Govt commends Save Your Liver Foundation Zambia’s fight against Hepatitis


Government has commended Save Your Liver Foundation Zambia for the stance it has  taken to create awareness on the  Hepatitis disease.
Eastern Province Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo says the efforts by the civic organization is commendable adding that it is a wake-up call for the people in the province to partner with government in the fight against the deadly disease which he said is a number one killer compared to HIVAIDS.

Mr Kasolo noted that  the provincial administration remains ready to support the organization in the area of advocacy, awareness and policy formulation.

He stated that the foundation has availed the province with a drug that has been approved and accepted by Zambia medicine regulatory authority which is a government wing.

ZANIS reports that the Permanent Secretary said this in a speech read for him by Assistant Secretary Royd Tembo at the Doctors meeting held at Eastern Comfort Lodge in Chipata.
Mr Kasolo has since urged other stakeholders to partner with the Save Your Liver Organization Zambia  to totally eliminate hepatitis by 2030.
And save your life foundation Zambia president Petterson Owusu says hepatitis is a global  public health problem which requires concert efforts from stakeholders reduce case of hepatitis.

Mr Owusu said the drug Hepovit Softgel capsules is an ultimate liver support for use on the Zambian market adding that the drug has been tested, tried and proved to be effective in treating all forms of hepatitis, particularly hepatitis B which is a number one killer
disease in the World.



  1. So now that Nigerian is selling gel capsules. How many of the 935 a week deaths in Lusaka died from hepatitis of any kind? When one has a container of crutches, you hear knees are number 1 killer in Zambia.


  2. Hepovit is NOT a drug, but a dietary supplement like all those other rubbish being sold as Golden products. Stop wating your Kwacha and go buy some goat meat and eggs from Soweto market and make yourself a hefty meal and wash it down with mosi larger or chibuku shake shake. Happy times!!!


  3. Thousands of years History has proven, The Big Lie-Religion and the concept of a god is the key to War, Death, and Disaster…………But he loves you……..!


  4. The number one cause of Liver Disease in Zambia is alcoholism. Period. 935 deaths per week and you want to blame Hepatitis…..yaba.



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