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UPND wants Edwin Sakala arrested after he demanded that the UPND be banned in Eastern Province


Secretary General Stephen Katuka
Secretary General Stephen Katuka

The UPND has demanded the immediate arrest of Zambia Direct Democracy Movement President Edwin Sakala after he called for the UPND to be banned in the Eastern Province.

And Mr Sakala has defended his call on the Eastern Province Royal Foundation to ban the UPND from the Eastern Province.

In a letter to Senior Chief Nzamane of the Eastern Province Royal Foundation, Mr Sakala said the UPND should not be allowed to exist in the Eastern Province because it does not mean well for Zambia.

Mr Sakala alleged that the UPND must know the people who were behind the post election violence in Southern Province which was targeted against people from Northern and Eastern Provinces.

He also alleged that the UPND knows the people behind the Man Mau movement which he said is now threatening to kill people of Eastern Province.

And UPND Secretary General Stephen Kakuta said police must arrest Mr Sakala for clearing inciting both tribal and civil war in the country.

In a statement, Mr Kakuta said if Mr Sakala is not arrest, the UPND will conclude that the unprofessional arrest of Hakainde Hichilema is based on tribal, political and personal hatred.

Below is Mr Sakala’s Letter to Paramount Chief Mpezeni

Zambia Direct Democracy Movement
P.O Box 33434

2nd June,2017

Senior Chief Nzamane
Eastern Province Royal Foundation- EPRF

Bayete Nkhosi


Nkhosi , on behalf of the Zambia Direct Democracy Movement- ZDDM which is one of the oldest and most exposed indigenous opposition parties in Zambia after having worked closely and at a personal level with nearly all the past and current political party leaders in the country and indeed leaders of other African countries including the Great Libyan leader Muammer Qaddafi who was assassinated by the same satanic forces now desperately trying to destroy Zambia as it did to Libya.

We wish to start with conveying greetings, our wish for your good health and long life for you and indeed all our beloved chiefs in the Eastern province that include Nkhosi ya Mankhosi Mpezeni and Gaba Undi.

As a party which had a very rare blessing of working on continental and diaspora “Save Africa” committees chaired by the late Muammer Qaddafi (MHSRIP) for 12 years we are greatly saddened that most Africa countries are caught up in the self destruction and re-colonization trap cleverly designed by the same satanic forces which captured our forefathers like animals into slavery and later colonized us.

This satanic force is using some local selfish and greedy Blacks operating as ‘running dogs” under the guise of NGOs and political parties to set Blacks working against each other as can be seen in countries like South Africa where whites are openly using some Blacks to fight the ANC which paid blood for independence.

Unfortunately the South African “Black running dogs” are now trying to export to Zambia their venom of betrayal and treachery to the African independence war vision.

One can not stop recalling what the whites used to say about us as Blacks Africans before independence when we painful watch and hear the South African so called Black opposition parties and unions insult their leaders with whites cheering them on. They don’t realize that the whites are deep down in their hearts laughing at them for being too stupid to realize that they are destroying their own future.

These Blacks don’t realize that it is very easy to destroy than to build because even an idiot can destroy but find it impossible to build as this require thinking.

It is against this background that ZDDM is prompted to write you this letter asking all the chiefs in the province to ban the United Party for National Development- UPND in the province because this party and its white sponsored friends in South Africa do not mean well for Zambia.

The UPND must definitely know who among Its members were behind the cruel attacks and burning of houses belonging to people from Eastern and Northern province after the announcement the last election results and calling themselves Mau mau now threatening to kill people from Eastern province.

The UPND cannot claim that they don’t know the criminals among its members behind this satanic crusade.

Our party is not taking the threats being made against the people from Eastern province in southern province lightly because of what happened in the very recent past.

While calling on the national security network to hunt down these criminals we want the chiefs in Kumawa to ban the UPND until the time when it will expose the members behind this evil scheme. ZDDM however will not allow the people of Eastern province to be caught up in this Satanist plot aimed at fanning chaos and bloodshed in Zambia.

ZDDM is fully aware that this is a last resort and desperate political gimmick by the people trying to divide the nation on tribal line to cause anarchy using termed called Armageddon.

We thank Nkhosi ya Mankhosi Mpezeni for his timely intervention last August when the same group attacked Easterners and Bembas in Southern province.

With this new threat we expect the Chiefs not only to ban the UPND but also to consider treating any Easterner supporting this party for monetary gain as a traitors and enemies of the people of Kumawa.

The question every Easterner should be asking themselves is how a true son of Kumawa can support a party which is campaigning to kill their own people and indeed which beat up and burn houses of their brothers and sisters in its stronghold territory.

ZDDM is also expecting the chiefs in the Kumawa to consider supporting the ZDDM agenda of Zambia adopting a new kind of Federal system which will ensure that each of the 72 tribes in the initial 72 districts govern themselves to close the door of tribalism which the Satanists are trying to use in their desperation to destroy Zambia.

Let each tribe take full responsibility of their own land and development.

This new system will give a chance to all those aspiring for political leadership like the UPND to focus on saving their tribal land being purchased and fenced off by foreigners while they waste time and energy on antagonistic agendas compromising the future of the whole nation.

Kumawa and other provinces will also be able to focus on exploiting the abundant natural resources and defending every piece of land from the satanic forces who are using the divide and rule to set Zambians on a self destruction path.

Nkhosi, ZDDM witnessed how the running dogs of the satanic forces destroyed Libya.

We can now see that the same strategy of demonizing hard working leaders like Presidents Jacob Zuma and Edgar Changwa Lungu which they used to fan hate and mistrust for leaders like Saddam Hussein and Muammer Qaddafi who they portrayed as demons and dictators is already repeating in South Africa which is also trying to export their betrayal of the African vision to Zambia.

We cannot allow this demonization trick to work against our president Edgar Lungu who is a hard working, honest and committed democrat hence our commitment to stop this evil force from repeating what it did to Iraqi and Libya in this part of Africa.

We don’t want Zambia to end up in ruin with thousand killed including the running dogs with their families as it happened in the once shinning Libya all because of a few selfish and greedy money hungry individuals belonging to political parties like UPND which are daring fate by entertaining thoughts of committing crime against humanity.

Edwin Sakala

ZDDM President

Below is the UPND’s response






Fellow country men and women,

We would like to call on the Inspector general of police, Mr Kakoma Kanganja to with immediate effect arrest the Zambia Direct and Democracy Movement Leader, Mr Edwin Sakala over his public statement that our party members have been killing people from Eastern province but living in Southern province, and that Chiefs from Eastern province must ban our party and punish anyone from Eastern province supporting our party in that region.

Mr Sakala is clearly inciting both tribal and civil war in the country and if the police are professional, they must take action against him before citizens begin maiming each other following his statement.

We urge the Police to take action against Mr Sakala as he has clearly committed what we may call a treasonous offense and Mr Kanganja must deploy his officers just like he did to our party President, Hakainde Hichilema who did not commit any offense.

UPND is a party with a national character and currently has Members of Parliament, Mayors, Council Chairpersons and Councillors in Southern province drawn from across the country and really our party has no time for trivial issues such as what Mr Edwin Sakala is hallucinating about.

We want to challenge Mr Sakala to tell the nation which party in this country can be compared to the UPND on issues of embracing people from other regions and eventually elevating them to top leadership.

We also would like to challenge Mr Edwin Sakala to show us which other province has MPs or Mayors from other provinces other than our party, the UPND.

Mr Edwin Sakala further alleges that there is a group called Mau Mau in southern province that is killing people from Eastern province, well we once again call on the Police not to look any further but Mr Sakala because seemingly he has information if not part of the scheme aimed at victimising the people from that province.

As a responsible party, we will also be reporting Mr Edwin Sakala to the Police over his unpalatable but well calculated divisive and civil war promoting statement as he is praising the PF and its leaders over misfortunes.

If Mr Edwin Sakala is not arrested by the Police, we will once again conclude that the unprofessional arrest of our party President, Mr Hakainde Hichilema is based on political, tribal, and personal hatred ground.

Our party, will always embrace everyone including those that don’t believe in democracy because ours, is to move this country forward.

Stephen Katuka
UPND Secretary General.



  1. I have read your hate mail, i think you not the first and last to bring out this hate in public, if you feel you are man enough there better ways of handling such issues instead of using the media.

    • Nonsense, if they is anyone to be arrested its GBM who has run away.

      Furthermore, discuss developmental issues not looking for cell mate for HH.

      Keep HH behind bars please.

    • This Sakala~nyongo~ should be arrested forthwith to his unpalatable & disgusting tribalistic remarks of wako Ni wako quagmire caused by PF stupidity. Check the tribalism exhibited at the under 20 soccer world cup team of Zambia~its wako Ni wako team of tribalists.
      By the way, how much is mealie meal in eastern province where people are now surviving on mice or rats?
      The Skeleton Key

  2. Sakala sounds like a dangerous element for sure. Just look at his friends; Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, etc

    • I see no difference between Sakala’s remarks and that of Southern chiefs when they demanded the release of HH, calling him their son! Both remarks were tribal!

  3. Dripping with rage and hate but not entirely misplaced as regards the evil schemes of the Muzungu.

    Whites are not yet done with us despite the abolition of slavery and apartheid. They will lose no opportunity to get it out on us through their cronies, exploiting cracks in our cohesion. But until we fix our lot by eliminating poverty, and throw away the begging bowl, our former masters won’t go away any time soon.

    Aside this point about the Muzungu, Sakala has his reasoning clouded by unbridled anger. Except for his incendiary and fiery proposition, his letter makes a profoundly good reading. And isn’t it well-crafted, too.

  4. Preaching Hate speeches is a crime becoz it can lead to tribal and regional conflict and Civil War. Under a normal Constitutional Democracy Edwin Sakala would be arrested and tried in Court for Treason. Edwin Sakala wants to destroy our Moto: One Zambia One Nation. He is preaching division of the Nation and inciting violence among tribes. This is very dangerous for our Nationwood. The PF should denounce this nosense from Edwin Sakala. By remaining quiet they are encouraging Tribal conflicts and Divisions. After UNPD reports Edwin Sakala to ZPS Kanganja should arrest this man for spewing Hate speeches likely to cause tribal conflict leading to a Civil War.Lets unite rather divide the Nation. In Unity there is strength and divided we Fall.

    • Mr.Sakala has pointed out the truth.Is it not true that people from other provinces were attacked in southern Province.This evidence has been taken jokingly by united party for national destruction, it doesn’t see this to division A lot of nasty things have happened in SP based on tribe.In addition the leaders in this party have poisoned the minds of the people in SP to be against the government.Mr.Sakala’s calls must be looked at with serious minds.The satanists, colonialists indeed have come in a differernt form using different approaches.The business people, blacks, liked united party for national destruction leaders doing exactly what Mr. Sakala has outlined.However, this should not lead to banning them as it will tantamount to tribalism.This will in turn fulfill what united party…

  5. I’m a Bemba by tribe according to my research we are being used by the people from eastern province and we are busy insulting our brothers in southern province. we need to work up we are sleeping. look today a percentage of people who have been appointed are from eastern province. in fact those people they did not help us in all elections in the history of Zambia we have been having. Chiluba was not voted for they voted for UNIP Kaunda from Malawi same to Sata they voted for MMD because of Rupia Banda. If I take you back during election between Sata and Rupia after the death of Mwanawasa. Rupia was preaching to the people of Eastern Province that wako ni wako meaning your tribe’s people is your people again he did the same this year to Edger Lungu. why is that Rupia and Kaunda is…

  6. Kaunda is supporting Lungu. the people in southern province they voted for Chiluba. Look what Dora silya was insult Sata. Where is Chibomba Milimo was treated badly by Ruphia Banda. Ruphia wanted to do away with all the bemba’s in the MMD. We bemba’s we are being used like Robots we no long keeping our remote controls. Lets us work up we are sleeping.
    they failed to prosecute people you recruited to remove human parts from innocent Zambians just to sacrifice to win elections you are even calling for prayers. no sense please UPND don’t get involved

  7. @5 nichchands, if you paint all Easterners with one brush like that, what makes you different from Sakala?

    A very cold shower would have helped to contract your hurting soul. Try it whenever you feel like wanting to punch the hell out of the next person you meet. It helps to balance your faculties.

  8. Stop embarrassing us naimwe ba Sakala. If you ban upnd from eastern, how different are you then from hakainde’s tribal grouping that wanted to eliminate non-tongas/pf from southern province? Leave them alone, just decampaign their ka god so that he never sees the inside of plot 1 because I can’t imagine what Zambia would be with Kalusa as President.

  9. I always thought Edwin sakala had brains in his head. He wants to lead this country one day and yet he can not do away with his old fashioned mind set.
    Sakala should never bring the name of Gawa in his senseless political failures. You are a big shame to Easterners. Look how tribal you are. You don’t even realize that Zambia is a multiparty democratic state. Just drop your foolish ideas and learn to consult widely. You have said too much rubbish in your hate speech – for which you deserve to be arrested for a serous crime.
    Ask yourself whether the chiefs that support you can even influence the people of the entire province in modern times. How many people do they have? How many are you triblists? You are just a handful of misguided individuals who think the rest of Easterners are under…

  10. Sakala will not be arrested, we have selective justice in Zambia, do you think if katuka was to stage a one man protest near state house like what savour chishimba did yesterday he would be talking to us today? I remember Silvia masebo one time after coming from a court session tried to walk from court premises to UTH, she was arrest for breach of piece, this the Zambia we in today, just ask katuka to do what savour chishimba did, you will see the selective Zambia we are living in today.

  11. Stephen Katuka and his UPND is now feeling the heat of his Party’s Mau Mau threats to kill Easterners working and living in Southern Province. Besides, we expected UPND to have cleansed its name by promptly disassociating itself from the Mau Mau threat. If UPND cared to instill peace in Zambia, it could have handed over the group to the Security Systems.

    Many Easterners have been traumatized by UPND’s Mau Mau – and hence prompted to react appropriately. Such threats are similar to the birth of genocide in Rwanda. The Mau Mau killings could escalate to include even the killings of moderate Tongas and all Tongas married to Easterners.

  12. Mr. Sakala you don’t correct a wrong by doing wrong, what you wrote about banning UPND from Eastern Province is totally wrong now you are also behaving like them. Let the people judge them individually nobody has got the right to tell anyone what to do not even you.
    The problem with UPND is they have never agreed to anything even if it is plain white they will say it is black. What happened in Namwala, burning of state buildings, announcing at public rallies that UPND is for Tongas, etc. all these have been happening publically but they still refuse. HH announced before elections that if he won’t win he will refute the results and that is what happened but to them it is nothing. UPND should learn to accept when they are wrong that will be the first step for them to take, also should…

    • Why are you wasting your time on LT, when you should be thinking about money by writing fiction stories, do you know how much the authors of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings have made, stop mau mau around in Zambia, think money and not hate ba guy, what a wasted talent.

    • Lemba, correct.Even those supporting it have given ablind eye and deaf to all those nasty incidences.The papers and social mediate have also not taken a keen interest, to explore this satanic behaviour from the moron and is supporters.
      I totally agree with you that a wrong can’t be corrected with awrong, so suggesting banning it should not even thought of as a solution.

  13. UPND should learn to accept when they are wrong that will be the first step for them to take, also should condemn their own when they do something wrong otherwise no matter what they say none will listen to them.

  14. Mr Sakala is not honest. Let him not think that Zambia belong to him and his friends. It is sad we have such people aspiring for public office.
    Mr Sakala must not claim to be holier than many Zambia.
    We all need to fear GOD and love one another.
    Mr Edwin Sakala is a brother of Richard Sakala , the owner of DAILY NATION. The Sakala brothers must not hold such extreme views of certain tribes that they can wish the death of certain tribes. Have a look at the DAILY NATION and its coverage of other tribes or people perceived to be Government ‘s opponents…
    Let us pray for the Sakala brothers and national leaders

    • He has simply stated the truth.What is bad, however, is the suggestion of banning the moron’s party based on tribe.

  15. Let’s go back in time when there was no UPND, was there brotherhood in the country? Yes, we used to travel to southern province, eastern province, western province, northern province, northwestern province freely. But alas this is slowly turning away. What a shame and what a curse this UPND has brought to Zambia.

  16. “Mr Katuka said if Mr Sakala is not arrested then the UPND will conclude that the arrest of HH is based on tribal, political and personal hatred”.
    1. But the UPNDonkey party has already stated that the arrest of U5 is based on above.
    2. If not, is Katuka then admitting that the arrest of U5 is based on breach of the Zambian laws?
    3. What offence has Sakala committed, to demand the banning of UPNDonkeys in EP has become an offence, which laws?
    4. Going by the well documented doctrine of UPNDonkeys alone, Sakala cannot have committed an offence. Because according to this breed of donkeys, breaking the law is not an offence but rather an exercise of their human rights and civil liberties.

    Come on UPNDonkeys, what exactly do you stand for even as donkeys? That whatever law…

  17. Come on UPNDonkeys, what exactly do you stand for even as donkeys? That whatever law U5 breaks is in order because he is the son of Chief Mukuni and immune to prosecution?

  18. Just learnt that the committal of HH to the High Court for treason will proceed. Apparently the case he has lodged with Concourt and High Court challenging the legality of the treason evidence is to demand financial compensation. Maybe to raise some money to pay his burgeoning legal invoices from his lawyers for his various cases. Sign that his finances are cracked?

  19. It is plain wrong to respond to Sakala’s letter in one breath or in a single blanket statement, especially that it raises many important questions. The best approach is to dissect it and react likewise. So as I see it, the letter poses the following pertinent questions:-

    — Did the Southern Province experience incidences of ethnic vendettas in the wake of the last election?
    — If so, did the UPND take a strong stance against such reprehensible behavior within its stronghold?
    — Did UPND unambiguously disown such perpetrators of ethnic violence and surrender them to the police?
    — Is Sakala in order to call his tribesmen to arms against UPND in consequence of the violence (if any) targeted on North-Easterners following the 2016 election?
    — Are power countries responsible for…

  20. Cont/-
    — Are powerful or Western countries or govts responsible for the breakdown of Iraq, Libya, etc?
    — Do foreign elements (Western Capitals) have a hand in the political turmoil across Africa?
    — Is Sakala simply mentally deranged and unstable?

    LET US ADDRESS OURSELVES TO THESE QUESTIONS before we entirely rubbish Sakala’s letter.

  21. 8 Chalo Nkhanza this how the easterners is (a) Easterners are generally 20 good people and easy to dominate since they like boot-licking their bosses and always trying to be goodie-goodie to their bosses, and reporting on their friends every time. As a result, Easterners were known to make very good servants and security guards during the colonial days. However, Easterners are also known to be very vindictive and they never forget if offended, waiting for the right time to hit back vigorously. Their women are “well taught”, and they are very popular among Zambian men. In the olden days, a number of Eastern women would also date those Asian business men of Chipata, though the African Easterners never tasted a single Asian woman in return. But, alas, the African Eastern m! en accepted…

  22. Sekanti @17. You are right. When Chi Hakainde came on the scene Zambia has never been the same. He has brought hatred, division and total confusion. Mazoka was not like this. UPND Under this chap has brought a curse on our Nation indeed and UPND papers are ignorantly reporting that Zambia is in a mess yet it is their party that has caused these problems. Wickedness at its worst. God help us

  23. @ 23 nichchands, I like the part where you say Eastern “women are “well taught”, and they are very popular among Zambian men.”

    Very popular, ka? Bali bad, bukulu?

    Tell me more, Bro.

  24. These Sakala brothers aweh mwandi. They specialize in hate. Like that ka newspaper trying to become the new Fred Mmembe. Is the whole family mentally disturbed or what?

  25. Katuka is foolish so he thinks having gbv as vice president does not show tribalism. Ba united party for pompous destruction, this country is divided all bcoz of you. Ecl is open to say kind words abt this divided country but u pretend as if u dont know. People were displaced and beaten bcoz they supported in Patriotic Front in which ecl beat sa..ta..ni..st hh.

  26. Ba Terrible , you are terrible as your nickname…. Very Terribly terrible…. Kindly change your name as SAINT just like Saul changed to Paul to reflect a new birth in the LORD.
    Hope you will truly repent and bear fruit of righteousness.
    Currently , you are too much wordy in that one can tell you have a deep spiritual problem….
    REPENT OR PERISH in your sins.

  27. ciwamila galu? You chaps put that moron’s picture in your offices instead of the head of state and you weren’t arrested. Just sit down and keep quiet.

  28. Very correct Sekanti HH will win an Oscar award for interrupting our peace and dividing this country. It is not UPND but HH. When Anderson and his friends formed UPND there was no such nonsense but immediately this satanic came in everything went sour.
    By the way when did he marry Mazoka’s daughter? Can it be the reason why he was picked? Nishi balimupyanika mwaa? If so then they are all the same.

  29. I can assure you No one will arrest Edwin Sakala…Instead KATUKA IS LIKELY TO BE ARRESTED for talking. Sad zambia !!!!!

  30. Am so disappointed by the backing of SAKALA, this is really stupid. he must be arrested and charged for treason. this is more a treasonable offense than that of HH.

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