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Dr Hamukale expresses concern on continued use of child guides


Southern Province Minister says he  is concerned about the continued use of children as guides for visually impaired people, as their access to education is affected.
Edify Hamukale said  it  is  disheartening for children to miss school as their visually impaired parents and relatives.

Dr Hamukale said the vice was detrimental to children and their right to education as it  result in a new generation of street kids.

“You are disadvantaging young people by using them as guides. You may not realize it but you are robbing them of an opportunity to be in school,” he said.

He appealed to persons with disabilities not to perpetuate the vice but instead manage the situation to prevent breeding an uneducated crop of future trouble makers.

ZANIS reports that Dr Hamukale said this when he officiated at a capacity building workshop on rights for persons with disabilities, organized by the Human Rights Commission in Livingstone on Monday.

He said government took great interest in protecting the rights of persons with disabilities.

And Human Rights Commission Chief of Information, Education and Training Mweelwa Muleya said disability was part of life and a reflection of human diversity.

Mr. Muleya called for the removal of barriers that prevented persons with disabilities from fully participating in economic activities.

He said the Human Rights Commission was holding workshops countrywide for persons with disabilities (as rights holders); duty bearers and journalists to highlight the rights of persons with disabilities.


Meanwhile, government  says it is  against discrimination of persons with disabilities with regards to employment opportunities.

Dr Hamukale says that even with the required academic qualifications, persons with disabilities were deliberately left out by prospective employers.

Dr Hamukale stressed the need for persons with disabilities to contribute to economic activities as they possessed numerous talents and skills in various fields.

“As government we want to build an all-inclusive society so our appeal to employers is to reserve a particular percentage of available vacancies for qualified persons with disabilities.


  1. “THE Government should seize the offshore accounts into which nearly K400 million Saturnia Regna Pension Trust Funds were illegally transferred to Luxembourg and other European investment havens.
    The money was externalised by the Fund Managers Benefits Consulting Services Limited and African Life Financial Services Limited without the authority of the Minister of Finance as required by law.
    Speaking to the Daily Nation yesterday, one of the Saturnia Regna Pension Fund Trustees revealed that the Board was in complete darkness over the investment.
    Benefits Consulting Services Limited and African Financial Services Limited are owned by Munakupya Hantuba, Hakainde Hichilema and Valentine Chitalu through their holding company Menel Management Services….”

  2. “The Government must immediately seize and take custody of these accounts not only to save the pensioners but for reasons of State security,” he said.
    “We do know the signatories on the accounts, we do not know in whose name the moneys were banked and these moneys could come back to bribe officials in this country or even finance sabotage of our peace and economy,” he said.
    He warned that the amount of money involved is too huge and can be used to destabilize the country and should therefore be under State control as soon as possible because failure to do so would encourage impunity on the part of the culprits.
    Bencon and Aflife are Fund Manager and Fund Administrator for Zambia’s biggest private pension fund, the Saturnia Regna Pension Trust Fund with whom they are locked in a battle…

  3. Statutory Instrument number 141 of 2011 section 11 (1) allows a pension fund to invest up to thirty per cent of its fund size outside the Republic as may be authorized by the Minister under the Act.

    The Trustee implored the government to check the accounts to establish the recipients of any payments which may have been made from the accounts from date of investment, in whose names the payments may have been made, the interest rates applicable and the date of maturity.
    He also requested the government to go beyond an ordinary audit of the fund but to either conduct a forensic audit or even hold a commission of inquiry so that pensioners and other members of the public could be able to present their evidence of wrong doing by the pension fund managers and administrators.

    He said that…

    • Check the names of the shareholders, and this is the guy who is suppose to fight for our freedoms?? This is the guy who is suppose to have a heart for the country?? He and his business partners have denied pensioners their money for over 10 years by using the same legal system he calls corrupt and these greedy bloodthirsty capitalists are on record of even lying to the courts to protect this illegally acquired wealth!! hakainde only cares for his money and the tonga hegemony so he can “sort out” his perceived tribal enemies!!

  4. These are matters that are suppose to be addressed and supervised by the NGOs. But today civil society in Zambia is about politicking and attacking the government. When NGOs came in Zambia, their activities centred around humanitarian matters, NGOs like TASINTHA, SAVE THE CHILDREN etc. Today civil society is a pseudo-political opposition that attacks governments and gives face to the conspiracy theory that NGOs are now tools of western governments that push for regime change and neo-colonialism.
    Edify Hamukale is very right about this worrying state of affairs, it hurts me see my daughter run into her class room while some kilometers later on my way to work a girl my daughters age is begging for K1 while guiding her blind father. WE MUST SUPPORT GOVERNMENT IN THIS NOBLE CAUSE.

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