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Rev. Matale honoured for her distinguished service to the Church


Rev Dr Suzanne Matale – CCZ General Secretary
Rev Dr Suzanne Matale – CCZ General Secretary

The Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) has paid homage to its immediate Secretary General Susan Matale for her outstanding contributions to the growth of the church body in Zambia.

CCZ President Alfred Kalembo says Reverend Matale ‘s distinguished service during her tenure of office as CCZ Secretary General were incomparable.

He said Rev. Matale who is out going CCZ Secretary General served the church mother body diligently with commitment and hard work.

He said this during a farewell appreciation church service for Rev. Dr. Matale who served as CCZ Secretary General for the past 10 years and has since retired from service.

And Non-Governmental Organizations Coordinating Council (NGOCC), Chairperson Sarah Longwe said Rev. Dr Matale served the country generously as she spoke for the voiceless and will remain a role model that women can also be great religious leaders.

And in her farewell sermon, Rev. Dr. Matale advised leaders at all levels to stand up and speak for justice and love towards the poor, the marginalized and oppressed as this was God’s golden principles of showing love towards one another.

She was later bestowed as the honour of Champion of Social Justice by the Norwegian Church Aid which was represented by the Country Representative Margaret Machila.

The church service was attended by hundreds of people, other church mother bodies and different church denominations.


    • Is she not the drama Queen at Swedish embassy with Mukwita? Politics has bought her out of church. We are free ukumufwaya now.

    • @Lombe (MA), the biggest problem lies with people that hold genuine PhDs like Nkandu Luo and Luke Mumba just to mention two. These people insist that they are addressed Dr., Prof. and so on and that is where the problem starts.

      If such people (Luo and Mumba) humbled themselves to a point where only their output, work or results spoke for them, then it is possible to have a sane society and Lusambo and the like would have less reason to imitate anything …

    • You are close because they both have an African Methodist Episcopal Church (AMEC) background and both have served as CCZ Seretary Generals, but they are two different persons with very different characteristics. Good try though.

  1. Obsessed with people with honorary doctorates is become a syndrome in Zambia. Dr Sondashi shud start clinical trials for such individuals

  2. Even me I am asking for a Honorary Doctorate. Where are they sold mwebantu? I am tired of being called Mr.

    By the way people of Zambia, where is OUR BRIDAGIER GENERAL? He has been quiet of late.

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