Tutwa is very right on this one and is being very reasonable.

    • These PF are a bunch of thugs, even game in Mfuwe national park is more organized than PF, everyone think has balls.

    • One day, God willing, we will rid ourselves of this monumental mistake – PF and hope as a country to get back on track, running a country in a civilised way. There is no doubt in the minds of most Zambians now that this PF was a terrible mistake which went completely off the rail following the death of the party owner. We can only pray that the same obnoxious people who are in PF don’t cross over to other parties in order to continue their evil ways. God save Zambia from PF, let us all pray for Zambia.

    • Its called democracy. Freedom of expression and speech is practiced in pf than any other party

    • Joseph Kabwe and Rainman & the Magna Carta you raise very good points about the politics of the PF summed up as “violence, intimidation and all sorts of rubbish”. PF is relatively a new party in Zambia and where do you think they amassed the capacity to behave in the manner they do?

      My theory is that capacity is inherent in the fabric of our politics and believe me whatever party comes into power and does not address it will continue on the same path. There are hordes of persons (that includes state institutions; police, judiciary, ZRA etc.) who want to continue feeding on public resources for free and will align with any governing party to plunder …

    • They always think violence than addressing issues that affect the people. very strange party indeed.

  1. @2, and what can you say about UPNDonkey party? Fimo fintu mule tekanya bane before tamula bwatula imwe ba donkey.

  2. No leadership, so don’t even hide behind the so called structures. Too many PF spokespersons, unfortunately, that is the reality, you take or you don’t.

  3. That means disciplining is more or less to silence Tutwa. Wow. Great. The best was for PF to see to it that its members are disciplined.

    Every Jim and Jack is issuing statements. Thought with the ‘unveiling ‘ of Chanda Sundays position discipline will be instilled in the party members.

    Supported PF but this is indiscipline at all levels.

    Tutwa is right and that doesn’t mean he is anti PF.

  4. Lungu will pay for this cruelity and brulality. HH is innocent and has not broken any laws. The Vote Thief is inflicting more pain and suffering on an innocent Soul. The Stolen Election and the wrongful arrest and imprisonment will haunt Lungu for the Rest of his Life. God will punish Lungu for wrongful arrest and imprisonment after a Barbaric Raid on HH’s Home. Happy Birthday HH and remain strong. In good time the Devil and his Satanic ways will perish and come to pass. Stay Blessed HH and Happy Birthday.

    • I hate pf now, especially with the way it is treating founding members who include CK.This is the chance for the moron to rebrand it’s party and win the elections .He should remove the regionalism by holding a convention to elect office bearers regardless of regions.It could be a nice move if hachipuka can take over as president, the moron as SG.CK as chairman for mobilization ninshi CB yaya,in short,the northern part of Zambia will be in favor of hachipuka.Try it,mukanjeba in affirmative.

    • I hate of now but it never stops any votes and your moron is not innocent he misbehaved,fyakwifwailafye.if upnd want a Tonga to head it let hachipuka take over as president and the moron as SG and CK as chairman of party mobilization Mwenya Musenge as CB party chairman and those suspended northern province of officials become automatic organising committee. Most of the new people in the cabinets did not do much during the campaigns in 2016.surely how can you mistreat CK and pamper utukunkubiti mwebantul

  5. I really regret having voted For the PF in 2011. I could NOT foresee what was coming. Sadly; No hope for Zed

  6. There are only two things i would like to make comments on regarding what is happening in my party PF. Firstly, it seems as if the party has no spokes person. This time round, as long as you hold a position in the party at any level, you are a spokes person. Please let us channel all what we want say to the person mandated by the party to do it for us. Secondly, it pains some of the party members myself inclusive to read or hear some one to considered an enemy of the party when he or she tries to advice on how things are supposed to be. Am referring to what Honorable MP for Kabwe Central Tutwa Ngulube said talking about 2021 presidential candidate and the response from the provincial PF youth chairperson. What the MP said is right. It is just too early to be talking about that. We are…

  7. ”The Patriotic Front Youth Provincial Chairperson in Central Province Moses Chilando has warned Kabwe Central Member of Parliament Hon Tutwa Ngulube against antagonizing Party structures in the Province. He has further asked Hon Ngulube to desist from issuing disparaging remarks as he does not represent any structure in the ruling Party.” What was the warning? What is the crime? What are the consequences?

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