Simataa Simataa fired as Lusaka Dynamos CEO

Simataa Simataa

MTN FAZ Super Division pacesetters Lusaka Dynamos have fired veteran administrator Chief Executive Officer Simataa Simataa from his position as Club Chief Executive Officer.

Simataa’s dismissal comes in the wake of the dismissal of Mohammed Fathy as Coach.

Simataa has been credited with the recent success of Lusaka Dynamos which has seen the side top the league standings on 20 points after 11 games with five wins, five draws and one loss.

Simataa confirmed the sacking in a Facebook page and wished the club success.

Below is Simataa’s Facebook Posting

Dear friends and colleagues,

It is with both a sense of pride and sadness that I am having to leave you and the club today.
My services have been terminated.

Through the hardwork of everyone in the period I have served the club, Lusaka Dynamos is currently at the top of the Super Division table.

And my wish, as I leave, is that the club continues with this fine run so that the club emerges as champions at the end of the current campaign.

I wish to thank the Board and everyone associated with the club in the manner they supported me during the period I served as CEO.

All the best guys.


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    Tell us the truth.The man will curse you and you will find yourself being demoted.

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    Well done LD.
    This man was a big problem at LD.almost all players and coaches complained daily about him.he is a trouble club should ever think of giving him a job.he led LD like a personal ka temba.he did things minus consulting his bosses(Mr Soko or Mr Hanif Adams)!!!
    Am too glad for my friends at LD who were in hell because of this Simaata Simaata thing!!Glory be to God for getting rid of this evil man!!

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    This is a personal matter that need no malicious comments. Just wish the two parties well

  4. +1

    This is a personal matter that need no malicious comments. Just wish the two parties well

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    Ah ba Hanif nabo. How did you not require the CEO post when you recruited someone for it? Dont fix what is not broken. Simata seems to have done a great job as CEO. I’m very sure you will start losing now and at the end of this year you will be fighting relegation

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    Always hard working people face challenges more especially from weak and evil minded people that can only feed their families by poisoning others. Sad to note.

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    To me CEO should not be employed, should be able to run football as a business. Football should have people who have put their necks on the board and resources to back up the team. There are some great coaches who could take a team upwards. So CEO to me has really no meaning leave Soko and Hanif to do the job. Good luck Dynamos.

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    Simataa simataa is stupid old man,and what hanif adams did must be commended by all of us soccer fans.chi same simataa was the one who influenced the selection of wedson nyirenda as national team coach,and look what wedson has brought for us,shame and embarrassment,losing to nigeria at home and losing to mozambique.something that has never happened in a very long time now.fellow soccer loving zambians,if nothing is done quickly to have wedson replaced,i can assure you and bet my life on it,we are headed for doom.wedson nyirenda is a fool and he is now hiding in building a team,that is the excuse he gives us each time zambia loses.if I may ask,which team is he building?before he took over from chicken george,we used win all the games at home and lwandamina had a very good team comprising…

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