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Government to consider removing 10% tax on Maize export-President Lungu


President Edgar Lungu chats with Mr Joseph Daka Maize Seed farmer of Mkushi farming Block during the Tours of Mkushi farms
President Edgar Lungu chats with Mr Joseph Daka Maize Seed farmer of Mkushi farming Block during the Tours of Mkushi farms
President Edgar Lungu has said that he will be meeting technocrats to see if the 10 percent slapped on export of maize is necessary.The President says government remains resolute to grow the agriculture sector in the country.

The President said that government will continue to support small scale farmers to grow the agriculture sector.

President Lungu that was why he wanted farmers to scale up dialogue with various sectors to grow the agriculture industry.

The President was speaking when he addressed farmers at Country Club in Mkushi.

The Head of State also said government will work on addressing the challenges and close all loopholes contributing to reduced soya beans price.The President said he will not sit back and allow the price of Soya beans to remain low.

Central Province Minister Sydney Mushanga said he is happy that the President has continued to check on the farming communities in the country.

And President Edgar Lungu has said that Government will find a way of subsidizing electricity tariffs on production and not consumption.The Head of state said that government has made this very clear because it wants to increase productivity in various areas.

The Head of State said that Government had not increased electricity tariffs but simply removed the subsidy to make the tariffs competitive in the region.

President Lungu was speaking when he toured Joe Daka’s seed production farm in Mkushi today.And the President said there should be no difficulties in getting title deeds for farms in the country.

He said he will not hesitate to sign title deeds if all bench marks are fulfilled and approved. The President Lungu said Government will find a way of harmonising export of seed and seed maize. He said government will address all the challenges commercial farmers are facing in export of seed.

This was after Joe Daka, a Commercial farmer who is producing seed on behalf of Seedco complained of challenges in exporting seed maize.

Meanwhile, Zambia National Farmers Union of Zambia – ZNFU- President Jervis Zimba said the President’s on-the-spot check of farming communities is a huge step taken to grow the farming industry in the country.

Mr. Zimba said farmers are happy that the President will not be cheated on what is happening in the country regarding farming.

Mr Zimba also called on the President to put in place a special electricity tariff for farmers.


  1. 10% is even very generous, please leave it, Mr. President. The Farmers are just being greedy on this one.

    • chipante pante government of Chakolwa Chagwa Lungu.He wants to reverse it after covering Dora Siliti in the maizegate scandle…

    • @Lombe you obviously don’t know what you are talking about! If the govt do not remove the 10percent tax that Mutati and Dora put then next year the only one who is going to grow maize is you! At the moment most farmers both commercial and small scale are making a loss with the price of 1kg of maize as low as K1 and soya as low as K1.8! The only ones who are making money from this are the sadistic millers and middlemen maize buyers of whom you must be one! The President has seen the situation and is ready to intervene on the part of small scale farmers. Lombe how do you expect farmers to pay for the inputs they used last year if they make a loss you dull cretin, with that loss who will farm this coming season is it you, if no one farms there will be starvation next year???

    • Its unfortunate that the Presido seems to realize certain policy implications after the fact. Should it take a field visit to realize the impact? When they tell us that they have widely consulted stakeholders on policy, who are they if a large farmer like Daka in this case has to appeal to Lungu onsite ? These are worrisome approaches. When the President is told of these policy shifts such as increase in electricity tariffs, change in taxation does he bother to engage fully his policy advisors to understand at a high level the impact on the various key segments of the economy? if so why show surprise or indeed start indicating that he will sit with Technocrats to understand …. this should concern all even the supporters … stop this nonsense of listening Presido and bla bla there is a…

    • Ati listening president when the F.OOL has no clue when and how his government introduced the 10%

  2. always the same story,government will reduce…..government will build…..government will create jobs bla bka bla heard this song too many times

  3. Where are the ministers. It seems Lungu has been doing ministerial work? The “president” should not be commissing and touring everyday

  4. He is U-turning he knows its him and his corrupt advisers who will venture in this business.
    He is forgetting why the introduced it in the first place.

  5. Instead of taxing the farmers for their hard work, a sensible Government would be GIVING exporters of agriculture products an export INCENTIVE like most other countries to grow the sector!

    These farmers already pay taxes on fuel, tolls, VAT and income tax. How can we grow agriculture when Zambia is not competitive on international markets because of being crushed and punishied for their work?

    Lungu and his useless corrupt Ministers must wake up an WALK THE TALK, not just say one thing and then do the opposite!

  6. Zambia Is The Only Type Of Govt In The Region That Is Gud At Pronouncing Policies But Do Not Implement.
    The Presido Is Saying Govt Will Anounce Prices And Right Now Dora Siliti Has Issued A Ministerial Statement Sayin Govt Is Not The One To Anounce Prices But FRA. Who Are We Going To Believe Now?
    And Why Is Siliya Saying FRA Will Only Buy 500,000 Metric Tonnes When The Country Has Produced 3.2 Million Metric Tonnes. Where Are The Farmers Going To Take The Rest???
    If So Kanshi Remove The 10% Rubbish Tax U Had Set Together With Yo Friend Mutati, U Are Just Going To Make Zambian Maize Expensive When Infact Its Not Even Better Than Those That SA And Some Few Countries In The Region Are Producing.

  7. Remove and impose a better taxation system on the mines. Glenco that Switzerland company been evading paying for years now. they tell you they don’t make because they copper to their sister company at a low price. Govt could be making a lot of money from mines by collecting tax.

  8. The Cost Of Producing Maize In Zambia Is Too Expensive. Farmers Spend Alot Of Money To Produce Their Hard Earned Crops. But Here U Are As Govt Pretending To Be Helping Them When Infact Not. Remove The Chi 10% Tax So That Farmers Can Easily Find Market With Better Prices. Remember SA Is Producing Better Maize Due To Their Mechanised Farming That Us. And Their Cost Of Producing The Crop Is Cheap Because They Are Able To Make The Farming Inputs And Their Proximity To The Sea Are Able To Easily Export And Import. Bt They Have Not Imposed Foolish Taxes For Export. So International Buyers Will Opt To Buy Their Crops Than Yours With Foolish Taxes. This Will Not Benefit The Farmers At All Hence Poverty Will Not Be Reduced. Next Time Its Mutati And Siliya Who Are Going To Farm And Feed This…

  9. Breaking News !

    The Zimbabwean Government has banned the importation of maize into Zimbabwe to protect the marketing of the locally grown crop.

    Where exactly is all this bumper crop going to ?

    Dora has made a real mess and should resign.

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