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Wedson praises Zambia U20 but not the defending

Sports Wedson praises Zambia U20 but not the defending

Chipolopolo coach Wedson Nyirenda has saluted the Zambia U20 teams’milestone run at the2017 FIFA U20 World Cup but had strong words about the teams defence.

Zambai U20 scored as many goals as they scored en route to their debut quarterfinal appearance at the South Korea tournament before 10-man Italy beat them 3-2 on June 5 to deny them a first-ever semifinal slot.

“We looked promising in the first 10 minutes but again our defence didn’t do a good job(against Italy),” Nyirenda said.

“We have been vulnerable at the back in all the games we have played. We have been coming from behind.

“The only thing that sufficed is we have a good attack, but in defence, we have something to think about.”


  1. Big ups guys ba defender bakule balitwipayako honestly but thanks guys you made us proud and may God give you more grace to be able to win again.

  2. They need ka Jose Mourinho to teach them how to pack 11 players in the 18 box for 30 minutes.

    • We thought Mangani Banda would be next Chipolopolo keeper, no foreign club will buy him. Boy not serious, how many goals he allowed?

  3. Well said Wedson. How about merging the under 20 and the senior team, where you consider the under 20 midfield and front line and the senior team defence for all the upcoming matches.

    Yours Tenze


  4. @TENZEBANTHU Soccer doesnt go like that, the U20 boys need to graduate together to senior team , the likes of MBESUMA are OLD legs yes but them be croped out completely and your ones form senior 11, the goalkeeper U20 is too small thin malnourised and looks a virgin in that position we need NSABATA. ok my point is u20 be senior team now , fire both coaches bring HERVE AND BAMWELA FOR SENIOR AND UNDER 20. WE LOST BECAUSE COACH HAD NO CLUE BEING A BLACKMAN ON HOW TO DEAL WITH 10 MEN AGAINST 11. U loose to 10men aiya thus pathetic, cos 9 inside the field means one zambian player is unmarked, so make the italians tired but it was the opposite

  5. The coach cost as the game He should have left from the game against Germany. But thanks guys for giving it your best shot

  6. The coach knew his defenders were the weak link that is why he played to his strength by attacking more. He almost pulled it off kudos to him. The senior team cant be pointing fingers. This is the furthest we have gone as a national team.

  7. We have to get back to the basics of how to defend. We need a veteran coach to help out. Why not try Dickson Makwaza to help the boys on how to defend. I just could not believe the way Italy scored the last goal from a corner. Our defender was ball watching waiting for the striker to hit the ball first. We were told in the olden days not to give chance to strikers but go for the ball first as a defender, even when you were shorter than the striker.I saw our defenders used more tackles in that game than before but the marking, especially fore-checking was poor. Otherwise, our young boys did us proud. Our attack was our greatest strength though it did not turn out to be our best defence in the game against the Italians who were able to use the wings more effectively.

  8. We are requesting a friendly game between main national team and the under 20 national team. God bless Zambia

  9. Create a hybrid.. Mid and attack from U20 with ‘senior’ team defence. Wada Wada has already started working on our senior defence which has not been that great either. The inclusion of local stoppers like Ziyo Tembo and Fackson Kapumbu showed positive signs in the game against Cameroun. We cant keep saying lets graduate the U20s slowly, we all know the boys are in their prime right now, that might not last for very long so lets make the most of it right now.

  10. It is also my second request for the friendly much between under 20 and the senior national team.

  11. zambian team gets to the quarter final of a world cup and bloggers have nothing but bad words for the team..and you all expect the team to believe that fans have their backs.? ? they are Under 20 players people… if this was a senior team playing like so i would understand the fans frustrations not U20 hope this teams qualifies to the next Olympics tournament and go one or two steps further.! patience Mwe bantu. after all zambia is back on the world map.

  12. Its was a good run for the boys and I like how they play punishing defenders when they can! Great work for the boys! Coaching bench let the boys down by poor substitutions. Removing Emmanuel Banda and Boyd Musonda who could mount pressure on the opponents was a death sentence to the team and that was as a result of not reading a game. Marking tight who is the player who has much influence on the game. The coach could not read that even when they were one man down there was no strategy to punish the other team. The team lost because our coach failed to read the game and made poor changes! Period.

  13. The boys played very well and I appreciated their efforts but they were poorly managed, that I beg no apology for that bloggers, its was the state of affairs! That was the fact that the coach should look at again and again. Possibly it will help him in his future endeavors. This is not an insult on the team nor on the coach himself. They are what are called constructive criticisms-health for future reflection! Even when you win people will still warn you of something they found not right.

  14. Zambai U20 scored as many goals as they scored en route????? Ba LT and their never ending sub-editing sicknesses
    Wedson your team cant score. They just know how to draw. These youngsters had a very good mentality for Chipolopolo to learn from. Go and enjoy the attack. A reknowned coach once said it doesn’t matter if they score we should score more than them. Thats football. Juventus the best defensive side in the Champions League, were reminded of the stuupidity of defending by Real Madrid over the weekend.

  15. Spot on Wedson, our defense was suspect, instead of tight marking, we were escorting our opponents to our goal mouth, and once the ball was in our penalty box, we didn’t know how to defend without a sliding tackle, i wonder how we got away without multiple penalties and red cards…

  16. we need to have a coach specifically for the defense, we will call him defensive coordinator and he will be responsible for how the plays.

    • They lacked fundamentals. Chiluya would be a great defender, but he is giving strikers a lot of space and that is not good.

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