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‘Modern day Julia Chikamoneka’ jailed for protesting HH’s detention


Shila Hamukale
Shila Hamukale

A UPND cadre Shila Hamukale has been jailed for 21 days and fined K12 by the Monze Magistrate Court for indecent exposure.

Hamukale, 24, of Freedom B compound in Monze district was apprehended on 8th June, 2017 for indecent exposure after flaunted her boobs in public demanding for the release of opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema.

The outspoken UPND cadre who has been christened Julia Chikamoneka after the fierce liberation struggle icon who led half naked protests was jailed for 21 days and slapped her with a fine of K12 after she was found guilty of Idling and disorderliness.

Hamukale appeared in a video which went viral on social media demanding the release of Mr. Hichilema.

In the 41 seconds video which was shot at Monze bus station, Hamukale is seen bouncing around while bragging that she is a “Matako (buttocks) ya Monze” (loosely translates dependable lady around town) while demanding that Mr. Hichilema be released.

She warned that if Mr. Hichilema is not released, she will full undress so that President Edgar Lungu sees her plea.


    • several times dear, it was not an easy task but she wanted independence of zambia not kaunda or mudenda or kapwepwe; may be that is a major diffference

    • @Spuce,
      If you are a well-meaning normal functioning adult who has been following events in mother Zambia, then you clearly know very well HH’s treason case is as much about justice as KK’s case was about political independence. For you to try and distort facts and insult people’s intelligence speaks volumes about you.

    • Brabus, you are misguided, HH’s treason is due to thuggery behavior in UPND and not for justice.

  1. It looks like there is plenty of confusion now. PF is split between sorting out HH and trying to figure out how to control the likes of Kambwili. The country now has distinct regional divides…know who is yours.
    The ruling PF has very much contributed to this by their imature handling of political issues. ..allowing militant and young people like Kampyongo to head the police and shouting at founder and senior members of the PF.Kampyongo is that the way iou would answer your uncle or father? Our IG too is being controlled by party cadres who now have realised the game could be bad. Mumbi Phiri na father Bwaya mwaletelela ECL. I like No.1 ..”this country is heading to war”

  2. For once we have a somewhat fresh strip-teaser performing for us, and not those nauseating old dinosaurs from Gwembe valley who made us look away. I sense UPND are getting closer to offloading those beauties from Namwala.

    Eagerly awaiting!

    • But they are taking long to offload the beautiful ones. We saw a number of them when they were demonstrating. These are ones we want to undress, not this chimpanzee who looks like she has just come from Kachasu. On this one Please guys don’t disappoint us.

  3. Cool! 21 days and K12? Now that’s one offense I can afford. Big UP Shila, real inspiration!!!

    • That is a sensible judgement from a corruption free magistrate in Monze who knows that the purpose of fair sentencing is not vindictive BUT for correction!

    • Do you know that that famous name you call police officers ati mwami is tonga word, which is literally means chief or king? Do you know that sapato is Portuguese word for shoe, and do know that the name Julia is not bemba, but European, and do you know that c hikala an insult in bemba, means a water hole in tonga, chikamoneka would mean something else in tonga, so no one holds any bragging rights to language.

    • Hate Mail you are not making sense. No one is talking about language here but about the ethnicity of Mama Chikamoneka. The point I am making (the fact that I have to spell it out for you sheds light on UPND behaviour) is that the woman she is imitating comes from an ethnic group that was targeted by UPND zealots in Namwala last year and led to Zambia having internally displaced people for the first time since independence in 1964. Your argument about language is completely spurious and reminds one of UPND lawyers tactics during the election petition hearing of focusing on non issues instead of getting to the point.

    • @Mpendula Kayaula:
      I understand and agree with your sentiments. True that people expect Bemba girls to do such things such as going around naked, show their half covered legs, breasts and even bon.king people they hardly know! So I know it is strange to you and perhaps everyone else to find that a sober Tonga 24 year old girl is doing what Bemba girls like Julia Chikamoneka have been doing since time immemorial. Bwafya mune – we are now One Zambia, One Nation and the same people! So chill out my brother and let us publicly enjoy the beauty of our girls and women from all tribes – not only Bembas.

    • MWINE MUNZI & KC- Kingdom Citizen!
      You are just jealousy PF mother fcking ar.sewhore! That girl looks healthy, beautiful and intelligent. With that healthy smooth body skin, juicy lips and strong legs, etc what you are saying is nonsense you dirty pigs!

  4. why arrest her when she has the right to undress or dress..and to protest..dictatorship will go down one day..watch the space

  5. The colonialists never jailed Julia Chikamonenka but allowed to protest. PF jails a fellow Zambian for exposing her breast in protest for poor governance. Who are more holy here ?ECL or Colonialists?
    There is no law that specifically states that a lady who exposes her breast is acting disorderly? What is disorderly with men by not wearing a shirt or women showing their breast. Most tradition ceremony in Zambia both men and women exposes their breast.. In this Monze case , the woman was charged because she was protesting for HH.. No wonder the sentence is a joke of time… Just like a traffic office of K300 penalty

  6. @Mushota and munone U are both stupid!!!
    mushota wishing bad for her… pathetic person you are.
    Munone do you even know what the word fornication is? DUM as are your comments.

  7. Watch the way UPND behaved during Kuomboka ceremony, you realize that was wrong. Don’t just talk because you are the upnd cadre no. People should have respect to the president.

  8. @ mwenya, respect is not bought, forced or enforced by law. Respect is earned and all previous heads of state of Zambia were respected. Its your problem to find out why the current president of Zambia is not respected not even by your self if you are a normal Zambian.

  9. Mushota you disgust me too much. I hate you with burning passion.Don’t you know that we are trying to liberate the poor Zambians here.It will serve you time and money if you stop commenting UPND matters.
    What a PHD dreamer.

  10. This country is full of jokers… so, what about all those women who dance with breasts exposed in Mtenguleni for Mpezeni – are they not supposed to be arrested?

  11. @BRABUS, i dont ever support incaeration of HH , infact i ddnt like the way he was arrested as a suspect, but history does not change and will ever be truthful. the late Julia Chikamoneka never ever undressed and protest for individuls but mother zambia and she organised many other women without personalising anything. she fougth aginst white discriminatory rule and for freedom which you and me are enjoying today. if you have time google, JULIA CHIKAMONEKA’ you will not be dissapointed with her role, not chifule fule. if my monze sister is really a ‘JULIA’ let he strip for Barotse activits in detention, Mwaliteta and the rest, against GBV etc

  12. Imagine your own wife undressing for whatever at a bus station! This girl will not even be remembered by the one she’s doing it for.

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