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I was thrown out of Chimbokaila prison like a gate crusher-Musenge

Headlines I was thrown out of Chimbokaila prison like a gate crusher-Musenge

I WAS thrown out of Chimbokaila prison by prison warders like a gate crusher when I went to visit the incarcerated UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema, former Copperbelt minister Mwenye Musenge has complained.

And the Zambia Correctional Service commissioner General, Percy Chato has dared Musenge to lodge his complaint to the court of law if he felt agrieved, saying Mr. Musenge should not expect to visit inmates at correctional centres anyhow without following the laid down procedures.

In an interview, Mr. Musenge alleged that some senior officials instructed prisoner warders to block him from visiting the incarcerated UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema on Friday.

Mr. Musenge accused some top officials of having called and threatened a named prison warder to flash him out of the correctional centre before he could visit Mr. Hichilema.

Copperbelt Minister Mwenya Musenge
Former Copperbelt Minister Mwenya Musenge

He explained that they were allowed in and only managed to meet Obvious Mwaliteta, but immediately when he was about to meet Mr. Hichilema, the prisoner warder flashed him out without an explanation.

“After we were allowed in, of course we only managed to meet Obvious Mwaliteta. But unfortunately when I was in the process of meeting HH, I was quickly flashed out.

“I only saw the officer (prisoner warder) receiving what seemed to be a very threatening call and he quickly flashed me out without any explanation. Its quiet sad that we were not even allowed to greet HH,” Mr. Musenge said.

Mr. Musenge said it was unfortunately that despite the court order that people should be allowed to visit Mr. Hichilema, some top officials were defying orders.

But the Zambia Correctional Service commissioner General who was a bit reluctant to comment on the matter dared Mr. Musenge to lodge his complaint to the court if he felt aggrieved.

Mr. Chato who could not refute nor agree with Mr Musenge’s accusations said according to the prison Act, there were lain down procedures when visiting inmates.

“Every visit is subjected to Prison Act 97, no one is allowed to come anyhow without following the laid down procedures.

“You know there is a court order already and I wouldn’t want to comment further, but if Hon. Musenge is aggrieved, let him lodge his complaint to the court of law and then we will explain why he was turned away because we can’t start explaining on the media an issue which a court gave an order.

“The truth is, you don’t expect to visit inmates at correctional centres anyhow without following the laid down procedures,” Mr. Chato said.


  1. Mwenya musenge cipuba. What gain does he want from visiting hh? Pretence ububi. When did Musenge become friends with hh and mwalitole.

    • Musenge was rejected lost terribly and cost pf in chimwemwe. He lost to an independent. Y do losers like hh…

    • “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”
      –Ronald Reagan

    • I sympathize with Hon Musenge but one thing I learn from this episode is for all our Members of Parliament to debate and vote for issues in the House holistically and not on Party lines. They should desist from agreeing with issues that might affect them in due course just because the Bill on the table might have been presented by their political parties. Mr Musenge and Mr Kambwili are today victims of the laws they assisted to formulate during their tenure as MPs.

    • Ba Musenge has gone back to that ka small phone kkkkkk. He used to flash an iPhone 6. What a world!!!

    • Mr. Flush out, he was flushed out from Chimwemwe by an independent, and now flushed out from Chimbokaila, kikikiki. He is trying his luck and trying to make a ressruection to Chimwemwe by aligning himself with UPND. Tough luck mudala. You are lucky you were not sorted out when someone discovered that you were flirting around with his wife. Tizaulula!

    • @1.3 Lombe (MA) – if I follow the stories I recollect that even South African Opposition Leader (Musi Maimane) was blocked to see HH because he was not on the list submitted by HH’s family to the Court for authorized visitors. I DO NOT THINK THAT MUTINTA INCLUDED MWENYA MUSENGE ON THIS LIST???
      Prisoners on treason charges are subject to special laws like limiting the people to visit them. THEY ARE NOT TREATED LIKE THOSE IN CELLS FOR OTHER MINOR OFFENCES. If HH blocked the motorcade of KK or Kamuzu Banda his bones would have been chewed by crockdiles in Shire River by this time. Lungu is behaving in a democratic manner but people want to take advantage. THIS IS WHAT WILL EVENTUALLY TURN HIM AWAY FROM DEMOCRACY. You fight fire with fire.

    • Zamglish –

      flush becomes flash,

      gate crasher becomes gate crusher.

      Me I will become mathar christmas

    • Zambia used to be a Christian country, Wolves in sheep’s skin manipulated the dummy voters and now its Hell.

    • Lungu will surely prove to the world what a tinpot dictator he is. Step by step, day by day, he is exposing himself.

  2. What is in prison act 97? What are those laid down procedures? Shed more light to the public by quoting the exact content.
    To you brother Musenge I just want to inform you that you are simply a victim of Dictatorship which has now swept through all state institutions. This Malawian ruling our nation is a wolf in sheep’s skin. WE ZAMBIANS MUST ARISE AND CONDEMN THIS DICTATORSHIP.

    • So these laid out procedures only apply when it comes to visiting HH, you are all lying you think you will be in those positions until Jesus comes back… what goes around comes around….I can’t wait until that day comes….I have never seen anything like this before: so what is the point of visiting hours….you can all burn in hell….it’s so annoying dealing with people that are not educated on the process or procedures of what they are doing….

  3. Hypocritical for the former Prov Minister. Clearly the visit was not done in good faith. I will be surprised if his current party will not show him the door.

  4. Lungu has really destroyed this country. Since when are people restricted from visiting? Mambilma is the cause of all this because of allowing lawlessness. Who is this judge that ordered restricted visits to HH? Mambilma is the worst Chief Justice or maybe she is the Chief of injustice. Madam please get the country’s laws in order as Zambians we pay you to do the right thing

    • But seriously what is wrong with UPND fellows, if Mwenya Musenge was allowed to see HH they would still be the first to complain and accuse PF of planning evil against their leader.

  5. Zambian politicians are fools and because of greedy, they don’t think beyond today.
    When in power, they don’t champion for laws that are democratic and freedom for all Zambians.
    Then, when out of power, they start complaining about the same laws.
    Look at CK, WK, MM, GBM, etc. – these scums were in power and never did anything to promote democracy and freedom in Zambia.
    Today, MP, FB, KZ, Chanda, Lusambo, etc. are concocting laws specifically targeted to the opposition.
    But when they leave power, the same chaps will start complaining and condemning the same laws they are enjoying today.

  6. All signs of dictatorship are now in full display for everyone to see. It is also very clear that PF are walking a very tight path whose intention is to harm HH. One day we will wake to the news that HH has been killed by WICKED PF and its EVIL Agents.

    • @ K Bwalya
      We have been living under total autocracy since current PF took over. I believe that Sata was not as vindictive as the current despots who are ruling. What you are seeing is an anihilation of democratic values and unfortunately many of the contributors here do not a have a reference possibly due to their young age or ethnic allegiance. In my case UNIP is the reference point. PF is UNIP and one can argue to the contrary but the facts speak for themselves.

  7. Let us not forget that the court requested HH to prepare a list of people to be visiting him, which he did. If Mwenya Musenge is not on that list, prison warders have the authority to bar him from visiting him (HH). Criminals facing treason charges have restricted visitation. Mwaliteta’s case is different and can be visited at any time, within the confines of the law.

  8. This level of intolerance is absurd and should be condemned. If PF have a problem in their member visiting HH in Jail they should expel him from their Party if they so wish but should not interfere with the visit. It is Mr Musenge’s Constitutional Right to visit HH In Jail or anywhere if he so wishes. The PF has violated Mr Musenge’s personal Rights to associate with whoever he so wishes. Its not a crime or sin to visit HH in Jail simply becoz he is the Leader of the Opposition. Its not a crime to pay condolences to your bereaved neighbour simply becoz u are a PF Member and the bereaved’s son was a UPND Member. If yr wife belongs to PF and u the Husband is a UPND Member it doesn’t mean u should divorce your Wife. Such level of thinking and intolerance is backward and should be…

  9. Musenge is on the way out of PF and trying to show that some PF members support UPND. Useless dimwits you risk being thrown in with the Kaponya (HH) who uses his left and right hand simultaneously to pleasure himself everyday of 55 days in prison.

  10. The procedures is not a secret or confidential if it’s like that then it’s not applied to all Zambians we don’t need it .

  11. Iam wondering to myself if Mwenya Musenge was playing drama or he was really serious! Yesterday he was a member of central committee in PF and his speech was all against anything to do with Hakainde and his UPND! Just over night because he was NOT adopted to stand as an aspiring candidate on PF ticket he is getting closer to Hakainde! What cheap politics! Musenge was not adopted to stand because he literally did nothing in his constituency apart from being involved in mealie meal scandal. Bwana just rest before you are caged.

    • Musenge is still a member of the central committee. He was adopted and lost to an independent candidate.

      Where do you get your information. Please correct me when I am wrong.

      By the way these are politics and there is a saying which goes: no permanent enemies in politics. Dora Siliya or GBM, Maebo are good examples



  14. Lawyers representing the suspected criminal hh brought the visitation issue as a preliminary before the court. We all know that this special criminal has restrictions coming from family and courts. If hh died immediately after being seen by musenge the same dimwits condemning would’ve accused the entire pf of being behind it. Upnd supporters can you grow fast please. We are tired of your childishness.

  15. Mr Musenge is crying hahahahahha! CBProvincial minister. Nothing lasts forever. there u are!!!!!

  16. Chato is a pure heap of faeces! He is talking about procedures that don’t exist and which cant even explain himself! Mother fcking imbecile!

  17. you waste your energy ,time, and effort when you compare yourself to others. What happens in another person’s life has no impact and no effect on what happens in yours. life is more fun when you don’t keep score for others.
    Don’t measure yourself with another’s coat. Don’t judge yourself through someone else’s eyes.
    if you want to achieve true greatness , develop greatness in others. There are three keys to more abundant life living : caring for others, daring for others and sharing for others . Assign yourself the purpose of making others happy and thereby give yourself a gift. a good person makes others good.

  18. Ba Musenge muli chipuba icha pelekeshako. I just can’t understand what picture you are trying to portray. From my guess it’s just political stupidity in the name of democracy. If this word ‘Democray,’ could talk, a lot of people would jailed because we spoil it’s meaning. Am also getting a Phd very soon like my friend Mushota. Africa twasebana.

  19. Remindees have there time to visit them. Prison warders only use humanitarian if they allow some on to visit the remandees any other time apart from stipulated visiting hours

  20. It’s true Mwenya Musenge was adopted, but rejected by people in his constituency. See in the picture how he is literally lamenting and almost crying! Kukosa efyo iya!!!

  21. Ba Chilyata, what a sorry being, can we trace him to a mother, no? Maybe not, then where did he come from?

  22. As for Musenge, you are free to join the donkeys, though soon you will realise they have an inner circle of core tribalists. Ask Sampa, Mulenga and others, they are still alive arent they? Do you think that your colleagues are fools? No, they smelt the stench when the donkeys run out of perfume.

  23. Please visit him after leaving prison. The man is innocent. I hope he started writing his book entitled “the way to state house.”

  24. Ba Musenge, do you want your mouth to look like a donkey’s too? Are you going to manage to eat grass?

  25. Whose mouth look like a donkey, Mr Terrible? Surely your terrible as your name.. You have no regard for human life…. Kula mwana….
    Grow my man….

  26. You are lucky that you were thrown out from there because others are kept inside there so do not complain.

  27. Tom and Jerry in Zambia. No body is making sense. Ruling party plus opposition parties totally useless, Awe nalema mwe

  28. This is very sad indeed! The man wished to spend a night in prison and the Prison Warders “sat on his right”. We need volunteers like Mr Musenge to experience prison life once in a while. Hon. Kampyongo, you seem to have a volunteer! Get him!

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