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Pay your taxes, Finance Minister Felix Mutati tells Zambians

Economy Pay your taxes, Finance Minister Felix Mutati tells Zambians

Minister of Finance Felix Mutati.
Minister of Finance Felix Mutati.
Minister of Finance Felix Mutati says Zambia’s development pace will be dictated by tax compliance among citizens.Mr. Mutati has urged Zambians to embrace paying taxes saying the country can only develop through the hard work and sacrifice of the citizenry.He has also cautioned people who will fail to meet the tax amnesty deadline will face the law.

Speaking after touring Zambia Revenue Authority offices in Lusaka , Mr. Mutati said government gave the tax amnesty to defaulters to address business challenges and improve liquidity in the economy.

And Mr. Mutati has praised ZRA management for introducing the mineral value chain system for easy monitoring of mineral production levels.He said the country has in the past been grappling with the problem of determining mineral production levels.

And Mr. Mutati has directed ZRA management to decentralize the collection of turn over tax.He said the programme should be rolled out in Lusaka first before being introduced to other parts of the country.

And ZRA Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda disclosed that the Authority has managed to raise 4-hundred and 80 million Kwacha above target for the period starting January 1st 2017 to May 31st 2017.Mr. Chanda also disclosed that ZRA has so far received over 89 thousand applications under the tax amnesty programme from small and medium businesses and has raised One hundred and Five million Kwacha from the exercise.

He however complained of poor tax compliance levels in the economy and the usage of cash transactions as major challenges ZRA is facing.


    • He is right isn’t he ?

      Mmembe are you listening and your cohorts ?

      I have a PhD now.



    • Why do we even pay taxes in Zambia? The place is dark at night they don’t service the street lights the roads are bad…the law enforcement does not have gas”petrol” in their vehicles if you call for an emergency you have to use your own transportation in order for them to do their job….what a joke of a country…..people are saying that PF is doing a good job…

    • Mutati asking Zambians to pay taxes so he can continue leaving in luxury. Typical of people who fail outside corridors of power.

    • Just the other day govt signed a $50million loan from AFB to fish farming targeted at women and community…surely govt can not source this money from its own resources.

  1. Small scale Zambians being taxed heavily while the big foreigners go tax-free where GRZ is supposed to reap billions. When their tax-free period is over they just change the company name and their tax-free status is restored for another 5 years. Who is the fool here?

  2. I thought it was only the Post Newspaper that wasn’t paying tax. Go on then and liquidate all defaulters or are they politically compliant

    • Looks like you dont understand what lead to post closure. Fred was given similar options in fact better than these but refused to cooperate. Instead he sued zra and later lost the case in supreme Court. Did you want zra to show him sympathy again? Its the court which gave directives and no one had powers to protect him. If it was in the previous regimes the president was going to forgive but not in the current one of ecl. Ecl diesnt stand in the way of the judiciary. Tax has to be paid simple. Its not political or negotiable.

  3. What became of Mutati’s IMF $1.6 Billion Loan and EU Donor Aid? Mutati was setting the terms and conditions of that Loan as if he seats on the IMF Board. In the absence of Rule of Law,Good Governance, respect for Human Rights and Constitutionalism we told Lungu that the IMF Loan will not come,Donor Aid will dry up and he can forget about foreign investments to Zambia. Mutati should tell his Boss to change his ways if he seriously wants Western Financial Assistance. U can’t bite the hand that feeds you!!

    • Njimbu

      Why is kambwili being victimised and threatened by PF heighrachy for suggesting PF have leadership elections ???

    • If Mutati was a man of integrity and morals, he should have resigned on moral grounds seeing the actions of his boss are working against his efforts to secure the much needed bail out. For us to be crying to be endebted, it means we have really messed our economy big time! Felix, you initially borrowed USD 1 BN to pay contractors which you did without any impact to GDP. You have also borrowed from China banks and ADB. The trouble is you keep on borrowing and not updating us on the debt level and what you are doing to the huge government expenditure. You should be the one who raises the RED flag on wasteful expenditure. That is what drives up the cost of running government and the continued borrowing. If you were to run your home on Kaloba, you will end up destitute because all you own…

  4. @Moya:first follow the constitunalism,rule of law,etc in UPND.you guys in UPND should be the last ones to talk about democracy because there is no democracy in UPND.all you know is tribal civil war!!HH has been on top of upnd since 2006 minus calling for any convention.all senior upnd leaders are hand picked by “cuundu chaitwa chairman” HH!!so what can you tell us?let Hon.Felix Mutati work in peace and go preach about rule of law in dundumwezi!!!

    • Njimbu

      Why is kambwili being victimised and threatened by PF heighrachy for suggesting PF have leadership elections ???

  5. Mutati, now that you have failed to get the IMF kaloba you want to squeeze us to the bone? Taxes under this regime are like milking a dead carcass. How do you tax people left, right, center and upside down? We told this clown that this fake home grown fimofimo whatever he calls it is a dead strategy that is full of empty rhetoric and PF encumbrances.The IMF told you point blank that this hogwash of your was nothing but a ploy to try and get that loan. Until HH is released and the rule of law followed to the later, no loan will come from the IMF.

    • Does releasing a suspect amounts to rule of law. If the conditions set by imf are to release criminals then they are creating or sponsoring anarchy. Imagine a country where laws are not applied for fear of imf not releasing funds.

  6. This PF MMD accountant is funny there he is telling people to pay taxes yet they themselves are being reckless contracting loans left right and centre. They do not even follow through on the AG reports on expenditure. We pay taxes and you spend on roads invoiced at a whooping 1 million dollars per kilometer!!

  7. The online e-returns system is the main obstacle for most Zambians to pay tax. The system should remain optional and not compulsory as it is. Even in developed countries they allow their citizens to file returns manually. Why are we trying to jump stages? In the end as a result Zra goes on to blame tax payers-how do you expect a rural business man in Shangombo to go online and file e-returns??? Most Zambians in business would want to pay tax if the process was more user friendly and easier to access. As it stands you have to pay via Finance or Zanaco and a charge of K50 is imposed on top of the tax payment. Let’s be serious with life! Very poor economics from Mutati.

  8. Mutati, think of a clean air tax to tax them until they dance dunnuna reverse in straight lines….you will not get western funds with lungus assault on democratic rights of citizens…

    Where are the investores who were falling over each other as you told us ??

  9. We saw the other day an energy indaba in sweden to woo investors

    We compiling a list of all major Scandinavian energy companies to petition highling the fact that investing in Zambia at this time, they will be cementing the budding dictatorship and erosion of our democratic rights that they freely enjoy….

    We have examples of when opposition rallies, press conferenceses and fund raising events have been forcefully cancelled….we have examples of when opposition leaders have been threatened with arrest and violence for merly walking and greeting well wishes….all attached to this petition.

  10. The mast on line…..

    PF member of the central committee Mwenya Musenge was this afternoon abruptly sent out of Lusaka Central Prison where he went to visit incarcerated UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and Obvious Mwaliteta.

  11. It is simple Felix. Stimulate the economy by reducing the cost of doing business first by among other things reducing electricity tariffs, reducing fuel cost, reducing taxes and reducing or doing away with some of the retrogressive taxes like VAT! Your tax collections have dwindled because your policies have killed businesses. There is very little economic activity right now and consequently, lesser tax revenue. Just admit you have failed so that we try others who have what it takes to bring this economy back to where Mwanawasa left it!

  12. We are over 3 months in arrears on our statutary deposits to IMF an amount of $44 million yet we pay taxes. Why can’t we pay our legal requirements to be a member,yes , a member, all you who think it is a whire mans cartel. We are members of this so called white mans cartel. Google and then rethink and then ask why we are in our current problems


  14. OF is a tax regime type of Government. Zambians have been subjected to pay different forms of exorbitant tax which we can’t even pay going by the high level of poverty which is cutting across the country. This government is heartless for its citizens. It’s uncaring. Those in power are only interested in enriching themselves. We are asked to pay tax when we don’t have money to pay that tax. This is punishment. Imagine teachers earning a meager K5000 as parents with children to educate and other responsibilities. It’s all chaos in Zambia.

  15. The Minister speaks rightly what’s his stance on all the street vendors paying rates and taxes rather than business owners and real estate owners who have no choice?
    Vendors vend on the streets and passage ways yet you allow them to operate like they are engrams and tax the property owners for the rates what a mess !

  16. Mutati has urged Zambians to embrace paying taxes saying the country can only develop through the hard work and sacrifice of the citizenry.

    How can the citizens sacrifice but the PF fools are busy stealing the tax money. A government with no financial controls and Lungu and his PF Fools are first ones to override them.

  17. They Are Asking Us To Pay Tax While There Is Little Money In Circulation. I Have Never Seen Any Zambian Note Or Coin Dated 2016. The Latest Is 2015. But Now We Have The 75% Upward Adjustment Of Electricity Tarifs, VAT, Ground And Property Rates, Toll Gates, ZRA, Etc. Where Does All This Money You Collect From The General Public Go? Our Economy Is Ever Depreciating, Our Kwacha Is Ever Weaker Against The Dollar, No Industries But Ever Borrowing.
    Its Even Pointless To Pay These Taxes, Just Because IMF Have Refused To Give U A Loan Because Of The Country That Is Not Politically Stable.
    Pa Last It Will Be Economic Sanctions. And We Will Be Seeing Zambians Carrying A Wheelbarrow Full Of Money Just To Buy A Simple Family Bread.
    Watchout Zambians!

  18. All these tax measurees, electricity increases etc are what the IMF has told the government to do.
    Google IMF assessment of zambia and you will see what they say.

  19. I feel Zambians would be encouraged to be paying their Taxes, employed as well as self employed, if they can claim their taxes back at the end of the year, Taxes returns as they are called in some countries. Because when individuals pay taxes it is like they are lending their money to the government to use and thus at the end of the year the government should pay back those monies. For example, here, which of course I cannot compare to our country Zambia, employees, companies and self employed individuals get their tax returns or depending on your income that previous year, you might end up paying the IRS, or ZRS, per Zed.

  20. @ Cyprian Chilufya

    Government does not refund the tax you pay but it uses this money to operate. You do not lend money to the government when you pay taxes. You actually owe the government for the taxes. However, it can only refund you, if the tax return shows that you had overpaid tax in the year of assessment.

  21. This is all BS why target legitimate business houses go deal with the street dealers and vendors who do my pay at all. Felix you are out of tune what about when you were supplying poles into the GRZ institution and then you lost elections whatever happened to your thriving business when you were cut off by Late Sata you also were on the streets and have now come back preaching about taxation you seriously need to level the playing field and stop thinking that businesses that are legit can subsidize your local street vendors and dealers start with them first and wake up your CG he should not be asleep and think he’s waving that magic wand of his !!!!!

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