Government urges civil servants to unite beyond partisan lines


Government has urged civil servants in Kafue district to embrace the spirit of ones and team work if the district is to develop.

Kafue District Commissioner, Joseph Kamana says since civil servants are essential in service delivery, national development can only be achieved if they work as a team.

ZANIS reports that the District commissioner said this when he addressed the heads of government departments in the district at his office over the week-end.

He advised the civil servants in the district to work with the government of the day to foster development in the district adding that there is need for them to know the ruling party structures and hierarchy to promote national development.

The District Commissioner further cautioned heads of government departments to address issues of absenteeism and late coming in their respective departments.

And Kafue District Patriotic Front(PF) chairperson, Kelvin Simukanzye said the party would like to work with the civil servants to facilitate development in the district.

Mr. Simukanzye told the heads of department at the same meeting that they should initiate ideas that will help develop the district.

He explained that it’s the PF party’s goal to ensure that District enjoys its share of the national cake.


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    What was a pf cadre doing in a meeting of district heads of government departments? Let civil servants be civil servants.

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      He spoiled his message when he said,….”adding that there is need for them to know the ruling party structures and hierarchy to promote national development”. He brought in the issue of partisan politics in public service; which was the very thing he was appealing against and negated his whole effort.

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      With HH behind bars, this is achievable.
      The only person who stood against reral development and unity was HH.

      The desire of all Zambians is to make sure that he learns and comes out as a reformed man.
      The character has been asking all his party members to shun government meetings and even sitting in Parliament.

      Zambia will achieve much with this criminal behind bars.

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    The only remaining civil servants are now Bembas and Wakos. They can unite as much as they want. Who is stopping them?

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    Munone againnyou get carried away with your bitterness, first how do you arrive at the statement of ” ALL zambians, and secondly what is a criminal , are you a criminal before you are convicted of a crime. Just z question was HE ECL ever convicted of a crime. Don’t bother answerring woth vitriol about me being upnd supporter because i am not

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    Munone, you are simplistic in discussing issues. Learn to address issues competently and objectively. Hatred stirs strife and love covers a multitude of sins.
    Suppose you err and your wife keep repeating your mistake, how will you feel? Even those who are supporting you for your hatred of HH will regard you a unwise and contentious person.
    When you go to Church, that is if you go, aren’t you urged to live peaceful with all men and forgive your enemy…. By the way what has HH done to you that you can forgive him? What sin has he done that is more than your sin against GOD? If GOD can forgive , why cant you forgive HH? Is ECL telling you not to forgive HH?

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