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HH’s case before the court is a clear case of injustice of the justice in Zambia-Chihana

General News HH's case before the court is a clear case of injustice of...

IFCC President Bishop Simon Chihana
IFCC President Bishop Simon Chihana
International Fellowship of Christian Churches (IFCC) President Simon Chihana has said the injustice of the justice in Zambia, is a very clear in a case of Hakainde Hichilema matter before the courts of Zambia.

Bishop Chihana said he is compelled to speak again because of the magnitude evidence before the nation outside the courts of law and the first person to break the silence that Hakainde Hichilema had not committed any treason was the head of state himself, followed by Religious Affairs and National Guidance Godfridah Sumaili and the latest President Lungu’s Spokesperson Amos Chanda on Al Jazeera talk show where he gave his views concerning the arrest of Mr Hichilema.

Bishop Chihana said since Amos Chanda is the Special Assistant for Press for the President, it means his views were the views of Mr Edgar Lungu who is the President of Zambia and that also means it is the ultimate official position of Government of the Republic of Zambia, that Mr Hakainde Hichilema President of the UPND is an innocent without even waiting for the courts of law to try and find out if he has a case to answer or not.

“And to my personal view qualify for setting Mr Hichilema free even without taking this injustice of the justice further, the Inspector General of Police has also come out very wondering what led to the arrest of Mr Hichilema in the manner it was done”

“Mr Kanganja openly washing his hands as the chief arresting officer. This leaves me to wonder, why then is Mr Hichilema still in prison cells, who is then responsible for his incarceration and what is the DPP doing about such a foolish and unwarranted act of injustice on an innocent soul and who should be held accountable for such unmeasurable hatred towards Mr Hichilema”

“As men and women that love our country and appreciate our unity and peace that was laid as a great foundation for our country Zambia by our fathers, we urge whosoever is behind the incarceration of our brothers to stop such madness and allow freedom of information, association and religion to reign in our mother land” Bishop Chihana said

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  1. Bishop Simon Chihana talk a lot of nonsense

    He loves the sound of his own voice a wee bit too much

    There is NO INJUSTICE nothing at all

    You do the crime , you must do the time



    • One Zambia One Nation has been eroded almost beyond repair. The dullness of our leaders and PF cadres is such that they don’t even see that this foolishness is dividing our country. We are quite but just know that we are not happy.

    • One Zambia One Nation has been eroded almost beyond repair. The dullness of our leaders and PF cadres is such that they don’t even see that this fo-olishness is dividing our country. We are quite but just know that we are not happy.

    • We are all Zambians, some on this blog are celebrating the injustices on HH’s case, let tomorrow be your day then you will realize that Chihana is right. Amos Chanda was a mess on Aljazeera, what is happening in Zambia is undemocratic and OF leadership should stop this nonsense. It is such a shame that our Justice system has been corrupted instead of being fear to the citizens of the land.
      Even a murder gets bail?? What case did really HH commit that grants no bail? This is abuse of citizens and should be investigated after the PF government is out of office. Whoever is sponsoring such injustices should be held accountable. PF is not immortal, it will collapse just like other parties and leadership we have seen in Zambia.

    • I normally do not respond to this so-called Mushota, but is he or she normal or deranged? Those responsible for arresting HH are washing off their hands, then this so-called Mushota says bla bla bla. My foot, are you a Zambian?

    • The late Michel Sata (MRSRIP) always never missed that point, that all these so called Bishops without traceable ecclesiastical authority are all Fake. Period!

  2. I think Chihana is best placed bishoping than handling legal matters before the High Court.

    • What i find appalling is that when one comments negatively and without making much sense, suddenly the meaning and the direction of the story or article becomes negative. What Bishop Chihana (fake or not) is talking as a Zambian and not as a Bishop. Therefore you PF dander heads who cannot distinguish between red and green or blue and yellow need to pay attention to what the man is saying not his social status. He is a Bishop so what, if it makes sense what he’s saying then you go with that. Mushota is a fake!

  3. The Bishop – is not always a trust worthy man – is the vuvuzela kind of the person. Yes, the court may not have done handled this matter right way but does not mean he – Mr. HH can not be held responsible for wrong doing . The peace of Zambia does not depend on Mr. HH . it depends on the Zambian people.
    Mr. Bishop , do you know how many people are jail that you have not advocated for ? If you mean well you could have shown your track record of advocacy.

    • Held responsible for what mune? Has HH committed any crime…. now nobody knows including the Police Chief almost recusing himself from the case. I find it very hard to understand that people almost become blind when it comes understanding the politics of the nation. HH as a citizen of the Republic of Zambia is entitled to a fair hearing or trial if he is been found guilty to have committed a crime and not to be treated the way he has been treated on a treason charge that is both unfounded and uncalled for. It hasn’t been proven yet that he in fact has committed such a crime. To further add to that our courts cannot prove it either. It’s pure nonsense to suggest HH is evil. The man is innocent so let him go free. One day things will turn the tables and you’all super freaks lazy bums…

  4. Lungu hates HH because of the fact that after spending $10 billion , using illegally the whole GRZ and all the violence he could master, he still had to rig elections.

    Lungu is hurting after spending 10 billion on Zambians he though he was guaranteed the presidency, only to find he is being called a theif.

    HH took on the whole GRZ and lungu still had to rig.

  5. @ MUSHOTA AND ZAMBIAN FOOLISH CITIZEN…TAMUNASHA TALKING NONSENSE DAY IN DAY OUT…MWAIKUTA NI PA COMPUTER…. You are the only ones who didnt know that there is no leadership in Zambia.The Zambia economy is in Shambles at the moment just like your chicken brains…grow up.
    Thank you

  6. The Bishop – is not always a trustworthy man – is the vuvuzela kind of a person. Yes, the court may not have handled this matter right way but does not mean Mr. HH can not be held responsible for wrong doing . The peace of Zambia does not depend on Mr. HH . it depends on the Zambian people.
    Mr. Bishop , do you know how many people are jail that you have not advocated for ? If you mean well you could have shown your track record of advocacy.
    Let us respect those in Authority ….period

  7. Who else is behind HH’s incarceration? It is obvious Lungu is behind it but pretends that the courts will deal with it, when he knows deep down his heart that the Courts have been hi jacked by him too. Bwafya mu Zambia.

  8. Bishop Chihana, you are a pathetic man of the cloth. It is very clear that you do not understand Biblical teachings. Please read the following verses from the Bible: (1) Romans 13:1 (2) Romans 13: 1-7 (3) 1 Peter 5: 5 (4) Ephesians 6: 1-3 (5) 1 Peter 2: 13 (6) 1 Timothy 2: 1-4 (7) Romans 13: 7 (Fred Mmembe should also read this verse) (8) Hebrews 13: 17 (9) Romans 13: 1-14 (10) 1 Corinthians 1: 10-13.
    After you have read them, you will understand what the Bible says about respecting authorities.

    • Quoting scripture does not give a right to those in authority to abuse their subjects. If ECL (authority) says he doesn’t see anything wrong in HH and the Police (authority) also washes their hands…then some invisible hand with wrong authority is behind the arrest of HH this is what the bishop is saying. Christian ordained authority also recognizes and is subject to God’s command to love one another

  9. I have equally been ignoring this erection PHD fake. She has no value to this planet earth.
    All right minded people of the world has seen through this embarrassment the Judicially is allowing to unfold on the local and international platform.

    It just showers what kind of governance we have in the country that does not take into consideration the wealth fare of the nation apart from selfish means.

    This drama needs to be brought to an end for the betterment of the country and its people.

    Channel resources to provision of clean drinking water for all Zambian.

  10. Let the bishop talk people do not insult him he is free to express his views Zambia being a Christian nation we need to forgive our enemies and to love them .Jesus did it when he was on the Gross of Calvary he said father forgive them if Jesus can forgive who killed him who are we? Please God help our nation .

  11. @Zambiana J, wait until your relatives turn comes. You are in a democratic nation and you are speaking nonsense. The Zambia we know will not be there if something goes wrong to HH and your Ka Lungu will one day dance to his music even if it is not HH ruling. God will also judge him harshly for the injustice he has caused in Zambia.

  12. @Fuehrer, you miserable you. Don’t use Scripture out of context for your dictator thief. God is not mocked. Your fake Lungu will burn in hell together with you.

  13. @Posolonivela, the truth hurts! I know how you feel, but it’s the truth, Bishop Chihana is speaking with a forked tongue. Ask him if he has ever condemned the deracination and brutalisation of non-Tongas (Easterners and Northerners) in Namwala and Monze in the wake of the 2016 general elections, who were perceived to be non-UPND supporters. Am sure you know that the answer is a big NO.

  14. UPNDonkeys are full of contradictions every day. Apparently donkeys are incapable of seeing contradictions, or maybe it’s just this breed of donkey because other breeds are consistent with the type of grass they can eat.

    Poor Chihana, has he turned into a donkey too? Or, as UPNDonkeys would say, he has been promised generous tithing by U5 if he comes out of correctiom in one healthy piece??

  15. Atase iwe Posolonivela @16 – what will you do which you have not done already? Ask your friends the arsonists what is happening to them now.

  16. Ba so called Bishop Chihana, you are a man of God .law is law.if you dont have food at your place never say things which are before the court. Let be order in our country. Man of God,you need to be an example to people.prayer always. H H made a mistake by not stoping. and his people were insulting the Head of state .God help

  17. The head is full of alcohol if he CNT hear wat the international community ar saying wat more from a mere person leave him he is stubborn.he shall be answering alone afta leavg office. All those who with him today will of b there

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