No fuel tankers had gone missing, we seized them-ZRA


ZRA Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda
ZRA Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda
Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) Commissioner General, Kingsley Chanda has dispelled assertions by Transporters Association of Zambia that Hundred (100) fuel tankers have gone missing.

Mr. Chanda said in March, 2017 the Authority seized Twelve (12) fuel tankers on account of Lake Petroleum for smuggling contrary to the provisions of Sections 141 and 149 of the Customs and Excise Act, CAP 322 of the Laws of Zambia.

He said the revenue that would have been lost had the above noted intervention not been made would have amounted to K 2.30 million.

Mr. Chanda said In light of the severity of the offence committed, a penalty of 100 percent of the total taxes and duties was levied on the fuel while the twelve (12) tankers were subsequently forfeited to the state in line with the provisions of Section 162 and 159 of the Customs and Excise Act, CAP 322 of the Laws of Zambia respectively.

Mr. Chanda said the Twelve (12) tankers have been secured and remain within the Authority’s custody and are due for forfeiture to the State.

He said the assertion by the Transporters Association of Zambia that Hundred (100) fuel tankers have gone missing is erroneous and invalid.

The investigations and decisions on the said matter were undertaken in collaboration with key stakeholders such as the Ministry of Energy, the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) including the Security Wings’

‘Lake Petroleum has accordingly settled both the assessed taxes and duties including the 100 percent penalty amounting to K4.60 million” Chanda said.


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      Tax has become serious business in Zambia now. This country has in the past lost billions of revenue through tax invasion and if all taxes are properly collected and channelled to the right programmes Zambia will become the best Country to live in by 2020.

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    Wait a minute Ba ZRA, since Lake Petro has paid the due taxes and penalties, why have you not released the trucks to them for continuity of business? Must we be this punitive to kill all the geese that must lay the golden eggs? Moreover, how can any tanker escape your collection points except through collusion from within ZRA by some of your corrupt ZRA officers we know? This to me should not even make news headlines because it only paints a negative picture of Zambia as a not conducive business environment because of high punitive tax regime. Investors prefer to take their money to tax heavens where there is fairness in the manner tax administration is conducted. Look after the goose that lays the golden egg. If you kill all the geese then don’t expect more golden eggs. This is what…

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      We are selling the tankers to teach all characters like Fred Mmembe a lesson to pay tax and not be forced by ZRA.

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      I agree with shu shu shu. The best way to stop people defrauding the government is to make the penalty several hundred times higher than the money they stole. i would also like to add my suggestion that truck drivers and owners be sentences to a mandatory six months for each count against them and for a second offense fife years. That will stop this theft immediately.

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    This is what causes financial depletion and financial lobotomization of citizens because the tax burden is transferred from industries to citizens to meet the tax shortfall. Already PAYE is too much for the workers!

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    Too many taxes in ZAMBIA at the end of the day companies will wind up and close and see where ZRA Kingsley Chanda ‘s personal like institution will collect revenue

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    @Mwila, in the article, Mr. Chanda has quoted the provisions of Section 162 and 159 of the Customs and Excise Act, CAP 322 of the Laws of Zambia respectively. They have to pay the penalties and forfeit the trucks to the state. That is law and there are no exceptions to that. The laws are there to detar people from evil acts such as the one committed by Lake Petroleum

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    mr chanda want u doing is very wrong for the poor Zambians u a leaving those big companies were u can collect good tax and caming to collect every thing to poor marketias what is the different between those small trucks for juldan buses,shalom,and those private 15 tones truck in teams of paying custom dute now even those big bussines man we know they are using those trucks for those campany trucks coz dute is chep for them

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    Workers also have to pay some tax. They are beneficiaries of the cost of hospitals, education, law and order. regrettably in this world nothing is for mahala.

    We shoukd concentrate on job creation to get more people employed and into the tax system. Curbing tax evasion is a good place to start.

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