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Zambia Police warn ZDDM President Edwin Sakala for making eckless statements


Esther Katongo
Esther Katongo

Zambia Police have warned Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDDM) President Edwin Sakala to desist from making reckless statements.

Police Public Relations officer Esther Mwaata Katongo revealed that the opposition leader was today summoned and he availed himself at Zambia Police Service Headquarters today the 9th June, 2017 at 14:00 hours in connection with a document attributed to him entitled “KUMAWA CHIEFS MUST BAN UPND”.

Recently, the UPND demanded for the immediate arrest of Zambia Direct Democracy Movement President Edwin Sakala after he called for the UPND to be banned in the Eastern Province.

Here is a short statement issued by the police spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo:

09TH JUNE, 2017 – We summoned the President for Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDDM), Mr Edwin Sakala who availed himself at Zambia Police Service Headquarters this afternoon at 1400 hours in connection with a document attributed to him entitled “KUMAWA CHIEFS MUST BAN UPND”. We have since Warned him to desist from making reckless statements.


And now the letter to Paramount Chief Mpezeni attributed to Edwin Sakala below:

Zambia Direct Democracy Movement
P.O Box 33434

2nd June, 2017

Senior Chief Nzamane
Eastern Province Royal Foundation- EPRF

Bayete Nkhosi


Nkhosi, on behalf of the Zambia Direct Democracy Movement- ZDDM which is one of the oldest and most exposed indigenous opposition parties in Zambia after having worked closely and at a personal level with nearly all the past and current political party leaders in the country and indeed leaders of other African countries including the Great Libyan leader Muammer Qaddafi who was assassinated by the same satanic forces now desperately trying to destroy Zambia as it did to Libya.

We wish to start with conveying greetings, our wish for your good health and long life for you and indeed all our beloved chiefs in the Eastern province that include Nkhosi ya Mankhosi Mpezeni and Gaba Undi.

As a party which had a very rare blessing of working on continental and diaspora “Save Africa” committees chaired by the late Muammer Qaddafi (MHSRIP) for 12 years we are greatly saddened that most Africa countries are caught up in the self-destruction and re-colonization trap cleverly designed by the same satanic forces which captured our forefathers like animals into slavery and later colonized us.

This satanic force is using some local selfish and greedy Blacks operating as ‘running dogs” under the guise of NGOs and political parties to set Blacks working against each other as can be seen in countries like South Africa where whites are openly using some Blacks to fight the ANC which paid blood for independence.

Unfortunately the South African “Black running dogs” are now trying to export to Zambia their venom of betrayal and treachery to the African independence war vision.

One cannot stop recalling what the whites used to say about us as Blacks Africans before independence when we painful watch and hear the South African so called Black opposition parties and unions insult their leaders with whites cheering them on. They don’t realize that the whites are deep down in their hearts laughing at them for being too stupid to realize that they are destroying their own future.

These Blacks don’t realize that it is very easy to destroy than to build because even an idiot can destroy but find it impossible to build as this requires thinking.

It is against this background that ZDDM is prompted to write you this letter asking all the chiefs in the province to ban the United Party for National Development- UPND in the province because this party and its white sponsored friends in South Africa do not mean well for Zambia.

The UPND must definitely know who among Its members were behind the cruel attacks and burning of houses belonging to people from Eastern and Northern province after the announcement the last election results and calling themselves Mau mau now threatening to kill people from Eastern province.

The UPND cannot claim that they don’t know the criminals among its members behind this satanic crusade.

Our party is not taking the threats being made against the people from Eastern province in southern province lightly because of what happened in the very recent past.

While calling on the national security network to hunt down these criminals we want the chiefs in Kumawa to ban the UPND until the time when it will expose the members behind this evil scheme. ZDDM however will not allow the people of Eastern province to be caught up in this Satanist plot aimed at fanning chaos and bloodshed in Zambia.

ZDDM is fully aware that this is a last resort and desperate political gimmick by the people trying to divide the nation on tribal line to cause anarchy using termed called Armageddon.

We thank Nkhosi ya Mankhosi Mpezeni for his timely intervention last August when the same group attacked Easterners and Bembas in Southern province.

With this new threat we expect the Chiefs not only to ban the UPND but also to consider treating any Easterner supporting this party for monetary gain as a traitors and enemies of the people of Kumawa.

The question every Easterner should be asking themselves is how a true son of Kumawa can support a party which is campaigning to kill their own people and indeed which beat up and burn houses of their brothers and sisters in its stronghold territory.

ZDDM is also expecting the chiefs in the Kumawa to consider supporting the ZDDM agenda of Zambia adopting a new kind of Federal system which will ensure that each of the 72 tribes in the initial 72 districts govern themselves to close the door of tribalism which the Satanists are trying to use in their desperation to destroy Zambia.

Let each tribe take full responsibility of their own land and development.

This new system will give a chance to all those aspiring for political leadership like the UPND to focus on saving their tribal land being purchased and fenced off by foreigners while they waste time and energy on antagonistic agendas compromising the future of the whole nation.

Kumawa and other provinces will also be able to focus on exploiting the abundant natural resources and defending every piece of land from the satanic forces who are using the divide and rule to set Zambians on a self destruction path.

Nkhosi, ZDDM witnessed how the running dogs of the satanic forces destroyed Libya.

We can now see that the same strategy of demonizing hard working leaders like Presidents Jacob Zuma and Edgar Changwa Lungu which they used to fan hate and mistrust for leaders like Saddam Hussein and Muammer Qaddafi who they portrayed as demons and dictators is already repeating in South Africa which is also trying to export their betrayal of the African vision to Zambia.

We cannot allow this demonization trick to work against our president Edgar Lungu who is a hardworking, honest and committed democrat hence our commitment to stop this evil force from repeating what it did to Iraqi and Libya in this part of Africa.

We don’t want Zambia to end up in ruin with thousand killed including the running dogs with their families as it happened in the once shinning Libya all because of a few selfish and greedy money hungry individuals belonging to political parties like UPND which are daring fate by entertaining thoughts of committing crime against humanity.

Edwin Sakala

ZDDM President


  1. RB is to blame on this, he started the Wako ni Wako nonsense which has killed the Zambian values. Unfortunately, president Lungu has never been seen to condemn such reckless statements enjoying the notion that easterners should never vote for any candidate apart from an easterner or Bemba from the North.
    It is a shame that the One Zambia One Nation initiative by KK and our founding fathers, that has seen Zambians to love one another is on the verge of collapse because of greed and selfishness by the PF leadership. Young Zambians should wakeup and reject such sentiments.

    • Sakala for a penny from Pf you want to get rid of Tongas. AS for police, if this statement was from a Tonga, you would have gone for their throat at mind night to their house and sh****t on his or her bed. From thereon, freedom would have ended immediately. The question is why is Sakala a free man? Answer is simple, he is a tribesman with the powers be and Mumbi.

  2. We, as South-western Rhodesians, are capable of running our own affairs. To hell with you kasakala nyongo & your monkey eating friends.

  3. Technical legal gymnastics revolving around appeasement will not help. The Police must expedite investigations to track down the UPND’s Mau Mau. The death threats cannot be brushed aside – as they are real. The Easterners also have human rights to life. The Police should not venture into fishing from the dry Mulungushi Rock, but rather work hard to fish out and arrest the culprits from their hidden ponds so as to reassure the easterners that their lives are assured in Southern Province.

    • Tongas will never reduce themselves to the level of ZDDC. They are not murderers but merely victims of fabrications by those who feel they hold power. UPND Mau Mau is another replica of Tongas on oath they are all babies of the panga family PF so as to demonise UPND in the eyes of illiterate kaponyas who take everything read on ZNBC as gospel truth.

  4. Edwin Sakala either he is a Zambian or a down right evil man. I hope he has no followers if he has I am sorry for them.

  5. I do not think that Zambians can be fooled by the police action of warning Sakala. The letter was written with knowledge of the propagandists. They are trying to show fairness and yet exposing their unprofessional conduct. Police should give a detailed account of the case.

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