Sunday, May 19, 2024

Govt warns Foreign investors exploiting their workers


Government has warned he will not waste time to have work permits of foreign contractors exploiting workers revoked.

 LUAPULA Province Minister Nickson Chilangwa says all foreign employers who were in the habit of exploiting Zambian workers risked having their work permits revoked.

 Mr. Chilangwa said the construction of the Kala Marine Barrack was an opportunity through which the PF government had created jobs for the people, hence the need for workers to have good conditions of service.

 ZANIS reports the provincial minister said this when he addressed 1000 workers employed by Ashtron Zambia, an Israeli company building the Kala Marine Barrack in Kawambwa , yesterday.

 “To you our colleagues who are in Zambia on work permits and mistreating our workers be warned that we can have your work permit revoked within 24 hours.

 “ If you intimidate the Zambian workers, you are intimidating me. Make them happy just as you are happy. You are working here because you are happy,” Mr. Chilangwa said.

 The Minister said he would always side with workers whenever there was a dispute between them and their employers.

 He said contractors who had been subcontracted by Ashtrom like Liege Africa, Bruneli and others should ensure that they harmonised conditions of service if disputes were to be settled down.

 Mr. Chilangwa said President Lungu was concerned about the welfare of workers in the country.

 Mr. Chilangwa was accompanied to Kala by Kawambwa District Commissioner Ivo Mpasa, Kawambwa Town Council Chairperson Kalumba Chifumbe and party officials.


  1. Govt has been warning Foreign investors since 1991. As far I know, no of foreign investor has lost a single licence or permit.

    • VARUN BEVERAGES (ZAMBIA) must be checked!!! Zambian workers are under paid and dangerous working conditions! Asians are paid much more for the same job as a Zambian…

    • Comment:The worst employer in Zambia is the indeginous Zambian employer.I work for one and I know what I am saying.

  2. Kekekee he is lying he is not concerned… cadres are making up stories. Why would Zambian government rely on foreign investors for job creation when they said they have actually created 500,000 jobs this year alone? WHY!

  3. PF and lies, he has already pocketed his share as per the principle of more money in Pf leaders.

  4. Please minister tell our workers to be loyal and work hard. it cannot be a one-way traffic. There are two sides to this coin.

  5. it is not only foregin employers even Arm Secure Security they steal from workers in terms of NAPSA contributions they don’t submitt but they deduct every month some of us for 5 years pliz help us and don’t talk only about foreginers

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