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Elias Chipimo’s Open Letter to President Edgar Lungu


NAREP leader Elias Chipimo
NAREP leader Elias Chipimo



Dear President Lungu,

Re: The Implementation of a New Development Model for Zambia – The Twenty Percent Generation Plan (TPG)

I am compelled to write to you openly and transparently to convey a burden that has been on my heart relating to the acute suffering that is being experienced by the majority of Zambians, particularly those at the lowest end of society. Unfortunately, it has been impossible to gain direct access to your office to discuss important matters of national development such as this. At the recent Labour Day awards you indicated that you regularly communicate with various opposition political parties. This is not true of NAREP. In spite of our various efforts to engage with your office, we have not been able to present our recommendations to you directly on ways that we can take our country forward on a truly developmental path that leaves no one behind. So we write to you now, openly. We do this not to curry favour or seek kudos – that has never been the NAREP way – but out of a burning desire to see the suffering of our people come to an end.

I believe that while there is (and has to be) a time for politicking, there must also be a time for nation-building. NAREP strongly believes that this is a time to put partisan politics aside and focus on harnessing the collective capabilities of all our people to deliver the goals of development that every peace-loving Zambian seeks.

As a member of the Opposition in Zambia, my goal is to see the liberation of every Zambian from the sense of dependency that has plagued our existence and rendered many, victims of a hierarchy that has not helped them to progress beyond the now familiar expectations of handouts in exchange for political support. I believe this is old politics. It has worked for a time to sustain power for those that have relied on it. It cannot and must not be the path that guides the politics of Africa’s future. Our goal must be to compete with ideas for the hearts of our people – those we would seek to lead.

For once, Zambia has a golden chance to break free of the dependency syndrome that has plagued our politics and to foster abundance and economic growth within each community that will be sustainable and free from political manipulation. For once, we have a chance to fulfill the lofty aspirations of the global development agenda as articulated most recently in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Nearly all the SDG’s will be captured by the initiative we are writing to you about, today. This also fits into the African Development Bank’s High 5’s, particularly the component dealing with improving the quality of life for all the people of Africa.

I believe, Mr. President, that we can achieve all this through what we are calling the Twenty Percent Generation Plan, or TPG. Briefly, TPG intends that through a proposed law to be enacted as part of the TPG initiative’s outputs, 20 per cent of all public procurement contracts will be reserved for women, youth and other vulnerable groups and administered through economic sector incubators that will ensure that the target supplier groups are formalised, trained, mentored and supported to raise their standards of competence to deliver to world class levels.

While this may sound similar to ongoing government initiatives on empowerment, the TPG concept is very different. Under TPG, a manageable portion of the considerable public sector contractual supply opportunity will be used to proactively and deliberately build the target groups’ skills in accordance with a curriculum and support framework that will be administered and monitored with the help of the private sector, civil society and public and private tertiary skills training institutes. To cite an example of how this would work, we can look at the case of Dzitandizeni, a skills centre that for years has trained ordinary Zambians in carpentry and sold furniture to the general public. TPG would work on developing a modified model of this but would anchor it on the regular supply to government not only of desks and furniture but also uniforms (police, army, air force, national service, ZRA, immigration etc.), foodstuffs, stationery, building materials and anything that the government departments and public institutions purchase throughout the year.

Contract allocation will be specifically tied to an economic cluster of suppliers from the target groups (i.e. welders, carpenters, bricklayers, plumbers, stationery suppliers, marketeers and other food suppliers, tailors and seamstresses; service providers in the tourism, transport, education and training sectors etc.). It will also involve training, developing and contracting individuals with higher skills sets such as electronics, mechanical and electrical engineering, architecture, quantity surveying and others. All these groups will be incubated in ‘training silos’ or ‘training clusters’ that will be fully serviced with support systems from professional services firms and training institutions that will help manage, amongst other things: sourcing and procurement of raw materials; skills training; financial management, reporting and accountability; and compliance with global delivery standards for products and services.

Rather than work against existing initiatives such as the Citizen’s Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC) and Youth Skills Training Centres, TPG will not only complement them but will attain, in a sustainable manner, the very goals these initiatives have failed to achieve over several years. If the system that TPG is proposing was administered in the road sector, for example, by now there would be many quality Zambian-owned road contractors and construction companies that would not sell contracts to foreign firms but would see through the contracts and deliver to the highest standards.

If properly implemented, TPG will bring economically excluded and disadvantaged groups into the mainstream economy and result in major employment creation; formalisation of the informal sector; reduced poverty; far greater wealth generation amongst all communities across Zambia’s social spectrum; reduction in the disparities between rural and urban dwellers; greater income equality opportunities; better service delivery in the nation (particularly but not only in the artisanal, construction, tourism and food supply sectors); reduced social delinquency; better and more inclusive national planning and development coordination; an expanded tax base; and significantly reduced corruption.

Mr. President, we believe that the following steps need to be taken to ensure the success of the TPG initiative:

(a) a review of the TPG plan in the light of the Seventh National Development Plan (SNDP) and the ongoing efforts towards empowerment already being undertaken;

(b) facilitation of direct engagement with existing governmental stakeholders that are primarily or exclusively engaged in empowerment initiatives such as CEEC; and

(c) co-ordination of Government Ministries and agencies that would have a role to play in such an initiative such as the Ministries of Youth Sports and Child Development, Gender, Commerce, Finance, Labour, Education, Higher Education, Chiefs and Traditional Affairs, Community Development, Tourism, the Zambia Public Procurement Authority and the SMART Zambia Institute.

We believe a national indaba should be convened to coordinate these efforts and ensure that we can deliver:

(a) a draft bill to put this initiative into law; and

(b) an implementation framework that would ensure that all stakeholders are engaged in the delivery of this programme and that there is no political interference in its implementation.

We believe that we are all stakeholders in the development of our nation and would urge you to actively and committedly consider this progressive initiative, which can be implemented immediately. If we as politicians choose to put Zambia first, above partisan affiliation, not only will we succeed in helping to break the poverty cycle but as a nation, we will thrive. With TPG, poverty will really be a choice and not an inevitability.

Mr. President, this needs your specific and public commitment. The Zambians facing severe hardships and those that know they deserve and can have a better life today need your specific endorsement of this cause. We know that there will be those who, out of a sense of fear and uncertainty about their own future or connected status, will oppose this plan. It will not be right for you to sit idly by while those within your support base who will no doubt feel threatened by such a plan insult and vilify our efforts to build a national consensus around an idea that will in the end benefit them too. You can exercise the leadership needed by guiding them instead to engage with us in a rational and non-threatening manner for the sake of our nation. After all, if this is a plan whose time has come, it will not be us they will be fighting – they may end up fighting God and we do not need to point out who the winner of that contest will be.

On a final note, Mr. President, notwithstanding our commitment to seeing a better Zambia, we are not above criticism. We want the transparency of a well-debated outcome – one that explores all the things that can go wrong with TPG. Where the plan needs improvement, we must all work towards ensuring that the intended goals are achieved in the spirit of cordial and humble dialogue that seeks to heal a nation that is in deep pain, whether those around you care to admit it or not.

Elias C. Chipimo
National Restoration Party (NAREP)


    • Just join PF and stop dividing the votes. Who doesn’t know that by itself NAREP is going nowhere????

      Besides all the major banks charge nothing less than 20% on loans thereby killing all local investors and advantaging foreign infestors. Zambian independence for you right there !!!!

    • Looking for a job again… Mr chipimoa President Sata promised you a job on your way to Brazil and God never granted you the opportunity.. believe Mr Chipimo you are one of the belly politicians who doesn’t know that… just put your house in order.

    • Chipimo is simply saying, the President lied at labour day ceremony that he is interacting with opposition political parties.

    • Mr. Chipimo, you bring up good points here, but you will indeed find shallow minded people here who will have the guts to criticise you, even on this positive step you have taken.
      We know doors to ECL are open only just to a few bootlickers or “yes bwanas”, the fact that you have been denied access shows, you don’t belong to that category.
      Keep it up and continue making sense….

    • Mushota, it is better to have HIV than breast, cervical, or indeed any form of cancer that might kill you within a short period. Let me tell you, HIV is manageable so long as the one infected takes their medication or simply put, adheres to treatment. Don’t stigmatize people with HIV! Did you or your sister test Chipimo for HIV? Ebunkalwe ubobwine. I like your sense of humor, but on this one waitaya. Think twice my sister.

    • If there was only someone at the end of this communique to listen and taken in advise. Currently advising team Amos Chanda is insulting his intellect.

    • “At the recent Labour Day awards you indicated that you regularly communicate with various opposition political parties. This is not true of NAREP.” Here Chipimo is saying the president was not truthful. It could be that the president communicates with inconsequential opposition political parties with a visionless agenda as his own. Fear of intellect levels and shear lack of appreciation for wealth of competence available to the presidency may hinder approach to consulting with leadership of parties like NAREP but surely disadvantaging benefit to the Zambian people!

  1. That’s what I call opposition party, come on Mr President let’s work together with these guys for the benefit of our country. I just love this guy. Rest my case Haters will Hate


  2. Elias you are a president with integrity. Your open letter is worth reading. It has inspired me and my family. No insults and genuine criticism.

    Nomba ba Hooligan Hopkins, we should have been reading insults. My vote goes to you sir. What is your website Sir. I would like young men with sober minds than young men with full of insults.

    • At long last! We are getting some fresh air from the opposition…! This is the way to go Mr. Chipimo. I hope you can be appointed Chairman for this idea for it to see the light at the end of the day. Being in opposition does not mean opposing everything government does through and through

  3. The president of NAREP makes a lot of sense. It will be great if the republican president finds not only to read the content of President Chipimo’s letter, but to also understand and respond accordingly

  4. I wish all opposition would act like NAREP & stop wasting precious time over useless politicking trying to make names. Only fools that lack vision will ignore the important highlights of this letter.

  5. Sounds like a good sensible plan this TPG. It could be a tool for leveraging distribution of wealth between the poor & less skilled & the rich & highly skilled. More study & analysis need to be done. Worth exploring & considering Mr Chipimo for Minister for National Planning & Development if studies prove it can work. Indeed if God is behind such a plan, who can be against it. God Bless Zambia

  6. @Mushota
    Someone with a PhD like yourself would not be so insensitive as to talk so carelessly. There are people who are HIV positive not out of their own promiscuity but because they may have been unknowingly infected by others, say in a marriage. There are yet others who were infected by parents during breastfeeding when their was no ART against mother to child transmission. We have so many teens today in this situation who were born in the 90s when there was not this therapy. I am not confirming that Elias is HIV positive but asking you to be a lot more sensitive to the situation of so many people living with HIV and AIDS.

    • A normal person would have learnt from what other people say, so much worthful advice has been given to that lose canon, if she had brains of a PHD, we could have seen a change. Commenting on her is becoming a waste of time. It’s not WRONG to have your own position on issues, but they got to make sense, which our sister seems to be lacking. Before the election, she viciously supported a different candidate and after the election, she turns 180 degrees to vehemently support ECL and defaming opposition. Her contribution in 95% of the case doesn’t conform to a PHD holder. She has blindly attacked some bloggers only later on to apologise, and some of those bloggers actually had supported her views. The list goes on…..and ….on..
      We like her, but she is a nuisance. She appears to be…

    • We like her, but she is a nuisance. She appears to be mentally unstable. Maybe she needs help….OCD !!

    • My apologies, I had no right to have said that

      It was insensitive and careless.

      Please find it on yours hearts all to forgive me

      I should not have said something that is unsubstantiated

      I feel horrible and once more my deepest apologies

      I am better than that



    • She is too stupid to have a PHD, just follow her rantings about her credentials then you know that it does not exist. I have come across those who do have PHD but are so dull you wonder how they managed to attain such high levels of education

  7. This is the calibre of opposition this country needs. This, Mr. Chipimo, is a very brilliant developmental blueprint which requires full support of the public and the government. I urge you to publish this plan in major newspapers, run radio programs for sensitisation (if you need donations for sensitisation and mobilisation-I am ready to donate!!) and tv programs. To the government and the PF: HERE IS A PARTNER IN DEVELOPMENT, THE TPG NEEDS YOUR URGENT AND FULL ATTENTION. Thank you, Mr. Chipimo.

    • Just managed to read today’s Daily Nation as we are approaching lunch and taking a break from the day’s busy schedule; Just seen the TPG…nice one NAREP!!!!

  8. Thanks Mr Chipimo,for now we need dialogue in this country, Lungu is Zambian, HH is Zambian and everyone else is Zambian,for now let’s not waste our energy each other,those fights are amount to zero developments, we need to advise whoever is president like now,share brilliant ideas to Forster the development for all zambians..

    • I am an ardent supporter of the current government due to its positive development agenda. However , let me think loudly. Can Jeremy Corbyn write such a letter to Teresa May? How about USA, Clinton writing such a letter to Trump? Opposition is supposed to OPPOSE ONLY, not to praise. They normally oppose not the good achievements, but the bad policies. On the other hand, I am truly jealous that these armchair praise singers might limit our progression in the civil service. Imagine Chipimo is appointed PS, then we might not rise within the civil service. So far, H.E has done tremendously well by appointing from the Civil Service. we have really benefited. For the first time after a very long time, civil servants have risen to positions of Permanent Secretaries. You can mention PS land,…

  9. The President will not read this article. He has no time to read. Forget it Mr Chipimo…..
    African leaders rarely listen to opposition’s view. They regard every opposition as enemy of the state. When they seem to listen , it is full of pretense or show that they are inclusive . In reality , they are self centred….
    Give ECL six months if he will act on what Chipimo has written… Nothing ..
    Where are the 1000,000 jobs promised by ECL? Hear his language that the colonialists are regrouping to take over this nation when He and his party are seeking IMF bailout.
    Do you know that the Bank of Zambia is not owned by Zambians but by the Richest family in the world called ROTHCHILD. The ROTHCHILD control the IMF too… Surprise….

  10. Thats how opposition should behave …..giving checks and balances not always insulting. Thanks Mr Chipimo. Its now up to ECL to act on your proposal.

    • @Fred: whatever rubbish you are directing at Mushota comes back to you!! She has done a noble thing and has apologised wholeheartedly above. She deserves all the credit and you deserve to be the DONKEY OF THE DAY!!!

    • Madam Mushota, this how it’s written. “I apologise wholeheartedly” Not “I apologies wholeheartedly”


  11. Checks and balances require that you agree and put down the developmental agenda for the nation and your opposition to government will be based on deviation from this and any other flaws or inefficiencies on the part of the government. The man is a genuine patriot. He is clear and stated above board that politicking should be over and for once lets get down to work now. What else do you want? Mr president , to us as your people the man means well and you do well to take his suggestions seriously

  12. Now that is how a person with the heart for the country behaves. Hiding your develop plans until you become a President does not help any body. What if you never become president? What happens to your extended families and your own household? This is very progressive and it can be done through serious inter facing and by a people with a passion for the poor. One man of God said: Your impact is measured by what people will be doing after you have left. If people will be waiting for you to come back before they can do anything then you are not a good leader. I hope them guys at State House will be magnanimous and brave enough to share this Article with HE ECL. We need these ideas please.

  13. Mushota that was careless, very careless mwandi. People are advocating for non stigmatization and you want to champion it on this fora…shame on you!! Meanwhile, apologies taken. Be sensible when discussing such issues with your PhD.
    NAREP, yes you are a registered party, but do you have any followers? Why should the entire president waste his time calling on you? The best you can do bwana ‘President’ is for you to join other political parties which are more recognized than the one man show NAREP.
    Well, we just thank the registrar of societies for registering your so called party. Your have ideas but those are armchair ideas…either you go and join UPNDogs, UNIPigs or better still the ever green PF then your ideas maybe can be looked into. They are good for any one to look at…

    • you are a shame to the citizenry!
      Your language is worse than your party.
      grow up and be patriotic as a Nationalist.
      Don’t insult other political parties. Have some respect and dignity.
      At one time, PF was also a one man party.
      Therefore, NAREP will also rule some day

  14. Why not remove Mulusa and appoint Elias to lead national development projects, KK did something with sardanis on nationalization even if it didn’t achieve most goals it created employment! Now we need to create wealth

  15. Mr. Chipimo sir,

    Let me state what can go wrong with your TPG:
    1. The culture of the people. A culture of corruption, lack of integrity and accountability. Refer to the auditor general’s reports from 2007-date and prove me wrong. Culture is difficult to either teach or manage. Frankly even i don’t have a solution on the negative Zambian culture it is entrenched and lies deep at the core of us Zambians
    2. The Mentality of the the people. The pull him down mentality, the tribal mentality and the lazy mentality. Ati boma iyanganepo! The negative mentality is so entrenched. Like culture, it lies at the core of Zambian minds.
    3. The kind of politicians in government. This is even the reason for the above problems. The crop of politicians we have had since independence leaves much to…

    • That’s why we need to vote for NAREP as a Party for the future, a Party for our children. Well done President ECC (NAREP)

  16. Chipimo Junior, you are great.Being in opposition doesn’t mean opposing all the time.You praise where it is due and criticise accordingly.One opposition has a tendance of opposing only, no suggestions.It rejected Mwanawasa, RB, Sata, and now ECL.It even claimed victory before elections, what a shame.So Chipimo, keep it up and continue advising.If they give you a deaf ear or blind, don’t give up.You are indeed a matured well tutored(I believe, your tutor was your father) youth politician, not those mmd die hard but change overnight in search of ministrial post-copperbelt!!!

  17. Behaviour of bloggers on this site is a replica of what is going on in the Zambian government. God forgive us here and forgive Zambians as a nation for they know not what they are doing. Beyond a failed state!

    • Is ECL in presidency to serve or to be recognized. Was the only campaign promise in the PF manifesto. TO HAVE ECL RECOGNIZED. Lungu is a disservice to the people of Zambia. Consider this parliament and presidency a loss for Zambians in this man is not removed from presidency somehow. Is this not what should call for impeachment? Meanwhile the MPs are happy to just earn allowances and all the trimmings that came with the Job. It’s a failed state.

  18. @7.1 I agree with you that she is mentally unstable, and since she is mentally unstable she will continue writing nonsense and then apologise later. The reason is that she does not know what is right or what is wrong in the eyes of society. The fact that her husband, Nick, a white scotsman has always denied her the chance to drive in Scotland shows that he knows that she is a danger to other road users. I understand now he has given her the chance to drive, at her own risk. she is a vulnerable person, bear in mind when reading her comments.

  19. Its so easy to fail an exam, yet easier to pass it. Someone is talking about TPG and what do we see on the comments, ” HIV Status”. REALLY? REALLY? Read the literature by Chipimo, analyse it and give us your take. Finnish. Dont start saying things that are not the subject matter. PLEASE!!!!!!
    My Analysis: This is a very good idea that can be very good for the nation if its successfully implemented. However, i doubt if this can be done in Zambia, or any country especially in Africa because of a number of reasons.
    1. LEADERSHIP. It would require a leader of Sata’s fierceness, Mwanawasa’s engenuity, KK’s perseverance, Bwezani’s connections, Chiluba’s Tacts and EL’s Humility all combined in one person. we have a Diversity of mindsets in Zambia that will simply not accept to work…

    • Do not use the words Analysis, Analyser, Analyse, Analysed, Analysing or any derivative if such words please. I am working in an IP to claim ownership. You might as well start learning in case you have a legal problem in the near future.

  20. This is a sober and humble opinion from President Chipimo. How i wish this reached H.E. This is the type of politicians Zambia should have. The last time i came across something similar to this was in 2001 during Mazoka’s reign as UPND President. I remember he even used to prepare an alternative national budget each time Dr. Peter N’gandu Magande was presenting the budget to parliament. Iciweme ala cilailombelafye umucele. Well done Elias.

  21. It is satanic and devilish to trivialize what Mr Chipimo has timely put across the face of Mother Zambia.
    I expect every soul and spirit of Zambia to respect his advice and help translate these plans which have potential to changing the lives of the poorest of the poorest in our country. Am a non-partisan and do not attach politics to this cause.

    Hats off Mr President!

  22. If we are all thinking of a prosperous Zambia in the future, a future which includes our children, this is what we need to hear and do. Well done President ECC (NAREP). My children are behind you.

  23. Whats this obsession with open letters? He is behaving like a Tresford Mpundu the Head of the Catholics in Zambia. Tresford will see president Lungu today and tomorrow he writes an open letter to the same guy he saw some hours ago. How do you interpret that kind of behaviour? In parliament or in court they will say appealing to the gallery. He wants to show the world that he is a clever guy. Really? Chipimo is not trying hard enough to see Lungu. My advise to him if you are failing to see Lungu, go to Secretary to the Cabinet , Mumbi Phiri, Kampyongo, Mwila, etc to convey your interest to wanting to see him. Dont depend on only the press secretary. You can even go the PF secretariat and request for that meeting. It is said, there are many ways to skin a cat. Open letters are just for…

    • Iwe Mpezeni, ba President said he is always consulting with the opposition. Elias is telling us this is false. You’re telling us the elaborate route to meander to see the President. Is that how to be consulted?

  24. I can live with Chipimo’s comments or suggestions. But not with the underfive uncouth behaviour of U5. May he stay in Mukobeko forever, Zambia can do with a period of no ru.bbish. May the High Court find him guilty.

  25. And may his lawyers continue to raise long preliminaries as they learn a bit of law, I hear that many of them are using U5 treason case as a thesis for their doctorate studies. So you can understand the need for preliminaries .
    Good night U5, sleep well. Mutinta will bring breakfast for you. Any special order you want us to remind Mutinta to bring for you?

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