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Any Contractor working against PF will be kicked out of Luapula-Provincial Minister


Province Minister Nickson Chilangwa meeting contractors1
Province Minister Nickson Chilangwa meeting contractors

Luapula Province Minister Nickson Chilangwa has warned he will immediately terminate contracts of companies doing government projects but with opposition links in Luapula.

Speaking when he addressed contractors building the Kala 48 Marine Barrack in Kawambwa Saturday morning, Mr. Chilangwa said he had reports of some contractors who were working with people undermining the PF government.

Mr. Chilangwa charged that some contractors were using the same money that the PF government paid them for doing work to advance their political agendas adding he would decisively act on the matter.

“Some individuals are very ungrateful. We give them contracts and money but they are using the same money to sponsor their political activities. Why would you bite the finger that is feeding you? Let me warn you, we shall kick you out of here,” Mr. Chilangwa warned.

He advised Ashtrom, the Israeli contractor building the Kala Marine Barrack to scrutinize companies before subcontracting them to do works to ensure they were politically neutral.

Mr. Chilangwa said individuals who were undermining President Edgar Lungu should not be allowed in to do jobs in the province.

Province Minister Nickson Chilangwa
Province Minister Nickson Chilangwa

Meanwhile, President Edgar Lungu is this September expected to commission Mwense Trades Training Institute in Luapula province.

The construction of Mwense Trades Institute is 98 percent complete and Zhengtai Group, a Chinese company is making final touches to the infrastructure.

Minister of Higher Education Nkandu Luo who recently toured the institution in the company of her Luapula province counterpart Nixon Chilangwa is happy at the workmanship of the contractor.

And Professor Luo has challenged Trades training institutes in the country to focus on becoming self-reliant.

She said that Trades Training Institutes should bid for government tenders if they are to run profitably.

The minister of higher education said that Trade schools can bid for services from government departments and private firms by offering skills training to their students.

Professor Luo urged the Trades training institutes to form companies to generate resources that will help them run profitably.

She said it was against this background that her ministry had started equipping Trades Training institutes to position them to run as profit making entities.

Professor Luo was speaking after touring some trades training institutes and pieces of land earmarked for the construction of Universities in Luapula and Northern provinces.

Province Minister Nickson Chilangwa meeting contactors
Province Minister Nickson Chilangwa meeting contactors


    • Beans Minister you have digressed yourself way too far. As a professional with vast experience in different markets, allow me to water down your rage. First this money is tax payer money from the national treasury of all Zambians. PF as a ruling party is just a custodian of national resources for and on behalf all Zambians period. In no way is the ruling PF owner of these resources. Certainly contractors ought to know that you cannot mix business with politics worse still work to frustrate Governent agenda of service delivery.

    • Patronage is practiced anywhere in the real world. But when it is blantantly institutionalized and pronounced like this, then it’s time to not only condemn, but shot the culture down. Unlike overzealous immature Lusambo, Chilangwa is a sober leader and rational in his politics. No doubt he must have just been over agitated with what met his eyes.

    • Do these rats understand multipartism or they are simply monkeys singing for their dinner?

    • These are the dull small brains that lead our country, they have absolutely no clue or ability to differentiate between taxpayers money and PF..back to one Party rule!!

    • Are you a Provincial Minister or a Provincial PF Chairman? Not everything should be politicized. The leaders objective is to uplift the lives of the people under jurisdiction.

      You need to listen to the First Lady, Esther Lungu on how you people need to work with Opposition Parties. How can a woman show more leadership than all of PF including the great leader?

    • Ba fi colour, aba, all they know is boot licking and issuing threats on behalf of their clueless supreme!

      So depressing to seeing such a rich country like ours being ruled by a batch of ret@rds….we will never see progress!

  1. Any zambian regardless of their political persuation has a right as long as they qualify. You are creating divisions in the country with such schemes.

    • Bembas are hateful anarchists and chaos-mongers. They love all this madness because they thrive in chaos, stealing at will. This tribe should be expelled back into the Congo where they belong and fit in nicely.

    Which contractors? Local or Foreign.
    National development should not suffer at the hands of enemies of progress. I have until 2021 to judge ECL. Kindly flush out all elements of retrogression. You have my support. I thank you.

    • The empty tin means local sub contractors …the *****ss have given Mosad to build a barracks apart from equipment what can be sophisticated about a barracks. ZNS would have done this job!!

    • The empty tin means local sub contractors …the idi.ots have given Mosad to build a barracks apart from equipment what can be sophisticated about a barracks. ZNS would have done this job!!

  3. That should not be a statement coming from a provincial minister. it is divisive and can not possibly contribute to the development of the province as a co-existence space. if one wants to promote economic activity, one does not discriminate on party lines. Everyone contributes to the GDP, everyone pays tax.

    • This was clear in 2011. PF is a bunch of Bembas thugs who have hijacked Zambian politics to institutionalise their thieving ways. They want to bring their Congolese ways into the peaceful and orderly Zambian life.

  4. Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe has sacked the country’s chief prosecutor, Johannes Tomana, after a tribunal found him guilty of misconduct and incompetence. Local media say he will now face trial for criminal abuse of office. Mr Tomana was suspended back in February 2016. His removal came after he dropped charges against two army officers accused of plotting to blow up a dairy belonging to Mr Mugabe’s wife, Grace.
    The two men were among four arrested outside the dairy farm, north of the capital, Harare.
    They were found carrying ammonia and petrol bombs. The men were initially charged with possession of weaponry for sabotage, and with money laundering for terrorism purposes. Charges of treason were added later. The four were accused of hatching a plan to set up a militia base to…

  5. This is how we the taxpayers end up with shoddy workmanship – the contract goes NOT to the best qualified builder ,but the one who is politically connected …with kickbacks of course.

  6. PF is full of warnings. warning this warning that. No wonder, they are so divided among themselves because of warning each other. Even abaiche ama helicopter stone throwers want to warn seniors

  7. This is not legal. The minister must be fired. Government contracts or any sort of business contracts must be awarded on merit not party affiliation.

  8. Nixon Chilangwa is a mother fcking pr.ik and Ar.sewhore! The bast.ard is a very dull ID.IOT with a dodgy short and bent disabled leg!!
    The deformed genes of his short legged have packed themselves in this head and the bastard can’t even think!!

  9. If you analyze his statement you will discover that in some way he is right. The enemy of development does useless jobs and turn round and start blaming govt the moment the infrastructure fails. Dont give them contracts. These are the same who abandon works once paid upfront.

    • Lungu is Satan personified. Lungu is a vile murderer with no sense of right or wrong. He is what you get when a street kid grows up and people are stoopid enough to put him up for leadership. Things are about to go horribly wrong in Zambia. This is just the start.

  10. So if the contractor complains about delayed release of project funds then that contractor is opposition? When you see leaders resorting to pointing fingers and issuing threats, just know that they feel inadequate about their capacity to deliver. It is also one way of keeping up appearances to be noticed by the appointing powers, a no no in good management practice! When are these guys going to emulate progressive countries that manage their affairs by KPIs?

  11. Does this foool know what democracy is? If His boss Lungu knows he should fire him. An example should be made out of such dumb irresponsible political posturing. Business isn’t done along political lines. You are scaring real investors

  12. At the moment Zambia is going backwards. Our children’s future is being jeopardized every single day. Anyway, I’m hopeful that one day it will be possible to get onto a SADC train and travel to Namibia,Botswana, SA, ZIM, Mozambique and Zambia freely like in the EU on the EU trains.

  13. Can the government show a d verify that all workers employed by foreigners and that includes chinese and local subcontractors are getting the correct money paid in to their pension accounts

  14. Hon. Minister should read Part III, Art. 11(a)(b)(d); Art.23(3) and Art. 1(2)(3) of the Constitution of Zambia before showing his lack of education and 5tupidity.

  15. Is is not possible for trades training institutes to be self reliant. Then they would be purely companies. Why do we have dreaming ministers, instead of serious leaders?.

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