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UPND women warn President Lungu over HH’s detention


Some UPND women attending the news conference
Some UPND women attending the news conference

National UPND women Chairperson Namakau Kabwiku have warned that President Edgar Lungu and his government shall be held responsible if anything happens to party leader Hakainde Hichilema’s life.

Mr Kabwiku said as a party, they are fully aware that the Court did not order the transfer of President Hakainde Hichilema adding that there was an instruction to do that obviously with intent.

“It is for that reason that should anything happen to President Hichilema in Mukobeko or his health those that ordered the transfer will be held responsible.”

Mrs. Kabwiku who addressed women who had gathered at the Party Secretariat to get updates on Mr. Hichilema’s arrest said the party will not be intimidated and driven into lawlessness by the PF through its alleged abuse of state institutions and human rights.

She said it was unfortunately that the international community especially SADC is waiting for bloodshed in the country before taking action.

Mrs. Kabwiku said President Lungu should not tempt the UPND into getting violent and provide him with an opportunity to declare a state of emergency.

She added that the transfer of Mr. Hichilema to Mukobeko against court orders shows the dictatorial muscles of President Lungu and his disregard for the rule of law.

UPND Womens Chaiperson Namakau Kabwiku addressing a media briefing
UPND Womens Chaiperson Namakau Kabwiku addressing a media briefing


    • Do you know that you can challenge the legitimacy of a government legally? Until pf realizes that this is in the Constitution, they will always feel inferior to UPND. Just go and argue you case legally that you are legitimate.

    • These are empty warnings. Never mind them. Instead of them taking a break from violent politics and start negotiating skills with state they are busy promising blood. What a party. Start the war and you will be wiped out within 1hr. We will burry your bodies at a site we will call grave yard for the thugs.

    • What’s so special about HH that he can break the law and his members are calling for SADC to come to his aid. Nonsense. Anyone who breaks the law must be punished. Allow the rule of law to take it’s place if he’s innocent he will be set free. People have died in prisons and people have gotten sick in prisons what makes your HH to different from other criminals. Just elect another Tonga leader stop wasting your time holding unnecessary meetings

    • That’s what everyone thought when Dingiswayo died never did they know that the Zulus will rise above all tribes through Shaka. UPND will survive this storm mark my words.

    • Here is another one issuing a warning…really laughable…you can be arrested for threatening the peace… this party has been beheaded.

    • This woman is self contradictory, in the first sentence she states thus; “Mr Kabwiku said as a party, they are fully aware that the Court did not order the transfer of President Hakainde Hichilema adding that there was an instruction to do that obviously with intent.”
      Then in another statement she states thus; “She added that the transfer of Mr. Hichilema to Mukobeko against court orders shows the dictatorial muscles of President Lungu and his disregard for the rule of law.” SO ….THE COURT DID NOT ORDER THEN AGAIN THE COURT ORDERS…SO WHICH IS WHAT? By the way courts don’t order or determine where detainees should be kept unless there is a justifiable complaint…

    • We had not paid that much attention to politics until you and your other fools forced us. It is clear that Pf and team you have managed to divide us. Soon the baby of division will be born for you to nurse.

    • Well said Madam Kambwili but this time, warnings have been overtaken by events. What is needed by the UPND is action. The PF has been testing the waters and they have concluded that the UPND is toothless and are cowards. You can only warn when you are dealing with people who listen and follow the rule of law but not the PF. I AM ACTUALLY DISAPPOINTED WITH THE UPND. YOU HAVE LEFT HH TO HIS FATE ALONE!

    • Even a simple question ruffles upnd feathers . I asked a simple question and there you go even accusing me of be not analytical.

    • There you are again. This is what I meant. How do you arrive at that conclusion? Is there any reason advanced showing that I belong to that party? A conclusion is based on reasons.

    • PF for now you seem smart and the tribal politics you are practising are buying dividends. Look at all ministries, ps office now belongs to northern circuit and eastern. For example MoH, minister Luapula, ps by two eastern, all director positions from the two regions only, technical team leaders same. Stop patronizing us with your rubbish regional allegiance.

    • @Danger Kak a complete idyot whose brains are made of Lungu’s kak. Lungu helps himself into his head every day. That’s why there’s no logic in his hateful rantings.

    • Someone asked a simple question. Why is it so difficult to simply answer or shut it if you don’t know the answer? Empty tins!

  1. What’s the source of your information that the court didn’t sanction for the transfer of Hh to Mukobeko? Is Mukobeko Maximum Security Prison a slaughter house for politicians? Are you also aware that Hh is not the first political offender to be kept at Mukobeko? The purported blood shed threats you’re using to pressurise the government to realise Hh are not only wrongly timed but also a catalyst to anarchy. Patience pays please, don’t blow this straight forward thing out of proportion. Where were you to advise Hh before all these happened.

    • also does a court need to say where suspects should be detained Kamwala, Mukobeko or chimbokaila? As long as they are gazetted prisons – That is all what matters!

  2. Kikikiki she said SADC is just watching….what can SADC do? This is self infringed pain. You can’t fight any govt no matter how weak you think they are. HH wanted to run parallel govt. He caused it himself. Let it be so for now. I’m sure when he comes out he will never be the same. He will have learnt to respect govt.

    • SADC and the rest of the world know that HH crossed the line, period. Just wait for his day in court…as for now he is a criminal suspect until acquitted or convicted. The only person with powers to pardon HH after he has been convicted if ECL…But UPND continue insulting the same person…are these chaps normal?

  3. Everything from UPND is threats, threats and threats. Can someone emerge from this Party who is going to talk peace and reconciliation and work towards building the country? It is this attitude that misled HH into thinking that he could challenge the State with lawlessness. You see, the situation now is whether he is released or not, damage is already done. The best would have been to avoid all this.

    • We’ve been waiting for some action since last year when ECZ announced the election results.UPND are cowards.All talk and Zero action.

  4. It was reporting to the ICC, President Trump, and now bloodshed and SADC.

    UPND need to slow down, think, speak less and seek proper legal advice, not from lawyers milking the Party and HH of huge sums of cash.

  5. To kill HH or cripple him will have major implications on Lungu and his close circles. Lungu as President and Commander -in-Chief will be held accountable. Lungu has gone too far and will not escape indictment to ICC for committing crimes against humanity. Time will tell.

    • But the police are not dumb. They know who it is giving them orders. They will not accept to go to the Hague without a presidential escort.


      The police are not dumb. They know who it is giving them orders and will not accept to go to the Hague without a presidential motorcade.

    • Jay jay, do people remember the army or police bosses under, gbagbo, charles Taylor, hosni Mubarak or Gaddafi.

  6. At least no more nudity.thanks
    Next time you ll do better by making suggestions to the president on how best he should go about releasing HH without breaching the constitution

  7. Nothing will happen to h squared except he will contract tb and the other dieases he has been hiding will blossom

  8. I wonder what would have happened if we were to have the likes of a Julius Malema as an Opposition Leader in Zambia?

  9. Lungu is moving at the speed of a space shuttle into the unknown. Sadly, he is listening to and emulating dictators in the region. He could end-up the victim of his own aggression.

  10. @UPND Womens Chaiperson Namakau Kabwiku , USELESS , WHAT do you expect when a thief is convicted ? after all HH Stole from the Zambians and I think its the other way round to pay back.

    • You have had 6 years to prove your crazy accusations but you have failed. The privatisation thugs, Valentine Chitalu, George Sokota and Francis Kaunda (all northerners) are the ones who funded PF in 2011. Lungu had since stolen billions from the state within 2 years and you continue quacking that he is humble. It is not ignorance that you know nothing. Check your genetic stoopidity.

  11. Lungu is doing the only thing he is good at, just to draw attention. He is neither an impressive dancer nor a crafty bibber.

  12. ,hate mail I may be in Church but that’s no reason for not commenting. And where are you.. are you in a tarven. There other people at mukobeko so HH is safe albeit losing his personal freedom.

  13. Pf are very bad people they can even kill innocent citizens for the sake of power. We regret having ushered them into government. Even our colonial masters are better than some of these African leaders who never thought they would be in power one day. Poverty can show the type of leadership. Lungu is a very bad man Mr. Fake humble man the truth has come out. God will deal with you one day. Man born of a woman is full of troubles.

    • Lungu is a murderer. He has already murdered Mapenzi and Choongwa. He now wants HH’s blood. He had incarcerated Mwaliteta for over 1 year without appearing in court. Lungu is a hideous despot.

  14. Threats will not change the status quo and who will hold the president accountable most of Zambians are happy and hoping he never see the sun again and if he sees it ,he should be a cabbage and not to walk again.In fact he is being treated with kids gloves.

  15. Zambia changed under MMD – this is when the cadres were free to beat and mistreat anyone they deemed fit to attack. These acts have not STOPPED. The cadres have just gone stronger and are becoming more powerful now.

  16. Just ignore the fat old woman because she cant even run or capable of being in cells even for an hour once she arrested for threatening violence. Whats wrong with these chaps in UPND? Cant they see that their small donkey hh called this on himself? Instead of advising hh the criminal properly, they all seem seem to have lost their pay master. Sad indeed, meanwhile Zambians are enjoying the best of peace ever following the caging of the Satanist.

  17. Much as we appreciate the painful agony that HH’s family is currently experiencing, a senior member of HH’s Legal Defense Team of Lawyers must be bold enough to counsel the general membership of UPND to tone down. HH’s case is now before the High Court. Careless comments from the public could be cited as contempt of the judicial proceedings – hence jeopardizing HH’s case.

    KK was also once remanded at Mukobeko, but flurries of dissenting comments from UNIP members were kept in check to allow legal minds execute their duties professionally. Alas, GBM and the UPND cadres have become a legal nuisance to the level of embarrassing HH’s fine Lawyers.

    • That is the former President you talking about who ruled Zambia for 27 years. HH is an aspiring candidate so there is a difference. So if Mumba Phiri and others from PF comment on HH situation, then that cannot be deemed as contempt to judicial proceedings…??? Why are you guys so bitter about HH anyways…..? The devil is alive indeed!!!!.

  18. I am for neither candidate, EL or HH. HH has sentenced many born and unborn Zambian children to sleeping on the floor, no food, no school, because of his corruption and he has the nerve to complain about sleeping on the floor for 5 days and even brags about sponsoring less than a handful of selected children ignoring the fact the same assets he is stealing from the state helped educate 100 of thousands of people like him. The man is a hypocrite. I have no love for EL or the thieving Bemba PF faction. It’s no surprise Nkandu Luo, a thief in her own right, wants to name a university after her lover, the small brained one, the parasitic brained one, FTJ. A man who saw it fit to steal from the state to buy silk underwears, money that could have been better spent on scholarships, books…

  19. Who crossed what line? Has the court declared so? The man stands innocent as it is. Anarchy is not coming from the UPND. Anarchy is the second home of the PF. They break laws with impunity – they don’t even know that laws exist. They only have a ‘lets fix them attitude’. If there ever was going to be any serious flare-up in Zambia, it is because of the jungle behaviour of the so-called ruling PF government. There comes a time when you have pushed people too far and they spring from the recoil you forced them into.

  20. We have heard a lot of warnings from upnd since the time HH lost 2016 elections.after being put in jail,upnd have been issuing daily warnings,but in vain!!believe you me,empty warnings wont free HH.they will just prolong his stay in jail.
    Start negotiating for his release.or else he will rot there!recall one can only enjoy freedom by preaching peace and obeying the laws of the land!!political warnings from powerless Namakau Kabwiku (a Lozi lady) shall never help HH in anyway!!if you look around,you will see that its life as usual in Zambia Govnt has nothing to worry about!!HENCE,IF UPND DONT NEGOTIATE WITH EDGAR LUNGU,THEN HH’S STAY IN MUKOBEKO SHALL TAKE MONTHS IF NOT YEARS!!

  21. Lets face it,after losing 2016 elections,HH&GBM wanted to be running a parallel Govnt in Zambia.the two provoked Edgar Lungu on daily basis.HH’s portrate was put in many offices,shops in 3.5 provinces.many Govnt workers in 3.5 provinces started working against PF Govnt, if PF Govnt allowed HH&GBM to continue that way,Zambia could have become ungovernable before 2021.The devil in HH’s heart was real!!BUT SINCE GOD LOVES OUR COUNTRY,HH WAS MADE TO CROSS THE LINE IN MONGU!!HENCE,HIS ARREST WAS TIMELY AS AFTER MUKOBEKO HH MAYBE A CHANGED MAN FOR ZAMBIA TO CONTINUE ENJOYING PEACE!!this is how i look at hh’s current issue.

  22. U5, mwalibihya batuumbu? Your UPNDonkeys are really misleading you baasa. They seem to have told you that to become President you need to be locked up big time, as in Mukobeko right? Well, they are wrong. Prisons are not the best place to launch a political career in this time and age, instead the prisons will incapacitate you physically and you will be too sick to conduct politics ever again There is a smarter way of doing modern politics, but if things don’t work out you do not sentence yourself to death, instead you accept the situation and go back to organise organise and organise. If you lose elections even narrowly, go back to the drawing board so that you see where you go wrong.

  23. And U5 surely, did you have to go to Mongu? Just to go show that you are also president when everybody including UPNDonkeys knows who IS the President of Zambia? Even in your U5 childishness how could you plan that st.upidity in Mongu? Maybe you did not plan to threaten Eagle 1 and its occupants but surely as an intellectual you should know that things can go awry? You should not have attended Kuomboka at all, after you even walked out when the Guest of Honour stood. You snubbed both the President and the Litunga. The bottom line is that the whole of you led yourself to prison in the mistaken belief you will become a popular politician by going to prison?

  24. U5 just a word of advise, do not listen to your donkeys if they suggest to rescue you on one of yoyr many upcoming trips to Lusaka: you can be shot. You survived Mongu but you will not survive a rescue attempt from Mukobeko.

  25. It’s strange how blind to danger politicians and their tribally bigoted zealots could sometimes be. What Lungu is doing by incarcerating HH is recipe for disaster. If anything happens to him in jail, it could usher this country into civil strife and disintegration! Tribal fault lines are so glaring now for anyone to exacerbate them by maliciously charging an innocent man with treason. Lungu will sooner than later pay a dear price for this maddening Stu.pidity!

    • It’s okay. Achilamo kupusa hh. He now knows what damage a1,000 kg of bricks falling on him can do. If u need further proof ask mwaliteta or mmembe.

  26. National UPND women Chairperson Namakau Kabwiku you are so shallow minded and you don’t even know what it means by bloodshed. It is this type of language which has costed your leader his freedom, which normal person in Zambia can go to that extent of shedding blood over a selfish leader apart from Tongas themselves? Life in Zambia is far much better this time than when your Demi god (HH) was outside prison. To tell you the truth the absence HH in this civilized society has added value to our peace.

    • The person you are insulting may have a point – alluding to the fact that Zambia has witnessed too many political assassinations already. There does come a time when people put their foot down and say “enough is enough.”

  27. Just look at the pictures, almost no attendance. I am sure the majority of women are busy doing more useful things for their families including keeping their husbands warm….but not this donkey kabwiku.

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