Kalulushi Municipal Council honours under 20 striker Enoch Mwepu


Enoch Mwepu
Enoch Mwepu
Kalulushi Municipal Council has honoured under 20 striker Enoch Mwepu with a high cost residential plot for his splendid performance at the on-going under 20 FIFA world cup in South Korea.

Kalulushi Municipal Council Mayor Rashida Mulenga who confirmed the development, says she was delighted that the under 20 Zambia National Soccer team exhibited resilience and endurance throughout their encounter at the world cup.

“The performance of the Under 20 Zambia National Soccer Team at the FIFA World Cup in South Korea is a clear manifestation of patriotism and team work.

On behalf of Kalulushi Municipal Council and indeed on my own behalf I wish to commend the lads for their splendid performance,” she said.

The Mayor says as way of encouraging the young people in the District, the Council has decided to honour Enock Mwepu with the high cost residential plot.

“Enock Mwepu has made us proud as Kalulushi District, especially that he comes from here and he has also made the country proud at large, it is on this premise that the Council has decided to honour him with a high cost residential plot as a way of saying thank you.” She added.

Ms Mulenga says the achievement by Mwepu should inspire would be footballers in the District.
She underscores the need for the district to identify youths who are making a difference in various sporting fields with the view of recognising them.

Ms Mulenga reiterated that the Council remain committed in ensuring that sportsmen and women are recognised for their achievement.


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    This is very good for young Mwepu. These boys have a great future in football. The team needs to work on defensive weaknesses and next world cup, they will be a force to reckon with, after all they are African champions!

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    Italians new that with Mwepu they were going to loose so made sure that he was out of the pitch. Congrats Mwepu for your achievement.

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    This is supported and commended.. In fact, the boy should also be given a farmland in case he wants to venture into farming after retiring from football..

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    Great player. A marvel to watch. Give plots to all other U20 players too.
    England send Italy packing 3 – 1

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    The boys made us proud. Politicians also should always work torwards uniting the country just like under 20 did.

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    Well deserving and other local authorities should emulate kalulushi local authority this is encouraging.

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    Mwepu is the heart of the U-20.
    The best attacking mid-fielder in Zambia for a long time. Now national team graduate and to play for ManU also.
    Thank you Kalulushi!

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    Zambians, need players like Mwepu.to my view he is the best player of on going fifa under 20 world cup in south.k.
    You made us proud Guys

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