Tuesday, June 18, 2024

PF in Southern province happy with govt’s development program in the area


Southern Province Patriotic Front ( PF ) Vice Information and Publicity Secretary, Trymore Mwenda says the party in the area has commended government for the remarkable transformation of the education sector taking place there.

Mr. Mwenda says the education sector in the Province has transformed in terms of increased provision of primary, Secondary and tertiary institutions in the last five years of the PF leadership.

He said the party is happy with government’s commitment of rolling out infrastructure development in the province through construction of new primary and secondary schools and upgrading of old ones.

ZANIS reports that the provincial Vice Information and Publicity Secretary stated in a statement made available in Lusaka today that President Lungu has continued to reaffirm his government’s commitment to improving the quality of education in the country by making resources available to the education sector so that children can have quality education.

He cited the construction of Monze’s Kaumba Secondary school and the upgrading of Bweengwa Primary School to a secondary level through the Presidential initiative among other projects, as a clear indication that President Lungu is committed to taking development to all parts of the Province.

He said government attaches great importance to the sector because a well-educated citizenry is critical to the development of the country.

“We would therefore like to encourage pupils in Southern Province to put education first in life so that they can become Teachers, Engineers, Ministers, and indeed Presidents among other careers, in the same vein we wish to urge parents to ensure they take their children to school especially the girl child and desist from forcing them into early marriages,” he said.

Mr. Mwenda noted that there is no reason for any child to remain out of school because President Lungu has assured that no child should be left behind in accessing education as government is ensuring that more school infrastructure is constructed.

He stated that gesture being championed by President Lungu and his government will only bear the desired results through the participation of both the parents, pupils and the community at large in the Southern Province.


    • This uneducated chap where is the tertiary institution has Pf put up in the province? Just enjoy the contracts you are being awarded.

  1. Development is good. But there are many factors to be considered, for example, the population in comparison to schools as well the capability of the people to pay school fees. Praising the government for constructing one school is over the top.

  2. We need to move beyond Tribal and look at development as a nation. We did not choose to enclosed in one country of diffrent tribes, but the best we can do is live together and shape a common destiny together where our children such as Musonda Hantuba, Hantuba Phiri, Phiri Liswaniso, Silungwe Hichilema, Hakainde Banda, Nkombo Sikazwe, Mwape Hichilema etc. can live and enjoy their nationhood without being limited by the province they are brought up in.

  3. Well, get this in your greasy head, Mr PF Publicity Secretary. The people of Southern Province are not happy. And you know why.

  4. Mr PF Publicity Secretary: Is it not treason for a child from Southern Province to aspire to be President in Zambia?

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