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The Constitutional Court did not recognize Edgar Lungu as validly elected-Kakoma


Charles Kakoma
Charles Kakoma

United Party for National Development (UPND) Spokesperson Charles Kakoma has reiterated that UPND will go all the way until the Presidential election petition is heard.

Featuring on CBC TV Program dubbed “the record”, Kakoma said the UPND will ensure wrongs created by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) are corrected for the sanity of Zambia’s future democracy.

He allegedly stated that the Constitutional Court did not recognize Edgar Lungu as a validly elected President as required by the constitution, instead the Concourt only threw out the UPND petition.

The UPND Spokesperson also noted that the decision by the speaker of the national assembly to suspend the 48 UPND members of parliament is unconstitutional and it is a clear indication that all state institutions are now compromised in Zambia.

Kakoma said any learned person would know that there is no law which compels citizens to recognize the president in Zambia and the speaker acted out of emotions and he should be censured for abrogating the law.

He also noted that the opposition UPND President Hakainde Hichilema is wrongly detained and state institutions should remember that leadership changes and has since described the environment under which Mr. Hichilema is living as inhuman and a breach of fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens.

“The decision by the speaker of the national assembly to suspend the 48 UPND members of parliament is unconstitutional and it is a clear indication that all state institutions are now compromised in Zambia” Kakoma said


    • Ka kakoma how is it possible that everybody can be wrong and only you are right. ? You need to seriously examine yourself. We can’t all be correct but the number which is on one side weighs more than yours. It’s like 9 out of 10 people who are right . This is what I find disturbing to understand you.

    • It is not whether he is right or wrong, it is a matter of what the law stipulates. The country can not run on the opinion of the many or the few, it must run on the collective judgement of the everyone as enshrined in the constitution. He is right. If you don’t or can’t respect the constitution, you have no country and it matters less if this makes you personally cexually aroused or not. It is simple, unless and until the constitution is upheld, you are nothing more than just a pretend country and that is exactly the point he makes.

    • HH’s own people want him to stay in Mukobeko Maximum prison for a long time as they are making things very difficult for him. We shall see who will become the loser in the end. It is HH and his family as he is not back the same we knew him. Some of these people…???

    • I pity UPND & its supporters. A political party can’t operate & be driven by emotions alone. Ideas, strategy & well reasoned arguments can win party new & unlikely supporters. Flogging dead horse like failed petition to win sympathy is flawed approach. Every right thinking Zambian knows that UPND had their day in court but failed to prove anything within allocated time & upto now haven’t leaked any evidence they would’ve relied on. There are more right thinking Zambians than people who hold on to emotions as basis for voting. Thats why things like tribe, race or class can never win elections in Zambia. God has distributed us in such a way that only a person who offers hope & is respectful to potential voters will most likely win. God Bless Zambia

    • Kakoma’s face can be mistaken for Chikanda. Keep talking and adding years to HH’s stay at Max

    • Very soon Jameson Chakolwa Chagwa Kadansa Kamwendo will be in mukobeko prison for the crimes he is committing.I hate him like s.h.i.t…lol

    • Their MPs were sworn in by the Speaker who was sworn in by an illegal President. They are all illegally sitting in Parliament and illegal making laws for the Zambians. They are also illegally eating our money. Very interesting indeed.

    • There was no need for the ConCourt to recognise ECL because the petition was not hear. The Constitution is very clear (Article 101(6) on this issue (1st Ballot):
      (5) The Constitutional Court shall hear an election petition filed in accordance with clause (4) within fourteen days of the filing of the petition. (6) The Constitutional Court may, after hearing an election petition— (a) declare the election of the presidential candidate valid; (b) nullify the election of the presidential candidate; or (c) disqualify the presidential candidate from being a candidate in the second ballot.
      What kind of lawyers does UPND have who cant interpret straight forward Arcticles??? It is very clear what Article 101(6) is saying “The Constitutional Court, may, after hearing an election petition…

      UPND supporters including Kakoma are freaking freaky! They scare the he.ll outa me! Anything UPND to me is about resentment, confusion, chaos, adamancy, spooky, riot, unreasoable, anarchy, lawless, uncooperative, obstructive, unhelpful, disobliging, unaccommodating, troublesome, awkward, contrary, difficult, tiresome, annoying, vexatious; obstinate, obdurate, wilful, headstrong, pig-headed, bull-headed, intractable, negative, intransigent, inflexible, mulish; irrational, illogical, opinionated, biased, prejudiced, intolerant, blinkered, unacceptable, preposterous,…

    • Cont’d
      … evil, outrageous, ludicrous, absurd, senseless, nonsensical, irrational, illogical;excessive, immoderate, extreme, disproportionate, undue, inordinate, exorbitant, extortionate, extravagant, intolerable, unconscionable; unnecessary, unjustified, unwarranted, uncalled for etc.

    • Cont’d
      … e.vil, outrageous, lud.icrous, absurd, sen.seless, nonsensical, irrational, illogical;excessive, immoderate, extreme, disproportionate, undue, inordinate, exorbitant, extortionate, extravagant, intolerable, unconscionable; unnecessary, unjustified, unwarranted, uncalled for etc.

    • @ Uncle Charles #1.9

      Like “unprecedented development”, “more money in our pockets”, “2 million jobs in 90 days”, “500,000 jobs this year”, “beacon of democracy”, “development of human rights” or perhaps “independent judiciary”and “compliance of the rule of law”.
      You are a certified brainless PILLOCK!!!

    • All state institutions are now compromised in Zambia. Yes indeed it is true. Politics are now boring in Zambia where everyone is forced to hero-worship one particular individual. BUT WE ARE IN A DEMOCRACY.

  1. Kakoma is the reason HH is in Jail

    This reasoning is dangerous

    This man needs locking up too

    All Zambians recognize Lungu as the LEGITIMATE president

    I have a phd



  2. It is not the responsibility of the Constitutional Court to recognize President Edgar Lungu as validly elected. If in your dullness Kakoma you are talking about your Petition hearing which you botched, that is different. How many dull people does this party of “intellectuals” have?

    • I read to disagree. Con-court botched the petition and not UPND. ECZ did not even declare Lungu as dully elected or winner of August elections, not at all. How you make your conclusions makes other people’s minds boggling. You write without weighing the complexity of issues at hand. You conclude issues as if you are judges or magistrates. Surely, the petition COULD be heard if the international community warrants whether you pf , kapyiongos or pf bloggers want it or not. Please, Write to educate others on moral principles because there is tomorrow. Insults do not serve any purpose but are recipe to intercultural misunderstandings or conflicts. Ask Rwandans, they know better what it means to throw a stone in a lion’s den.

    • Which court ruled that HH is duly elected as UPND President?
      No court has been petitioned to answer that question.
      When a petition is thrown out for want of time, it is the same as though there has never been a petition, therefore, the court has no reason to pass judgment, for or against. The petition never happened.

    • @JChishimba and UPND why do you always run to international community “… Surely, the petition COULD be heard if the international community warrants whether you pf , kapyiongos or pf bloggers want it or not.” Your same international community declared your elections free and fair. Sometimes, I wonder – how will the petition be heard? Under normal Zambian Law it will never be heard. Maybe when you call in your international community to run business here. As far as I know PF has no issue with the last election and they will never petition courts of law to please those who are not happy. UPND should find a way of restarting the case – wonders will never end.

    • Kakoma, I consider myself learned but I don’t agree with you. UPND are a bunch of time wasters. Spending 14 days on preliminary issues instead of presenting their evidence. Why was the UPND interested in creating a leadership vacuum when is was clear the serial loser had lost again?

  3. Was that part of the mandate of the constitutional court or simply to hear and determine the UPND petition brought before it? Was Edgar Lungu not declared duly elected by ECZ and since the UPND petition lapsed, was it the business of the constitutional court to be repeating what had been said by ECZ , and of what benefit, anyway? Ubupuba bwa ba UP and Down will not cease to amaze me.

    • @Zedoc: If you have any doubts on what Kakoma is saying, refer to the New Ammended Constitution Article 103(3) and also read Article 104.

  4. See how things are going now in the Country. Can you all big guys sit around the table and talk then resolve whatever issues which are there. You are the same politicians who say “there are no permanent enemies in politics”. What is the role of the opposition in Zambia? The battle is not for the strong nor the race to the swift but time and chance happens to them ALL.

    • Well said Mr. TBag. Indeed what has happened to all our elders in this country who cannot sit down and resolve these issues that are deviating the attention of the country away from progressive productive activities!!!?? Is this surely the way we should live? There is definitely a better way to spend our time than this circus.

  5. It is up to the ECZ to declare the President. Kakoma pillock doesn’t know this. That’s why we say these U5 kids cannot rule.
    However we shall wait for the High Court to declare Kaponya (HH) guilty or innocent of treason.

    • Meanwhile their small god leader (HH) is busy growing muscles in his right hand because of excessive rubbing.
      Please allow him conjugal rights otherwise Costen will destroy Mutinta.

  6. BUT MU UPND NI MBATA (DUCKS) SHEKASHEKA ESHABAMO. WHO TOLD THIS KAKOMA THAT THE DUTY TO RECOGNIZE A PRESIDENT LIES WITH THE CONSTITUTIONAL COURT? ECL was declared president by ECZ after your petition lapsed due to preliminaries. For the sake of upnd dull members and followers, mukobeko maximum prison is not a 5 star hotel neither is it a lodge or rest house. It is a punitive environment for confining law breakers like hungry hyena so that they can reflect on their spectacularly foolish behavior.

  7. Wise words Sir. U speck the truth and it hurts thus u will see comments from faint heart-ted sadist such as uneducated and unemployed likes of Mushota vent so much ill. God bless u for the fight for sanity and a better Zambians.


  9. The major problem is that the majority of PF supporters are illiterate therefore you are find it hard to understand how things are done. Your minds are just bent on justifying your wrong doings.UPND is comprised of technocrats whose sense of reasoning is beyond your grasp. That is the more reason you cant understand when we are explain things to you.
    You pf shall perish for the lack of knowledge.

    • The problem with upnd is they are too intelligent their laws and conduct are too advanced for Zambia. They live in an imaginary state where hh is a demi god and all Zambians except themselves and the people in the bantustans are too dull and s.t.u.pid!! Probably explains why they can’t get votes out of the bantustans and have been REJECTED 5 TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @Zambian Citizen! The people have not rejected the UPND, it is the PF which has been has rigging (Stealing) the elections. (Twice it has happened now). Don’t pretend, you know that even yourself. Why are you afraid of hearing the petition. All days are not Sundays, you will have to explain your behaviors one of these fine days. yes you can dance and f00lishly sing Lungu praises today but slowly and surely time is coming.

    • Technocrat who cant understand the meaning of 14 days. technocrat who don’t know who is responsible to declare a winner. upnd is full of f00ls. Read the constitution and understand the role of the con court. Or can you f00ls provide the evidence of rigging and we might help you. otherwise shut up. There is no law which also compels anyone to recognize upnd as a party. so hh is just a criminal and law enforcement caught him red handed and will rot in mukobeko. The case is scheduled for hearing on 23rd May 2018.

  10. @8 Chisenga, tell them!
    At least Kakoma donkey has NOW AGTEED that their petition WAS THROWN OUT. So what petition will be heard? I don’t know how many times UPNDonkeys need to be told that since the Concourt threw out their petition it means that there is no petition in place. That means everything reverts to the original status before the petition. The original status is that the ECZ declared the winner. But the swearing in was put on hold ONLY because of and to give chance to the petition. It’s the same as if there was no petition, swearing would then proceed. When I call U5 and his party as donkeys, you understand now.
    Can Kakoma and his UPNDonkeys cite a clause in the Constitution that says the Computer shall declare a winner after a petition is thrown out or lapses after 14…

  11. Mushota phd ….if as you say ALL ZAMBIANS recognize ecl then you have a serious problem with logic, which obviously was not part of your phd. If ALL recognize ecl then these ministerz would not be suspended for,,,NOT recognizing ecl. All legal minds on this site please quote which section of the constitution directs pipo to recognize a president. Mushota with your sharply honed research skills obtained through getting a phd you will be able to quote the appropriate section of the constitution. Go to it .

  12. there you go, THIS IS THE REASON WHY hh IS IN PRISON AND WHY upnd IS COLLAPSING. How can a senior party member fail to inform the nation and their supporters that the petition is a dead issue??? And the ConCourt not recognising ECL…what kind of nonsense is that?? And then the donkey supporters are even believing him, OH MY GOSH????? The speaker’s suspension being unconstitutional????? Fellow countrymen and women: upnd HAS NO STRATEGY, WITH hh IN JAIL AND THIS CALIBRE OF LEADERS, THEY HAVE NO IDEAS TO TAKE THE PARTY TO THE NEXT LEVEL.

  13. Terrible who swore in HE ECL as president. I have asked before but there seems to be no one with your remarkable memory of recall.

  14. The swearing in officer since unpd were in court to raise a preliminary issue to stop the CJ from performing her constitutional function which she delegated! The committal of HH case to High court was similarly delegated the lawyers led by malita mu ship way raised a preliminary issue thus extending hh days in prison…only to drop them later and go for the main case as they should have done earlier

  15. UPNDonkeys are overstretching their popularity. Your performance during the last two elections were based on frustrated people from MMD and PF, next time you won’t have their support because they now known your tribal agenda. Wait and see!

  16. Too bad you’ll have to spend the next five years waiting for an imaginary petition to be heard. The concort has no mandate to declare a winner so keep on entertaining us till 2021.

  17. GBM was hallucinating yesterday, he said they will make sure their ka god gets out of prison, now it is Kakoma also hallucinating that they will go all the way for the petition to be heard. In both cases how.? My foot………..Making total fools of themselves. Their chiefs also told an appalling lie publicly that they will never ever visit their sons in custody again, shockingly less than 24 hours later they were seen at MAXIUM PRISON. Drama. Total confusion.

  18. Can Kakoma and his UPNDonkeys cite a clause in the Constitution that says the Computer shall declare a winner after a petition is thrown out or lapses after 14 days?
    ALL right thinking people in the world including ALL government, ALL international agencies including UN, AfDB, World Bank, IMF, etc have recognised the government of Zambia led by President Lungu. Why, even the Vatican! Now are UPNDonkeys suggesting that ALL these including the Pope ate stupid fo.ols? Everybody is an id.iot except the UPNDonkeys? No wonder NO ONE in the world except Donkeys pay any attention to UPNDonkeys or even the locking up of U5. Tght should tell the donkeys something.

  19. I actually think it’s not just the mps who should have been suspended, but the party upnd itself. I have never seen a political party as useless as this one!!

  20. I read to disagree. Con-court botched the petition and not UPND. ECZ did not even declare Lungu as dully elected or winner of August elections, not at all. How you make your conclusions makes other people’s minds boggling. You write without weighing the complexity of issues at hand. You conclude issues as if you are judges or magistrates. Surely, the petition COULD be heard if the international community warrants whether you pf , kapyiongos or pf bloggers want it or not. Please, Write to educate others on moral principles because there is tomorrow. Insults do not serve any purpose but are recipe to intercultural misunderstandings or conflicts. Ask Rwandans, they know better what it means to throw a stone in a lion’s den.

  21. Kakoma and the entire UPND, kindly concede, apologise and let the country move on, simple. All arguments are not taking us anywhere as a country. HH should also apologise and be freed and move on with his business.

  22. The problem i am finding is that they keep saying inhuman conditions where HH is, what of the other peole that side are they animals??????????????????????????????????the way this Kakoma is talking thats why HH and all UPND cases are not ending with success ifitala kwati liule

  23. This is the end of UPND, mark my words. All UPND members are engulfed in a self orchestrated catastrophic web. And the more they struggle (without proper stratagems), the more they get entangled in this self inflicted sinister web. It’s just a matter of time, UPND will completely be obliterated from the face of the earth.

  24. UPND are like buttocks, they are always behind. The issue of ECL being declared president is history, so is the mandate of the concourt. Even in 2021 they will be talking about preriminary issues when others a focusing on winning. And then since they are always behind they will start crying about 2021 in 2022.

  25. He wanted to kill the president of the republic of Zambia, he has never recognized him as his president yet he’s even quoting a Bible scripture and the same Bible says respect those in authority like President ECL(Romans 13:1-4), why can’t he learn something from his stupidity? Why is he so pompous? We know he’s a Satanist, why does he mention God? Let him be executed for the wrongs he had done, only tongas and lozis will mourn him for few days and all will end there.

    • @ndelekite,
      He wanted to kill the president of the republic of Zambia? If you have any evidence to support your allegation, please please hand it to the State prosecutors asap. They have none, and they are desperate. Do you know that it is serious offence to withhold evidence in a treason case, just as it is an offence to make false statements? Rest assured you can easily be traced using your computer’s IP address.

  26. Zambians , we are Christian and insults are not good… PF and UPND stop insulting.
    Fear GOD and keep His commandments

  27. The President’s swears to defend the constitution of Zambia and in the constitution it says a Presidential Petition should be concluded within 14 days. And can you imagine these HH worshippers can’t understand this and they think they can rule us ???

  28. Here we go again. Seriously UPND have a massive problem understanding the English language, never mind the law. All this is exacerbated by the lack of guidance from LAZ. Do these guys seriously think they can overturn an elections that took place a year ago? Your behaviour justifies why your leader has been arrested. Soon you’ll follow the footsteps of Adamson Mushala and end up the same way.

  29. The reason why UPND has been a waste of time and money and now gone into extention is because they cant realise and accept that they are all dull.
    The golden opportunity by the UPNDonkeys was missed when their criminal in Mukobeko refused to work with late President Sata.
    As the political landscape stands in Zambia, they are no better than UNIP.

  30. Kakoma lives in fools paradise. The man surely is still hallucinating that there will be petition hearing. May be he means the next general election. Concourt through out petion, what does it mean if a court uphelds the ruling of electoral commission? does it require a rocket scientist to lecture Kakoma that throwing out their petition meant that the earlier declaration was upheld.

  31. Ifi ba Tonga ubukopo ! Dont you know that its only a Petition that keeps a President from being sworn in. So since you have said it was thrown out, then what would have prevented the swearing in ? Why didnt your MPs refuse to be sworn in if they knew the composition of the National Assembly ?

  32. This is getting out of hand ba Kakoma.can you please stop crying about lost 2016 elections and organize your upnd?are these upnd leaders serious about winning future elections?
    Did upnd expect the Concourt to declare the 2016 winner between ECL and HH or the concourt was to state whether elections were rigged or not?SURELY THERE IS NO WISE MAN IN UPND TO STOP THIS NONSENSE?UPND HAS NOW BECOME A LAUGHING STOCK IN ZAMBIA!!its very shameful to belong to this party.

  33. Kakoma should me ashamed of himself. Do you need law to tell you that this is the president of this and that country? Are people at liberty to deny that this is not my president, Kakoma should be serious with his stup1dity. You even go TV to show your foolishness to the whole world….this is very shameful indeed. ECL is not just president of the party but the president of the republic of Zambia who should be recognized by all Zambian regardless of political affiliation. If you are able to recognize your party President what more of the country,s president. Indeed Kakoma is fool1sh. Ba Kakoma you have no choice on this matter, ECL is president of the republic of Zambia mufuna nangu simufuna……..By the way who are you to even be concerned with…ataaaase.

  34. Zambians lets not showcase mediocrity at everything. UPND are not trying to overturn the election results. They just want justice for what is believed to be a stolen election. And while seeking justice they have chosen not to recognize the president and there is no law in Zambia that stops you from doing that. If you read the court update in the Mwaliteta case, the arresting officer said that ECZ transported GEN 12 results from Chingola to Lusaka city airport. The arresting officer arrested Mwaliteta alone who believed to have been following Kaizer and Mumbi who where at the airport (arresting officer admitted to have seen them both). Why was ECZ transporting GEN 12 results? Why didn’t officer Shonga arrest Kaizer and Mumbi despite being at the airport?

  35. Speaker Matibiti’s decision is indeed illegal and has overstepped his powers. MPs were elected by their constituents and it’s up to those voters to ‘punish’ them if they think they are not representing their constituents’ interests. The swearing in of an MP doesn’t make him an MP, it’s the winning of the elections. Besides they vow to defend the constitution not to sack up to a tinpot dictator whose legitimacy is questionable. Also the salaries MPs get don’t come from Speaker Matibiti.

    It’s sad even people who are supposed to be smarter and enlightened can’t stand up for this tyranny Lungu and his minions, simply due to their barbaric bias and hatred for HH. Soon there will be no multiparty democracy or country. You might as well let PF be the only party. It’s clear Lungu’s…

  36. There is no accountability in Zambia. PF will continue doing the wrong because they know Zambians are dull and won’t stand up for themselves. The gas price goes up 48% no one wants to question the big increase. The electricity tariffs goes up by 50% everyone is quiet. The staple food has increased by more than 100% you stay mute. In Manitoba Canada, the provincial tax went up by a mere 1% and people went to the parliament building to demonstrate and demanded for an explanation for the increase.

  37. Behind z pf cadre comments u read fear of the sand castle they have built crumbling. ECZ announced total votes for each candidate, upnd challanged the same in a supreme court(concort). Concourt after stopping z petition about lungu winnimg, never decleared lungu duly elected, never
    upheld ECZ findings. What does mean?

  38. It’s clear Lungu’s small ego was really hurt going by his over the top reactions.

    Obama had many people including representatives not recognising him, some even questioning his birth place but we never saw him throwing people in jail or kicking them out of congress. If you push people like these they will be frustrated and will turn to other alternative methods to resolve their grievances.

  39. @Elopajnr you are the one who is being mediocre the Zambian constitution is very clear it states 14 days. What is so difficult to understand even during the 14 days the upnd presented no evudence to substantiate they claim of rigging not even an ounce of evidence. The problem with you people is that you cover up you dullness with coming out like you know everything! !! Shame!

    • Go back to school to learn how to write the English language. I know it not your native language, but make an effort to write coherent sentences.

  40. Kakoma is spot on.Concourt has no Legal mandate to dismiss the Petition once it is properly filed. Concourt can only Hear and determine the Petition and give its Verdict. Concourt should have declared one of the 2 candidates Winner and duly elected President. Concourt did not declare Lungu the Winner of the Election and duly elected coz it did not Hear the Petition. Hearing the Petition means both the Respondents and the Petitioners giving evidence b4 Concourt Judges in Court. This was not done. Once a Presidential Petition is properly b4 Concourt the ECZ declaration of a Winner is suspended and thereafter its only Concourt which could validate the President Election. As it is Lungu is an illegitimate President and HH and UPND cannot recognize illegality and there is no law which compels…

    • This is were upnd is exposed is knowledge. The law says the petition should be heard and concluded within 14 days, failure to which it falls off. What happened is that upnd presented NO EVIDENCE OF RIGGING IN ALL THE 14 DAYS but just started useless and immoral prelimaries which ate all the 14 days and the judges had nothing tangible to deliver judgement on within the legal 14 days but to outlaw the petition. That simply means the ECZ declaration remained unchallenged ba upnd twapapata school is important.

  41. Mukoma it is not the duty of the Concourt to declare the winner that is the job of ECZ twapapata Ba Upnd this is the 5th time you are being rejected

    • @ Mambwe: Try to argue with facts. For your benefit read Articles 103, 104 and 106 from the 2016 amended Constitution

  42. Fun how the PF vuvuzelas are posting comments under various aliases in an effort to maximise their noise. For example the fella above calling themselves ‘Kalaluka’ above is the same as ‘Terrible’.

    People you could cheer and defend Lungu and PF all you want but it is obvious that this country is crumbling and collapsing down under your tyranny dictator Lungu and with your ‘support’, there is no stopping this guy as he gets intoxicated with unbridled power until he comes to get you as his next victim. Watch this space!

  43. ECL stole the august 2016 Elections…this news is getting so,so boring.the opposition UPND is slowly losing it’s relevance in Zambia.Crying over spilt milk instead of helping HH gather his thoughts/lawyersand restrategise..kuwayawayafye.The concourt will never reverse it’s decision and ECZ declared ECL the winner,please get over it and try something new.are you going to be talking about the failed petition until 2021….
    Saviour Chishimba and Sean Tembo are making more sense by the day.imwe you’re busy leaking your wounds..nobody cares….pick yourselves up and behave like the biggest opposition party in zambia for christ’s sake.This is getting embarassing now,petition,concourt,right to be heard etc …rubbish

  44. @Mambwe you the dull person who can’t see the injustices of the PF govt. You can’t show up at a court and say here is the evidence. You have to build your case towards your evidence. The Concourt knew they had to hear the petition IN ALL THE 14 DAYS but they kept adjourning the case. Despite the preliminary issues raised by UPND, the Concourt should have ensured that the case was heard within the stipulated 14 days. And on the last day (Friday) of the 14 days, the 5 Concourt judges decided to hear the petition and the hearing to begin on Monday. But somehow over the weekend they changed their minds and on Monday said that the 14 day window had finished.

  45. Rubbish Rubbish of UPND. Am now tied of this stinking folly and stuupidity of UPND. I thought may be 2021 I can try them but now I know that their is no leadership in UPND I cant. All of them are childish and pompous for nothing. Just think of the caliber of Kakoma relishing the thought that the petition is still on??? awe sure these guys have run mad now. Listen to me UPND, there is no petition in the courts of law for it expired after the 14 days were over. So stop pacifying yourselves just wait for 2021 elections. Shame on you UPND.

  46. @mweepo you think you just walk in court and on the first sitting you say here is the evidence and you drop the mic? Let me put it this way, drop the Concourt judges a flash drive full of evidence why don’t you? And we can all avoid going to court lol


  47. Where in the constitution does it say you shall demand RE CO GN I ZE at all costs, even if it means throwing some souls in prison? How do you go about this recognition? Does it mean even us who voted for other parties have to be forced to recognize? Since the Mongu Saga is a Nolle, it seems clear now that it is all about Recognition! Let’s have the high court trial so that we may learn something about Jungle Law according to Chagwa. Interesting nothingness in high places.

  48. Let’s stop all the nonsense please UPNDonkeys. The only thing that would calm you down to talk sense would be Hh as a toooong..a president in office. Why are you such cowards to speak the truth? As long as you don”t speak the truth, you will be crying until 2021 and start again. You see you UPNDonkeys, Zambians do not mind a tooooonga president installed or elected in any decent way including under the PF, but we will NOT tolerate just picking a president because he is a tooooooonga. That you will never achieve out of 10 provinces.

  49. Dream on you HH Worshippers which country is collapsing maybe your ka god in Mukobeko not Zambia . What is paining you is that the country is enjoying peace and stability and there has been no uprising since your god was arrested. This peace we are enjiyong is further proof that you lost the elections

  50. Imwe Ba upnd don’t just sit and insult on social media if indeed you are popular come out in the open and Zambians will support you but you know that this can only happen in three provinces. Even with your 48 Mps suspended it doesn’t make any difference as we the people have more than two thirds majority in parliament . Viva ECL! VIVA PF !!!!!!! . Long live our beloved President!

  51. @Spaka like lilo this is not the time for campaigning not for donkeys to start inciting people with nonsense. Elections are over and whether you like it or not you will only be allowed to start campaigning as we near 2021 . As for now we the people are ruling

  52. A lot of sympathy goes to Ba Kakoma who seriously needs psychological counselling. The Nation knows that UPND had 14 DAYS to convince the Constitutional Court on their petition. Which other Constitution Court and in which country is Bwana Kakoma’s Constitutional Court located? on MARS OR JUPTER or the MOON?.

    If this is the level of intellectual bankruptcy UPND leaders can display, then NONE of my relatives in Eastern Province shall EVER AGAIN vote for this tribal Party. The establishment of Mau Mau to kill easterners is my last straw to ever consider UPND as being credible to humanity.

  53. The most ignorant and dull opposition to ever grace the land of Zambia! And of course led by dull men and women.

  54. PF Bloggers don’t get it. If Lungu had won this Election he would have proved this in Court. He doesn’t want the Petition heard in Court becoz any impartial Court will find that Lungu lost the 2016 Election but rigged it to stay in power. Imprisoning HH on Trumped Up Charges is an attempt to kill the Petition and politically destroy HH and UPND so that evidence of rigging the Election is concealed. The Mwaliteta Robbery Case has revealed that the Presidential Ballot Papers were illegally airlifted to Lusaka to help rig the Election. Lungu is persecuting HH and UPND Supporters to conceal how the 2016 Election was rigged by Lungu. Any impartial Court will find Lungu guilty of stealing the Election and remaining in power illegally.

  55. The health of Democracy in any given country is measured by the evenhandedness of the Electoral Process.
    The Electoral Process in Zambia is deeply flawed. There is no independent Election Monitoring and Verification Team. Elections in Zambia are conducted under an umbrella of partisan and partial Actors:-
    –The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ)is appointed by an incumbent president. The allegiance of ECZ to the incumbent president is obvious;
    –The Constitutional Court (CC) is also appointed by an incumbent president. The CC will only pass a verdict which would please the Appointing Authority.
    — The Speaker of the National Assembly is also appointed by the President. He can only what would please the President;
    — Last but not least , the Director General of the Zambian…

    • 6.5 provinces didn’t vote for hh-THAT IS WHERE YOU SHOULD CONCENTRATE ON, YOU DON’T WIN ELECTIONS IN COURT BUT THROUGH BALLOTS. It’s about upnd and hh inspiring these provinces to vote for him as well. When Sata lost in 2006 and 2008, he strategised. He stopped his followers from roiting & insulting Mwanawasa and RB and chastised his campaign team and his party. Even after grabbing Lusaka and C/belt from right under Mwnawasa’s/RB’s nose, they identified Western province as the province that can win them the election. They campaigned there and the rest is history. upnd has no strategy and is trying to use deceit, tribalism and anarchy to win the election. ZAMBIA IMPLEMENTED DEMOCRATIC SYSTEMS IN 1991 AND THEY WILL STAND EVEN AFTER PF AND upnd!!!!!

  56. @Mwansa or is it Hamwanza you are very dull just like your leaders ati ECL needs to prove to the ConCourt that he won, are you serious? ?. The petitioner was HH and he was given 14 days to prove that the elections was rigged , did he do that?? . Very dull no wonder you keep on losing 5 times

  57. Lungu’s Mission is to eliminate all strong opposition parties so that there will be no formidable opposition party in the country. This will leave PF as the strongest party in the country which can not be challenged. Then he will always eliminate all within PF who want to challenge him so that he rules till death. This is disastrous for the nation. If someone wiser than our president did the same, it could be much better. H. H. should be released and the play ground should be leveled.

    • No, Lungu’s success is that he inspired the majority to accept and vote for him. hh’s failure is that he expects the majority to vote for him automatically even though they have continuously REJECTED him, he incorrectly believes the presidency is his birthright like the tribalists always tell him because they worship him; ELECTIONS ARE WON AT BALLOTS!!!! There is no conspiracy to eliminate hh, he was just REJECTED BY THE MAJORITY!!!!!

    • HH is not suitable for president, there can be genocide in Zambia, please remember this all the days of your life.

  58. Kakoma is 100% right follow the constitution of Zambia it is clear. At the moment we don’t have leader. in order to have clear picture just read the constitution of Zambia don’t west time. Parliament was suppose to dissolved but it was not done why? it’s like the lawlessness is coming from the people who knows the law of Zambia and pretending as if all is well.

  59. You all behave like a child in primary school who is taught 2+2 = 4, but does not think also 3+1 =4. Get the message of the riddle before you utter your insults.

  60. Let them keep on yapping meanwhile ECL is ruling and HH is rotting at Mukobeko because of their stupidity who cannot even help their leader who is also an ido.t.

  61. Sometimes I feel sick reading the shallow reasoning of bloggers of UPND supporters. I am not surprised though when I see that their leader is an Under Five Clinic case.

  62. Seriously- does upnd have anything to offer Zambians anymore? I don’t even know why HH wants to be president anymore. Upnd, restrategise, come up we relevant vision for the country or you will decline into oblivion.

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