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Moving HH to Mukobeko is unconstitutional-UPND


Jack Mwiimbu Chairman - Legal
Jack Mwiimbu Chairman – Legal

The opposition UPND has charged that the decision to move its leader Hakainde Hichilema and his five co-accused to Mukobeko Maximum Prison is unconstitutional.

UPND Legal Affairs Chairman Jack Mwiimbu said the transfer of Mr Hichilema and his co-accused to Mukobeko is also contrary to the specific court order as to the accused persons right to visitation and access to legal representation as this right is severely hindered as the lawyers are all based in Lusaka.

Mr Mwiimbu said Mr Hichilema and his co-accused are merely accused persons and not prisoners.

Below is Mr Mwiimbu’s full statement

Jack Mwiimbu Statement
Jack Mwiimbu Statement

And the UPND leader has posted the following messages

Don’t sympathise with us-HH

Incarcerated UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has advised Zambians not to sympathise with him and his co-accused but for those children who are not in school.
In a statement posted on his Facebook page after he was forcibly moved to Mukobeko Maximum Prison, Mr Hichilema said Zambians should not sympathise with and the five co-accused but those relatives who are HIV positive but have relapsed because the Government cannot provide ARVs.

He said he does not know when they will be released or if at all they will be released, but that is not bothering them adding that all they know is that what they are fighting for is worth for them to die if that is what it means.

“Our spirits are intact, we might look weary from the physical point of view but be assured that our spirits are intact,” Mr Hichilema said.


Fellow citizens, we can confirm that we have been moved to Mukobeko Maximum Prison in Kabwe. We arrived a few minutes ago. We don’t know what is happening but we are not bothered by processes. We are only concerned about one thing; the freedom of this country.

Our spirits are intact, we might look weary from the physical point of view but be assured that our spirits are intact. Let not you who are out there sympathise with us, sympathise with those children who are not in school, the over six million Zambians who are poor and cannot afford a meal a day.

Sympathise with those relatives who are HIV positive but have relapsed because the Government cannot provide ARVs, those girls who are abandoning class because they cannot afford sanitary towels due to financial constraints while Government spends money on worthless pursuits, essentially chasing the wind. Those and many others are the people with whom we should sympathise.

We do not know when we are going to be released or if at all we will be released, but that is not bothering us, all we know is that what we are fighting for is worth for us to die if that is what it means. And we are not worried about death either, because there are a million others who will carry on with the fight for a proper democracy to work in Zambia.

No one, even the greatest oppressor has survived the wrath of God, where is Idi Amin, where is Mobutu Sese Seko, where is Pieter Botha, Kamuzu Banda, Augusto Pinochet, Hassne Habre, all these are examples of dictators and oppressors that thought they would never have an appointment with either death or the law. But as we say about education, death is an equaliser. The persecuting champions of today will be the people needing help from the paupers of today.

Colleagues, we habour no hatred for anyone, we habour no ill wishes, we are Christians, we pray for those that transgress us; that way we live in peace with ourselves and not carry hate which is itself a live coal that burns the one carrying it. This is our country and as long as we live we shall do what is right for the country and create a country that will serve its citizens and not a few despotic individuals.

In Luke 23:28 it is recorded that our lord Jesus Christ said this ‘But Jesus turned and said to them “daughters of Jerusalem, don’t weep for me, but weep for yourselves and your children.”’ This is what I leave with you today colleagues.

God Bless Zambia.


    • That is a worthless statement by UPND.

      He was supposed to have been there to start with.

      He has always been the cartalyst of disturbances of your country’s

      The majority of the people are happy he is been put there.

      I have a PhD



    • To all those that are turning a blind eye to the dismantling of the rule of law in the impoverished country of Zambia with impunity by the incumbent government officials, I have this to say to you “you have blood on your hands of all the innocent slain during this thirst and quest for absolute power by the PF” Your Christian Nation needs deliverance in the Mighty name of JESUS. Amen.

    • No one is turn a blind eye to the rule of law. That’s is why hh has to face the law because he is not above it.

    • what is happening in Zambia is totally disheartening.Treating an opposition like a criminal when he has not been proved guilty.The police in Zambia seem to be above the law and slap whatever charges they feel.their incompetence has reached alarming levels.They are the ones who should be charged with treason for not clearing the road in Mongu in time when they clearly knew the president was going to use it. Why are tax payers monies paying for the presidential advance team when they can’t perform.Leave HH alone ,Zambians have had enough of the injustice that happens in our beautiful land in the name of politics.

    • This is indeed shocking for Lungu to crash on HH like a ton of bricks. When he warned Guy Scott, we thought it was a natural racial hatred.
      But treating HH like this is inhumane. HH deserved an house arrest or exile, if indeed refusing to accept one as a president is crime.

    • Lungu is Satan personified. He is a murderous kleptomaniac. Zambians have to garden up and get rid of this tyrant. There are no two ways about it. Lungu is going to kill a lot of Zambians just so that he stays at the State House. Even Mugabe is not this evil in respect of the opposition. At least Tsvangirai had been allowed to enjoy his civil liberties. That’s not to say we have forgotten how Mugabe killed 22,000 Ndebeles during Gukurahundi.

    • lungu will never enjoy his illegal presidency or his retirement.
      Free HH
      Free Mwaliteta
      Free Barotse activists
      Free all politcal prisoners
      Abash Dick-tatorship

    • Just like the Jews shouted that Jesus be crucified & barnabas the condemend criminal be released, anyone who supports lungu has blood on their hands.

      Killing HH is NOT the solution to the huge problems. Zambians have huuuuuge problems, even a somalian small refugee girl can afford to laugh at you.

    • Edgar Wrungu is plain evil.

      The stories going round that he’s a malawian Chawa (moslem slave-trading tribe) are believable. How come no one knows his relatives?

    • Before talking about constitutionality of where HH must be, did you consider constitutionality in his actions?

      Let him be put there, it doesn’t matter. What’s important is to make him pay for his wrongs without oppression or favouritism.

      All of you pretending to care for the convict, join him if you want – otherwise his actions were not helping Zambia at all. Its his fault that he has been losing elections, why hold Zambia to ransom – NONSENSE!

    • @HH OVAL HEAD: Don’t say HH thinks is above the law, it is Lungu who is abusing the law by locking opposition leader just to gain grounds. It’s shameful that in the 21st Century We as Africans can be treating each other in such a manner. Opposition is important in a democratic state and moving HH to Mukobeko when not found guilty makes us wonder the kind of justice system we have in our country. Lungu can be in power today but not tomorrow and he will not want to be treated in this manner with corruption charges. He is being unfair to HH and abusing his power thru the Justice system.

    • The decision to move Hakainde Hichilema and his five co-accused to Mukobeko Maximum Prison being unconstitutional should not have been left to UPND for comment but rather it should have been the Judicial arm of government raising this point. However it is not surprising for such to happen when the three arms of governance only exist for the Civics lessons as in real practice the Executive is above the other two governing wings!

    • Mushota is the epitome of dullness and day dreaming is what keeps him alive. Yes him, with a wrong sexual orientation in a nation which claims to be Christian.

      You people calling for HH’s special treatment surprise me to the core. I without stopping called for HH’s civil behavour but his advisers, supporters and surrogates sung incessant praise for him. Like a group of blind cr.ooks, they landed HH a serious charge warranting him a well deserved destination at the maximum prison as a remandee. No political player is Indispensable. Flesh & blood they all are.

    • the problem with Zambian ignorance is people donot think beyond partisanship , look the whole processes are wrong ,but only God for now can guide us , as a defective constitution is being used or misapplied to suit one side.But some day all wrong doers shall pay , criminals destroying our country at will as we have seen that in the last years that when people are in state house or Government they are too powerful, but the real power is with us the voters and ordinary citizens . so watch out we are watching and shall pay with out mentioning names just mind what you do today . Also note that not even every body you are using is with us they shall be state witnesses against you some day . So a warning to all cadres for Zambia for one political party as was in KK , wait and see, some day…

      Playing Muna Sighn on Amin or Mobutu’s motorcade would have resulted in an immediate death sentence mission without trial for HH. Now is obvious that this amateurish reference of Africa’s elite dictators in the contempary UPND politicking tactics is not only low energy but frivolous and lack of a sound history acumen.

  1. Which Zambians are you talking about Mr. HH? I am a Zambian and I don’t think I do sympathize with law breakers. I cannot sympathize with a leader whose supporters go about like headless chickens to burn peoples’ houses, markets, and shops just because of suspecting them to be Bembas. I am a Bemba and am extremely angry with you because you have not even shown remorse for this. For your own information, our children are happily going to schools and our HIV infected relatives have been receiving ARV’s without any shortage. Shamwari, just patiently serve jail and know that you‘re not above the law.


    • Bembas are chaos-mongers who believe that they are superior. Lungu is using them to sort out Tongas while he and his wakos are eating and enjoying quietly. These days Dollar Syria, Margaret Dudu, and other easterners are not in the news for even farting. They are enjoying seeing Bembas prove how bloodthirsty they are.

    • Even Kk had supporters who were ready to die for his one-party dictatorship. Actually KK was not removed from power because of his oppression but because of high mealie-meal prices.

    • @2 Jack I am Bemba but please don’t speak for me. You are NOT my representative. I thought this tiff is between Easterners and Tongas. Did you hear what ZDDM Edwin Sakala was saying the other day. Tongas please leave innocent Bembas out of this. Of course there are a few misguided politicians like Frank Bwalya, Sunday Chanda, Kampyongo, Mumbi Phiri, Kambwili. But that’s for their personal gain. I for one does NOT and will NOT benefit from their political misadventures of persecuting HH. Napwisha Mukwai


    • The Bill of Rights or even the Constitution is irrelevant when you have a murderer in charge of the country. Lungu has completely ignored the Constitution. Even his own Kangaroo Court has said so when he kept ministers after Parliament was dissolved. Lungu is evil personified.

    • If a rebel group is formed, don’t be surprised.
      If the drunkard gets a bullet between his red eyes, don’t be surprised.
      if the drunkards plane crashes, don’t be surprised.

      This is beyond provocation.

    • I hate pompous wynter Kabimba, but i would never want him to be persecuted the way HH is being persecuted.
      I hate drunkard lungu, but i would never want him to be persecuted the way HH is being persecuted.

      Edgar lungu is NOT fit to be president. His hatred will destroy the country.

    • by the bullet freedom must come – Try that stupidity and see how we will smoke you out. Zambia is bigger than any single individual – avoid carelessness in your talk.

    • Did I just hear you say the Referendum HH campaigned against thick and thin is back to haunt his poor soul? Wonders shall never end.

  2. Hh, why are you trying to hoodwink the people? You started this unnecessary fight against a legitimate President, President Lungu and despite a lot of good advice from well meaning Zambians, you opted to take the law into your own hands so now face the consequences. By the way, in case your people anit telling you the truth, Zambia has experienced the best peace of mind since your arrest and everyone is going about freely with their daily lives.
    Remember your case is very serious and it will do you good to come to your senses and stop pretending.

    • what has Inonge Wina have to say in this case? Her silence speaks volumes. This evil PF-regime can only be compared to Apartheid regime. But everything comes to an end. kaminamisa won’t last 1 week in jail.

    • Malinso I think ou need to have your brain examined, tis is just a cooked case which has bee there even before this incident happened. Read what Kampyongo said on April 2, 2017 before this happened.

  3. It is true. Where is Idi Amin, where is Mobutu Sese Seko, where is Kamuzu Banda and where is Hakainde Hichilema?

    • Yes, even mother Theresa died. We all have an appointment with sister death, whether dictator, Bishop, Pope, Pastor, Christian, Moslem etc.

  4. Go & start with yo usual preliminary issues in court. We will b following as it drags on & yo hh will b breaking down in mukobeko

  5. In a Constitutional Democracy Jack Mwiimbu is 100% correct but Zambia under the illegitimate Lungu no longer respects and uphold the Rule of Law,Good Governance and Human Rights. This govt is lawless and law and order has completely broken down. The Regime is abusing State Institutions including the Courts to persecute its opponents thru Prosecution. The Lungu govt thrives on lawlessness to hold on to stolen Power. The challenge is what to do to confront this Lungu Dictatorship? God and the Whole World are Watching but concrete action is now urgently needed b4 HH is harmed. Lungu and his Criminal Advisers are ruthless blood suckers and do not care.

    • obstructing eagle 1 is a traffic offence, NOT treason. Punishment is a mere fine.

      Only illiterates & evil bloodthirsty children of s.atan believe that someone deserves to be hanged for a traffic offence.

    • Eagle 1 was not obstructed at all; 2 road blocks gave HH the way; Eagle 1 came from behind and overtook HH s convoy with an open window; If anyone s life was at stake it was HH s life; my opinion;

    • This is just pure hate for HH, initially I supported PF but with what is hapenning now I cannot support it any longer. I think there are better of resolving issues in a civilised way. Besides HH has not been found guilty to be taken to Mukobeko. Shouldn’t the one who made the decision to have him taken to Mukobeko be cited for contempt of court for disobeying the court ruling that and the five accused should be Chimbokaila until the the case is disposed off? We await to see the how court will handle this case

  6. This is where upnd lawyers and members lose it because they focus on unnecessary issues.moreover,upnd must be the last party to blame anybody about what is unconstitutional or contistutional because nobody in upnd follows what is constitutional.HH has been at the helm of upnd since 2006 minus calling for any convention, PURELY AGAINST UPND CONSTITUTION!!!so its ok for upnd to abrogate what is constitutional than others?”CIWAMINA GALU KULUMA MBUZI” FOR SURE!!
    Look;Dr.KK spent days at mukobeko in 1996 despite being merely a suspect,plus many others.SO WHATS SO SPECIAL ABOUT HH?GROW UP GUYS AND LET HH BE CLEARED BY OUR COURTS!!
    Upnd must avoid starting new political fights with PF Govnt because doing so will prolong HH’s stay in jail and nobody in Zambia shall ever reverse the days or…

    • Njimbu; sorry I beg to differ with you on that; PF has not followed the constitution at all. 1 the president was supposed to hand over power to the chief justice; was that done? we had illegal ministers in office earning tax payers money was that constitutional? Who swore in the president? is it in our constitution? we are a democracy; locking up your opposition is that constitutional? I could go on and on; We belong to different parties but we need to bear in mind that Zambia is our country and seeing it run down by party cadres like Keizer; mumbi etc is so sad; where is a country for the future generation? theyb will be refugees in foreign countries; Zambia is for all Zambians and not only for the PF;

    • kubweka – Read the Constitution again and ask a legal mind to interpret the Clauses of interest to you. On Eagle One – not giving way to Eagle One is obstructing Eagle One. Also, Eagle One is not just like any other car on the road like your car. So, avoid being simplistic by calling that incident a mere traffic offense.

    • Kubweka, whenever Eagle one is visiting a place, policemen are stationed at each and every road junction or crossing to control traffic and ensure safe passage for the big man. Can you explain how the over 600 police officers failed to know the route the president was going to use? If anyting, it is the police who should be charged for negligence for failing to do their duty, they deliberately put the life of the president at risk.

  7. Everyone has there time. Kamuzu banda grew old & died. Amini has been living peacefully in exel. Law breakers ve there time. Yo time as a law breaker has come, now. Sort out what u started, when u ve served yo time we will learn from u not to break the law just to achieve selfish ends of wanting a short cut to plot one. Plot 1 is a journey pipo. It might b short fo 1 or two pipo but fo the rest it is long. So embras yo journey & pray u get there. Chapwa ba hh. Be strong. U were strong when u were insulting others. U were strong when u commandeered yo convoy, slowly, insulting. Twende mukobeko eyo

    • It is in the unwritten constitution and that is how Sakwiba Sikota(Lozi), who was Vice President to Anderson Mazoka(Tonga), was hounded out of UPND so that HH, who was branch treasurer could take over.

      The qualification, therefore, for HH becoming UPND president was only one, and that is being a Tonga.

      For 11 years,a party which is supposed to have a convention every 5 years has never had one.

      HH promised Armageddon before 2016 elections and is very disappointed that he failed to achieve his ambition.HH is evil.

  8. Why so many blunders by state in this case? Since when did a suspect got detained in Mukobeko? They started by ambushing H H at night like golirra fighters, detained him at wrong place, change charges which gives impression that there this was an afterthought, and now Mukobeko before hearing anything. Blunder after blunder. Police are now demons that just follow Satan’s commands

    • Hope you are old enough to understand how treason suspects are treated. Ask Miyanda what he went through under KK, Ask KK how he was handled by Chiluba. Remember how Captain Stephen Lungu alias Solo how he was fished out of Mass Media Complex when he went to announce a Coup on ZNBC. In treason matters, you are not handled with kids gloves. Hope HH did not plan anything silly which we are not aware off at this point, or else the ending will be very bad. Have you stopped to wonder why GBM bolted when his friend was arrested?

  9. ,@7 if a leader starts to worry about what happened to one Idi Amin that leader will fail to lead. Besides it’s the police who did the arrest not Edgar. Just wait for the case to start.

    • Edgar is the purport master pulling the strings. You don’t need a high school diploma to get that. Why are you speaking for him?

    • Lungu is pulling strings behind the scenes. That’s how he operates. He is sly, he is evil, he is murderous.

  10. Zambians these are acts of cowards ,but their time to face the same will come some day , as did KK , Chiluba and RB

  11. Continue….
    Upnd must avoid starting new political fights with PF Govnt because doing so will prolong HH’s stay in jail and nobody in Zambia shall ever reverse the days,months or years which HH may waste in jail!!!

  12. If you were an intelligent political grouping, you would have approached elder statesmen both local and international to SECRETLY lobby for your hh to atleast be put on house arrest.But because you’re truly under 5s you engage a moron called Maimane!! Your confrontational stance of continued insults and half truths will not work. Good luck

    • This is the stoopidity of Lungu and his supporters. Every day they admit that there is no case against HH apart from trying to make him humble so that he kowtows to Lungu. That’s the primary aim of their treason case against HH.

    • Buck teeth Lungu is indeed bitter…..HH has said no one should worry….so why bother?I mean according to HH Zambia has no president,so those upnd cadres blaming ECL are out of there minds.There god hasn’t accepted that we have a president.So life goes on asusual.Buck teeth meanwhile is Having BP because of this.Simply ironic……

  13. It’s amazing how so many Zambians especially those supporting the PF are unable to see the injustices that are happening in our country. The media are under threat, the police force is being used to abuse the civil society who the swear to protect & the opposition’s Voice is under threat. These are characteristics of a fully fledged dictatorial regime.
    What happened to Mapenzi may happen to your Sister;what happen to HH may happen to your brother;what happened in Rwanda may happen to our beautiful country & all those supporting what’s happening will have dead’s blood on their hands. It’s pointless to be a Christian nation when we are filled with so much hate. What amazes me is that the so called Christians who go church every Sunday are ones who are busy supporting what’s going…

    • There are very few Christians in Zambia and none in PF. You see that biatch Mumbwe Phiri posing with a rosary and a Catholic Women’s League chitenge, yet she fumes with toxic comments every time she opens her mouth. Christianity is a cloak they use to disguise their evil intent.

    • But then its you upnd supporters who want war in Zambia in order to defend Hh from being jailed. Meanwhile you are calling on Lungu to intervene, this is not possible. You shall reap what you sow.

  14. Jack Mwiimbu and HH must remember that HH ascended to UPND Presidency not by democratic election but because a requirement was put in place to say, ”Only a Tonga must inherit late Mazoka”. And that’s how HH was enthroned as UPND president and he’s been in that position for 10 years without allowing any convention, anchored on nothing but Tribalism. I was UPND cadre but I ditched the party after being harassed and sidelined for being Bemba by Tongas. So what democracy is HH fighting for? It’s like Satan fighting for righteousness. Even the learned lawyer Jack Mwiimbu must feel ashamed because he knows the history of UPND.

    • Actually HH is Kambelas son born from Kambelas closest relative. Why are we afraid of calling a spade a spade. Thats why he inherited the almighty Mazoka Anglo American Empire. Put all the dots together.

  15. Jack is first and foremost a politician such that law now just supplements his keep. The order that he refers to was granted when they complained that holding hh at liyali was unconstitutional so the magistrate court ordered that he hh be brought to a recognized prison and he was so brought. The day before yesterday hh became a remandee hence he was sent to a remand prison. Indeed it will be difficult for the relatives and his lawyers to traverse to and fro from Kabwe every other day but hh can afford it since he has a bank of unaccounted money in his house. But am not sure the others can. As for hh having access to his lawyers the order doesn’t say in Lusaka.. Anyway as usual when you next in court start with the preliminary issues…

  16. When you equate oneself to Christ Almighty you know you are losing it. Adolf as much as one would like to weep for you few can. You find yourself in that position because you wanted to. You tempted fate it responded. What cause are you doing a nelson ,that is ‘boycotting national functions’, ‘calling a sitting head of state a hyena’, ‘racing the presidential motorcade’, ‘leading the choir in hurling insults at another man’ that’s the cause you are dying for? Please mune for once grow up you ought to know better. You are now so spiteful you refer to the million poor Zambians, those afflicted with hiv and say they should weep for themselves? Shame on you as you have just lost another blocking vote. 2021 zed forward.

    • Your envy and greed cannot be disguised. What have you done for anybody but stealing from Zambians under the PF regime? Where did Lungu get his millions in 2 years? Why can’t you give space for other people to express themselves?

  17. Lungu ascended to the PF Presidency thru lawlessness and it is not surprising therefore that he does not respect Law and order. Lungu has shown he has no Respect for Constitutionalism,Good Governance and Respect for Human Rights. He has moved HH to Mukobeko without informing the Wife and Family and against existing Court orders. The man is callous and so much for being humble. Chistians for Lungu should hold their heads in shame. Now Lungu’s Sadistic and Satanic character has been exposed. The man is heartless and can kill HH while people are praying for him.

    • Those who live by the SWORD, die by the SWORD.

      Ask Gadaffi, ask Saddam Hussein, ask Causcescu, ask mobutu, ask bin laden. Kamina-misa’s violent demise will be a lesson to the future to stop abusing power.

  18. 1. I want to assure Jack Mwiimbu and UPNDonkeys that the safety of the accused persons is guaranteed. What do you think all those heavily armed police are there for if not to guard and guarantee safety and security?
    2. Rest assured that Mukobeko is a maximum security prison, no thief or robber can break in. Therefore U5 is safer there than anywhere in his mansion in Lusaka.
    3. I will ask President Trump to assure you Jack that Mukobeko is NOT Guantanamo Bay.
    4. Kabwe is 2 hrs drive from Lusaka therefore it is not inaccessible to visitors for U5.
    5. Who told Jack that a detention centre for U5 should be determined by how quickly Jack and fellow lawyers can drive to and from? You chaps overrate U5, to the majority of us he is a suspect like any other, no matter what UPNDonkeys think of…

    • HH’s safety is not guaranteed. Lungu wanted to kill HH at night at his home on 10 April. He is using the law to press on with his evil murderous scheme. Lungu’s hands are dripping with blood of Mapenzi and Choongwa and now he wants to add HH’s to his evil chalice of hatred.

    • When arresting a treason suspect, there is no diplomacy. Actually they should have stamped on his neck like they did to Captain Solo. Just tu tear gas was used to flush him out from the bunker and you are complaining. Wait, the game is just beginning for the arrogant one who is pretending to love Zambia so much that he is even prepared to die for us.

  19. ….You chaps overrate U5, to the majority of us he is a suspect like any other, no matter what UPNDonkeys think of him.
    6. Interestingly for a lawyer, Jack has not quoted which parts of the constitution have been breached by transferring treason suspect U5 to Mukobeko.
    7. Lastly go and report to Maimane.

    • U5 a.ka. Con1 deserves to be in Mukobeko afterall he disrespected Mwine1 or Eagle1 so let Mwami1 do his job

  20. HH should realize that many Zambians are sympathizing with him because he ‘s like a blind man who can’t see he is dirty. He is full of pride and unable to acknowledge his wrongs. Look at the burning of houses, shops and property in Namwala; look at the blocking of the Presidential motorcade in Mongu; look at the insults showered at the Police by UPND cadres on YOU TUBE. Surely why can’t HH simply humble himself and say am sorry, please Zambians forgive me?

    • We have to cut off the head of the snake. Touching our president’s life is beyond provocation. Edgar lungu’s life needs to be touched also. Then we’ll see how his PF00ls will cry.

    • It’s clear now that Lungu must go. He is the lilombamema in the house, that starts small, feeding on rats until it demands the blood of the child of the family. Enough is enough.

    • Zambia will only become normal as soon as Vodka gets a bullet. You only kill a snake by chopping off its head.

      He is playing tribal divide & rule for his own personal benefit. He has stolen a lot from chinese corruption of roads & Govt tenders.

  21. Yesterday I offered my luxury flat near Mukobeko for Mutinta to use at no cost to ease her movements when she wants to be near her dear, whose irresponsible behaviour have put the family in this very unfortunate and avoidable situation.
    Take my offer by monday or else I will give it to one of the many potential tenants on the queue.

  22. I see that in the statement by U5 there is absolutely no thought of his children, only his political ambitions. Are those two beautiful kids his own children his own, olo ni opezamo?

    And the battle has now changed from petition to release from Mukobeko…..kikikikiki…and when released what next U5 and UPNDonkeys?

  23. Shut-up Big tribe speaks more than anyone: HH don’t misuse God’s name and don’t lie to the people of Zambia. We are fine we trust in God and no politician from any political party will free us from poverty or lack of education. Don’t cry for us but for yourself because we are okay, we are able to move about without being dictated by anyone for we are innocent. The prison will help you to respect those in authority. Mind you there is no authority accept that which God has instituted, therefore anyone who disregards God given authority disregards God and such a one will pay heavily 1 Timothy 1-2. Hope the prison will help you to reform spiritually and be rehabilitated physically. I am praying for you to change into a better citizen and not a selfish politician who could be betraying his…

    • When we tell you lungu is a dictator, you refused. Why does he fear HH so much? He’s just making HH even more popular.

      Don’t use the name of the Lord in vain to cover for your evil. Such people die cruel deaths. Just mark my words my brother, Edgar Lungu won’t finish this year.

  24. Days of being docile are over. Let vodka lungu have a taste of violence. He thinks the high walls and surrounded by police and state agents can prevent him being touched.

    We need Fight fire with fire.

  25. Chief justice Mambilima is the biggest problem. She’s part of the abuse of justice system to fix political opponents. When lungu is jailed for abuse of power, she should also be locked up.

    This chi mu-zimai needs to go. Why is the constitution being abused by lungu while this old rug watches silently.

    • We need to write to ICC to tell them their judge is now part of a dictatorship abusing human rights through her rotten justice system.

    • ****** iwe civil war over a criminal ?! Why didnt you tell this kaponya of yours to respect authority. Do you support what this maggot did in Mongu ?

    • This is time for war. I’m ready to join any armed struggle rebel movement. My wife will take care of the family. If it means splitting the country into 2, then its best.

      As Mutabaruka sang: By the bible, by the ballot, by the bullet by the gun, which ever way – freedom must come!!
      We’ve failed to attain freedom by the ballot, by claiming to be christians. The bullet is the only option.
      Aluta Continua!!!

    • This is the stuff that’s starts wars. Most Zambian’s have never heard the sound of big guns or bombs.

      Some of us grew up near borders during the southern African liberation wars. After cease-fire then they’ll respect each other.

  26. the drunkard and PF have stolen plenty money through Chinese corruption of road contracts. that’s why they fear HH, a chartered accountant who will trace every cent when he becomes president.

    • @ Jola,

      Don’t believe the propaganda. If you are not illiterate, you’ll believe what your itchy ears want to hear.

      HH was a partner at accounting firm called Coopers & Lybrand. They liquidated Luanshya mine after it was stripped down by Binani Indians & were paid their dues.

      HH was never involved in privatisation. Valentine Chitalu & Francis Kaunda were in charge of privatization.

      Maybe you don’t know the difference btwn liquidation & privatization? Do u want me to explain to u?

      Edgar lungu’s case of eating a widow clients money is documented, that’s how he was barred from practicing law by LAZ & that’s how he found himself in politics. We are busy gathering evidence of lungu’s theft & will soon be published. Just wait.

  27. For lack of vision they perish what is wrong with campaigning peacefully for your term of office engaging in secret pacts with maimane will not get you to plot one.This is an inherited pact from Mazoka and it got him nowhere he who has eyes to see let him see.

  28. Real reasons why HH is incarcerated
    1. edgar lungu wants go for 3rd term.
    2. edgar lungu has stolen too much & wouldn’t allow HH to come and investigate him
    3. edgar lungu wants petition case to fail to launch as UPND are too busy fighting for HH’s freedom
    4. edgar lungu is jealous of the overwhelming support HH received in Mongu.

    What a petty childish president.

    The sooner he is cleared the better

  29. Ati Lungu scared of under 5 ? With Guy Scott as acting President and only one month to campaign he still hammered them after they had campaigned for three months

    • @ Mambwe
      If you call rigging hammering, then Lungu is very popular.

      Politics of violence, intimidation, jailing opponents, bribing ECZ & judiciary belongs in the septic tank.

  30. Careless Law breakers have always been known to be careless and irresponsible for their wives, children and their families, a good example is Headless Hyena

  31. Don’t use the word of God in vain .HH is not suffering for Christ’s sake but his selfish ambition.Wise people avoids situations that puts them at odds with the law.Only fools do that.In which category is Hh falling,charge for yourself.

  32. The problem with Upnd they think the support they are getting from they tuma 3.5 provinces is the same in PFs 6.5 Provinces, How dull can a group of people be ? Little do they know that the more they insult ECL the more they are losing ground. They claim to be intelligent but if they were they would have first gauged the mood of the people in the 6.5 Provinces and they would have known that they were dealing with a very popular President and would have come up with a better strategy than what they have done. They have tried to burn markets but to no avail Zambians are simply not responding to them. HH is in prison and in the streets of Lusaka and the Copperbelt it’s business as usual .

    • Mambwe, why did they refuse to verify the results if they know they won? Think man, if you know you are clean do the recount and prove him wrong. You won’t lose anything infact you will gain more support as a clean man. Kampyongo said it, “anyone talking about the petition will be arrested and charged for treason,” April 2, 2017. This is just a cooked case to victimise an innocent man. A crook or a thief or a guilty person will be so annoyed at being question.

  33. Elo let me warn you Ba Upnd if you think you can can bring anarchy in this Country you will be slaughtered like cows and this is a genuine peace of advice. HH thought he could take on the head of state where is he???

    • Mambwe, the world is watching and reading what you post. Threatening others and crimes against humanity will catch up with you. Wait and see

  34. HH is in mukobeko because of incompetent lawyers like mwiimbu who can’t even understand the meaning of 14 days.

  35. It’s very simple gentlemen, let’s learn to respect the law and behave ourselves responsibly and we’ll avoid jail, otherwise we’ll think that the state is suppressing us each time we are caught red handed. I’ve once been arrested and locked up in prison for an offence I committed but I’ve come to appreciate the work these people do. Please let the Police and the courts do their job without interruption for they protect our lives.

  36. Exactly what section of the CONSTITUTION is Hon. Jack Mwiimbu (a Lawyer) referring to? Very soon UPND will start yapping to declare that walking or driving along Cha Cha Cha Rd. on a Saturday (the SDA’s Sabbath) is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. If this is the intellectual apex the Lawyers in UPND’s camp have attained, I really feel sorry for HH as a person and genuinely sympathize with Mr.s. Mutinta Hichillema because financial wolves have come to loot HH’s financial fortunes in earnest.

  37. We cannot tolerate such primitive acts of burning our markets by a single party which has no regard for democracy. NO! Let HH hear that we are the silent majority which is too angry with him NOT Lungu. It’s the first time in the history of our country that The Presidential motorcade has been blocked, houses and property have been burn’t in Namwala, markets, courts and other institutions have been burn’t by UPND. All these acts just prove that HH is a danger to society.

  38. 37. Please gentlemen, I know that truly many people are very bitter with HH for the actions of the UPND cadres and for his own actions. This is a fact but you know, in every Political Party, there are overzealous cadres and radicals who can do anything and these mainly comprise illiterates. You’ll discover that all those who were burning houses in Namwala were only illiterates. Let’s forgive these people and allow the Police and the courts execute their duties quietly for now

  39. What you are saying is true Pastor Kayombo, but Pastor, why hasn’t HH condemned these actions the way Sata did? Don’t you think that he is in support of violence so that, in his desperation, he can paint a picture that Zambians are angry against President Lungu and they want HH? Don’t you suspect that HH and that brainless GBM deliberately dared the presidential motorcade to achieve the same go?

  40. iwe Mwiimbu, you have not been stopped from visiting HH. if you don’t have a car, Vwalika bus is always going to kabwe. when you arrive ask Mukobeko bus, you can visit him daily. What do you mean its unconstitutional? Ask Afumba Mombotwa how many transfers he had before he was convicted.

  41. Edgar has no peace of mind. The more evil he is becoming, his days are reducing to live on earth. The cries and tears of millions of people supporting HH are not in vain. We are praying watch the space.

    • He seems perfectly fine to millions of zambians.HH on the other hand has lost some weight,anyway there’s so much freedom in Zambia that you can say whatever you want.Hell HH even has internet in Jail.He’s browsing,twittering and facebooking.Yet pipo are busy worrying……ironic if you ask me.

  42. t is for his safety, he (HH) cannot be kept in the cells for ever as Jack Mwimbu and others ask for endless preliminaries. One thing UPND has learnt wrongly is to criticise even what is being done to help them. This is a good reason not to give power to these under five chaps for now. Let them mature first.

  43. No Mwenya. I personally have known HH for a long time. I‘ve been a UPND supporter from the Mazoka days in 2006 until 2014. The man is humble and quite peaceful and he‘s very shy if people don’t know him. In fact, many believe that it‘s GBM who made HH lose the elections because Zambians see GBM as illiterate and lacking integrity with background of a kaponya from KMB. All these unlawful actions by UPND are most likely being influenced by GBM. Most of us think that HH had an opportunity to win the elections had he not thrown away Dr. Carnisius Banda in preference for GBM hoping to win the Bembas into UPND. It would have been a different story by now in Zambia if HH had run with Carnisius. But interestingly, HH lost another opportunity to rule Zambia when he rejected the offer of Vice…

  44. No Mwenya. HH does n’t support violence. I personally have known HH for a long time. I‘ve been a UPND supporter from the Mazoka days in 2006 until 2014. The man is humble and quite peaceful and he‘s very shy if people don’t know him. In fact, many believe that it‘s GBM who made HH lose the elections because Zambians see GBM as illiterate and lacking integrity with background of a kaponya from KMB. All these unlawful actions by UPND are most likely being influenced by GBM. Most of us think that HH had an opportunity to win the elections had he not thrown away Dr. Carnisius Banda in preference for GBM hoping to win the Bembas into UPND. It would have been a different story by now in Zambia if HH had run with Carnisius. But interestingly, HH lost another opportunity to rule Zambia when he…

    • You are not even an inch away from the truth. The cause of this is HH’s stuborness in bringing GBM when the whole world ( including eskimos) know that GBMs interest is his business chapwa ! What good will GBM bring to UPND that he did not in PF. Open your eyes, UPND we have been infiltrated ! No wonder ECL said ‘ umulembwe wachipool bar upwila muli tumfwe”

  45. In fact Jack Mwiimbu’s statement is directed at addressing a fleet of illiterates who have no clue on the contents of the Zambian Constitution. Jack Mwiimbu is at it again, using HH’s transfer from one Prison to another as an excuse to incite illiterate Tongas to cause more havoc as Guy Scott professed before the General Elections. The role of a sharp Defense Lawyer is to conduct research and marshal credible legal arguments to be articulated at the High Court. Yet Hon. Mwiimbu has resorted to creating a smoke screen to conceal his professional deficiency in legal matters.

  46. Where are the kaponyas who were saying HH is broken…..can you read , he is ready to die for Zambia’s democracy……

    • Kaponya1 is broken. Just his media team faking statements ‘from Mukobeko”. You have now known what BOMA means !

  47. Breaking News : Martha Mushipe has cleared ALL of her outstanding rentals. Do you smell the coffee Pilgrim ?
    Leka tuchipangilepo impiya ichipuba chimo !

  48. HH thought that by bringing in GBM he would woo Bembas into UPND in masses but little did he realize that he was messing up the second opportunity to become Zambia’s 7th President kikikiki.

  49. Surely, the choice of GBM was yet another blunder by HH. Zambians now want to be led by leaders who are educated because they’ve realized the importance of education. How do you choose a vice president who graduated with a Grade 9 certificate and expect to win the elections? HH must only blame his own advisers.

  50. Why would the Prison Services inform Mwimbu or HH’s wife?? They have and they make and are bounded by the regulations of the Zambia Prison Services alone. In other words, they can take whatever decision they so wish in the best interest of their operations. FULL STOP!
    Monday, the case comes up in the courts of Law… Ask the Prison services then… HH’s lawers are a reliability, because they see Tribe before all other issues in relation to this case and those that have gone before… I hope the results aint the same this time around!

  51. HH has summarised it well: “No one, even the greatest oppressor has survived the wrath of God, where is Idi Amin, where is Mobutu Sese Seko, where is Pieter Botha, Kamuzu Banda, Augusto Pinochet, Hassne Habre, all these are examples of dictators and oppressors that thought they would never have an appointment with either death or the law. But as we say about education, death is an equaliser. The persecuting champions of today will be the people needing help from the paupers of today”. Like many millions of other Zambians, I am angry at whats going on in our country. I am angry at how a black man can become so ruthless to his fellow black men. I am angry at how some clergy can lead churches but be unmoved by government atrocities happening right in front of their eyes. What has…

  52. CONTD. What has happened to the consciences of these clergy? I am angry at how a few heartless individuals can hijack our dreams and aspirations of a democratic Zambia which we ushered-in in 1991 after Kaunda’s disastrous 27-year one-man-rule. I am angry at how a few greedy people can use the democracy ladder to climb to the top and then try to destroy the ladder below. BUT I AM COMFORTED BY HISTORY: SUCH MEN NEVER LAST LONG. Lungu and his henchmen must know that their time of reckoning WILL SURELY COME. At the moment, Lungu appears strong and untouchable because of government machinery. But a time is coming when he will no longer have the instruments of power, then he will join the list of dictators whose fall from power was terrible. In fact, the day the instruments of power will no…

  53. CONTD.
    In fact, the day the instruments of power will no longer be under his control, all those who are currently supporting him will disappear. Then he will stand in the dock alone. Oh, how history repeats itself!!

  54. My fellow country men and women, peace loving people of the Republic of Zambia peace be still. Nothing will happen to HH and 5 others regardless of the mis treatment. The Lord Jehovah is with them. HH is under going the training of a person being prepared for much big responsibilities a heard. Those persecuting him are like those who put Christ Jesus on the cross or those who put Joseph in prison. The Lord assured me of this. And with confidence I say to you that Lesa tapofula. I have lived for over 40 years and not anyone of His promises has failed me. He is Jehovah from who i draw my strength.

  55. Listening to a UPND cadre is like listening to a mad man. I sat down at the counter sipping my coca cola as I listened to a UPND man saying Obama has just come to release HH; even the Queen of Britain is coming; even Donald Trump has promised to come; even Obasanjo of Nigeria is coming; even even even….. and he went on and on. I kept wondering whether something was wrong with the man then I realized it’s the same with all UPND cadres. It’s like HH lose is leading them into insanity.

  56. Monica imagine how these UPND think awe sure!!. Even when the Zambian constitution says 14 days they still argue!!!! Wow! What a mind job!!! Unbelievable

  57. Endangering the President’s motorcade IS UNCONSTITUTION, the party with a lot of ignorance and Under Five Cards needs to learn! Kekekeke

  58. Ati war? I thought that U5 is praying for our peace and well being? Or maybe UPNDonkeys know better? And whom are you going to fight against in that war, against fellow Zambians? You have to be donkeys indeed!
    Anyway we know that even the UPNDonkeys do not love U5 sufficiently to die for him in war.

    • Mr. Terrible

      You need to read up and know how other countries went to eat.
      It doesn’t take blind followers like you.

      It takes people like Shamenda, Luchembe, Tembo, Miyanda, Shula, Solo and us…..

      Unconstitutional PF….

  59. These are the consequences of putting a Mumbwa Mumbwa in State House. How do you expect a comboni chap to have manners. All they know in Chawama is drinking and killing each other.

  60. The first Zambian president was supposed to be either Nkumbula or Kapwepwe. KK was a chancer just like ECL. These two Malawians should never have been allowed to rule. My cousins from North East are the ones who tend to put dictators in power. Northerners are easily deceived by sly easterners. Wake up!

  61. Our spirits are with you comrade HH. God will deliver you from the hands of your enemies. He shall not leave you nor forsake you. Your enemies will stumble and fall as God lifts you up. Keep strong.

  62. Oh, so the UPND lawyers were present when their client was being transferred? So that’s no secret at all. Besides the Correctional authority owe to one when its deemed right to move a remandee. HH will help himself by sobering and humbling himself other than championing falasy. Freedom fighters are no longer needed in this era, we are free except for HH and UPND who think otherwise. As for the rest of us, it’s life as usual. Just say sorry or you perish and this world will forget you.

  63. Why don’t you blog under your true tonga names instead of hiding under easterners, is it shameful to come from Gwembe or Dundumwezi or even Namwala?
    Like Hamwiimbu, Hamweetwa, Ha underfive, Siakankombo, Hakatuka, Syakakoma? By the way where is Charles Kakoma or Hakakoma, has he defected?

  64. Looks like they will not arrest GBM, apparently there is no suitably sized bed in the correction centres. To put him on the floor would be a human rights issue, assuming that UPNDonkeys would give a hoot about GBM anyway.

  65. If one is non partisan, he/ she will have sympathy with what HH and family are going through. The inhumane treatment he has been subjected to, is unimaginable. Between Samuel Chavula and HH, who committed a serious crime? Strange that Chavula and his accomplices never faced the Rule of Law. Let’s not forget that the Concourt also failed the nation in the way they handled the Presidential petition. If this case was handled to the satisfaction of both PF and UPND, all these unnecessary imprisonments were not going to be there. Let’s sober up and find ways how we are going to develop our beautiful country. Past 10 months has been spent on non development debates i.e. HH arrest, third term for the President etc.


    You aint seen any dictatorship in Zambia yet. I thank you.

  67. HH is hypocritical. Why say someone will die, but at the same time say you don’t wish him ill?

    You may say he is just stating a fact because everyone will die after all; well why has HH never said,

    “my children and my wife will die. They are very good, but there have been very good people before but where are they now?”

    He is cunning, he say people should not sympathise with him but the poor people out there. Who said people are sympathizing with him and not the poor people out there?

    Look, there is not need for HH to liken himself with Christ as if he were a saviour of the poor people.

    Come, if HH does not realize his wrongs then definitely he can never make a leader.

  68. It is tiring arguing back and forth with characters blinded by politics of theft and corruption. People who ignorantly or merely stupidly refer to one awaiting trial as a ‘convict’ or ‘law breaker’. People who cannot see beyond the tip of their noses in order to cultivate some sense of reality and objectivity. Being obstinate and stubborn for its own sake or because of the stolen crumbs you are handed, never endures.

    Thus, to the blood thirsty PF Kaponya’s on this blog and their leaders who cannot accept any wrong, I will remind you of an African saying; “A man that has never submitted to anything, will soon submit to the burial mat”.

  69. I am PF but very embarrassed that instead of fixing the economy, we are trying to fix HH. How does this nonsense put food on the table of the many suffering Zambians? Can we for once start leading the country responsibly please. What we are doing as PF is PATHETIC. It is complete nonsense. I am a die hard PF who has chosen to stand on the side of civilisation.

  70. These Tonga bloggers why do they hide behind Eastern names like Mr. Tembo? Have they all become Easterners? Viva Eastern power! kikikiki

    • Mambwe, you don’t need to be a Tonga to be objective. The problem is illiterates like you who reason like little boys. Truth is truth whether it comes from someone you like or not. Just because I am from the East does not mean I have to support everything that comes from my fellow Easterner. At least, that is how I was brought up. My only question to you is, What would you like to be when you grow up?!

    HH – INTERCONTINENTAL HOTEL TREATMENT ????????????????????????????????????????????????????


  72. 1 PETER 2:20
    ” But how is it to your credit if you receive a beating for doing wrong and endure it?”

    1PETER 3:17
    “For it is better, if it is God’s will, to suffer for doing good than for doing evil”


  73. @Nostradamus – what do you say, crash like what? Heeeeeeeeeeeeeee what can a visionless, chimbwi without teeth do to your almighty under five god? Kabimba warned you but you did not heed, just sober up and let the law take its course.

  74. Mwanawasa did not incarcerate Sata. If anything, Sata would have been charged with treason and ECL would never have been president.
    Sata did not fight fight back on HH cause he new the importance of opposition in a democratic nation.

    This chagwa is drunk.

  75. Really thank God that HH’s life was spared during the motorcade incident…, there is no point taking sides fellow Zambians… we get punished 4 our wrong doings & we face the concequences when unfairly punish others, may peace, unity, & love reign upon our country.

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