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The Winning attitude

Columns The Winning attitude

I have this rare talent that few people are aware of: I can find food, virtually ANYWHERE I go. Doesn’t matter where. Drop me in the remotest village in Ethiopia and I will find something to eat. I will find it in the rain and I will find it in the sun.

A while back we had delved deep (and many hours) into the remotest and poorest part of Grand Kru in Liberia, checking how our work was changing lives.
The 3 other guys in the car said we would not be able to find anything to eat until we got back to Harper city in the evening. I refused to believe that. Sometimes God puts you in the same car with a few Thomases to test you. I knew we would find a place. And it’s not like I looked into a magic horn like a Nigerian ezenwa and saw food. It’s simple: wherever people are still alive, there is food. The quantity or quality may be an issue but it’s food anyway.

As we drove through a village called Sopropoo I finally saw what looked like a ka-ntemba and I asked the driver to stop the car. It was drizzling, and so all the naysayers refused to get out of the car. “We won’t get soaked for nothing,” they whined, as I jumped out of the car to check if there was food being sold.

That kiosk was run by a diminutive of a woman called Kadi. She had a baby strapped on her back as she fried chapatis from a three-stone. I envied her. The baby, not the mother. Imagine growing up, being socialized through the aroma of chapati?

We can’t choose how others see us. But we can choose where we look

I asked Kadi, ” da how many chapati you ge here?” That is the Liberian English version of “how many chapatis do you have here?” She said eight.
I bought everything because I have a “leave no chapati behind” policy. They were hot, smelled heavenly and were so anorexic they couldn’t block sunlight. But we, food lovers, don’t judge our food on size and weight. We accept our food for what it is: thin, fat, brown, white, small, shapeless…all food is equal in the eyes of its maker. And in our eyes.
Back in the car, the smell of the chapatis tormented every nose and the pessimists, with drooling appetites, now wanted to “taste.” I shared, 2 chapatis each, because we, food lovers, are also entrusted with the important responsibility of recruiting others into our club. Plus, we share because there is no joy greater than watching your detractors swallow both their pride and your food at the same time. I won.

Which finally brings me to the main point of this post. Recently Zambia won a match and qualified to the quarter finals, despite the slurring comment of “a country ravaged by HIV/AIDS and poverty” from the commentator. I don’t know the context in which that remark was made. But we won because our eyes were on the ball, not on HIV/AIDS or poverty. Our boys didn’t go onto that pitch wondering if they will find a cure for AIDS or formula to eradicate poverty. They went there believing a win was possible. To some, we went into that game as underdogs. But we played like champions. We can’t choose how others see us. But we can choose where we look. In this case, at the ball.

By P. Sikana
Facebook Post

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  1. which finally brings me to the main point of this post. Recently Zambia won a match and qualified to the quarter finals, despite the slurring comment of “a country ravaged by HIV/AIDS and poverty” from the commentator….. you say

    The commentator was right Sikana, why are you scared of criticisms

    A lot of Zambians have Aids unlike here in Europe!



    • Good piece of sitire!! keep it up. I am sure you were in a company of western chaps that only believe in Mc Donald or KFC when they visit unknown territories. Good lesson you gave them.

    • Madam Mushota, I live and work in the UK NHS to be precise. This country is also ravaged by HIV maybe not Aids there are 600 new diagnosis every day so please don’t show your ignorance on this platform!

    • Mushota get your facts right! The whole world is riddled with HIV the UK has about 600 diagnosis every day. I know this because I work for the NHS. 1 in every 620 people in UK has HIV. Zambia you are doing well don’t let anyone put you DOWN!

  2. Hahaha! Sometimes we need simple real life stories that make us laugh. But seriously I didn’t realize that there are people who call themselves “food lover’s.”

  3. Mushota says A lot of Zambians have Aids unlike here in Europe!
    I hope She is including PF cadres in Zambia. She is excluding herself and banding herself with Europeans. She thinks Europeans have no AIDS…
    Mushota may need to change her name as she seems not to be proud as a African….
    Sometimes, when you stay in a foreign country , you think you are wiser than the people of your original country. Actually , Mushota tend to adore Europeans than Zambians

  4. There is nothing winning about this article. Winners don’t quit. Winners don’t deride others and don’t harbor hatred against enemies…
    Winners are bold but not boastful. they are not crude but calm, cool and collected.
    Winners count on GOD’s promise and not man’s favour. Winners think big and don’t accuse others.
    This article lacks these virtues and many more attributes….

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