ZRA to analyse all minerals exported


The Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) Commissioner General, Kingsley Chanda has with immediate effect directed that all exports of minerals and minerals ores and concentrates should be analysed using the X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Analysers before exiting the Zambian borders.

Mr. Chanda has given the directive in light of the 18 XRF Analysers procured under the Mineral Value Chain Monitoring Project and have been distributed to all border posts.

He said the XRF Analysers were procured to assist with the confirmation of the quality of the minerals being exported through the Zambian borders.

XRF Analysers are machines used to detect specific mineral content in mineral exports.

Mr. Chanda has also directed that the risk management criteria should be revised to reflect this change and include all mineral exports by Accredited Clients  to undergo physical inspection and XRF analysis before being released.

The Commissioner General said this process is expected to take not more than five minutes, and therefore, will not delay trucks at the borders.

Mr. Chanda has warned that any discrepancies in the readings at the two inspection points will result in the exporter being questioned and appropriate sanctions imposed if it is discovered that there was a wrong declaration on the quality of the mineral exports.

He said all results from the analysis will be sent to the Mineral Data Analysis Centre (MIDAC) for further review and follow-ups.

To ensure full compliance to this guideline by all stations, a Monthly Consolidated Report per station will be sent to his office by 5th of the following month.

Recently, there have been reports of mining companies exporting precious metals especially gold, using falsified mineral content analysis reports.

This has resulted in gross under valuations of gold exports thereby, affecting revenue collection from mining companies.


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      Please paint that fuuucng ZRA building, how many times we say this? If Zambians are scared of heights, then contract the Chinese.

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    Yes, a significant initiative. We need to analyze what they claim to be exporting. However, the time frame for remitting monthly consolidated reports is to large. One month is a long-time. The data can easily be manipulatedd. We must work to reduce it to weekly immediately, with the view to bring it down to daily.

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    I thought they did random metallurgical audits in these mining companies to determine the production figures they declare and also the quality?

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    But corruption at the borders. Bakalyamofye and pass everything nipa zed apo.

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    Tanzania Loses $84bn In Mining Fraud

    Africa’s fouth largest gold producer Tanzania says 19 years of mining fraud has cost it $84bn

    An investigating commission constituted by President John Magufuli said on Monday that fraud in the mining sector since 1998 has cost Tanzania $84-billion, blaming foreign companies failing to declare revenues.

    The conclusions of the study, conducted by Tanzanian economists and legal experts and seen by AFP, were approved by President John Magufuli.

    The report attributed much of the loss to foreign companies, including mining giant Acacia Mining, also accused of operating for several years in the country without being registered.

    The London-listed company immediately rejected the claims.

    Magufuli, referring to Acacia Mining, said: “If…

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    Ctn… “If they admit that they were stealing from us and if they reimburse what they stole, only then can negotiations over registration begin”.

    “Even the devil is making fun of us. God gave us these ores, these many natural riches and we remain poor while others enrich themselves at our expense. We cannot continue like this,” he added, after receiving the report in a ceremony broadcast live.

    Last month Magufuli dismissed the country’s mines minister after receiving a report from geologists that said mining companies had underestimated their mineral exports in order to pay lower taxes.

    The report had said that poor management of the sector meant officials were not able to tell how much or what kind of ores were being exported.

    On Monday, Magufuli ordered a revamping of…

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      On Monday, Magufuli ordered a revamping of the laws governing mining contracts, telling the justice department to question and if necessary prosecute officials responsible for attributing operating contracts in recent years.

      Acacia Mining Monday said in response to the report that the accusations were unfounded and that it has operated in Tanzania in full accordance with the law.

      Tanzania is rich in minerals including gold, ranking fourth among gold producers on the continent.

      Gold is the country’s leading mineral export and one of its primary sources of revenue.

      Tanzania also exports copper, nickel, silver, diamonds and other precious stones such as tanzanite.

      In March, Tanzania said it was banning exports of non-processed ore in a bid to promote the development…

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    In March, Tanzania said it was banning exports of non-processed ore in a bid to promote the development of the mineral processing sector, create new jobs locally and increase revenues generated by the sector.

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    The same is also happening here. .ZRA is losing millions if not billions on undeclared concentrates and ore materials being exported en masse. Many of these raw materials contain valuable minerals such as Cobalt, Gold, Platinum and Silver. Then you want to tax SMEs????? Let’s be serious with life Mr Mutati!

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    Our politicians and Zambians in general worship and lick the feet of any foreigner or any crook disguised as an investor. What they can simply do is place personnel from OP, ZRA…relevant authorities at all processing or loading points/sites or simply impose a fair tax. Why wait to catch the wrong doers at the border posts. Zambia has very porous and corrupt borders.

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    Sata appears to have had some morals. But the current regime has confessed that it has no vision of its own, and it is working with Sata’s vision.
    It is really the worst thing we did as Zambians, placing our rich resources into the hands of foreigners without putting in place working mechanisms to ensure that our wealth is truthfully reported to Zambians, and that all shipping and transportation of our mineral exports is done by Zambian owned transport vehicles, including rail and road haulage trucks. We also messed up by not putting in place a serious manpower planning scheme to ensure that all foreigners in the mining sector are replaced by citizens in order to increase employment of our people and to keep a true record of production at the point of our mineral production

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    We already know what is being shipped to the outside. We don’t need X-ray machines to reconfirm but stop corruption

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