Joyce Nonde-Simukoko
Joyce Nonde-Simukoko
Minister of Labour Joyce Simukoko has advised the labour movement in Zambia to rebrand and capture all workers including those in the private and informal sectors.

Speaking during a meeting with the Zambian delegation are attending the 106 International Labour Conference in Geneva, Switzerland Mrs. Simukoko noted that many workers are suffering because of lack of representation.

She said only 20 percent of workers in the country are unionised.

The Minister noted that her tour of the Kamwala trading centre in Lusaka revealed that most workers are not even being paid the minimum wage because they lack representation.

And Zambia Federation of Employers -ZFE- President Wesley Chishimba said trade unions should make themselves relevant to the private sector who mainly are focused on investments though not at the expense of employees.

But Zambia Congress of Trade Unions -ZCTU President Chishimba Nkole said the unions have performed well and have increased their numbers by penetrating the private sector.

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  1. Have you rebranded yourself as a labour minister dull woman?
    Here is an old retired unionist turned Politician talking about rebranding..really laughable…ask yourself why Walmart and McDonalds dont allow their workers to jion the union and you will start thinking.


  2. Minister of Labour, Hon Joyce Simukoko, can pick a leaf from an event that occurred in South Africa where General Motors unilaterally closed its business. The plight of General Motors workers was raised in a South African Parliament during the Question-Answer session with the Vice President yesterday.

    Zambia can protect workers by enacting a Law similar to one that applies to Banks where a Bank can only operate if it guarantees the provision of given sum of money to the Bank of Zambia to protect bank customers. In the same vein foreign investors can deposit a sum of money to the Bank of Zambia to act as a safeguard to protect workers when a Company decides to close its business in Zambia. Interests gained can be treated as dividends that can accrue to the Company if it is not closed.



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