YWCA disappointed with Government’s approval of a mall at Lusaka’s St. Mary’s Girls Secondary School


St Mary's High School in Lusaka
St Mary’s High School in Lusaka

Young Women Christian Association (YWCA) Lusaka Regional President Phosile Sichinga has expressed disappointment regarding Government’s decision to give a go ahead for the construction of a shopping mall at Lusaka’s St. Mary’s Girls Secondary School.

Mrs. Sichinga stated that building a shopping mall at the school premises will turn the tranquil education spaces into potential harmful places for the children especially the girl child.

She said St. Mary’s has a history of producing the best students amongst the girl child in the country, stressing that the coming of the mall will compromise a number of things including teacher’s houses.

Mrs. Sichinga added that in as much as the organization embraces development in the country, government and the school management should rescind its decision because the move will pollute the learning environment.

The construction of the US$ 20 million shopping mall in Woodlands will soon commence, following the approval by the Zambia Environmental Management Agency-ZEMA.

And the Agency will soon avail a letter from the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources which confirms the decision of the special condition regarding any restriction on the use of the property to Religious and Educational Use Only.

“Am disappointed over Government’s decision to give a go ahead for the construction of a shopping mall at Lusaka’s St. Mary’s Girls Secondary School” Mrs. Sichinga said


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    How can a shopping mall spoil a Child? The responsibility is to us the parents and not the school or the mall. Let us not shift blame from ourselves to others.

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    At least I will be getting my youngest daughter from St. Marys once she gets into grade seven and taking her into Kasisi Girls or Fatima Girls. The current crop of bishops is more interested in making money for themselves than in providing quality education in a good environment. When those white priests and bishops who run the local Church were there they never thought the way our current money-making bishops are.

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      Money used to come from abroad and now it doesn’t and the Church locally has to raise its own funds to run the schools and it’s hospitals…And you’re stingy you don’t even tithe thinking money will come from where… So don’t condemn the decision of the Bishops…

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    It’s a wise decision otherwise Cadres would have grabbed it…That mall will ensure that rentals being charged by the foreigners in other malls are reduced no wonder they have hired guns to discredit the Bishops decision on their land so that they continue milking Zambians who are so docile thinking South Africa will develop Zambia…Zambia will be developed by Zambians…

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    This kind of thinking by Mrs Sichinga is what has made Africa to be where it is -very far from civilization! When someone talked about introducing Cell Phones in Zambia sometime in 1997 there was a negative consultant like Mrs Sichinga who said it brings cancer etc. Thank God for then Minister of Transport &Communications who convinced cabinet to approve the move and we can respond to Mrs Sichinga. Her thoughts are not founded in any research but personal opinions. BUILD THE MALL & LET’S MOVE ON! NEXT A MALL NEAR UTH AND CHIMBOKAILA ETC CAN DO and another will say it bring sicknesses & encourage stealing

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