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Government appeals to Turkey to equip ZANIS and ZNBC

General News Government appeals to Turkey to equip ZANIS and ZNBC

Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services and Chief Government Spokesperson kampamba Mulenga
Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services and Chief Government Spokesperson kampamba Mulenga

Government has asked the Turkish government to help equip the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) and the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) to address the institutions’ operational challenges.

Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Kampamba Mulenga says Turkey is a strategic European country as it is one of the emerging market economies which Zambia can learn from to develop its media and information industry.

ZANIS reports that the Minister was speaking when Turkish Ambassador to Zambia Sebnem Incesu paid a courtesy call on her at her office.

She thanked Turkey for its continued support and cooperation to the media and information sector as well as other sectors.

And Ms Mulenga assured the Turkish Ambassador that Zambia has continued to remain a haven of peace and stability contrary to negative media reports locally and abroad.

She said the number of Presidents and foreign dignitaries that have visited recently can attest to the fact that Zambia is a peaceful environment.

Meanwhile, Turkish Ambassador to Zambia Incesu said her country is ready to deepen the cooperation with Zambia in the media and information sector.

Ms Incesu has however asked Zambia to finalize the media and information agreements between the two countries in order to address the challenges faced by the media industry.

She said her country wants to share its media expertise with Zambia for purposes of addressing challenges faced by the Zambian media.

The Envoy disclosed that her country is ready to offer exchange programmes and training for media personnel for purposes of developing the media industry.


  1. Our attitude, me inclusive is not good as Zambians. There are a lot of Zambians with money who can invest in our own Country, but we’re not patient people. We like fast money. We don’t believe in long term investment. We like get rich quick type of business. We have a sangwapo mentality.

    We also like everything foreign. We are not patriotic. We don’t love ourselves, and we love other countries more than our own it’s like we gave up on our country. That’s why we make it difficult for our political leaders to govern, because we are not working with them.

    • Miss Minister honestly sure ukulomba no insoni sure?
      First question here is how come ZNBC, with a huge customer base and a lot of advertisement on ZNBC TV fails to buy good equipment? ZNBC also gets TV levy from the public. Surely where does all this money go?
      Until you leaders stop misusing money, these GRZ companies will remain a big burden on the public. Bunda bwakulomba lionse sure.

    • PF where are you taking the K3s we pay every month. Stop begging at every corner. Where is the sovereignty much talked about if all you do is borrowing and begging.

    • @Lombe, thanks for posting such a honest comment. I agree with every one of them. Actually, on a personal level, I decided long ago to do what Zambians do not usually do – to love and serve my country with honor. I do not care who gets the credit. I care only about how many minds I can guide to success and prosperity. I have lots of hope and I truly believe the best is yet to come. As an example, look at our U20 FB team, their performance shows that when we unite and have a sense of common purpose, we can achieve success. Focus, discipline and respect for one another are key success attributes.

    • This is Madness. So what is the point of this Chinese Topstar deal. The sign crappy deals on one end and still go with a begging bowl on the other. 🙁

    • Going to every Jim and Jack with a begging bowl in hand…., Given the money you continue looting resources. You use the same media to silence the opposition….. and when you are called out, you claim to be a sovereign country hahahaha
      That is Africa for you

    • They like to extend their begging hand to every light skinned person they see. very shameful indeed.

  2. Ask TopStar.. What type of deal did you make with TopStar which doesn’t take care of other needs at znbc. The decoders are not free but you tell them to collect revenue for 25 yrs. Come on help ZCCM-IH to collect money from First Quantum Minerals first before asking for help

  3. A detailed breakdown of how the 3pin collected monthly is needed and a move from the usual news item line up 1 president edger chagwa lungu 2 vp inonge 3 first lady easter 4 lusambo/kamba/kampyongo/fr bwalya/mumbi should stop and rather engange cooperating parters on how to clean our cities and towns,creat tangable employment, health care, promote tourism there must be a buzz in the country of progression not only political ones.
    Ba PF you are failing

    • …..And these are the people they are insulting that they can go to hell with their aid.. wonders shall never end!!!

  4. Constantly begging without shame …what happened to that £250 m Chinese Star deal. Useless fooools

    • And some F.OOL who happens to be a president says no one can dictate to us….

  5. Where does she get such mandate? Its embarrassing to say the least. Botswana TV started recently but its way better the ZNBC. South Africa had no TV until 1976 but you can’t compare SABC to ZNBC, ours is way below par. Our state media is a shame.

  6. The government should stop begging unnecessarily. We have engineers at ZNBC, why dont you assist them by way of giving them money at the right time they improve services? There is the k3 levy per TV where dose this go? Watch PRIME TV, you will be impressed the way the news is cast. They do not just read the news but you also watch the news. At ZNBC only when the president is being talked about do you see the pictures. Firstly why is the first lady so important now when her office and role are not constitutional? Uku kwiba.Who is paying for her hotel bills, flights and security?

  7. When I see a minister behaving like this, It reminds me of what Kaponyas do in street corners in town everytime they see a white man. They will always ask for money from any Muzungu even from the poor ones. So this attitude extends even to government ministers who think every time they see a white man, then it’s time to ask for money or some other type of help. I thought you sold ZNBC to the Chinese? We need accountability on how TV levy is used by ZNBC. The biggest crisis in this country is that we don’t hold anyone accountable when it comes to financial matters. ZNBC is now a propaganda tool which we’re even failing to watch as if we don’t pay TV levy.

  8. Its embarrassing. Her government just wasted K2,000,000 on a useless ICC survey and here she is begging for equipment publicly its embarrassing to this country. After that if Turkey were to say release HH some cadre here will start screaming ati we are independent. Its shameful!!!!

  9. Turkish are not white people or Turkey is not a European country. It borders Iran in the East, Syria in the south, then in the west is a big sea that separates the border with Greece. There are like Arabs or Persians but lithe majority like to dress western style, so in Africa or Zambia particular there are white from the west. Shame !! That’s why you always accept mediocrity type of governance. Turkey is a Muslim nation. There are muslims and Kurds. So when they look white in Zambia because the majority are dark your conclusions are Turkey is a European country big NO NO . Is Muslim country in the Midfle East.

    • Check countries that make up European continent before you expose your ignorance to everyone. Turks came from Japheth, one of the three sons of Noah. Genesis 10 says Japheth is the father of Europeans (Caucasians). Turks may have embraced Islam but they are not Arabs.
      The Seven Japhetic Nations:
      I. Gomer (The Cimmerians) settled north of the Black Sea, but afterwards his descendants probably occupied Germany, France, Spain and the British Isles.
      2. Magog (The Scythians) lived north of the Caspian Sea.
      3. Madai (The Medes) settled south of the Caspian Sea.
      4. Javan (The Ionians or Greeks) Javan is the Hebrew name for Greeks, they settled in Greece.
      5. Tubal (The Turks) lived south of the Black Sea.
      6. Meshech (The Slavs) lived between the Black and Caspian Seas,
      7. Tiras (The…

    • @JM. You’re dull. Firstly turkey and Russia are the only countries that are both in Europe and Asia. When he says a white man, he’s using colour to describe a person not ethnicity. You’re the type that worships other races. You seem to be suggesting that turks are not whites so they shouldn’t be treated as such. All humans are made equal and I can’t see where ZESCO Mabumba has suggested anything that says he respects people because of the colour of their skin

    • JJ and JM Why are you wasting valuable time arguing about whether Turks are European or not? And who says Moslems cant be European? JJ I hope you have equally detailed knowledge as you post here on the Lamba, the Lenje, the Kaonde the Luvale, the Swaka, the Ila, the Bemba, the Nsenga. You need to know your country best before you start reciting other people’s heritage

  10. What about investment rather than begging? Is the President ready to sign for Sapir’s investment to ZCCM and help this great country grow?

  11. Nice dress Kampamba, also sits well on you. We dont have such in our party only Silva masebo imagine.

  12. Where is Munone, Nubian princess, peter and uncle Charles? What’s your comment on this Pf vagrancy please.

  13. Dont these people get embarrassed? China please help! Turkey please help! And what happens when China starts a war with Mozambique and DeadNBC have to report on this? The DeadNBC reporter will give us China’s version of the invasion. He wont be balanced.

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