Monday, May 20, 2024

India to send its potential investors to Zambia


India’s PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry has announced intentions to send an Indian business delegation to Zambia targeting energy, construction, tourism and agriculture sectors.

PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry Secretary –International Affairs NIRAJ NIRAJ says his members view Zambia as one of the best investment destinations in Africa because of the favorable policies and habitable people.

Mr. NIRAJ said this when he paid a courtesy call on Zambia’s High Commissioner to India JUDITH KAPIJIMPANGA at the Zambian Mission in New Delhi.

And Mrs. KAPIJIMPANGA says Zambia is ripe for tangible investments and activities aimed at promoting the growth of the Small and Medium Enterprises- SMEs.

Mrs. KAPIJIMPANGA who is also accredited to Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Maldives and Singapore however, says the Country does not want investors who travel simply for speculative purposes.

“Zambia is in need of investment in various sectors to create jobs especially for the youths, who are the majority,” Mrs. KAPIJIMPANGA said.

The Zambian top envoy in India has also urged other Indian investors to go through the Mission for them to find it easier when they travel as key stakeholders would be informed to avoid swindling them.

This is according to a statement released by First Secretary Press and Tourism at the Zambian Mission in New Delhi, India, Bangwe Naviley.


  1. They will bring shop keepers only with their own staff.

    This is a way of getting rid of unemployment in India.

    It’s a win win situation for them.

    Let the unemployed indians come and open shops and send all profits back to Zambia.

  2. Imagine a statement that unless investors go thru the mission” so key stakeholders dont SWINDLE them” she is saying that we swindle investors. Great way to attract potential investors… I dont think so.
    Please as zambias representative abroad paint us in a good light.

  3. No Country owns Investors. There is no way India can send investors to Zambia becoz Investors and their Capital look for investment opportunities. Investors are risky averse so they will not invest their money in a Lawless Country where there is Poor Governance, Gross Human Rights Violations. Zambia at present is not an investment destination becoz of illegitimacy and lawlessness. The Zambian Economy is on free fall with no Foreign Aid and Capital inflows. With the arrest of HH and imprisonment on fake Treason Charges the $1.6 billion Loan that the Lungu govt wanted from the IMF is now off the Table and International Sanctions await Lungu and his Criminal Advisers.

  4. We will come to Jambia and:
    1) Teach you how to run a seccessing business
    2) Teach you how to work hard
    3) Teach you how to become honest, and not stealing, and
    4) Make you good cityzens

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