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Constitutional Court reserves ruling in the case of Charlotte Scott vs Mwanakatwe

General News Constitutional Court reserves ruling in the case of Charlotte Scott vs Mwanakatwe

Dr Scott with Dr charlotte Scott on holiday
FILE: Dr Scott with Dr charlotte Scott on holiday while Guy Scott was acting as President

The Constitutional Court has reserved ruling in a case where UPND Lusaka Central constituency losing candidate Charlotte Scott has challenged the continued stay in office of Margaret Mwanakatwe as Member of Parliament.

Dr. Scot contends that it is wrong for the single Judge of the Constitution court to allow Mrs. Mwanakatwe to remain in office as she waits for her appeal to be determined.

She argued through her lawyer Gilbert Phiri and Keith Mweemba that the Constitutional Court should dismiss the thinking of the single Judge who gave an impression that an appeal is an automatic stay by the operation of the law.

But Mrs. Mwanakatwe’s lawyers asked the court led by Judge Annie Sitali to dismiss the motion because it is an abuse of the court process.

Kelvin Bwalya, Joseph Jalasi and Eric Silwamba argued that the motion by Dr. Scott was wrongly brought to court hence the need to be dismissed.

In this matter Mrs. Mwanakatwe had applied for the stay of execution of the High Court Judgement that nullified her elections before the single Judge.

Judge Mulembe did not grant the stay stating that the appellant will remain in office following the appeal because of the operation of the law.


  1. Good luck Ms. Scot. All the people that came from MMD are untouchable. Even the President can’t fire them.

    • It is very unfortunate that Dr Charlotte Scott is fighting with the compromised judges favoring PF.
      Margaret Mwanakatwe & Nkandu Luo’s parliamentary seats have been nullified by the courts. This is illegality reigning supreme. Mwanakatwe & Luo must respect the constitution & not pretending to mascaraed as mini~stars.
      By the way, when are they paying back on their illegal stay as cabinet ministers?
      The Skeleton Key

    • Mushota:I feel sorry for you…wanna be fool….if you don’t have anything nice to say about someone keep the stupid comments to your self and your family….Agly h:$;&;@…..you can take your fake degree and shave it up your .$&;);…..this is why this country going down in hashes it’s because of people like you who are blinded by there own poop….

  2. Judge Mulembe did not grant the stay stating that the appellant will remain in office following the appeal because of the operation of the law.

    Now what does this mean? Lawyers kindly simply for me before i lose confidence in the Zambian Judiciary.

  3. Mushota come back to Zambia as you want Charlotte to go to Scotland.
    The your purported PHD is from Scotland. Come and get a PHD from Robert Makasa(Feet) University located in Chinsali, your recognized capital city.
    PHD in katapa production and Aushi elrectionalism

    • Rob you are assassinating my character,

      I dont understand why you hate me so much.

      What have I done?



    • Mushota, if you can’t stand the heat –GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN!

      You are only getting the same S.HIT that you have thrown around here. Have you enough brains to understand that? Obviously NOT, even with your “PhD” !!!!!

    • Mushota the day you start behaving like normal PHD is the day people will respect you. You talk and behave like a kaponya and PF carder. No objectivity or though in your statement. Pure hate, illogical, and dull statements. Please go back and do another PHD this time at a professional university where they will teach you ethics and morality. Surely you cannot see anything wrong with how lungu is running the country and the how the judiciary has been the causer of the current tension

  4. There is no rule of law for PF/MMD people. These people don’t follow the law but want other people to follow the law. Mwanakatwe’s seat and Dora Siliya’ seat have been nullified but they continue being office as if nothing has happened and very happy. Edgar Lungu told his ministers to continue being in office and draw salaries and allowances even when the law stated the opposite. Lungu refused to vacate of the presidency for the chief justice when there was an appeal by the oppposition totally disreguarding the law which states that he paves way for the appeal to be heard. He (edgar) says he can only pardon someone convicted, but he pardons chinese nationals before their case even goes to court. These are id1ots who want to lecture us on the rule of law. What animal farm!

    • What bitterness can do to people is what bitterness has done to you.
      You don’t even know which parliamentary seat were nullified
      I feel sorry for you

  5. Enock has not been ‘practising’ the law to take him to this court. He is a human rights lawyer who was until his appointment director at Ziale. Nothing wrong with that right? Wrong! When Sangwa questioned the appointment of ConCot judges some said sour grapes! But he was right apart from three judges none met the criteria laid out to qualify to that court…we turned a blind eye. So when the case of the petition came up we saw the errors of commission and indeed whereas Adolf’s legal students blundered it was an opportune time for the court to lay to bed how future petitions would be handled they could have thought out of he box 14 days aside without creating a legal vacuum. 2021 zedfor

  6. Ka Mushota, you blog about zed but you are in UK?
    Why don’t you go back where, you know where… then see for yourself what’s really happing here on the ground.

    Ass PhD talking again… chabe.

    • Agreed. This Mushota should go back and work and live in Zambia so she know that the division the judiciary have brought are costing development. They should never have allowed anyone into the presidency until the full truth of the petition were known

  7. ConCourt is lazy. Is this the time they were hearing the case. I hope the judgement won’t take another year.

  8. Judges you’ve disappointed Zambians you’ve killed democracy in our country all wrongs is pointing you.

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