RTSA grants Mazhandu Family Bus Services a partial re-instatement of their operator’s license

Suspended Mazhandu buses
Suspended Mazhandu buses

The Road Transport and Safety Agency has granted a partial re-instatement of the Road Service Licence (RSL) for Mazhandu Family Bus Services.

RTSA Spokesman Fred Mubanga said the partial re-instatement of the RSL is with effect from Monday, 19th June, 2017.

The partial re-instatement of the operator’s Licence has been arrived at after Mazhandu Family Bus Services met part of the agreed actions from the Consent Judgement.

Mr Mubanga said the partial re-instatement of the Road Service Licence is only in respect of the fourteen (14) buses that have so far passed the roadworthiness inspection tests and installed with the Global Positioning System (GPS) and as well as the nineteen drivers who have passed the driving re-tests.

“Thus, the company will not be permitted to use any vehicle or driver that is not authorized. The RTSA has also notified Mazhandu Family Bus Services that their RSL will be revoked should they be found using an unauthorized vehicle or driver on the road,” Mr Mubanga said.

“Further, the Agency has advised the company to change the policy on the reporting time for the drivers from 02:00 hours to 04:30 hours in order for the drivers to have adequate rest before starting off on their journeys.”

On 1st February 2017, the RTSA suspended the Road Service Licence for Mazhandu Family Bus Services following a poor road safety record.

On 21st March 2017, the two parties entered into a consent judgement executed by the Road Service Appeal Tribunal as a means of addressing the findings from the accident investigations in relation to the occurrence of the road traffic accident involving Mazhandu Family Bus Services on 30th January 2017 along the Kabwe – Kapiri Mposhi Road.


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    Only in Zambia…people dying means nothing. RTSA needs professionals where in Zambia have those guys who are there obtained that experience in Traffic management and Regulation?

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      Thanks we suffered due to poor service providers who remained on the market such as shalom. We look forward to new mazhandu

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    So, I Think Mazhandu Delivered A Brown Envelope To RTSA. These Unprofessional RTSA Chaps Takes Death As Normal As Drinking Water.
    Am Still Wondering…..

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    I really don’t know what’s wrong with us. RATSA has done the right thing,we blame them.They’ve workers to pay,they’ve loans to pay that are already accumulating interest when buses were not running, RATSA in fact have been harsh by failing veteran drivers, what happens to them,they’ve families and school going children…

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    Installing GPS in itself will not prevent accidents. Is the idea of knowing their location and as a result their speed meant to deter overspeeding? Who will be monitoring the GPS? RTSA or Mazandhu? I have a feeling this has not been well thought-out or the execution will be flawed. I am pretty sure this issue will arise as soon as Mazandhu has another accident and someone will then say the GPS gadgets were not working, switched off or was not being monitored.

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    This is fantastic shalom they were not treating well travelers. they became very harsh. God bless. MFB just buy more new buses.

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    Let them put back at least 20 buses; 10 Lsk-CB-Lsk and 10 Lsk-Lvs-Lsk thus five departing each Town. Mazhandu delivered better service so need to get to the bottom of these accidents yes Driver retraining and roadwise well being, Bus Fitness and how about Road Surface and Signs. The RDA / RTSA is key in ensuring safe roads. But A Begger has no choice RDA / RATSA are bosses. Merge the two and also revamp passenger train for overnight travelling to caution pressure on the roads.

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    How many people have died through Mzhandu Bus services? Zambians need to be reminded that PF government is only interested in the donations Mazhandu gives to PF and care less for lives lost through careless accidents by this Bus company.

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    “Partial”? What the heck is that? The fact that they have a licence to operate 1 or 14 buses is still a full operating license..

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