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Saturday is not a visiting day at Kabwe’s Maximum Correction Facility-Chato

Headlines Saturday is not a visiting day at Kabwe's Maximum Correction Facility-Chato

Zambia Correction Service Commissioner General Percy Chato
Zambia Correction Service Commissioner General Percy Chato

Zambia Correction Service Commissioner General Percy Chato has said that United Party for National Development (UPND)leader, Hakainde Hichilema is allowed to meet visitors at any given time on visiting days.

Mr Chato explained that UPND officials were not allowed to see Hichilema over the weekend because Saturday was not a visiting day at Kabwe’s Maximum Correction Facility.

Chato said the Correctional Service respected the principle of the inherent dignity of humans as well as the safety of accused person, and as such, it had no plans to infringe upon the visitation rights of Hichilema and his co-accused.

“We are not infringing upon the visitation rights of all the accused person. All visits are conducted as per rules contained in Rule 132 (1) and (2) of the Prison Act (CAP 97 of the Laws of Zambia) i.e. “No prisoner shall be allowed more than three visitors at any one time and All visits to prisoner shall take place during such hours as the officer in charge may direct…” Chato explained.

He said Kabwe Maximum Security Prison only allows visits on Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays.

“As a Service we operate by a system of laws and procedures. Visits to Kabwe Maximum Security of the accused persons by their family and friends shall take place on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9 to 11:40h and from 14 to 15:40h to enable us conduct midday lockup and final lock up respectively,” he explained.

He added that since Hichilema was not yet convicted, his wife Mutinta was allowed to visit him on a Saturday and she managed to take food inside the maximum prison facility.

“Some party officials and Chiefs were not permitted to visit over the weekend because Saturday was not a visiting day. However, HH’s wife was permitted to bring food to the accused person because HH as an unconvicted prisoner has been permitted to maintain himself or to receive from private sources at proper hours, food or other necessaries in accordance to Rule 87 of the Prison Act,” said Chato.

“As a Service we respect the principles of the inherent dignity of human persons and ensure that the safety of the accused persons is guaranteed.”

Meanwhile, a horde of UPND members of parliament were camped outside the gate at Mukobeko Maximum Prison in Kabwe where they are trying to negotiate passage with the prison authorities.


  1. This makes sense.

    It’s stupendous the people wanting to visit HH didn’t know that.

    Not so sure he needs visitors to start with.

    This is a man carrying serious cases and for me the quicker he is replaced by UPND the all better.

    I hold a PhD



    • We have to be careful as a State. These visitors like GBV don’t mean well. They can poison him. He’s heavily guarded for his own safety. UPND dogs always complain over nothing.
      Mutinta remember that Costen refuses to take medication and he’s also uncut like HH.
      Be careful when you meet you can infect each other

    • I love the firm stance government is taking on this issue. This is important, the world including HH minions must know who is in control, they must must know we only have one government and not the nonsense UPND was posting and misleading themselves that HH will be made president.

      This is justice, let HH go through all the normal procedures of the law, no short cuts – having wealth does not mean being exempted from Justice.

      This is a great lesson to all, where is the once ‘might man’, the man who dared the powers that be, the man who challenged presidential motorcade. Great lesson toall

    • Chato is a pathetic torturer. How are prisons a service? A person who makes a career out of torturing fellow human beings is not normal.

    • instead of improving the economy which is in serious Intensive care unit, people are busy incarcerating one another. Both ruling and opposition parties are completely useless in Zambia. Unless you are very blind, in denial, mentally deranged or totally Mad, you should see that the present government has LAMENTABLY failed

    • It’s absurd to hear such high level leaders of the UPND like GBM, Chief Mukuni…., can be so ignorant of when to visit the prisoners, they could not even do their home work before making such a stupid decision…??? If you can’t understand such simple procedures how can you rule a nation with such chaotic minds like chief mukuni, ala mwila tusebanya.

    • Ba Mushota
      Really, It is stupendous?? Oh my word, the Ph.D. has been degraded. If you as a Ph.D. do not know the difference between stupendous and stupidity, then the Ph.D. has become meaningless.

    • @1.6 Goosewell,

      So we should improve the economy by blocking presidential motorcades?

      What type of economics is that? What a joke!

    • @ Munone: What is the government stance on this. Let’s learn to write facts than being so much Dull that we feel anything bad on HH is correct. This Chato is a fool who has failed just like the police force. All this is politics and he is being directed by Lungu to Lie. If this is true?? Why didn’t they publish the visiting DAYS & HOURS?? Why has it taken him so long to comment? Again he is contradicting himself that HH is not convicted therefore the rule should not apply hence Mutinta being allowed?
      Fellow Zambians never tolerate wrong doings, because tomorrow it will be you? in HH’s position. Lungu and his cadres are abusing office. It’s really a shame after having so much faith in PF to change of country. Whatever they are doing is a sign of failures. They have failed to rule…

  2. The same UPND want President Lungu to be declared election winner by the courts of law instead of ECZ. The same UPND should wait for the courts to find Kaponya (HH) guilty or not guilty. Anyway pompous (HH) doesnt even have the muscle to go on hunger strike. He’s a coward. Stolen privatisation money can’t save Heke Inda Hajilima.

  3. But did the court authorise the transfer of HH from one prison to another? The case is in Lusaka why transfer him to Kabwe wasting resources. Did other accused transferred using the same transport to Kabwe? They went by road because they are not human beings?


    • Chisenga, you devil worshiping Bemba, the court gave specific instructions that Lungu should not take HH for torturing to Lilayi but he should be kept at Chimbokaila. The court did not reverse that ruling. The court did not say that he can be taken to Mukobeko either. Lungu is a lawless brutal murderer. He drinks blood with his every meal.

    • When did the court decide where to detain suspects? Some questions -yaba. The court is a referee – if you have complaints about where HH is detained – bring it to the court and they will rule on the matter. By the way that will be another preliminary issue.

  4. When they arrest opposition leader’s at the market greeting their supporters the argument they give is that HH is not a regular Zambian. He’s a leader of the largest opposition in the country therefore his presence at the market can ignite a riot. So why can’t he be considered leader of the biggest opposition party and let people visit him?


  5. Fellow country men and women!! There is peace along the streets of Lusaka. Whoever recommended hh to be isolated must be commended. One man can suffer while the majority enjoy peace. How is he practising his religion in prison.

    Its true GBM can poison hh. I wouldn’t mind hh being poisoned bcoz GBM will help up us run that upndonkeys to destruction.

    • fool what peace when you incarcerate and destroy the rich you need for money. Edgar needs to resign and you too Satan, happy about jailing a rich man the country desperately needs. Who gets happy unless he is Satan like you. You are bringing bad luck with your evil Lungu, if he is that heartless how he is going to care for the 12 million people, that why we had over 980 people die in one hospital and your Lungu government as we speaking now is being condemned by the international community who have not been bewitched like you. For your own information Lungu is not your daddy, he can switch on you and you will be the one to be thrown in jail

  6. @4 HaLombe (I am pretty sure you are not tonga), maybe the difference is that now the Zambia Correctional Facility is running the show and NOT the Zambia Police….kikikikiki.

    Makes sense to me and all non-donkeys.

    • Bembas and Wakos should know that if they manage to kill HH in prison, then Lungu is dead meat and Zambia will never be same again. Just because we are quiet and watching how far your evil scheme will go does not mean it does not pain us. You will regret your stoopidity. You are drunk with power but you cannot get away with this. Zambia will explode, Zambia will burn.

    • Threats, threats and more threats??? falsities, lies and more rubbish???When hh chief donkey was picked up from his house: YOU WILL SEE!! Over 70 days later, still the same threats, in case you are forgetting, Zambia has laws. Any s.t.u.pidity and unruliness will face the LAW.

  7. UPNDonkeys have a propensity to dig their own graves, including one for U5.
    I think that in transferring U5 the Correctional Services Authorities are reacting to abuse of visitation facilities by breeds of donkeys like Mwenya Musenge who sought media publicity at Chimbokaila in lusaka. And protecting U5 of course, there are too many people predicting bad things to happen to him and threatening to blame government for “whatever happens to U5”, can’t take chances. Please note the name of the Mukobeko Maximum, no nonsense there, UPNDonkey MPs can camp outside the gate for as long as they want nothing will happen until visting hours. Of course if they break the law the MPs will be forcebly allowed entry into Mukobeko …………kikikiki. Of course Mutinta will be allowed to take food to…

  8. … Of course if they break the law the MPs will be forcebly allowed entry into Mukobeko …………kikikiki.
    Of course Mutinta will be allowed to take food to her dear and check on his health, that is how human the correctional authorities. But all in all, mwali iletelafye ba UPNDdonkey. First ku Mongu, now ku Chimbokaila…you have forced U5 to change hotels. Who knows, he probably requested this privacy for fear of harm by his Donkeys.

  9. By the way last week it was reported that U5 was celebrsting his 55th birthday? Must have been a typo error, you probably meant 5th birthday. U5 has failed to grow, so he keeps celebrating his fifth birthday. Maybe now he will be helped to grow.
    So when is the next court appearance so that I invite journalists from Trump country? As for politics, U5 has made a fatal irreversible error …. this IS the end of his career….no responsible person sympathises with anyone who does not respect authority especially even threatening the security of the holder of the highest office…yes, not even judges of whatever tribe.

  10. F00l1sh explanation. Since HH is not a convict, he should have freem to be visited any time since courts did not allow for his removal to Mukobeko. What laws is he talking about when Lungu has failed to obey our laws?

  11. Thank you but who wants to visit him? Kikikikikikikikiki Kikikikikikikikiki Kikikikikikikikiki yaba fwaka please

  12. That’s not true!!! I know someone who is in prison in kabwe and she visits her brother any day she wants she just phones the prison boss and is let in.

  13. The law that Chato quoted relates to Prisoners. HH is not a Prisoner but a Remandee. HH has not been convicted yet and remains Innocent entitled to visitation Rules for Remandees. HH should not be mixed with Convicts but Remandees. HH’s wife,relatives, lawyers and supporters should be allowed to visit HH just like they were allowed to visit him at Chimbokaila Remand Prison. Lungu is grossly violating HH’s Rights and should be indicted to ICC for committing crimes against humanity.

    • Lungu can celebrate now that he has conquered HH but we will ensure that Lungu’s dies a horrible death.

    • Buck roof death is death. Once you’re dead you don’t feel anything no matter how you died. In fact death is better than incarceration. Don’t delude yourself about Lungu s end. Many people wished KK the same but he has outlived them. Just concentrate on how to reposition your party in readiness for the next general elections.

    • According to the Pocket Oxford Dictionary, Prisoner means “1. person kept in prison, 2. Person in custody on criminal charge and on trial” I am sure HH is not a tourist at Mukobeko to be defined by any other term…!

  14. instead of improving the economy which is in serious Intensive care unit, people are busy incarcerating one another. Both ruling and opposition parties are completely useless in Zambia. Unless you are very blind, in denial, mentally deranged or totally Mad, you should see that the present government has LAMENTABLY failed

    • And when Muzungu says Africans are so full of negative energy, we become offended. We have wasted a lot of time (time is money) and resources on this persecution of an individual whose case is still ill-defined. We have become a laughing stock as a country because no one takes Zambians seriously any more. We have lost business deals to neighboring countries because of the recent happenings in our country. I wish our leaders were as economically wise as Mwanawasa and group to realize the damage this HH persecution is causing. There were many times Mwanawasa tried to lock up Sata but he listened to his economic advisors and desisted. We original PF members feel sorry that our party which gave so much promise for change has grown into a monster that has taken away fundamental human rights in…

    • We original PF members feel sorry that our party which gave so much promise for change has grown into a monster that has taken away fundamental human rights in this country. So Sad. It is not our situations that make us look bad. It is how we react that will make us look bad or good. Chagwa the in charge is the one who looks bad because he has allowed himself to be deceived by his questionable advisors.

  15. MPs are just pretending. Deep down their hearts, they are happy a convention would be held. HH must be careful with that pretence. Watch out for Garry Nkombo and Jack Mwiimbu. They are all eyeing for that position.

  16. MPs are just pretending. Deep down their hearts, they are happy a convention would be held. HH must be careful with that pretence. Watch out for Garry Nkombo and Jack Mwiimbu. They are all eyeing for that position. Aleisa kwisa Ku prison. ECL well done, your quietness was taken for granted

  17. Foolish PF all this money you are squandering on keeping HH in jail is going to haunt you. I see PF cadres are rejoicing but one thing they don’t know is that your Edgar has just booked himself a future ticket to jail, his end just like other dictators is going to be miserable. HH will have the last laugh because Lungu is not even supposed to be a president and he can’t improve the country. There is no smart brain in PF, this is a wrong time to jail an opposition when you still have 4 years, investors and lenders will silently start punishing you and before you know the economy has collapsed and then you will see the wrath of hungry Zambians.

  18. Put this man under house arrest pending the determination of his case by the courts. He has suffered enough. Why are we being so mean? Even that retrogressive law regarding visitations is archaic and needs to be repealed. One thing this HH story has exposed is the evil sadists in current PF leaders and the rot in our judiciary and police. This is how I see PF leaders treated when they cease to have state power. They won’t be free to walk our streets. Be careful how you treat others on your way up because there will surely be a time to come down.

    • They will not free HH on natural justice.

      Lungu is paranoid and has no idea of how to provide the 500,000 jobs he promised.

      Keeping HH locked up makes lungu look important.

  19. The Maximum prison is meant for convicts for capital offence serving ten years and above. No suspect may be detained at Maximum Prison.
    Currently there are two maximum prisons namely Mwembeshi and Mukobeko. The second to these two maximum prison is Kamfisa Prison.
    The big question is why transfer HH to Mukobeko when the nearest is Mwembeshi.
    The biggest problem now is that the secret hand is simply abusing the government institutes such as the POLICE,PRISON,ZAF etc…The JUDICIARY is the next victim….. Sadly when all government institutes are broken , the worst is to happen….. The rule of men take place as it was in LIBYA. People will have to worship[ an individual as the source of life. Any Dissent shall be crushed….

  20. Mukobeko is for convicted prisoners we all know that Chato is being stupid and political. It is sad that people in begging to stay on their positions sale their integrity to the devil. In the first place Lungu is showing that he has no self confidence, contradicting himself all the time. Only fools begging for positions agree with him. Chato and the rest have no balls to stand up and tell Lungu the truth

  21. Keeping HH in prison does not make the the President look like he working hard to develop the country. He should fulfill the promises he made to voters. Why pay all the attention on HH? Leaders who have no clue how to govern the country concentrate to oppress their rivals instead of delivering. People are starving in their homes, find a solution Mr. president, that’s why you are there for, not persecuting innocent citizens to divert the attention to people’s needs.

  22. The court never made any ruling order to to keep HH at chimbokaela. jack Mwimbu is speaking as someone morning not on facts. Ababemba batila rule losha tabamu Cuba Ku kanwa. Please forgive. That’s why is is advisable not to engage a lawyer who is emotionally attached to the accused. Remember upnd made the same mistake on the presidencial petition. They hard lawyer lick jackmwimbu upnd mp and member on the nation management committee, Martha mushipe upnd chairperson for legal, musa mwenye Edgar lungu enemy from the power handover saga to guy scot and hate lungu with passion perhaps paid by the cartel to block lungu again. They realised late and engaged and in depended lawyer john sangwa few days before the lapse on 14 days. The only thing sangwa contributed was to apologize to the…

  23. Be l leave let me remind the upnd national management committee to give guidance on who should visit HH. This is a sensitive matter which should not be left to the correctional facility authority. Let those gate crasher like musenge ,mulongoti, mergers Mumbai, saviour chishimba take their soliderity massages at the party secretariate no at mukobeko. the real danger are the likes of this guys who want to predent to be friends of the part and HH. WHY should they go to prison with reporters? I think that Even HH is no happy with some visitors. Dont force Mutinta to act or chase some of this guys who pose a real danger to her husband. This guyswill cry the roudest after they do their worse and point fiinger on the state esp. ECL knowing very well that everyone will blame lungu. Then benifit…

  24. Amnesty International were right when they observed that Lungu is persecuting HH thru Prosecution. Lungu wants HH to remain at Mukobeko as punishment for Refusing to recognize him as President. The Treason Charge is Fake but Lungu is using it as a Ransom against HH. Lungu as a condition to drop the Treason Charge he wants HH to withdraw the Petition from Court and recognize him as President. HH Petitioned the 2016 Disputed Election and wants the Petition heard in Court. There is No way HH can recognize a Vote Thief and a Law Breaker as a Legitimate President. Its a Stalemate. Where is AU and SADC? They are watching while Zambia is descending into chaos and Civil War. Meanwhile the Zambian Economy is collapsing without IMF and Donor Aid Financial Assistance.

    • since when Lungu become the law of zambia? Did HH break Lungu or he broke the law of zambia?

      Be real. HH is not the 1st or the last at Mukobeko.

      Realisation always comes after a mistake.

  25. FACT:- The first paragraph of this report is consistent with sighted provisions of chapter 97 the prisons act and clearly confirms that a visitor does NOT need a clearance to visit HH on visiting days.

    FACT: – The two Royal Highnesses and GBM were given clearances in accordance with sighted provisions of chapter 97 the prisons act precisely because they planned to visit HH on a non-visiting day.

    FACT:- Zambia Correction Service Commissioner General Percy Chato clearly U-turned by not allowing them to visit on a Saturday.

  26. Wow Zambians have become so evil, your language is vile, repulsive, disgusting, highly offensive and unpleasant even the devil is telling God I have never been so evil like these “serpents”.

  27. Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. For whoever does not love their brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have not seen.
    1 John 4:20 NIV

  28. I hope international bodies are taking notes of all the human Rights abuses here to compiling all abuses of human rights

  29. bestil tøj på faktura

    Fastidious replies in return of this issue with firm arguments and explaining everything on the topic of

  30. @Khakis, you can’t compair lung with KK VERY VERY FAR. Super Ken is 1000% better in every way and is not sick!!! We see who last. My bet is super Ken.

  31. I have no problem with anyone supporting someone of their choice. But i have a problem when people support things blindly.

  32. Why is it that these elements always what to do things contrary to the Law or procedure? And when asked to do the right thing it is insults, it is dictatorship, it is lack of respect for human rights and so on. Very very disgusting.

  33. Ignorance is the major disease UPND suffers from. Look at Goosebumps #14 from Congo DR! Under Five Card diseases to be where he is. Zambia is now more peaceful! I think many more should follow him! We are tired of Under Five Cards posing as leaders! Especially those who enriched themselves from Privatization. Just imagine if someone enriched himself while selling Zambian wealth if he becomes in charge of all wealth? Anyway, I don’t panic because Hazaluza Hagain!

  34. It is clear that the visitation times at Prison facilities are not in law but determined by Prison Officer In charge according to Mr Chato, so it is him and and IOC who actually have the authority to allow or stop visitors. Zambians let us be humane and not always try to site laws which disadvantages the brethren. Where is Ubuntu…the law kills but love gives life

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